Following Shawn Fowler’s Murder

July 8, 2018

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Following Shawn Fowler's Murder

The murder of Shawn Fowler early Friday morning on the 210 Freeway in Los Angeles has loosed an avalanche of speculation by readers of this page and others. What The Aging Rebel has learned about the murder in the last two days is not conclusive. But revealing that information here now might calm some of that speculation and some of the harm that might flower from that speculation.

Fowler was probably, but not certainly, a patched member of the West Valley, Utah chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. His helmet is adorned with a sticker that identifies him as a supporter of that chapter.

He had just ridden about 635 miles through the night for some reason with his wife on the back of his motorcycle. The Mongols Motorcycle Club’s national run to Rosarito, in Baja, started the next day. Fowler was within miles of a parking lot where packs of Mongols Motorcycle Club members congregate for group rides. The location is well known to many motorcycle enthusiasts in Los Angeles.

The men who shot at Fowler and his yet unnamed companion were in the eastbound lane of the 210 Freeway headed away from Los Angeles. The police did not close the westbound lanes of the freeway. All the evidence was in the eastbound lanes.

There is no indication, other than speculative inference, that any other motorcycle club was involved in Shawn Fowler’s murder.

Police have carefully controlled the release of information about the case. That is typical of outlaw biker cases. It is also typical of cases that impact other police.

Shawn Fowler’s brother, Dustin Fowler, has been a Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy since 2005. He joined the Sheriff’s Office’s K9 Unit in June 2007 and is now a certified K9 Training Officer.

Generally, but not exclusively, having a close relative who is a member of law enforcement precludes a man from joining a motorcycle club.


63 Responses to “Following Shawn Fowler’s Murder”

  1. Irish 1%er Says:

    Looks like Shovel is the Mongols version of Vince!

  2. Neuro Says:

    I am sorry to see the word idiot tossed on me, very disappointed in you. No one is trying to dig up any old shit. Anything happening recently is the direct result of what you call old shit. There is nothing old about any of it, it’s like Rodd said. Duhh implied someone started things, and he is probably referring to the Labour Day Killings on 9/5/77, Red Beard and Jingles on i-15 in Escondido down Dago way. You can look that up or just go to the Chapter 13 Memorial.I don’t think the 13 see that as old shit. I’d love to pay your expenses to go tell Steve Tate in Santa Maria that his kid’s murder in 2002 is old shit, or Bob Eberhart, Chapter Pres. in Phoenix that Patrick’s murder is old shit.It is like it just happened yesterday for them, so it goes round and round. Hey maybe this recent one was some old broad who got jilted by a biker many years ago, and she became homicidal as she rode past the broken down riders. Who knows ?

  3. JMacK Says:

    Can we set up an idiot filter for comments? Find a different back alley to dig up old shit.

    Respects and Condolences to the Family and Brothers of Mr. Fowler.


  4. Mac Says:

    If you think any of this ends with a winner think again. All one has to do is look at the Vagos RICO case. The murder of the HA boss was a result of one lame not being able to keep his mouth shut. No conspiracy, no pre-planning or intent. Simply a drunk loud mouth who caused a fight and in that fight a HA was killed. After the case began to fall apart they repackaged it and pulled in a whole bunch of dudes at the top who had nothing to do with it and packaged it all together. Same with the bandits and Pike. Bottom line is when your in a club and you kill someone from another club all you do is potentially fuck your entire club! The Feds are just waiting for this to happen, they even encourage and instigate it because it’s good for business and helps them package bs cases together. So again I say no one wins in these tit for tats except the pigs! Shovel- the HA we’re here before youbamd they will be here long after you’re long forgotten and I guarantee the club you support wouldn’t exist if we’re not for that ” retarded ” club so learn some history or learn some respect. There’s a few clubs I downright despise but I still give them the basic respect because they have earned it.

  5. Shovel Says:

    As a U.S. Army Veteran who served with Green Berets who served multiple tours of duty in Vietnam and as an Ordinary Person who supports the Mongols, as does former U.S. Navy B.U.Ds./U.D.T. and former Mongol as well as former Governor of the State of Minnesota (now there’s one fucking endorsement), Jessie Ventura, who has earned the right to call himself a former U.S. Navy Se.A.L., I have to tip off the Mongols that the California Highway Patrol’s (C.Hi.P’s) Closed Circuit TeleVision (C.C.T.V.) system can be hacked. The cameras have high enough resolution to distinguish between a Harley and a Buick. If Military Intelligence (M.I.5 or M.I.6) were supporting the Mongols, then they would tell the Mongols to look for a girl-friend of a member of the Iron Order who works for the Los Angeles Police Department Dispatch. All she would need to do is disclose the passwords and related log in information. Then the Iron Order hackers could observe Mongols on the road and wherever the cops had cameras in public. The only times the girl-friend would have to risk her penetration of L.A.P.D. is when the passwords were changed.

