Rough Couple Of Weeks

August 6, 2018

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Rough Couple Of Weeks

A 20-year-old unlicensed and uninsured driver in Tulsa named Maurice Vann accelerated to 70 miles per hour on a city street, ran a red light and swerved to run over a Mongols Motorcycle Club member named Brooks Whiteside last Wednesday.

Whiteside is a 31-year-old welder. He suffered what police described as “massive lower body injuries.”
Vann told Tulsa television station KOTV (video below) that he pursued Whiteside for more than a mile and ran over him at roughly double the speed limit in “self defense.”

Nothing Wrong

Moments before Vann tried to kill Whiteside, Vann had cut Whiteside off as the Mongol tried to pull next to a pump at a QuikTrip gas station. The two men had a physical altercation and after Whiteside rode off, Vann pursued him because he was scared of Mongols.

“I was scared.,” Vann told KOTV. “I really don’t like to say it, but, I was scared though.”

“I didn’t do nothing wrong. He was trying to hurt me.”

Vann was arrested after he returned to the scene of the collision and admitted to police that he had run into Whiteside. Je was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident.

String Of Bad Luck

It was Whiteside’s second motorcycle accident in less than a month. He crashed his bike on July 23 on Highway 169 near the Tulsa Airport. According to Owasso, Oklahoma police, Whiteside crashed in a grass median while passing a line of cars on the right. Police later claimed Whiteside had been riding his motorcycle at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

He was charged with speeding, failure to report an address change, failure to carry insurance verification, operating vehicle without proper tag/taxes due state, felony eluding and possession of firearm during commission of a felony. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |


48 Responses to “Rough Couple Of Weeks”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    To Mongol Whiteside and his families both blood and patch, our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. To the punk ass bitch Vann-the-candyass-man, may karma find you sooner rather than later. Black and White? Hell, there are thousands of others that would smoke you on spec. I hope it is long and painful.

  2. MtPockets Says:

    Ah, man?! Where’d that video go????
    Anyway, I got two questions. Ok, maybe more than that..
    One, did this chump have a lawyer? What kind of an idiot goes on tv and admits to chasing down and running over a guy on a bike ON TV? And then claims self defense? Wtf???
    What a maroon.
    Also, as much as I liked looking at that reporter, her story was incredibly one sided. Where is her interview with the victim? Instead, they make him out to be some sort of monster? Really?
    Nothing about this seems legit. Seems like just another attempt to paint bikers in a poor light.
    Now, if we could just get a better look at the reporter….
    Good luck to Mr Whiteside. Hope you can heal up and get back in the wind soon.

  3. Frequent Flyer Says:

    If they can’t fuck it or eat it, they break it.

  4. Potmetal Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to BW.

    I’m sure the nogs situation will sort itself without any unneccesary opining by me.

    Appreciate all you do, Rebel.

  5. rocco151 Says:

    @ John Whiteside

    Wishing you, your son and your family the best during this difficult recovery period….upon reading your explanation I can easily see how any rider would not only do the same thing as Brooks but could have suffered the same outcome !

  6. Irish Mike Says:

    Typical fucking monkey

  7. Not Surprised Says:

    @ John Whiteside.

    We do believe you

  8. John Whiteside Says:

    I am Brooks Whiteside’s dad. What happened to Brooks is a tragedy. He told me exactly what happened at QT. This rat came out of his car with his hands up as if to fight. His first mistake. Brooks stopped him then promptly left so as to avoid further trouble. Believe me, he didnt need any help dealing with this lowlife. He was and is trying to keep his nose clean. My son has months of hospitalization and further surgeries and rehab ahead. Thanks for all your support.

  9. Johnboy FXR Says:

    Hang em all

  10. JD Dollins Says:

    i didnt do nuttin wrong…

  11. Bwana Says:

    I’d say that big with the bitch braids will be wishing it was back in Aperica soon enough. Dumb monkeys don’t realize in their muh dik minds that the boys in blue are the only reason their miserable existence is still on this continent. A wise man pointed out that nogs are alive because its against the law to kill them. When this turd gets to GP Al Sharpcoon and the (((ACLU))) won’t be there to hold its paw.

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    Godspeed to Mr Whiteside.It takes a tough mothetfucker
    to survive something like that.

