Brazos Whale Dance Day 1171

July 30, 2018

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Brazos Whale Dance Day 1171

Sometimes the Waco Twin Peaks Mass Murder and the simultaneous state and federal investigation of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club are chained together like prisoners on a work gang and sometimes they are not. Whether they are or not is entirely a function of whether one prosecutor or another thinks the connection will help him secure a conviction.

None of these games prosecutors have been playing for the last three years are intended to lead to truth or justice.

It is inarguable that local, state and federal officials at least anticipated the bloody biker brawl on May 17, 2015 and prepared for it by making popcorn. That’s why the cameras were there, stupid.

Operation SOA

A “multi-agency task force” was a couple of years and some millions of dollars into a mostly fruitless investigation of the Bandidos. These things always start with some idiot of a United States Attorney watching Sons of Anarchy. After a couple of years of the Bandits not actually being the Sons of Anarchy the “task force” got a chance to video record a real Laughlin Riot, or Sparks Riot or Hollister Riot.

To call the scheme half-assed is to mock the men who died that day. But the cover up that followed and continues to this day more and more resembles the look on Don Junior’s face. The local prosecutor, Abel Reyna – who coincidentally was under investigation by the FBI at the time of the riot – was tasked with with preserving a protecting a narrative that had already been written. The Bandidos, who had been ambushed by Cossacks Motorcycle Club members, were stubbornly portrayed as the instigators of the brawl. Everybody said that. The Washington Post said that.

Eventually, more than six months after the Twin Peaks, the whole point of the video cameras, a federal indictment of the four Bandidos, was unsealed and they were charged, basically, with instigating the biker brawl. That was so ridiculous that eventually the top two Bandidos, Jeff Pike and John Portillo, wound up with being charged with entirely different but equally ridiculous crimes.

Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro

The salsa dance between the federal and local cases has been jaw dropping – as if whales appeared in the Brazos, then stumbled ashore and began dancing.

The trials of the defendants in Waco had to be delayed for years while federal prosecutors invented something other than Waco with which to charge Pike and Portillo. Because, you know, the Twin Peaks is radioactive.

In March 2017, a couple of years after the Twin Peaks, Reyna tried to stall his prosecutions by declaring that: “On March 28, 2017, the McLennan County Criminal District Attorney’s Office received a letter from the United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas, Richard L. Durbin, Jr. This letter provides the broad outlines of an investigation into the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club, United States v. John Portillo, et al., Cause No. SA-15-CR-820 (see attached). In the letter, Mr. Durbin declines to share any information or evidence relating to that investigation at this time. Mr. Durbin has indicated that the information will be disclosed to the McLennan County Criminal District Attorney’s Office once the trial is complete.

“Although no specific disclosures were made, Mr. Durbin acknowledges that the federal investigation has information which relates to the events at Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015. Although the federal investigation was underway when that incident occurred, neither the fact of the investigation nor any information pertaining to the investigation were shared with this office.”

“Despite repeated efforts to obtain this information, our office has no specific knowledge of the contents of the federal investigation. The information is subject to a protective order and not in our control, preventing our actual or imputed knowledge of the specific information. Tex. Rules Prof. Conduct 3.09; Rubalcado v. State, 424 S.W.3d 460 (Tex. Crim. App. 2014). The federal investigation has been ndependent of this prosecution, and no collaboration between the offices has occurred. This information may be exculpatory, mitigating, or impeachment evidence as contemplated by Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963).”

The Twin Peaks Mass Murder and the Bandidos case were absolutely connected Waco officials, including a judge, declared.

And Cinco, Seis, Siete

But then when the federal case was actually tried, a year later that turned out not to officially be the case.

Last February, a blissfully biased federal judge named David Alan Ezra refused to allow defense attorneys to even mention what had happened in Waco. Prosecutors could say over and over that the Bandidos had “declared war on the Cossacks” but the Twin Peaks brawl was out of bounds. “We are not going to try the Waco case in here,” Ezra said last February. “They’re having a hard time having it tried in Waco, let alone here. I’m not going to spend valuable trial time on it.”