  6. New England Rider Says:

    I think there is a little too much speculation and way too many people commenting on things they have no idea or even any business commenting. It is sad Mr. Fowler lost his life, regardless how it happened. Speculating and getting in MC business is not the best venture. I’d suggest some people calm down and show a little respect to Mr. Fowler’s family and brothers, regardless the patch on his back. Just my .02 cents.

    New England Rider

  7. steve Says:

    Shovel yeah the 81 are the most successful MC in the world because they are retards who can’t tie their own shoe laces.

    I do agree though Fowler had to have been followed for quite a while before he was hit.

  8. Shovel Says:

    Duhhh, if Hell’s Angels did the Mongols in the murder of Warrior Shawn Fowler then you have to show how they were able to murder Warrior Fowler in less than 5 minutes of Warrior Fowler and his crew pulling over to the side of the highway to repair one of their motorcycles. If you can not then you’re pretending that the Hells Angels are the boogy man hiding in the shadows and ready to pounce whenever a Mongol “flies” by Pasadena. Warrior Fowler had to have been followed for hours before he was whacked. That means cops: Iron order and bad L.A. cops. The Hells Angels are greedy fucks and they ride only to make money and pretend that they’re not gay. But they’re fucking retards who can’t even tie their own shoe-laces. That’s the real reason they wear boots. They could’t have wasted Warrior Fowler.

  9. steve Says:

    duhhh What BS the clubs all go at each other and the mongols start their fair share of trouble like when they killed the Frisco chapter president or when they gunned down the HA at the gas station then you have another incident only a couple of months ago when the HA were having a bike wash and the Mongols showed up to start trouble and lost.

    All the clubs need to look at how things are being done because with every murder they are building a RICO case for the Feds.

  10. freebird Says:

    @ Duhha

    Luciano had such a plan

  11. Duhhh Says:

    The problem is the hells angels they walk around like their gods gift to earth and everyone beside them is lesser of a man. Remember who started shooting people off bikes first and blowing people up using bombs. They start shit with everyone and feel no need to compromise or negotiate. The only ones they don’t have beef with are the ones that kiss their asses and fall under their word and order. Just a big corporation of bully’s. They need to reuse it’s not the 60s and 70s anymore people aren’t taking shit from each other. All the 1% clubs need to come to an agreement and keep tnat pack and who ever crosses the other clubs get together and take them out plain and simple that’s the only way your ganna have any type of order.

  12. Shovel Says:

    Juan Saldana, age: 21 years young, was shot in the back by an L.A. cop who let Mr. Saldana bleed out. The L.A. cop then planted a gun on Mr. Saldana. The cop and the other cops involved, according to Officer Rafael Perez, remained Los Angeles police officers inspite of murdering Mr. Saldana. For the murder of Mr. Saldana, the cops were suspended. If anyone other than an L.A. cop is charged with the murder of Mongol Shawn Fowler, then there is more than a reasonable doubt that the accused is Not Guilty, but rather, there is probable cause that L.A. cops and their hired assassins in the Iron Order, murdered Shawn Fowler. Because Los Angeles continues to employ bad cops who get away with murder and Ordinary People haven’t shot bad cops in the face, does not mean the bad L.A. cops and their co-conspirators in the Iron Order should be given a pass on their murder of Shawn Fowler. Support the Mongols.

  13. Rodd Says:

    At some point you would think the guys at the top would sit down and put an end to this stuff because it only brings heat and no one ever wins br they don’t and things like Patrick in Arizona or Floppy in Berdoo happen where really young guys get killed in a cowardly way. That creates deep resentment in those close and it’s hard to forget. So then there is a guy that gets hot and just goes around and around around. Noticed Rebel didn’t report about the Mongol that opened up on a charity drive in Bakersfield then got put down bye the other side. That’s a perfect example. No one wins. A mongol is dead and now his friends and family mourn and although he instigated it his people will want revenge. Young mongol supporter shot of his scoot in IE has friends, has family. This Sean guy has friends and brothers so even when one side feels it’s over it’s never over. Again nobody wins! Floppy is dead and the mongol is snitching behind bars. It just keeps the ATF in business. Whole thing is pointless but when it’s your brother shot in the back it’s everything but. Why it needs strong leaders at the top to find a solution. RIP to all those killed on both sides in a less than honorable way.

