Anchorage Angel Case

August 15, 2018

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Anchorage Angel Case

An FBI task force arrested a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club named Charles “Pup” Phillips in Anchorage on Monday and charged him and his wife. Lois, with trafficking methamphetamine.

Phillips was apparently a target because he had two prior convictions for possession of controlled substances and because he is a Hells Angel.

“Charles Phillips is a well-known member of the outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) known as the Hells Angel,” the criminal complaint complains. “Charles Phillips was observed on August 6, 2018 wearing full the full Hells Angel patch which indicates that he is a full member of the Hells Angels. A check with social media further shows Charles Phillips wearing numerous items of Hells Angels clothing. Charles Phillips has a tattoo to the left of his left eye that says ‘HA,’ which is short for Hells Angels. I know from my training and experience,” Trooper and Task Force Officer Curtis Vik bragged,” that outlaw motorcycle gang members earn certain articles of clothing and items that signify them as members of their outlaw motorcycle gang. These items are commonly paraded around in public to show who they are and to intimidate people. The Hells Angels jackets (also known as ‘cuts’) are one such item. These items are coveted by the members and are forbidden to be worn by non-members.”

As his road name suggests, Phillips has a soft spot for animals. In order to catch him, police staked out his business, called Southpaw Boarding Kennels. The investigators, who were Alaska State Troopers deputized by the FBI, saw Charles and Lois Phillips get into their car and then observed that “Behind the kennel/daycare appeared to be a large CONEX.”

Search Results

Based on this observation, the troopers obtained warrants and searched the Phillips’ apartment and the shipping container last Friday.

During the apartment search police found $24,942 in cash and 121 grams of methamphetamine. $22,300 of the cash was in a plastic container. A wonder dog named “Doc” was “directed to sniff the container with the $22,300 cash” and Doc indicated for the odor of controlled substances coming from the container with the money.”

“Investigators also found in the apartment digital scales, psilocybin mushrooms, small amounts of marijuana, various pills in baggies, a large box of unused needles, and a large amount ofbaggies, including baggies containing scenes from the children’s animated movie “Frozen” that were identical to some ofthe baggies in which the 120.9 grams of methamphetamine were located.”

When they searched the shipping container, police found “a tote containing a garbage bag with approximately 5,581.6 gross grams of a crystalline substance suspected to be methamphetamines, and a digital scale. The amount of methamphetamine was approximately 12 pounds. Also found in the CONEX was a backpack containing a pay/owe ledger listing monies and quantiles. There was also a sheet listing names of Hells Angels prospects throughout the state of Alaska. A wedding invitation for Latrilla Phillips and Charles Phillips was also found in the backpack. There were other documents that were labeled as being addressed to Charles and Latrilla Phillips and a copy of Lois Latrilla Phillips’s Alaska driver’s license.”

“While searching the property at 11801 Old Seward Highway, investigators contacted a cooperating witness (CW1), who told investigators that he/she was living on the property. CW1 stated that it was Charles Phillips and Lois Latrilla Phillips that owned the CONEX on the property. CW1 has seen both Charles Phillips and Latrilla Phillips go into the CONEX on multiple occasions. The last time CW1 saw Charles Phillips access the CONEX was about a week ago.”

Charles Phillips is being held without bail. Lois Phillips has not yet had her initial hearing.


36 Responses to “Anchorage Angel Case”

  1. BluegrassTK Says:

    Ya, I couldn’t agree more! The biggest mob and worst criminals are THE POLICE!!!
    According to the F.B.I. 1/5 local cops are dirty(on the take) and i would bet it’s more like 3/5.

    Last thing….Innocent until proven guilty is the biggest lie in America!!!

    the(dirty) POLICE!!!

  2. BluegrassTK Says:

    Ya, I couldn’t agree more! The biggest mob and worst criminals are THE POLICE!!!
    According to the F.B.I. 1/5 local cops are dirty(on the take) and i would bet it’s more like 3/5.

    Last thing….Innocent until proven guilty is the biggest lie in America!!!

    the(dirty) POLICE!!!

