Secret Augello Coded Language

August 17, 2018

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Secret Augello Coded Language

Retired Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello is scheduled to go on trial Tuesday, September 11 for the sensational 2012 murder of radio host/veterans’ advocate/entrepreneur April Kauffman.

He has to be tried. It is Freddy or nobody.

According to police, April Kauffman’s actual murderer was a degenerate drug addict named Francis “Frank” Mulholland. But police couldn’t charge him because he died of a heroin overdose in 2013. April Kauffman might have been murdered by her husband, a drug pushing endocrinologist named James Kauffman but he can’t be tried because he killed himself in a jail cell last January. And parenthetically, Augello is charged with conspiring to murder James Kauffman.

Prosecutors may try to implicate Augello in a love triangle with the Kauffmans. James Kauffman’s suicide note alleged that his wife had introduced him to members of the Pagans and that she was sexually intimate with Augello. Sources with knowledge of evidence in the case dismiss the idea that April Kauffman and Augello were lovers.


Joseph Mulholland, Frank Mulholland’s cousin who has confessed to police that he was an accessory to April Kauffman’s murder, has already reached a plea agreement with prosecutors that will provide him with leniency and provide prosecutors with a witness who will testify that Augello was behind the whole thing.

Freddy Augello’s ex-wife Beverly, Glenn Seeler, Paul Pagano, Tabitha Chapman and Cheryl Pizza were all charged with possessing or distributing James Kauffman’s drugs the same day Freddy Augello was charged. And all of them either have or seem about to make the same sorts of deals that Joseph Mulholland made: Which is that in return for life and liberty they are prepared to testify that it was all Freddy’s fault.

Another drug dealer named Andrew Glick will also testify that Freddy did it. Glick was caught by the FBI in one of those government games where you win 40 years in prison for being stupid. And he used to call Augello “brother” so he has avoided incarceration. The FBI even arranged an interview for him with Toronto Star reporter Peter Edwards. Edwards was chosen to get the interview because he is fatuous and loyal to police sources. Glick isn’t charged in this case at all. So that leaves Freddy to take the fall.

Who Wins

The point of the case has never been to punish a wrong or correct an injustice. This case has always been about taking Freddy Augello’s scalp in the most public way.

The man with the knife is the local District Attorney, a failed judge named Damon G. Tyner. He has strutted and fretted his time in the spotlight like Zoolander. He has repeatedly told the local and national press why he will win this case and his press conferences, statements, leaks and television appearances have virtually tried the case in the press over and over. Tyner has already given his closing argument a dozen times on television before the first juror in Augello’s trial has been voir dired.

The local press in South Jersey and Philadelphia has witnessed all this and reported what Tyner has wanted them to report with all the cynicism and skepticism of a toddler on Easter morning. Working the phrase “biker gang” into a lede is an irresistible treat for most reporters. It enhances their self-esteem. It moves them a little farther from covering community news and a little closer to Hunter Thompson, the great, drunken, lying, first person, Gonzo Superfreak.

Amazing though it may seem, the judge, a politician named Bernard E. DeLury, Jr., is way worse than the press. After three seasons of letting Tyner make his case – releasing the bits of evidence most favorable to the prosecution to the dewy eyed scribes and the pretty, little humanoids who live in your TV, DeLury decided that everybody should finally just shut up. If Tyner couldn’t make his case to the jury pool in six months, DeLury wasn’t going to help him anymore.

Since you can’t shove toothpaste back in the tube, that mostly meant that Freddy Augello had to stop complaining on Facebook about his impending lynching. The trouble, as DeLury sees it, is that Augello was releasing exculpatory evidence to the public. And, how can Augello’s trial possibly be fair if some of the prospective jurors have the idea going in that the defendant might actually be innocent?

Democracy Dies In Darkness

Fortunately, Tyner’s office and DeLury’s courthouse have more leaks than the Titanic. So despite DeLury obvious prejudice, bits of the case against Freddy Augello continue to ooze out.

