The Friends Of Freddy Augello

August 20, 2018

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The Friends Of Freddy Augello

The case against retired Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello for the murder of April Kauffman in 2012 remains secret mostly because so much of it is messy.

Prosecutions, as the esteemed councilor Vincent LaGuardia Gambini observed, are like a house of cards. They are what prosecutors want you to see. They are hardly the whole truth. If you look at them the way prosecutors want you to look, they appear solid. But there is always a parallax view.

April Kauffman was probably shot multiple times by a man named Francis Mulholland. He was the cousin of an Augello associate named Joseph Mulholland. Joseph Mulholland was a painting contractor doing business as “Custom Designs” from his home in Cape May. Joseph Mulholland referred to his cousin as “Frank” and Augello says he never met Frank but only saw him “from a distance three or four time.”


Joseph Mulholland has confessed to police that he drove his cousin Frank to a location near April Kauffman’s home with the intention of murdering her. He also told police that his cousin called him after Frank killed the woman. It was a murder on demand and the two men were paid in cash and drugs by April’s husband, an endocrinologist named James Kauffman.

James Kauffman, who killed himself last January was involved in multiple schemes to defraud Medicare and sell opioids into the black market. He also lied and created a false persona about himself. He grew wealthy and April Kauffman benefitted from that wealth. But it is unclear whether he was actually selling opioids into the black market at the time April Kauffman was murdered and his reasons for having her killed remain largely speculative.

Francis Mulholland was found dead by his cousin Joseph on October 8, 2013. He was autopsied the next day. According to his postmortem toxicology report his blood tested positive for heroin, free morphine, mono-acetyl morphine and codeine. There was a bag of heroin and a hypodermic needle at his side. He was 46-years-old. His arms were scarred from hypodermic injections and he suffered from advanced heart disease. His death certificate was signed almost three months later by a medical examiner with the ironic name of Hisham A. Hashish.

A search of the immediate area around the dead Mulholland discovered an empty prescription bottle of Oxycodone prescribed to Joseph Mulholland by Dr. James Kauffman.

The Dark Life

According to Augello, “Mulholland told me he killed his cousin because he was running his mouth. He told me this about three weeks after he did it…. He also told me they killed April.”

“The Atlantic City Prosecutor’s Office knows he did both (murders). The cousin’s murder is hard to prove, I guess, but he was there at the scene” Augello thinks that Joseph Mulholland gave his cousin a deliberate overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl.

Joseph Mulholland will be one of two principal witnesses against Augello. The other will be a drug dealer named Andrew Glick. When he was arrested in 2017, Glick possessed two ounces of cocaine, two ounces of methamphetamine, $30,000 in cash and multiple, illegally altered firearms. He immediately agreed to cooperate and the gun charges were dropped. The rest of the charges against him will be dropped when Augello is convicted.

Two former Pagans named Joe Drinhauser and Stephen “Billboard” Wittenwiler will testify that Augello offered them money to kill April Kauffman. Augello describes Wittenwiler as “a lifetime heroin addict and drug dealer” who was “Glick’s first major purchaser” and who “has been ratting his way out of trouble for the last 15 years.”

When he was interviewed on video by the FBI, Drinhauser complained that all he wanted to do was “go home and pound a beer and snort a couple of lines of meth.”


Prosecutors have also recruited at least seven former patients of James Kauffman to testify against Augello: Andrew Glick, Beverly Augello, Cheryl Pizza, Glen Seeler, Paul Pagano, and Tabitha Chapman as well as Joseph Mulholland.

OxyContin addiction, as most people understand, is a disease of despair. The opioid was originally marketed as a time-release painkiller to which people could not become addicted. The time release mechanism is a coating on the pill and all one has to do to defeat it is hold the pill in your mouth for a minute or two and then rub the coating off on your shirt. After that you can crush the pills and snort or smoke them.

Because Oxy is very addictive and a moderately expensive alternative to heroin, addicts tend to recruit new users who become dealers themselves. So the public health problem of Oxy addiction has grown exponentially. It is a disease of the white working class, of the kind of people Augello would have known, Actually, 56 percent of white Americans know somebody who has abused, been addicted to or overdosed on opioids. As a result of opioid addiction, “the all-cause mortality of middleaged, white, non-Hispanic men and women” has risen annually for the last 13 years.