  3. Southpaw Says:

    Neither Charles or Lou’s Phillips own ANY PART OF SOUTHPAW DOG BOARDING!!!!!Or the shipping container. They took advantage of a 83 year old woman who offered them a place to store some of there extra belongings after a flood at her 4 plex damaged there apartment!!!

  4. david Says:

    @ Penguin
    Did read Whiteheads good article. Thanks for the reference. The P.S. pig-state ALREADY exists. Whitehead is correct stating the star-chamber COURTS, are an integral part of the police-state M.O.

  5. white witch Says:

    @ new england rider
    Dipshits like you are the reason i don’t get on the net much. google this dipshit
    no i don’t know anything about your obscure new england legal cases. i don’t give a shit and i don’t sit around on a keyboard all day as you seem to do.
    i have been living the life for 40 years and have seen and been in my share of the collateral shit that you occasionally deal with in this lifestyle. i read this site for some amusement and to see what is going on in the news concerning bikers.
    love running into assholes like you in a bar somewhere just for some fun.
    you probably have everything that you need to be a biker in yo mama’s basement.
    keep on googling about bikers and talking tough, we know you are a poser
    you don’t make me mad dipshit it is just sad to see who thinks they are a 1%er these days don’t forget stupid is forever

    ride free
    white witch

  6. New England Rider Says:

    @ white witch –

    You mad bro? Keep spouting your stupid theories, you’re just proving my point on how dumb you are. Hey Einstein, do you even know who the Port Hope 8 are without Googling it? Probably not. All you have are inane theories on “rats” and “brothers selling out brothers for the almighty dollar”. So dumb… dumb….

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  7. Penguin Says:

    Everything publicly known in this matter is simply what Cops claim. Paladin may indeed be right about the (terminally) stupid stuff people do, I have seen guys go back to the joint the first day out…terminaldumasss? I duno. But-

    Why would we believe what cops say? We know that they lie as part of their “duties”… Oh, the “evidence”? Well geewhiz fellas, they have entire warehouses full of dope, and we know they bring their own…

    I agree that there’s something about these mere claims that does not make any logical sense.

    What does make sense is, ah “political logic”…the clubs are potential militia, and cannot be permitted to exist in a Police State.

    To support the P.S. thesis: “From Boston to Ferguson to Charlottesville: The Evolution of a Police State Lockdown” @

    Penguin, an old man now, never joins anything…never breaks “The Law”…but he’s not blind either.

  8. tj Says: gonna go further than white witch on the snitch department..without informants, law enforcement cant do a thing . sure, bugs, wires, etc, all are court ordered cuz of rats, not just luck on LE side…too many rats, thats for sure, but a ton of good guys take on the article, is phillips forgot there is a bullseye on his back every day, so chances are the law grabbed his roommate or whoever that informant is, flashed a nice sentence in front of them, and thats that…and yes, phillips didnt seem very careful..take it from me, federal supervised release is not a picnic, and not something to be taken lightly. unfortunetly, phillips can hope he didnt compromise his brothers in doing so

  9. white witch Says:

    I agree with your last 2 post completely. He got ratted out or he is stupid for having that much “product” on his property and getting a 3rd party(snitch,informant)
    involved in his business. Not everything is a conspiracy. Him being a biker was just a plus for LE to further their agenda against bikers

    ride free
    white witch

  10. white witch Says:

    @ new england rider
    fuck you asshole, why can’t you disagree with someone without being disrespectful?.
    That just shows how dumb you are. You can not back up your opinion without insulting someone you know nothing about. fuck you. Every patch holder is not a snitch.
    i never said that. But I have seen way to many times where a snitch has brought down a lot of good dudes. Read the news, read this site and you will see plenty of stories that involve a snitch in one way or another. LE is not smart enough to make most of these cases stick without an informant or snitch. I made a statement, maybe a little cynical,you are free to disagree( read Shovelhead post) without being a disrespectful punk. give it a try. Death is certain and stupid is forever

    ride free
    white witch

  11. moto Says:

    >”Also found in the CONEX was a backpack containing a pay/owe ledger listing monies and quantiles. There was also a sheet listing names of Hells Angels prospects throughout the state of Alaska”

    Well, it sounds like LE will make this their golden goose for a while.