One lie prosecutors plan to tell jurors is almost Clintonesqe – as when Bill Clinton wondered what the “meaning of is, is?” The leak that follows is a key element of the case against Ferdinand Augello. Prosecutors will ask jurors to believe that the words in recorded conversations between Augello and Joseph Mulholland don’t mean what they obviously mean but are, rather, in code.

This coded language sophistry raises an obvious question. If the case against Augello is so obvious why do prosecutors think they have to make things up?

Prosecutors consider the following transcript to be the equivalent of a recording of Freddy Augello standing over April Kauffman’s body with a smoking gun in his hand. The Aging Rebel thinks you, and the Philadelphia area reporters covering the case, and prospective jurors in the case should be able to decide for themselves.

Jacobs & Barbone Letter

The introduction to the transcript reads: “The letter given to Ferdinand Augello from the address of the Jacobs & Barbone law firm (James Kauffman’s lawyers) was originally provided to (prosecutors) by the Jacobs & Barbone law firm. The letter contains two names who would possibly want to harm April Kauffman. (In other words the letter originated with James Kauffman – who was later charged with April Kauffman’s murder.) The names provided are Ferdinand Augello and Francis Mulholland. According to Andrew Glick’s statement to me in reference to the murder of April Kauffman, he advised that Augello told him the individual he had kill April Kauffman had the last name of Mulholland and was deceased. A check with the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office revealed that on October 8, 2013 Francis Mulholland…died of a heroin overdose at his residence, 108 West Jacksonville Avenue in the Villas section of Lower Township. Reports concerning the death of Francis Mulholland was located by Henry VonCollin and Joseph Mulholland. Law enforcement officers interviewed Joseph Mulholland. During the interview, Joseph told officers that he was the cousin of Francis Mulholland. During a search of the scene an empty prescription bottle of Oxycodone, which was prescribed to Joseph Mulholland, was located. The prescription bottle had Dr. James Kauffman as the prescribing doctor for the pills.”

“On November 11, 2017 Ferdinand Augello had several phone calls with a male identified as Joseph Mulholland also known as “Irish” at telephone facility number 609-231-9591.”

(Joseph Mulholland made his living as a painter. Augello’s girlfriend wanted work down around the house.)

“During these calls Augello and Mulholland talk in code referring to painting and paint colors…. They used the terms paint and paint colors as a code to reference the letter Andrew Glick was to provide to Augello.”

“The following transcript has been made of these calls.”

Paint Means

“8:42 a.m. Incoming call from Joseph Mulholland. Joseph Mulholland – JM. Ferdinand Augello – FA.”

FA – Hey good morning.

JM – You what’s up.

FA – I’m in PA hanging out, having a good time.

JM – Oh good.

FA – Yeah, yeah. I told Dawn about them. Uh…we were looking at them paint things for…uh…you know, the room you painted and the big room and shit.


FA—And when we…we I got home…when we get home around (inaudible) or a little after I’ll give you a

call. Maybe we’ll get together and all figure that out with the paint.

JM – I don’t know if I’m going to be around.

FA – Oh, okay.”

JM – I was supposed to be doing something today.

FA – Well, maybe tomorrow.

JM – Alright. Sounds good.

FA – Yeah (inaudible) it’s all good.

JM – Okay.

FA — (inaudible) you know (inaudible) be doing it later.

JM – Yeah, yeah.

FA – Yeah, yeah. All good.

JM – Alright.

FA – How you feeling today? Any better?

JM – Yeah.

FA – Good, good.

JM – Yeah.

FA – Cool. Me too. Alright, well I should get them, uh, fucking samples later on and…uh…show them to her and then you know when

End of conversation.

Benjamin Moore Paint

“1:51 p.m. Incoming call from Joseph Mulholland.”

FA – Hey.

JM – Yo. What are you doing?”

FA – Oh we are just coming home. We are, like, in Hammonton now.

JM – Yeah.