  13. Shovel Says:

    The brother was paid to attack the Mongol. That’s the most sensible explanation. Finding out why should not be too difficult.

  14. moto Says:

    “I wasn’t purposefully trying to hit him, I was trying to stop him,” said Vann.

    What the fuck. This maybe the dumbest thing I’ve read this week.
    Please force this guy to explain how ramming a car into a motorcycle at 70mph is trying to stop him and not purposefully trying to hit him

  15. Skagg Says:

    To properly charge him with attempted murder, dat would be waciss.

  16. david Says:

    @ Mark, all good factual points in the referenced article.

    What exists now and for some time in Okla. is massive, complete criminal infestation within the judiciary. If the Okie’s were thinking, and aware, of criminal gov. day to day activities, they would throw the entire criminal bunch out.

  17. Aanon Says:

    On a whim, just phoned Tulsa pd. Seems as if this didn’t happen. Well sir you would need to speak with my commanding officer. Ok. Well he’s out. I’ll take second or third in command. Sorry sir they are out too. Do you have an emergency.

  18. Aanon Says:

    Second thought, if black lives matter then apparently he isn’t black. Don’t think he matters. If Whiteside ran a black off the road itd be a hate crime. Long haired fucking nig faggot

  19. Aanon Says:

    Anyone see the similaties between this spooky mfer and that fat screw from Colorado? I was scared, I was scared. Oh, ok then… shit stinks worse than that hair. May he not have a defense day in court.

  20. Johnny Rotten Says:

    i didnt do nuttin wrong…..
    fuckin asshole.


    hope you like learning shine.
    i suspect your soon to be educated.

    heal fast Mr. Whiteside
    i wish you all the best

    be safe out there folks..
    pussies like this fucker are fast polluting our ashphalt pond



  21. Gordo Says:

    Yeh nice interviewee

    Won’t be nice for Vann tho

    Get better fast Mr Whiteside

  22. oldskewl Says:

    @ Bonehead.

    Putting the patch on takes away many freedoms, this is the biggest one.



  23. Mark Says:

    Looks like he has more rough weeks ahead of him. Hot off the press this morning that even states the the criminals have taking over the criminal justice system in OK. The thing that just blows me away is how these bottom feeders compartmentalize all their sins, lies, criminal doings and immoral actions to honestly believe they really are working for God and country. As they criminally destroy people’s lives and rip families apart. There really are some sick sociopaths running criminal havoc on many people who never deserved any of it. What these sociopaths look for in their victims is, lack of education, low income/poor people, any sort of being developed mentally delayed and can’t understand the gravity of the situation their victim is facing, and lifestyles that can be twisted into creating prejudice against a person. When they interrogate a potential victim who’s life they want to destroy, that act is called, Grooming Their Victim. Read the story and don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking, that sounds just like where I live.

  24. Bone Head Says:

    News6 had to find and drag out the fact he’s a Mongol…or law enforcement did it for them. I think this was done to prejudice any potential jurors when they go to try Mr. Whiteside for whatever charges they can dream up. At the same time, any juror who saw the video of Whiteside getting plowed would have a hard time forgetting it.

    Or maybe I’m just getting really really paranoid in my old age.

  25. Hero Says:


    The DA would have charged him with attempted murder if it had been a bike cop he hit. The law only applies to an MC when they are being (over) charged with a false crime.

  26. Bob Says:

    Dead man Sharpton cant help you.

  27. 10Guage Says:

    Could be that nothin happened between em…The bruises could be from his brother that stompped that scumbags ass when he showed up at the accident scene with his crazy story of self defense…I don’t think it should or will be the last time either.

  28. ASpectatur Says:

    @ Trebor…. What you just said, is what has me scratching my Head… A Vunable like Mr. Vann would say “Homies, Click, Set, Boys, Posse, etc”… Not Brothers. I’d Be Really Interested to See the Video from the Gas Station Altercation…

  29. WheresMyBoots Says:

    The rider had an accident prior to this and gets charged with everything they could throw at him.
    This toilet paper smear in the cage does an attempted murder, runs light, speeds, and just get charged the same as if he’d socked somebody in the nose.
    Well, hope it gets smashed and then some with those goofy looking dreads.