  14. Not Surprised Says:

    A bit surprised by all the comment denigrating this man and his family. Don’t know for sure what went down, and brother is anyone else.

  15. FF Says:

    How many were shot at but the shots missed???

  16. Neuro Says:

    Here’s a few more for you: RIP– Chris Tate,28, shot off his bike, 4/28/02 on Hwy 40 in Ludlow, San Berdoo County on his way home to Dago from Laughlin.
    3/22/14 two Members chased from Dago to Temecula, surrounded by a large group from your side in the middle of the freeway, I-15. A friendly truck full of gardening tools arrived and they went at it with knives and gardening tools on the shoulder of the highway. 2 Members stabbed, one eight times.
    Frankie Varela,32, 13 supporter,shot and killed while riding on I-15 in Corona, Riverside County on 9/20/14. two others wounded.
    These are just well known cases from the newspapers. Who knows how many more? All comments are attributed to citizen witnesses. Maybe random bangers did most of it, but it sure seems like shit is going around.

  17. G-Dog Says:

    Some folks are watching way too much “Deep Undercover”. Turn the tube off.

  18. HatersWillHate Says:

    Hey Neuro,
    It’s all too coincidental. The circumstances leading up to the shootings. These guys have been targeted, followed and assaulted, some of them leading to death.
    The chicken shit, faceless gunman are obviously out to get riders of MC. They are brave enough to hide in the shadows, attack when unexpected and they go home at night, praising themselves… for what? For sneak attacks….WOW What a winner he/they are…

  19. Old & Jaded Says:

    @Snow – Amen. Let the facts come out and speak for themselves.

    Whoever gunned these men down on the freeway is a coward and may he be identified soon.

    Condolences to the family and his brothers.

  20. HatersWillHate Says:

    Snow… Thank you !!

  21. Neuro Says:

    Hello HatersWillBeLate, there have been a few similar incidents. How about 23 year old Patrick Eberhart shot dead while riding his bike in Phoenix on the evening of 2/7/15 ? His best friend from childhood also gunned with very serious wounds, while riding. How about the recent incident at the Shell gas station on the evening of Sunday 5/21/17 in Riverside? How far is Riverside from Berdoo, Haters? James Floppy Duty, 31, gunned down as he was pumping gas into his tank. A second rider had a bullet go through his helmet bill. This shit just seems to be going around lately.

  22. David Torres Says:

    Why do you always block my comments? I was asking a question.

  23. Snow Says:

    Ok so I didn’t know this man and I’m far away from the areas being discussed but I believe that until we know for certain what happened we should not be pointing fingers. We should not be calling him a rat or putting ourselves into his family’s business. It’s a low class move.
    RIP Shawn, ride free.

  24. HatersWillHate Says:

    Shawn was totally honest to everyone, including his family about his MC life and his family life to the MC.. He didn’t sugarcoat anything for anybody. He went through life laying it all out, no hidden agenda. So, at home, Shawn was a wonderful man. He provided for his family, had a respectable career and at same time, Shawn was the dedicated rider and rebel that helped him to be a member of the Mongols brotherhood. It was not a random attack. The pussy’s that shot and killed Shawn, knew exactly who they were targeting. They truly are chicken shit punks that had to “sucker-punch” Shawn. Without giving him a fair chance to fight like a man. Which obviously they knew he would curb check their lame asses without a second thought. RIP Shawn… You will never be forgotten.
    Haters will Hate …

  25. Jose Says:

    I don’t know if my first comment worked but rest in peace to you and I hope your family is taken care of.

  26. Jose Says:

    This is a damn shame. I think I met this guy at a bar in SLC. I’m sorry to hear about this he seemed really cool. My first experience with this MC was totally wonderful back in 2013 & 2014. I had nothing but respect for them and even bought some support things from a member that was down right cool as hell with colored white contacts in from the eastside chapter. Nothin but love from them and at the same time don’t step on their toes! A couple other times after that it seems like there was just punks walkin around with a platinum sheild on their back actin like bitches to everyone. I hear a lot of the crew quit from knowin there was cops around and trust bullshit. I don’t see many around anymore so good on them fools for smellin dirty shit! Reast in peace to the dead member and Jesus has your back now Amen!

