Waco, Texas Justice Cabal

August 4, 2018

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Waco, Texas Justice Cabal

The Waco, Texas justice cabal is a little farther from a conviction in the Waco Twin Peaks Mass Murder today than it was yesterday.

The only defendant to be tried in the case so far is Christopher Jacob Carrizal. Carrizal is the president of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club’s Dallas chapter. After very many delays Carrizal had to endure a six-week trial last fall. Mostly what the prosecutors in that case were able to prove was that Carrizal is a Bandido, he likes being a Bandido and in 2015 he did not self-censor every text message he sent or forwarded to other Bandidos. Virtually all of the evidence that would tend to prove Carrizal’s innocence, including recorded statements that directly contradicted the prosecution’s theory of the case, was intentionally hidden from the defense by the prosecution.


Carrizal’s trial ended in a hung jury. The trial was such a fiasco that the district attorney who brought the case, Abelino Reyna, was unelected. There is some lingering possibility that Reyna may yet be indicted for corruption.

His chief inquisitor, an unabashed sophist named Michael Jarrett, has been run completely out of criminal law. He now contests insurance claims for a living. Maybe he will return tanned, rested and ready. Probably the rest of his life will be the one he deserves.

Reyna fired the third prosecutor who tried to get Carrizal, a born again hypocrite named Amanda Dillon, because he suspected she was helping the FBI with its corruption case against him.

The fourth and the least of the prosecutors, an erudite young fellow named Brodie Vess “Brody” Burks, escaped Waco for Austin where he became a policy advisor to Governor Greg Abbott on the civil commitment of violent sex predators. What cheerful conversation must prevail at his dinner table these days. Burks is the guy who escaped the Twin Peaks Mass Murder prosecution comparatively unscathed.

No Collusion!

The prosecution has been stalled for years because the prosecution is subsidiary to a cover up of how multiple state, federal and local police departments managed to get nine people killed, another score injured and 177 arrested and then was so stupid as to not just lie about it but to lie about it as loudly as possible – a sort of shock and awe demonstration of police “public information.”

Carrizal, who has changed lawyers, was scheduled to be tried all over again starting September 10. But about a week ago, on July 26, Carrizal’s current lawyer, Chris Lewis, moved for and was granted a continuance by Judge Matt Johnson. Johnson presided over Carrizal’s last trial and is one of Waco’s two criminal judges.

The other criminal judge in town is the folksy, cranky and somewhat dim Judge Ralph Strother. He will, probably, preside over the trial of Tom Modesto Mendez who is the Bandidos San Antonio chapter president. Mendez is still, officially scheduled to go to trial on August 27 to defend himself against a charge of first degree riot. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison which, since Mendez is 43 and prison is harsh, could turn out to be a slow death sentence.

Mendez’ current prosecutors, Staci Scaman, Hilary LaBorde and Gabrielle Massey, offered to knock his sentence down to 25 years if he pled guilty and saved everybody the bother of a trial, but Mendez and his lawyer, Mark Metzger turned down that ridiculous offer. Most of the case against Mendez seems to be based on DNA evidence collected from inside a black sweatshirt and from Mendez after his arrest. The prosecutors argue that the DNA will prove Mendez guilty.

Where’s The DNA

Typically, as has happened again and again, prosecutors haven’t turned the evidence over to the defense. Much of the evidence collected by police was collected unprofessionally – first gathered to together like autumn leaves in big, cross contaminated piles and only then scientifically bagged.

In his motion for a continuance Metzger argued that he hasn’t had access to the DNA yet, let along had time to hire an expert to contest the state’s conclusions. Metrzger thinks “the state’s theory of the case is that this sweatshirt is essential in identifying Mr. Mendez during the alleged riot.”

Metzger says the “individual who wore this sweatshirt was not Mr. Mendez, therefore the DNA evidence from this sweatshirt is exculpatory.”


As he has throughout the case, Strother (above) fumed that these Twin Peaks cases are all about him. Strother refused to grant or deny Metzger’s motion. Instead he gave a speech about how the case has been dragging on for three years and somehow that was Mendez’ fault.

Mendez and Metzgar will probably get their continuance at another hearing scheduled for August 13.

In the meantime, somebody should grab Strother by the throat and point out to him that the reason why all these cases have been delayed is because successive generations of prosecutors have delayed them. Storther also needs to know that in the United States a criminal defendant is supposed to get the benefit of the doubt. And while he is still on his back or shoved up against a wall somebody ought to ask him what he thinks the Waco, Texas justice cabal has been trying to hide for the last 38 months and why.


17 Responses to “Waco, Texas Justice Cabal”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    Rebel,. Love how you refer to the Dim Bulb Twosome as the “Criminal Judges”. On point as always. Too bad the State Attorney General lacks the balls to look at this entire farce, dismiss all cases with prejudice, and disbar two Criminal Judges & seven or eight Criminal Persecuters. Then start DRAINING THE SWAMP of Waco by locking up Leo’s,Lawyers, and other swamp dewellers. Damn, this long running shit show would make a South American Banana Republic blush with shame.