Well now the rules have changed again.

The retrial of Bandidos defendant Christopher Jacob Carrizal was continued last week because both prosecutors, defenders Judge Matt Johnson all are eagerly awaiting the release, according to Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald, of “copies of evidence used in the prosecution of Bandidos Jeffrey Pike and John Portillo, including wiretaps, and are expected to turn it over to the DA’s office within a month.”

The trial ended in May. If there is evidence pertinent to the Twin Peaks the federal judge refused to let the jury in that case hear it. Last week the same judge refused to give Pike and Portillo a new trial. But now, in this case, whatever evidence there is might be pertinent to Carrizal’s case.

Real soon now, possibly as soon as Labor Day, that secretary in the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Antnonio will finish making copies of all that federal evidence and mail it to McLennan County. “At that time, the DA’s office will then turn the evidence over to defense counsel in discovery.”

The delay is not necessarily bad for Carrizal nor is it particularly good for prosecutors. But it once again illustrates what a surreal spectacle the Twin Peaks cases have become.


19 Responses to “Brazos Whale Dance Day 1171”

  1. obfvscated Says:

    David wrote
    “5)The over 200 vehicles stolen on the show camera that day.Storage,towing,etc.fees.”

    Too bad Waco probably isn’t liable for all those dead batteries and varnished fuel systems

  2. Peachy Says:

    While I know nothing about Waco makes sense…I do have the following question. Today we learned that the second trial will begin on August 27th. A Bandido will be the 2nd trial. If these fed documents are still not received, how can any red and gold member have a trial? And the DA supposedly does not know what information is in these files. So all trials should be delayed. We also heard the defense is still waiting on key evidence to be given to them but the judge does not want anymore delays. Here we go again. May this whole nightmare end soon!

  3. freebird Says:

    Guess the million dollar question is….. what needs to be done to stop the raiding of money that was earmarked by law for something totally different

  4. Johhny Bolivar Says:

    The slush fund revenue source in question (Texas Motorcycle License holders) is identified in the Annual Financial Report of the Texas Department of Public Safety as Fund 0501. At the time of the Twin Peaks Massacre this report was viewable online for the fiscal year of 2014.

  5. david Says:

    Because of the fact everything in and about Waco truly is,all about money,

    1) DPS pig Petersen’s setting of the MILLION DOLLAR bail amounts.

    2) Huge monetary debt owed on the new McLennen Co. pig center.

    3) DPS controlled fund payed for by the very people who became DPS targets.

    4) Black-robed “judge” Ezra’s statement on how valuable trial time is in the BS federal courts, his method of cost control.

    5)The over 200 vehicles stolen on the show camera that day.Storage,towing,etc.fees.

    straight up felony thievery elevated to new highs. Theft by any other name like asset forfeiture is still theft.Theft by DPS of Safety funds, used to steal even more, proves how high the Grand Theft felons are willing to go.

  6. Matlock Says:

    “The salsa dance between the federal and local cases has been jaw dropping – as if whales appeared in the Brazos, then stumbled ashore and began dancing”

    That’s bad-ass, Rebel. I’ll still b thinking about that quote when I ride 159 up from 105 to Hwy 6 tonight (ridin the river). You ROCK. Thank u for keeping ALL Brothers informed.

  7. freebird Says:

    Lets not forget the sleeper…….

    Amanda Dillon

    Wonder if she knows where that kilo went…..

    Maybe Michael Jarrett took pictures

  8. Curbside Says:

    Thank y’all for the update, I’ll be looking into it and searching this site for some of Rebel’s reporting on the subject.

  9. jrino Says:

    cdot had the funds in Colorado and they couldn’t balance the $$$. So now its in State Patrol hands…. BTW the “high powered rifle” Waco PD talks about in the 1st video was most assuredly in a cage “NOT” as implied in the restaurant. And how many people had concealed carry at Waco is a fact conveniently left out.
    But “Hey we’re gonna have a fair trial fallowed by a first class hanging”

  10. Neuro Says:

    Curbside, Rebel has written here in the past about the Texas safety fund ripoff.