All seven of these last witnesses against Augello seem to be victims themselves – both of Purdue Pharma, the drug giant that makes Oxy and the criminal justice system. All seven witnesses were prescribed 120 tablet prescriptions of 30 mg oxycodone tablets. In general, nationally, the street price of those tablets is about $30 each.

The cases against these cooperating witnesses, except Glick and Mulholland, are comparatively weak. They seem to have agreed to cooperate because they were overcharged and are underdefended. They were all charged with first or second degree racketeering conspiracy for possessing legally prescribed opioids. And in return for testifying against Augello, their charges will be reduced to third degree racketeering and will then be dismissed.

It is hard to find justice in any of this, no matter how it turns out. There seems only to be sorrow.


7 Responses to “The Friends Of Freddy Augello”

  1. FF Says:

    I could put an ad on craiglist for friends wanted and wind up with a better crew than that.

    This is just fucking sad.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Betts,

    I stand by the story.


  3. Betts Says:

    What I want to know is, where is this info coming from? It there an actual reliance source, where are your documents, affidavits, discoveries?? Your article is causing uprisings between people. Your labeling people as snitches and rats, BUT where is the proof?? All I see is slander and defermation of character. Now, are some of these people named already in ACTUAL NEWS being publicly Noticed as snitches… Yessss!!! However a couple names you have mentioned have never been mentioned in any news report or reliable news source. Now it’s obvious this is a site to discuss MC news and gossip. But unless you can provide actual BLACK AND WHITE, don’t put people out as snitches or rats. Anyone In a Club or associated in one knows the dangers of being labeled as a rat. Provide proof or stop slandering.

  4. Gordo Says:

    Interesting link thx

    Yeh who knows where his mind is

    Capable of murdering his wife or having someone do it given the storyline behind this tragedy

    The rats dont give a shit they have their sentences reduced etc so pin it on someone else

    Freddy becomes the target

    Quite a tale to connect Freddy

    Can’t without the rats tho

  5. Paladin Says:

    Justice has never been blind. Elusive? Yes, but never blind.


  6. freebird Says:

    It is hard to find justice in any of this, no matter how it turns out

    The sad reality is Justice is not the driving force in any of this

    It’s about winning no matter the cost

  7. Iron Rider Says:

    There is a lot of “if” connections but nothing to me that scream concrete evidence against Freddy. Abunch of people who were popped with firearms and drugs, some facing stiff time that had a deal shoved under there nose with a ” take it or do long hard time” and imagined that they jumped at the opportunity.

    Fuck there are people who cant handle a day in jail never mind years inside, they just dont have it in them, so your going to shove a deal in front of them that gives them immunity or next to no time in jail and you expect honest testimony, yeah good luck with that they will say they started the great Chicago fires, saw Nixon order the Watergate break in and will tell you the Colonel Sanders’ secret 13 spices to stay out of the can…. and if they are a serious addict even more so will they tell you ANYTHiNG to stay outside. I wouldnt exactly classify anything someone with a serious heroin or oxy addiction as is mention with the witnesses in this case as reliable.

    If the prosecutions case was so rock solid and the connections to the murder were so proveable, would they really be need a bunch of addicts and a drug dealer facing serious time testimony? I think that speaks for itself.

    The good Doctor was heading for divorce and his wife was making noise about ratting him out unless he paid her handsomely to shut up, the doctor was sketchy to begin with but he would also have the most to lose of anyone if he didn’t cave to his wife’s demands, and he had the most to gain by having someone take her out. There is a lot of sketchy people the doctor could have associated with that could kill his wife if he had paid them too, seems like the police had a little tunnel vision and focused on Freddy.

    You have to remember the doctor had an armed standoff with cops and he was armed with a handgun Here is the video of that standoff

    Hell if the good Doctor had a handgun and was more than willing to get into an armed standoff with the cops, I certainly think he would have been able to kill his wife or have anyone who wanted a few bucks to do it. Fuck your risking your life pointing a gun at the cops, he would have went down the tubes if his wife ratted him out, so he could have enlisted any of his addicted patients or their friends, or others to kill his wife, doesn’t necessarily mean Freddy did it.

    Seems like this is a throw it at the wall and see what sticks kind of case, and the cops never have revealed what was in that suicide note, if it was a confession Freddy did it, they’d have pulled that out of the hat right away, and haven’t, so that tells me the good doctor didn’t fess up to killing his wife or take anyone with him down in the letter.

    Never mid the convenient leaks from the prosecution to get into the heads of any potential jurors before the trial with planted stories, but hey they love to abide by the rules, because they are always above board

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