Mongols MC Still Growing

July 23, 2018

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Mongols MC Still Growing

The United States Department of Justice’s ongoing attempts to destroy the Mongols Motorcycle Club seems to be having an ironic effect. The Mongols may be the fastest growing motorcycle club in the world.

The club now has chapters in 11 countries and 19 American states.

The international chapters are in Australia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Denmark, Malaysia, Germany and Singapore.

In the United States the Mongols Motorcycle Club has chapters in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Oregon, Pennsyslvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Virginia.

Most recently the club has established 11 chapters in Texas including Centro Houston, El Valle, San Antonio, Uvalde, Longview. Fort Worth, North Houston, Dallas, Austin. Panhandle and Midland-Odessa.

The Mongols Motorcycle Club was established on December 5, 1969 in Montebello, California with 15 members.

According to the club’s website, “The Mongols M.C. developed an immediate strong hold in the Southern California area. At the time and even now there were really no other 1%er clubs co-existing in these areas.

“During the early 1970’s the Mongols M.C. launched this new American biker movement into the West Coast area,” the site continues. “This was a lifestyle, a culture, and a way of life for the brothers riding around on their chopped Harley Davidson motorcycles on the streets of East Los Angeles showing power and solidarity. The majority of new members were ex-Vietnam veterans returning from the recent war. The brothers were accustomed to a strictly disciplined, regimented program that was about honor, loyalty, respect, and camaraderie. This made them a force to be reckoned with.”

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121 Responses to “Mongols MC Still Growing”

  1. BJ Says:


  2. Mojorisin Says:

    New chapter in Waco starting up right now…

  3. What’s ever Says:

    Was it not former Kinsmen and Bandidos that became Mongols? Which way are we going with this one?

  4. 1314 Chingo bling Says:

    Im not sure what punk ass move you are talkibg about BREAL! The Bandidos have lost tradition. There are cops now in the club . and as far as moving in we have always been here. I have one thing to say!! Bandidos and all your flunkies move the f*** over we are here get the f*** out of the way. Don’t start no s*** and it won’t be no s*** see you real soon.!!

  5. Al Says:


    Howdy from Dallas ft.worth area where y’all at?
    Plenty of room in Tx for everyone.
    Remember we’re all club’s not gangs, an it’s our oh so wonderful government and Leo’s ( example. Waco mess).
    Everyone needs to really look out for.

  6. Aanon Says:

    Tommy jr,
    I’ll second rocco151.

  7. white witch Says:

    all of this crazy bullshit is why I have and always will be an independent.
    i ride where i want when i want and i answer to no one.
    i follow no man unless i feel like it. i have no issue with any mc but i go my own way

  8. rocco151 Says:

    @Tommy Jr. +1

  9. Mojoman Says:

    Since I cut out watching the NFL and becoming an independent rider again, I sure have a lot of spare time on my hands.

  10. Tommy Jr. Says:


    I have not.
    It is a bummer to hear your not a Bandit anymore tho.

    Not sure what to make of your last comment.. its a bit of an oxymoron in and of itself. Its hard to hold yourself to a higher moral high ground than the people who make insulting posts here, WHILE you make insulting posts here.

    And further, i didnt know Mongols were in Texas until Rebel posted this write up.

  11. Paladin Says:

    Based on the posted comments on this thread, it seems that the order of the day is that a club’s business is now everybody’s business. If anyone were to ever wonder why some clubs are in the dire straights they’re in, the posted childish comments on this thread should leave no doubt. Hey folks; how about trying some adulting? You can do it!

    Over time, all things change. Unfortunately; not all things change for the better.


  12. Matt Says:

    Hey Tommy Jr. You ever been a bandit? I have. The club has gone in a way different direction that what it was. I know shit changes. But not like that. The club of old was bad ass then changes came. It actually doesn’t feel good to see whats happening with The R&G. As far as others coming into Texas. Well. That all new business and none of mine. J was correct on a couple of things sad to say.

  13. Tommy Jr. Says:


    I have never heard any red and gold, including supports, speak ill of HA. And for what its worth, i also havent heard any red and gold speak ill of Mongols either.
    This is Texas.. for decades here there has been no reason for red and gold to have any concern with any other big club. I mean damn.. any other big club almost has to go out of their way to come here.
    Only in recent years has there been any hate for red and gold around here. And my question is, where is the hate coming from? Red and Gold aint the ones showing up to a new spot setting up shop and pissing down everybodies legs. Its quite the opposite actually.
    Seems like every body on two wheels in Texas that realizes they aint cut out to be a Bandit, throws a slobbering ass bitch fit about it, then tries to act like red and gold is the enemy. To me its the same as a new recruit trying out for Navy SEAL, not making it, then trying to attack the SEALS afterward.
    I mean fuck it man.. they didnt want you.. move on.

    if it were easy, EVERYBODY on 2 wheels would do it.

  14. J Says:

    BREAL ? STFU ! The local team been having trouble for awhile now. I remember when they would talk shit about 81 then practically suck their dicks when they saw them. R&G treat 81 like cops do. Like movie stars ! Fuck all that stupid shit !

  15. Stevo Says:

    This thread has more bacon than an episode of Man versus Food.



  16. Iron Rider Says:


    So the Urine Order broke into your house and blew you, Not a surprise, they are a bunch of cocksuckers! You must have enjoyed it to be here bragging about it. So does that mean your patched into the Urine Order now or do you still need to mail in your 20 bucks to join?

  17. Uncle Buckwheat Says:

    Have those “Centro” boys learned how to ride motorcycles yet?

  18. BReal Says:

    Anyone worth a shot who’s been around even a minute knows this whole thing stinks! It’s kind of a punk move to come in when the home team is fighting for their lives and the bandits have always shown the mongols respect. That was their mistake. To the bandits that jumped ship you showed your true character and lack of heart and class. Imagine if while the mongosl were fighting their big case with Doc and the patch the pagans moved in and patched over a bunch of mongol chapters. The support clubs that were patched in won’t last! No such thing as an instant outlaw, there paper gangsters and I have a feeling they won’t be passing the mud check! The whole deal feels very hinky to me and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out later ATF and others were behind it all. Not gonna call them rats with out paper work but it looks very similar to their last big push and it’s public record who was behind it all. Gamgland episode, book deals and going to war and all!! I smell a rat. Texas is no joke. We will soon see who the true 1%ers are and who just became one overnight!! BR

  19. oldskewl Says:

    What is this? Howard Stern? We got everything from Gary the Conqueror to the IO’s Beetlejuice commenting.

  20. James Loyd Says:

    @ Marvin, Listen shithead. everyone on here can tell that you are a cop and probably not a very good one. maybe you are a rent a cop who wants to be a “real cop”
    No one wants to hear your shit so just shut up. Hurry the hot donut sign is on.

  21. 10G Says:

    I don’t know why you scumbags always go strait to talking about your gay fantasies….There’s a sliver of truth in every joke. It’s fucking disgusting.

    As for the tough guy routine…I would be your huckleberry but the truth is you don’t rate. Only a punk comes to a place like this with disrespect. Find me or one of my pals and punch us in the face… we will find out how tough you are…

    “…Down below the trestle where the water runs slow,
    I chained him to an anvil and I let him go
    And five years later I ain’t told a soul…”

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