FA – I am going to get them…uh…those…uh…we are going to stop at the store around three…around, you know three-thirty and pick up them…uh…them swatches, them paint swatches at that…uh…Benjamin Moore joint.

JM – Yeah.

FA – You know, I’ll have them.

JM – Alright, cool.

FA – And then I’m going to head on back to my place. What are you doing?

JM – Nothing. Just doing shit around the house right now. Well give me a call. I might be able to shoot up there.

FA – Okay, cool.

JM – Not…not definite but just give me a call when you get home. Alright?

FA – Alright.


JM – Alright brother. You got it.

FA – I will do that. Bye bye.

JM – Alright. Later.

End of conversation.

“(It should be noted that this call occurred after Glick and Augello met at the Wendy’s in Somers Point, New Jersey and Glick turned over the Jacobs and Barnone letter to Augello)”

JM – Hello.

FA – Hey.

JM – Yo, what’s up.

FA – I’m…um…I mean I can if you wanted to come down and meet me at my shop now. I’m in Somers Point or Northfield. I can head to me shop.

JM – Nah. No big deal. You know. We can do it tomorrow.

FA – I’m…we are good but…um…I got that paperwork.

JM – Yeah. Is it good or….

FA—It’s…it’s just…um…well I don’t know. You know it mentions….

JM – Yeah.

FA – (inaudible) people like I said it does and…uh…and its shows….

JM – Oh, okay.

FA – It shows that…um…and it’s dated from a lomg time ago so….

JM – Yeah.

FA – So all it shows that…that you know…uh…it, it there’s a supplement to it that has some big, fucking, insane (inaudible) about something…uh…retardness but uh….

JM – Yeah, yeah.

FA – I don’t know this doctor. It’s just fucking ridiculous!

JM – Yeah.

FA – You know, I meet with the friend you know, me and the (inaudible).

JM – Yeah.

FA – We can easily talk about this on Monday of you want.

JM – Yeah, that’ll work probably.

FA – You know, or tomorrow. It doesn’t matter. You can stop over my house tomorrow, you know.

JM—Yeah…if I ain’t…if I ain’t doing nothing in the morning I’ll shoot up and see you.

FA – Yeah and I got them paint chips to (inaudible) so.

JM – Oh Okay. Okay.

FA – You know because….

JM – Yeah, no problem.

FA – I know I’ve been bugging you a lot, calling you a lot lately, but this paint stuff.

JM – Yeah, it’s no big deal. No biggie.

FA – But…uh, I’m going to go, me and Dawn, we are going to go out and eat dinner. I’m going to go to dinner with Shawn and his old lady, so you know.

JM – Oh, okay. No Biggie.

FA – It’s all good. (inaudible).

JM – Alright.

FA – So that’s…that’s about the extent of the uh….

JM – Extent of it. Okay.

FA – Yeah, uh…. Hey, you want to stop down tomorrow man? Take a ride down to my house in the morning or something. I don’t know what you’re doing, the kids, they sleep in. She sleeps in. You know if you want to get you used to getting up early…if you wnt to shoot down to my house early in the morning like, you know, nine-ish or something, me and you can chitchat you know. That’s fine.

JM – Yeah, yeah I’ll give you a call in the morning. Let you know, alright?

FA – Yeah, we’ll touch base in the morning but I get up early, you know what I mean and they are….

JM – Okay.

FA – (inaudible) asleep. I’m not cutting onto her time and all that shit.

JM – Okay.

FA – Alright?

JM – No biggie. Yep.

FA – Alright, brother. Bye bye.

JM – Alright brother. Later,

End of conversation.


Transcript of call from Joseph Mulholland to Ferdinand Augello on November 12, 2017 at 10:11 a.m.

FA – Yo.

JM – Yo. What are you doing?

FA – I’m just making some coffee for the old lady (inaudible).

JM – I can swing by. I’m getting dressed right now.

FA – Okay.

JM – I’ll probably leave here in about a half hour. Alright?

FA – Yeah.

JM – You want to meet me somewhere or you want to stay there.