  12. Paladin Says:

    @ Mark

    Was there a snitch in the works? More than likely. However; snitch or no snitch, based on the totality of the reported circumstances Phillips found himself in, did it ever occur to you that Phillips just might be really stupid? I’ll grant you that it’s much more fun to give this a Machiavellian spin. Unfortunately; there are a lot of stupid people and stupid people are prone to stupid behavior.


  13. New England Rider Says:

    @ white witch:

    LOL – everything you just said is so dumb dude:

    “It is painfully obvious that somebody snitched this dude out.”
    OK, to who – you?! Where did you come to this deduction based on the evidence, Sherlock?!

    “Like I said everyone is a brother until the law or the dollar comes calling. Hope he makes out, tough buisness””
    Shall I introduce you to the Port Hope 8? How about Lorne Campbell? So in your vast experience associating with 1% clubs you find that “everyone” snitches because of LEO and dollar bills? This is your statement?

    You can see why I think you’re dumb, right?

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  14. Mark Says:

    Too much is missing but maybe he didn’t jump into the boat, maybe that 3rd person the snitch was giving the shit by an FBI handler and he planted it. Which would explain, no DEA, which is beyond huge, the FBI is doing drug cases now and cutting out the DEA. Why the state cops had to take an oath to the FBI us unhead of. Nothing is right about this. The FBI gives the Muslim raticals fake bombs that look real and they plant the fake bombs and get busted all the time. The Muslims handlers set the whole thing up, from A through Z. Me thinks this on the property snitch is in way deeper than just being a snitch. This is going to be one to keep an eye on. Too bad the clubs don’t have their own media people to do press releases.

  15. Paladin Says:


    Phillips’ situation is nowhere near as clandestine as you and others make out. Let’s review a couple of facts. 1) Phillips’ is a member of an OMC. 2) Phillips’ is on a supervised release (searchable) from a prior drug arrest. And last, but not least, there is a third person (CW1) living on the property.

    Knowing that he’s a member of an OMC and recently released on a supervised release, Phillips knows that he has eyes on him and based on the conditions of his release, Phillips also knows that he, his property and everything on his property is subject to an immediate search 24 / 7. When you add into this mix the fact that Phillips has a third person living on his property and that Phillips is in possession of a large quantity of contraband along with sales paraphernalia, you have all the ingredients required to spend the rest of your life in prison.

    Were the feds looking to hook Phillips? Absolutely. To answer your question: What really stinks is the fact that Phillips jumped into the boat.


  16. Mark Says:

    This doesn’t pass the smell test. Let’s take 81 out of the situation and look at the facts. Where was the DEA? Why did state cops get deputized by the FBI? State Troopers take as part of their state oath to also uphold federal laws that apply to interstate highways. Some how that oath didn’t apply so they needed to be deputized by the FBI, how very strange.
    The guy was on probation, if Alaska is like most states and pretty much the states are the same because they take federal money for LE and the criminal justice and have to jump through hoops for those few coins of silver. The cops likely didn’t need a search warrant because the guy was on probations for substance abuse (holding) and without question he wasn’t allowed anything that could impair his mind. A six pack and or a jug of booze would get him sent back to jail and his PO could walk right on in without any need for a warrant to look for alcohol and drugs.
    The next thing that doesn’t add up, no sales charges. “If” he was in possession of that much crank he was likely selling it, yet no sales charges. Everything about this is wrong.

  17. Shovelhead Says:

    white witch,

    I know of many Brothers who have done time or still doing time that never ratted on anyone. That statement “Like I said everyone is a brother until the law or the dollar comes calling” Is bullshit. from my view, these snitches have nothing to do with the Club, they’re usually Junkies trying to get out of trouble. Or ex members out bad getting revenge by snitching.
    Which shows why they’re out bad!

    Respect to the real 1%

  18. freebird Says:

    It seems that no matter what case you look at anymore the Confrontation Clause of the sixth amendment has a jackboot on its neck

  19. white witch Says:

    white witch

    It is painfully obvious that somebody snitched this dude out.
    probably a customer who got popped or another dealer who is trying to thin the competition. Like I said everyone is a brother until the law or the dollar comes calling. Hope he makes out, tough buisness

    ride free
    white witch

  20. Curbside Says:

    FF asked, “What could be more inconspicuous than a CONEX in your backyard?”