  11. TX_Biker Says:

    Curbside, several years ago the feds made funds available from the NTSB for motorcycle only checkpoints which were being fought by the COC&I. Those funds were given to Highway patrol (DPS in our case) Johnny is pointing out that they were misused to fund the biker task forces and other ops that were not part of the intended use.

  12. Trebor Says:

    Curbside same shit happened in Washington state back in the 80s.Abate negotiated a safety fund in liew of a helmet law.Something like an extra $5 when renewing your license.Went into fund that was soon tapped into by tbe gubment for other things.Went ahead passed a helmet law anyway

  13. SSJ Says:

    Rebel, consider the information that Johnny Bolivar mentioned maybe down the road let us know how that worked. Thanks

  14. Curbside Says:

    Mr. Bolivar, can you point us toward some more info regarding the “Texas Motorcycle Safety Fund”? Not denying that what you say is true, it’s just that I’d never heard of said fund and my GoogleFu must be weak because I can’t seem to find any info on it.

    The first CoC meeting I ever attended was about 3 weeks after Waco happened, so I’d never heard this “safety fund” discussed out there either.

  15. Iron Rider Says:

    After the utter failure that the first trial ended in they want to have a do over?
    So they are going to wait to see what evidence the Feds have that might help them get a conviction, well as we saw with the original trial, there seem to be a lot of evidence and discovery that the prosecution didn’t turn over as well as meetings the prosecution failed to mention with witnesses and CI’s.

    What could go wrong after the cluster fuck we witnessed last time, well a lot apparently. This will be another colossal failure, but we will get a peak at some of the evidence the Feds used… you know that they fought so hard to keep from the public eye. Nothing to hide at all

  16. Johnny Bolivar Says:

    So, now the Great State of Texas has shown it’s great wisdom by putting these proven thieves in charge of medical cannabis! What could possibly go wrong there? Flatt & Scruggs getaway music here. Follow the money.

  17. Johnny Bolivar Says:

    They say if you want the real story then just follow the money. The group that stole millions from the Texas Motorcycle Safety Fund also showed up with loaded rifles at the Waco Twin Peaks on that fateful day in May more than three years ago. Part of this rifle company was able to climb a pole near the Twin Peaks Restaurant and install a field camera before the lunch crowd began to arrive. Who’s evil plan was this? Will this rifle company return the considerable sum of money it stole from the Motorcycle Safety Fund in Texas?
    This rifle company also calls itself the Texas Department of Public Safety. The DPS recently purchased new boats, machine guns, and helicopters for the border battle at the Rio Grande. Many Texans have asked where the DPS got the money necessary to finance all these new purchases without legislative approval. The answer? The Texas Department of Public Safety stole millions of dollars from the Motorcycle Safety Fund to pay for all the new purchases. This record breaking asset forfeiture was made possible by the routine and regular payment of a $5 fee to the DPS controlled fund each and every time a Texas resident renews their motorcycle license.
    Indisputably, the political organization COC&I which advocates for motorcycle riders was gathering at the restaurant to discuss this very record breaking asset forfeiture when the rifle company opened fire on them. Incredibly, the rifle company (DPS) motto reads: Courtesy – Service – Protection. Am l blind or does it seem kind of ballsy for the SAME group that stole the money to also show up at a political meeting of the motorcycle rider advocates and start shooting at them? Interestingly, nobody from the rifle company (DPS) wants to discuss this huge theft of funds from the citizens of Texas whom they claim to serve and protect. Coverup?

  18. freebird Says:

    My first question would be what impact does this have for the P&P appeal process……

    Change the Facts…. Change the outcome is how I was taught by a very wise man

    Sounds simple but so true

    They are already changing the rules of engagement…… These men have not even been sentenced…. How fucked up is that

  19. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    The FBI & the Austin police officer committed perjury with the lie’s they told. I know they read your stuff & the comments.
    So the FBI has been getting away with murdering people for decades, I wish y’all would be more focused on who is taking off with all these children. Then motorcycle clubs. Shame on y’all who lie & frame innocent people.

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