  2. Mark Says:

    The video of when Jake’s attorney brings up the fact that the DA’s team 2 times were told that the Texas bottom rocker had nothing to do with anything between the two clubs. With the recordings gone missing (funny thing) but the DA’s team was in the room face to face with a reliable witness who knew exactly what he was talking about. As this was being brought out in open court, kind of because the jury was removed. The DA’s team was arguing that the whole case of their’s really wasn’t a fraud as it was just proved to be in open court. Every “expert witness” the DA had testify to in front of the jury, lied or the DA let they mislead the jury. The judge should have shut the trial down immediately because the DA’s office engaged in, Fraud Upon The Court, a High Crime without any Statute Of Limitations. When I try and watch that video I can not get half way through it because it’s sickening watching a POS lawyer make a complete mockery of justice and another lawyer in a black robe go along with that BS fraud. The case should have been dismissed with prejudice and judge Johnson should have filed a complaint with the AG office. The Texas Ranger got it right, he came forward with the information because it was even too much for him to digest. And meanwhile, this BS is still flowing right on along as if everything is on the up and up with justice being done.

  3. freebird Says:

    @ David

    And as much as he fucked it up from the git go and got voted out….

    Watch him get a job next spring working for the feds or a private prison…

    Motherfuckers like him get protected…… He sold his soul for what he can get in this life and he will

    Some call it the fuck up…. move up…. syndrome

  4. Filburt Says:

    David, you got that right…Texas is a phufking police state with their lying no-good POS prosecutors and judges.

  5. david Says:

    Shit for Brains Reyna follows orders given by the Texas powers that shouldn’t be. After attending law school, paid by his connected daddy, he had delusions of rising up the rigged shit-chain to a position of more pay and bribes, till the “trial” loss, and his lost election.

    Meanwhile, fat-cat daddy Strother would like to absurdly blame any and all victims of police-state criminality for anything, and everything, the police-state and his ass is responsible for.

    Un-Abel stated he would re-try, and RE-try, Jake until some rigged-ass jury finds him guilty. The entire Waco population should have thrown him out of office BEFORE the election.

  6. freebird Says:

    Waco, Texas Justice Cabal

    Takes me back to my younger years when we had the rabbit ears and big multi branched aluminum antenna mounted on a piece of pipe strapped to the chimney

    Depending on weather conditions we got 2 channels, Austin or San Antonio

    The Waco ambush reminds me of those 2 channels that always showed the same movie over and over and over

    Channel 3 is playing My cousin Vinnie

    Channel 5 has groundhog day

    Red letter day is above average solar flairs so channel 7 comes in and its one flew over the cuckoos nest

    Only difference is there are real people living in this Hell the privileged call American Justice

  7. Gordo Says:

    Prosecutorial misconduct

    Abuse of discretion by prosecution

    Exculpatory evidence should or must be disclosed

  8. Penguin Says:

    Paula touches on a point of interest…contaminated clothing (and or skin)…

    Often-times the Man says something like “the accused had traces of chemical residue (insert what kind, lead, gunpowder, dope, your choice) on his (clothing or body).

    Well, yeah. So what? Cop cars are contaminated, and all cops, because they handle these things every day. And of course the “accused” was arrested and dipped into their contaminated cop environment.

  9. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    They can’t make up their minds, waiting on the San Antonio transcripts or push on a getting a court date. What , what..Waco still can’t get it together either way.
    DNA off a shirt of seen on news video how they stripped them down in the parking lot of their boots and clothing placing all in a pile therefore DNA test is unreliable because it’s ALL CONTAMINATED.
    But you’re right about getting 9 people killed, this could have been avoided had they followed procedure.

  10. I.J Says:

    The Judge needs to understand that this man is fighting for his life…….

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    Strothers and Johnson will do whatever they think is in Reyna’s interest till he is booted from office. Lets see discovery issues, the same that plagued Carrizal’s trial and other defence attorneys are still going on, that should tell you what a great job Reyna is doing in his office.

    When Reyna pulls into the parking lot in the morning, do all the clowns fall out of the car to when he opens the door, all that is missing is some circus music because this clown show is still going on.

    Remember that Johnson allowed the clown show that Carrizal’s trial was to go on despite all the evidence issues, and discovery issues and clandestine meetings with CI’s but yet Johnson would not allow a mistrial to be declared by him despite Gotro assertions that one should have been granted, thankfully the jury saw what we all knew and what Rebel had been saying for the last few years and that was that these cases are shit!… and looks like nothing has changed.

    I am sure the taxpayers will be thrilled at the idea of another 500k + being spent for the next mistrial or not guilty verdict to comedown, cause remember Carrizal was supposed to be a slam dunk and we all saw how that turned out for uncle Reyna.

  12. FF Says:

    Strother has pissholes for eyes.

  13. freebird Says:

    And while he is still on his back or shoved up against a wall somebody ought to ask him what he thinks the Waco, Texas justice cabal has been trying to hide for the last 38 months and why

    Sure his response after he changes his underwear would be

    Bigger issues…… we have bigger issues to think about

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