Eischeid Extradited

July 26, 2018

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Eischeid Extradited

Paul Eischeid, a former stock broker and Arizona Hells Angels prospect who was accused of committing one of his club’s most sensational crimes was extradited back to Maricopa County from Argentina last week.

Paul Eischeid. Kevin Augustiniak and Michael Kramer were accused of the lurid, October 25, 2001 murder of a woman named Cynthia Yvonne Garcia. Garcia was brutally beaten and nearly decapitated after attending a party at the Hells Angels Mesa clubhouse. There were four witnesses to the murder: Eischeid. Augustiniak, a Hells Angel named Richard Hyder and Kramer.


According to multiple sources Kramer beat the woman unconscious after she said something derogatory about the club and then ordered Eischeid and Augustiniak to participate in the woman’s beating and to load her into the trunk of Kramer’s car. Kramer drove Garcia to a remote desert location where he cut the woman’s throat to make sure she was dead.. Kramer was a former member of the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club and a methamphetamine abuser who had a notoriously violent temper,

Police found Garcia’s body six days later. Kramer left Phoenix for Los Angeles and on November 26 Kramer approached Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent John Ciccone and agreed to cooperate with law enforcement. Kramer confessed that Eischeid and Augustiniak had killed Garcia.

That murder, six months before a well-publicized brawl between Mongols and Hells Angels in Laughlin, Nevada became the pretext for an investigation of the Hells Angels in California and Arizona that would eventually be called Operation Black Biscuit. Within a month of Kramer’s debriefing by Ciccone, an undercover ATF agent named Jay Dobyns began posing as a biker and gun dealer in Arizona and Nevada.

See The Aging Rebel’s Paying Michael Kramer here.

Probation And Incarceration

Kramer ran over and killed Hyder in May 2002. He was paid at least $415,000 by the Department of Justice between 2011 and 2008 and he has been the principal witness against Eischeid and Augustiniak.
Augustiniak was arrested for Garcia’s murder and pled guilty to second degree murder in October 2011. He later unsuccessfully tried to withdraw that guilty plea, claiming that Kramer was the real killer, and he was eventually sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Kramer was sentenced to five years’ probation.

Eischeid fled the country for Argentina after his arrest in 2003. He was apprehended in Buenos Aires in 2011 and fought extradition for seven years.

It is unclear whether Kramer will testify against Eischeid.

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30 Responses to “Eischeid Extradited”

  1. Agassiz Says:

    I know Paul. Andy had the opportunity to meet Dobyns at a book signing and call him out on his use of dirty CIs. I blamed him in no uncertain terms for what happened to Paul, and that he’d must likely die in an Argentinab prison. He packed up his books and left without responding. I remember that he had a salon styled goatee and a pink shirt on. I guess that’s all the rage for them Hollywood types. I can only hope that things have a way of working themselves out.

  2. Terry F Says:

    Danny Fabricant starting his 15th year in Federal Prison due to the work of Micheal Kramer. His current address is Danny Fabricant 84828-012 USP Box 1034 Coleman, Florida 33521-1034

    No money needed but letters appreciated.

  3. Lunchbox Says:

    Typical pussy thing to do hide behind your keyboard and say shit like that. Bet yah wouldn’t say it to a Patch Holders Face!

  4. oldskewl Says:

    @ Typical.. Must be a prerequisite of the IO that your mother and father are brother and sister. You guys really got it going on, I mean with that mail order patch must of came with a couple quick release diapers in the off chance you ever met a real patchholder.
    Have a nice day officer cock washer.

  5. Not Surprised Says:

    Big thing. If Eisched is still
    im good standing. Clubs have better intel.

  6. common sense Says:

    They killed a civilian. Bad business decision. What I will say that as a single father of one child if that was my kid and you took the only thing in my life that I really cared about..you would have my full and undivided attention. I can not see the president of any major club in the US sanctioning this hit today. To much heat.

  7. freebird Says:

    Every story has a song……

    To: Kramer

    From: Freebird

    Your song…….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSBOq6YBpUE

  8. freebird Says:

    @ ff

    It’s all in good fun…. if I serve one up

    jack it out of the park

  9. FF Says:



  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Typical,

    What a stupid thing to say. So when did you decide to become a troll? Do you feel more sexually competent after you troll. Are you also a voyeur? Do you live under a bridge?


