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August 16, 2018

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Today In The Information Battlespace

Maria Chapa Lopez, the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, above, released an unusually half-assed press release today titled, “Sixteen Individuals, Including Several Members Of The Pagans Motorcycle Club, Charged For Conspiring To Distribute Methamphetamine.”

Think of those sixteen words as a movie logline. For the time being, that is almost all the government is willing to say. Other than that the press release headline is 16 words long, it is hard to find a connection between what seem to be three overlapping cases and the Pagans.

In the press release, the Department of Justice reports the unsealing of three indictments. The multiple indictments are blatant attempts to try some defendant’s multiple times for the same offenses


One indictment is a case called USA v. Barbara Caylor-Hernandez, aka “Barb,” aka “Barbie” and others. Barbie’s codefendants in that indictment include Ramiro Fraire-Chavarria, Michael Babin, Melanie Kerr, Keith Simmons, Carla Ray, Spencer Burkard, Robert Foster, Daniel Barbarino, Andrew “Yeti” Shettler, Brian “Sledge” Burt and Lawrence Sann. Everybody except Sann is accused of conspiring to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine. Sann only conspired to distribute five grams. They are all facing life in prison except Sann, who could be sentenced to 40 years.

A second indictment charges Keith Kirchoff, Michael “Clutch” Andrews and Shettler with conspiring to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine. Kirchoff allegedly carried a gun while he allegedly talked about doing his alleged two ounce drug deals.

And, according to the press release, a third indictment has been returned against Cindy Bledsoe, Jason Stringer and Andrews. Bledsoe and Andrews are accused of plotting to get their hands on 50 grams of crank to sell. There is no indication whether this is the same drug plot Andrews is charged with in the second indictment. Stringer is accused of trying to get his hands on five grams of meth.


The press release was issued before the third indictment was filed – if there is actually a third indictment. And there is no mention of the Pagans or any other motorcycle club in either of the two filed indictments.

Although the word “Pagans” does not appear a single time in either of the indictments accessible to the public, the press release declares, “According to the indictments, the defendants conspired to distribute large quantities of methamphetamine to individuals and groups in the Middle District of Florida, including to members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, an outlaw motorcycle gang.”

And the headline about the case in this morning’s Daytona Beach News-Journal shouted “Volusia, Flagler, Daytona Pagan’s motorcycle gang members rounded up in federal meth bust.”


15 Responses to “Today In The Information Battlespace”

  1. david Says:

    @ Penguin, thanks,

    Another good factual study on militarization(SWAT)of pigs used against the civilian population. Militarization FAILS to enhance police safety and reduce crime. SWAT used 90% of the time to serve warrants.Jonathan Mummolo laid it out.

  2. Penguin Says:

    Conspiracy (or Criminals) In Action = “CIA” and up to eyeballs in the dope business. Competition is anathema to the Big Boyz…Because the cops don’t need you, And man they expect the same. Tom Thumb Blues

    “Criminal Justice” is maybe an oxymoron, or maybe real…ever see the Movie “M”? The criminals hold court,,,and try a pederast. Good movie.

    Conspiracy means breathing together, and it is not per se illegal. Unless it’s related to a crime… So?

    Well, a judge I once knew said to me: “How often do we hear that the cops got involved through an anonymous tip, and they can’t say who did the tip? Right, that’s a conspiracy to conceal a material witness.” That’s a crime, generally. Cops do it every day. Common sense says that the “material witness” is in reality sometimes imaginary…so maybe it’s a conspiracy to fraudulently manipulate a judge…and if the judge goes along? He’d be part of the conspiracy, no?

    And they conspire to do other stuff too: They conspire to become an army… an yerit, brother.

  3. Centurion Says:

    Conspiracy? Thinking about? You should put all the prosecutors in jail for CONSPIRACY TO USE Cocaine. These slimy lawyers think about it and then use drugs every weekend.

  4. Hangaround Says:

    @ Not the 99

    These days it might very well be appropriate to yell “Hey Prosecute”, vs “Hey Prospect”…

  5. Not the 99 Says:

    Prospected. Not prosecuted. Ugh. Fukn auto spell.

  6. Lunchbox Says:

    @Irish Mike
    What makes you an expert of the lifestyle of a 1%er?

    Just curious??

  7. Not the 99 Says:

    @ Oldskewl. Finding out the brother you prosecuted with is a lying snitch. Realizing that your best intrest isn’t always what many brothers put first. Knowing that you might just go to prison because of a one of those brothers actions.
    Yeah…..not what I signed up for. Still love the club, but I’m out! So are many many more. Most definitely not what it used to be.

  8. oldskewl Says:

    Irish Mike Says:
    August 17, 2018 at 2:47 am
    Either die or go to prison, life of a 1%. Not good options, but you play you pay.

    Explain “your life experience as a member of a 1%er MC”

    I’ll be waiting patiently.

  9. freebird Says:

    plotting to get their hands on 50 grams of crank to sell

    So the incitement was pre drafted waiting to see if it ever happen?

    That is some serious detective work right there baby……

  10. Irish Mike Says:

    Either die or go to prison, life of a 1%. Not good options, but you play you pay.

  11. foss Says:

    Normaly paladin you talk some sense but to say the criminal justice system in britain is worse than in the states is rubish, and no i dont live in britain or the states , just check your facts how many police shootings in the states per head of population , prison population per head of population ect , the most corupt police china russia brazil U S A

  12. Mark Says:

    28 grams makes 1 ounce, good grief there’s hardly much more than 2 ounces of crank and all these people were involved in this little bit of dope. So everyone was going to get a $0.79 cut of the profits. Another case without the DEA, this is all lawyer wordsmithing because there isn’t enough of a crime for the DEA to have bothering with it.

  13. FlBikerrw Says:

    Life for that? Wow. That group of Pagans have always been Stand up, especially Sledge 1%er. Hope they beat the case. There are people doing much worse in that area that always seem to be right back out on the streets a week later but they aren’t flying a patch so who cares what they do, right? victimless crimes.

  14. Paladin Says:

    How ironic. John Oliver bashing a criminal justice system that is nowhere near as bad as the criminal justice system that operates in the country he fled from.


  15. russell1946 Says:

    Louie Da Lip is smiling in his grave today.

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