    Depending on what location a person might be in, it’s not exactly uncommon. If you’re anywhere near a coastline or major rail hub, they’re cheap as shit to buy and make excellent storage sheds. People around here actually even weld them together and make houses out of them, because you can buy the big ones for two grand.

  21. freebird Says:

    Dear freebird,


    For that one…. I want to be Confidential Informant # 1

    No need to seal… hell i want a t-shirt

  22. Paladin Says:


    Based on your reporting, I would speculate that his supervised release included a “Fourth waiver”. Thanks for the reply. And as always, long may you ride.


  23. commom sense Says:

    To Rebel. I got turned to this site years ago and then for whatever reason didn’t check it out for years. Just want to thank you for having a great site and always being a straight shooter with your articles.

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear freebird,



  25. common sense Says:

    I was flying out of Anchorage about a year and a half ago. Walked into a bar inside the TSA check point. Saw a full patched HA having a beer and waiting for his flight. As I walked buy I stopped and told him my name, said I’m from Ventura . He says so we have some same friends and I said Yes. I want to bring something up to all 1% Pres. I know that it is an unwritten rule that no new club can have the MC underneath the rocker. Iv’e read every book on Whitey Bulger, John Gotti, Sammy Gravano. This is where the RICO act came from way before MC clubs. Everybody records shit on cell phones these days. I could see LE rolling up on a club with fake MC on their vest and waiting for them to confront them while being filmed by LE from a distanced ..You guys that run these clubs be careful. RICO sucks

  26. freebird Says:

    Someone please give me 1 good reason why a search warrant would be sealed at this point….

    Either you have cause or you don’t

    Maybe they were looking for something totally different

    Hell maybe they were looking for that missing coke from McClennan County Tx

  27. Gordo Says:

    Probable cause for a search warrant????

    4th amendment breach???

    Suspicion doesn’t count for a warrant

  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paladin.

    Phillips is on supervised release for a previous drug arrest. The search warrant is sealed. I quoted from the criminal complaint.


  29. Paladin Says:

    “The investigators, who were Alaska State Troopers deputized by the FBI, saw Charles and Lois Phillips get into their car and then observed that “Behind the kennel/daycare appeared to be a large CONEX.”

    Unless Phillips’ is a parolee or has agreed to a “Fourth waiver” as a condition of probation, or Rebel is missing some facts (through no fault of his own), there are no articulable facts in this story that lead to reasonable suspicion that would be the stepping stone to probable cause that would justify the issuance of a search warrant.

    CW1 did nothing more than confirm that Phillips did indeed own the property and the CONEX container located on his property. A reasonable person would conclude that if one had a CONEX storage container located on one’s property, it would be reasonable to expect that the owner of such a container would frequent said storage container as needed. CW1’s statement does nothing to bolster a claim of reasonable suspicion that would lead to a finding of probable cause.


  30. Aanon Says:

    Loose lips sink ships. I’d honestly think that the feds would be on their head after the monterey case. Hope not tho. Who else was a resident at the address….

  31. OklaYounger Says:

    Sure sounds like a set up, even the sequence of events.. To cut and dry, matching bags and all huh? And a search warrant for owning a connex, was that really the grounds for a search warrant of all properties owned? Shocking

  32. FF Says:

    What could be more inconspicuous than a CONEX in your backyard?

  33. new England Rider Says:

    In Alaska what is the riding season, a month and a half? Makes me wonder how they deal with the 20K per year requirement the HA’s have (or had it may have changed).

    New England Rider

  34. Hero Says:

    This has got to be a set up. With everything going on against MC’s I can not imagine anyone would be so careless as to leave a life sentence and black mark (Rico) laying around for the police to find. On top of that, everyone knows the big clubs Do Not sell drugs. SET UP!!!!

  35. jrino Says:

    12 lbs= a lot of late nights…

  36. freebird Says:

    These items are commonly paraded around in public to show who they are and to intimidate people

    Are we talking about Pup’s cut or dumb and dumber badge’s

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