  11. Typical Says:

    Typical hells angel beating and raping women. Been doing since they started will be doing it for the next 50 years. Such pussies

  12. Drunk at the End of the Bar Says:

    Damn. That chick had some bad luck. I was in a bar full of 81 supporters and patch holders in Daly City, with some bitch that got all hammered and mouthy, and they let us leave in peace. No one was even impolite. Oh, and fuck Kramer. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, you snitching, dishonorable motherfucker. And why do it anyway? If she’s offensive, carry her dumb ass out to the sidewalk and leave her there. It’s not like women ordinarily present much threat.

  13. Potmetal Says:

    @Freebird~ Ya just made my weekend with that one lol. Good on ya for making a broken body laugh.

    Rebel, many thanks for all the good gouge.


  14. freebird Says:

    FF Says:

    Any idea what club Kramer is in, now?

    Last word was he started a Witness Protection MC….. it’s a 100% club

    100% chance your going to get stabbed in the back

  15. Austin Says:

    @BigV-Medical …. Aha!! I thought Neuro was saying Kramer was in the BATFE.
    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Hey Rebel – YOU have a nice weekend too.

  16. BigV-Medical Says:

    I take it back. I’m an hour fucking late on shithouse poet duty. Sorry.

    Apologies Rebel. Apologies Neuro.

    Kramer probably won’t be seen. He melted down trying to infiltrate a club in Ohio and they had him drying out a year or so ago. He went to the hospital and old items of interest came up and it came out who he was. Heart was giving out from the fent/horse and old school. He looked like Pops except at 115lbs.

  17. BigV-Medical Says:

    Neuro: Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Rebel: I have a unique ability to decipher the writings of a shithouse poet, Neuro is apparently again posing the question of “What club is Kramer infiltraiting now ?” at the same time as saying he ran over a fellow patch and informed on SFV.

    See, I am useful for something ?

  18. Rebel Says:

    Dear Neuro,

    Gotcha. Kramer killed Cynthia Garcia. Kramer killed Hyder. Ciccone protected Kramer. Kramer put on a show at Augustiniak’s trial. It will be interesting to see if he comes out of the woodwork for the next trial.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  19. Neuro Says:

    I only go by what I read. I was saying that Kramer killed Hyder, and most people think he killed Cynthia Garcia. I also read that he transferred to SFV and acted as an ATF/DEA mole ci. I am not sure what you thought I said.

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Neuro,



  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sucks Sucka Sucka Free,

    What the fuck do you mean “Keep some of the facts straight,” Steve. Good for you, you fucking cockroach. You caught a typo. And, you are right I should have said Operation 7805040-02-0049, Operation 7805040-02-0049 and Operation Dequiallo. Now why don’t you go put on your red dress and your lipstick and go see who you can pick up.


  22. Neuro Says:

    Kramer not Eischeid. Kramer was also a ci against SFV.

  23. SuckaFree Says:

    @Rebel: I think you mean Operation Black Biscuit. Lets try and keep some of the facts straight.

  24. Gooch Says:

    Same old shit just a different day for the Crooked two tier American justice system. No wonder they blindfolded Lady Justice.

  25. Mark Says:

    I see the feds haven’t forgot murder was a crime without Statue Of Limitations but there are only 3 crimes without, Statue Of Limitations. The other 2 besides Murder are Treason and Fraud Upon The Court. I’m sure many people understand what murder and treason are but Fraud Upon The Court is a crime that doesn’t make the news, whatsoever. A textbook and perfect example of, Fraud Upon The Court would be, the FISA warrants that keep coming up in the news. I wonder if the “fact” that all the people involved in the, Premeditated Fraud Upon The Court and the FISA warrants are all lawyers has anything to do with it. Seems none of the talking head lawyers on the news/talk shows will say about a word about how the government’s lawyers willfully and intended to commit, Fraud Upon The Court going to the FISA Courts to get warrants. Maybe when the government lawyers read this story and the posts the light will go on. That the Founding Fathers thought that the 3 worst crimes a citizen could commit were, Treason, Murder and Fraud Upon The Court so they made sure that these 3 crimes had no Statue Of Limitations. Sit back and see if the federal government lawyers will charge former and current government lawyers with Fraud Upon The Court because, that’s exactly what they did and there is no word smithing around it, that’s exactly what they did, Fraud Upon The Court.

  26. Neuro Says:

    Plus he murdered full patch Richard Hyder with a truck while Hyder was riding his bike.

  27. FF Says:

    Any idea what club Kramer is in, now?

  28. Wow Says:

    Never thought he would be extradited to be honest. The truth is kramer is a punk and a rat who killed Cynthia and then put the blame on his brothers! The Feds know and don’t care!!

  29. jrino Says:

    What a nice bunch! “Welcome to the clubhouse”.

  30. freebird Says:

    Holy Fuck Rebel……

    I need to freebase some dramamine now……

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