    Best wishes for a full recovery for Whiteside.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  30. HarryBalls Says:

    Wow nice body on the jailhouse reporter….just sayin

    Heal up Mr.Whiteside


  31. Trebor Says:

    I’m gonna go get my Brothers?Really?Only blacks say that.Any self respecting 1%er handles it himself and doesnt get his Brothers involved in such lightweight garbage.

  32. rocco151 Says:

    @ Oregon Moose

    Perfectly stated !

  33. Oregon Moose Says:

    Vann is a dead man. Well, technically we all are. Not like any of us are getting out of thing called life alive. But I venture a guess that Vann’s end will be far earlier and more painful than anticipated.

    So, what I’m reading – they got into an argument at the gas station. It turned physical. Based upon the bruising on his face – it’s probably fair to speculate that Mr. Whiteside got the better of it, got on his sled, and rode off. Vann, beaten up and ego-bent, gets back into his cage, chases down and runs over Mr. Whiteside more than a mile away from where the physical altercation occurred.

    Yeah, this should be attempted murder. Not that it matters at all what the court system does to him. He’s a dead man walking.


  34. Agnarr Says:

    First Let’s all take a moment to give a quick prayer to Mr. Brook Whiteside for a quick and full recovery; also that his family makes it through this time of hardship, and pain that this is going to cause them. Now to my other thoughts:

    As my Great-grandfather would have put it dat boy sure made a mistake… He should have stayed on the porch, cause he sure was stupid for trying to start something with someone with friends that he has. He’s plan stupid doing this to a patched brother of any club by himself. What an A-1, 1st class, idiot for trying that against a Mongol.

    Now My only question is what if anything does Mr. Whiteside say about what occurred befote being slapped accoss the road by a piece of 2500 – 3000 lbs. of metal/plastic going 70 MPH? Like he was a puppy on wet linoleum? That is the interesting part of the story that would be interesting to hear, in the coming days, and to see if anything between their two versions matches up at any point. Because I’m willing to say that not much if anything will match (the version told by Whiteside, or the facts and actual evidence the police in Tulsa gather as they do their investigation) Dipshit’s tale of non existent self-defense claim is nothing more then like the paper on a clove of garlic. Worthless.

    Respects to all that deserve it.

    Sidenote I’m not supporting the police but in this case I think they may actually do their jobs since this case is being looked at by so many eyes outside of Tulsa.

  35. Lurch Says:

    Dead man walkin’!!!

  36. just tom Says:

    The gangsta wannabe Vann just made a huge error in judgment. Fucked with the wrong guy. Hope Mr.Whiteside recovers quickly.

  37. Bone Head Says:

    I hope Mr. Whiteside heals and makes the most of any physical therapy he’s facing.
    Vann…his therapy is coming, I’m certain.

  38. The Kraut Says:

    Respects and hopes for a full recovery to Brooks Whiteside.

    The fuckin cannibal better hope the cops keep him locked up…

    Hope the nigger has a short future as a prime candidate for a retroactive abortion.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  39. Old & Jaded Says:

    Meant to write earlier that’s attempted murder; sometimes my outrage overrides my typing.

  40. Old & Jaded Says:

    Assault and battery my ass! When you come after someone at that rate of speed, run a red light and deliberately ram them leaving them with serious injuries, I’m sorry, that’s murder. I hope the DA in Tulsa properly charges him.

  41. Stoney Says:

    Well all I can say is enjoy looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.
    The Mongols will waiting for him when he gets out and then on a quite road somewhere he will face the wrath of the Mongols.
    Dude you pick the wrong guy to play thug with.

  42. New England Rider Says:

    As Garfield once said, I hate Mondays…..

    New England Rider

  43. Paladin Says:

    One can only hope that Vann’s future encounters with motorcycle enthusiasts will be a mirror image (or worse) of Whiteside’s encounter with Vann.


  44. FLRider Says:

    When it comes to cage versus bike, they really should press attempted murder.

  45. Not the 99 Says:

    Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.
    Good luck to that idiot that ran him down.
    Actually… No good wishes for you,you fukn pussy!
    Might be a good time to move. I wonder if that Kong pussy has a room for rent?

  46. Not the 99 Says:

    Nice boobs!

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