FA – Uh, I’m going to…I got to be here fo (inaudible). Can you just come here?

JM – Sure.

FA – My house.

JM – Yeah.

FA – I want you to see what, I want you to see what you did.

JM – Yeah.

FA – Painting in the (inaudible) room.

JM – Okay, you got it.

FA – Bye bye.

JM – Alright, bye.

End of conversation

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23 Responses to “Secret Augello Coded Language”

  1. Mongoloid Says:

    Tyner is hoping the jury believes Freddy is a mob kingpin who’s so good at it, he hired two junkies to do a hit, and when the job still wasn’t done a year later, ordered pinky and the brain drinhuaser and wittenweiler to do it

  2. Mac Says:

    Am I missing what happened to get the warrant for the wire tap the painting conversation between Augello and Mulholland? If this was supposed to be the conspiracy part…why were the feds recording the conversation before the murder? If they were gathering the conspirators, then this would have been a conviction for everyone involved already.
    Seems to me (from my experience of snitches trying to set me up back in the day with “controlled buys) this was a recorded conversation well after the murder, and they were digging for Augello to say something incriminating. Snitch Mulholland was given the “we don’t want you…we want the BIG fish” speech and that’s what got him to drop Augello’s name.
    I could be wrong. Just a whole lot of deja vu for me.

  3. Rook Says:

    Code talkers ? Really ?
    Fucking idiots !
    Rook 1%er

  4. Penguin Says:

    A “Jury of Peers” the USC demands… Well now, that would be?

    The jury of peers would seem to be PLU

    (people like us)

    In history the Jury System used the local people to try men they themselves knew, as they were neighbors. Today this basic principle is turned upside down…like most everything associated with what They Say Is Justice… (it means “just us”, eh?)

    But the matter of Violence is often misunderstood. Craig Murray wrote a recent essay about violence and the state…and the UK prison system. I recall that Paladin engaged in some recent discussion about the US and UK joints…so I assume the essay is relevant.

  5. david Says:

    Attorney-word-twisters Tyner and Delury’s courthouse is actually a shit-house.

    If it was a barn in a stable the horse shit would be to the ceiling.

    If the court was authentic, which it ain’t, NO jurors could be, or would be,impaneled due to the entire jury pool being MSM-media tainted, and therefore biased against the defendant, by the criminal shit-head persecutor and “judge”.

    But the court itself is not authentic, the bastards will not follow the rule of law, and their entire motive and plan is to railroad people.

    An authentic court would first follow the rule of law, not the shit the two punks are doing, and ALL jurors would be un-biased.

  6. MtPockets Says:

    Seems like, just like in Waco, the law is just grabbing straws and hoping that a jury will believe that since he belongs to a club he must be guilty.
    Pretty sad that our law enforcement has stooped to these new lows.
    Good luck, Freddie. We all hope you can do to the scumbags what Jacob did.

    I dont use social media, but I’d like to encourage those that do to spread the word about this case- along with Waco and any of the others where they are prosecuting solely based on ones club membership or association.
    Our Constitution guarantees that we can associate with whomever we want, but it seems like some in law enforcement would like to take that away.

    Just my $.02

  7. Gordo Says:

    Benjamin Moore

    Get my paint there

    They’ve got our paint color history in the data base

    Maybe Feddys paint choices are on file which would hopefully provide reasonable doubt

  8. Patty Says:

    I thought I was part of the ménage-toi … wtf

  9. James W Crawford Says:

    It really wasn’t drug abuse becsuse Bill didnt inhale.
    It really wasnt adultery because Monica didnt swallow.

  10. Penguin Says:

    The so-called “evidence” Rebel shows us falls far below the “reasonable doubt” requirement. Perhaps the esteemed judge and the officers of the Court have been reading about Hoffa in popular books. Hoffa? Yeah. They say that Hoffa spoke about painting houses… What I see in Rebel’s article is that this “trial” is simply a political prosecution…with flimsy evidence twisted into an absurd contortion for a kangaroo court operating as a star chamber.

    “The first words Jimmy Hoffa ever spoke to Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran were, “I heard you paint houses.” To paint a house is to kill a man. The paint is the blood that splatters on the walls and floors. In the course of nearly five years of recorded interviews Frank Sheeran confessed to Charles Brandt that he handled more than twenty-five hits for the mob, and for his friend Hoffa. ” (“soon to be a major motion picture”) Right. It’s fiction. Make believe. Fantasy.

    I have heard that “love triangle” routine myself. And some would say that since the book and movie about Hoffa…well, they are attempting to use a prejudiced jury.

  11. NoOneInParticular Says:

    I’m all in to help finance your trip if you feel it would be helpful to be there in person. Please let us know.

  12. Iron Rider Says:

    So the prosecution is submitting these conversations on tape/wire as evidence of some great murder conspiracy that he was planning or a part of? Seriously? Evidence of going to get pain swatches and some sandwiches…. holy fuck case solved!

    Seriously you could hire Matlock and beat this shit. Saying they are going to try a case on this? Wow talk about taxpayer dollars being flushed down the drain. This is a serious reach in my opinion but when it is taxpayer funds being expended then no trial is a waste and all taxpayer dollars are available to piss away

    I ave said this before the Justice system these days is a a guilty until you can prove your innocence and the fact that they secured an indictment tells you just how skewered the court system is against a defendant. The standards for evidence seem to be awfully low to have someones freedom hanging in the wind based on this shit

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    So the prosecution is submitting these conversations on tape/wire as evidence of some great murder conspiracy that he was planning or a part of? Seriously? Evidence of going to get pain swatches and some sandwiches…. holy fuck case solved!

  14. Mark Says:

    The chair is against the wall, repeat the chair is against the wall. The poch light is off, the porch light is off, the hall light is on, repeat the hall light is on. The muddy shoes are not on the porch mat, the muddy shoes are not on the porch mat. The muddy shoes are on the porch next to the mat. The chair is still against the wall, the chair is still against the wall.
    Paul and Ringo better lawyer up if these yahoo’s decide to decode the Magical Mystery Tour album.

  15. freebird Says:

    The only thing missing that may come to light at some point is….

    Freddy’s Great Grandfather was a Navajo Code Talker

    Sins of the father on trial

  16. freebird Says:

    This case meets and exceeds the legal definition of:

    When the truth is stranger than fiction……

  17. Paladin Says:

    “FA – I am going to get them…uh…those…uh…we are going to stop at the store around three…around, you know three-thirty and pick up them…uh…them swatches, them paint swatches at that…uh…Benjamin Moore joint.”

    Benjamin Moore advertises that their paint covers in one coat. Stopping at the “Benjamin Moor joint”, picking up some paint samples and conversing with someone that could later be called as a witness might have gone a long way in covering FA’s ass in one coat as well.


  18. Bone Head Says:

    That transcript is them discussing a murder? Boy, are the prosecution reaching!

  19. Hangaround Says:

    Thank god it only takes one sensible person of 12 to realize that a house painting conversation is most likely a house painting conversation…. Just One…

  20. FF Says:

    Rebel, If you need a place to stay on the East Coast, let me know. Amtrak can get you from Newark NJ to Philadelphia pretty damn quick.

    I’ll also kick in a hundred for your air fare.

    This trial is just as important as the shit going on in WACO.

    We have to do everything we can to keep this man from being convicted by a Jury spoon fed fucking lies.


  21. Johnny Rotten Says:

    holy fuck man..
    paint swatches…
    if thats a hangable convo…
    im absolutely fucked
    we are all fucked…
    good thing he didnt have to call a contractor to replace or fix anything….
    im glad i dont know anyone stupid enough to think thats a coded dialogue.

    best of luck freddie…

    fuck the fuckin fucks tryin to fuck you…



  22. Bones_glass_1973 Says:

    Shit like reminds me of why I work for myself and at home

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