  27. Aanon Says:

    Never assume Liz isn’t a cop. If not, I assure there are some men with shoulders big enough to take the tears. Not assume.

  28. Never assume Says:

    We all assume we know what type of person Fowler was but in truth the only people that know him is his family and his MC, and I’m sure that’s 2 different personalities.
    My thing is why would he knowingly be a 1% having a family? Children? Grandchildren? And the disrespect to his family of cops, not just 1 but multiple cops in his family? I’m sure the children are brain washed to the good the MC was for their father and family. They have no choice but to believe what they are taught at home.
    How about his employers? His coworkers?
    The family goes on tv saying he’s a wonderful person, but a wonderful person isn’t someone that is a OFFICER in his chapter. You don’t get that honor by being a wonderful guy! MC are a family in their own right. They have each others back and would give up their lives for one another. But where is his MC now that the widow is trying to figure out how to survive and make ends meet?
    I’ve been in his widowed place. And I hope she steps back now! Now she and her family are finally free! Do not believe them when they say they have your back you were his PO. Only way they have your back is if you become their PO now.
    God bless and prayers Fowler Family – please get your head out of the sand and realize you don’t have the Black and Whites on your side any longer.

  29. freebird Says:

    Saw this a few minutes ago. No intent to offend anyone of any color combination.

    In all reality that should not matter if your heart is pure…….

  30. "Shovel" Says:

    This is how it went down. They
    communicated over the phone with other
    Mongols or Support community members in
    Los Angeles about riding through
    Southern California or some Mongols or
    Support community members in L.A.
    talked on the phone about their plans.
    L.A. Police Officers or Sheriff’s
    Deputies were monitoring the phones.
    Members of the Iron Order who are cops
    accessed the police data base that
    contained information about their trip
    or were tipped off by L.A. cops. When
    they crossed the border into California
    a member of the Iron Order or an L.A.
    cop tailed them with a car 1 or 2 miles
    behind. Another member of the Iron
    Order or cop, in the car, used his
    lap-top to monitor their progress on
    the road from their GPS or with other
    technology which today can be bought at
    Radio Shack. They may also have just
    phoned them to locate them from the
    generated GPS. When they reached the
    San Bernardino area local members of
    the Iron Order who were waiting, were
    notified, followed them, and then
    ambushed them at the 1st opportunity.
    This was not a “hasty ambush.” It was
    more of a security penetration by cops.

    Cops get away with murder and cops in
    the Iron Order have gotten away with
    murder of bikers as well as other
    crimes of violence. The Iron Order is
    the next level of assault after
    CoIntelPro and C.R.A.S.H. by the

    “The confrontation in Denver last
    Saturday, that led to the murder of
    Mongol Motorcycle Club patch holder
    Victor “Nubs” Mendoza by Iron Order
    Motorcycle Club member Derrick “Kong”
    Duran was not merely premeditated but
    also rehearsed.”

    “The Iron Order includes a “Training
    and Response Unit,” which the club
    calls TRU. It exists to prepare club
    members for confrontations with club
    outsiders and subsequent interviews
    with police. TRU members wear a Maltese
    cross on their vests that includes the
    letters “T,” “R” and “U” and the number
    “915” on the arms of the cross. They
    are typically policemen and they report
    directly to the club’s international
    sergeant at arms.”

    The Iron Order also rehearses ambushes.

    o ABC — Mongols (helmet)

    o SBSun — “Fowler was traveling
    eastbound on the 210 near the 215
    Freeway with his wife on the same
    bike and

    ** `OTHER RIDERS’ **…”

    “Fowler and another rider pulled
    over to the side of the freeway and
    a short time later, around 4 a.m.,
    shots rang out. Fowler’s wife was
    not injured.

    |o Aging Rebel — “On the face of it,|
    | the Iron Order has won another |
    | homicide. The “law abiding |
    | motorcycle club” has previously |
    | won homicides in Meridian, |
    | Mississippi; |
    | Jacksonville Beach, Florida; and |
    | Denver, Colorado.” |
    | |
    | |

    o Aging Rebel — “The Iron Order and
    or its lawyers hacked either
    McLaughlin’s email account or mine
    [Donald Charles Davis – Rebel and
    Aging Rebel] and used hacked emails
    between McLaughlin and I to
    substantiate a claim that McLaughlin\
    should be disqualified from the

    “For the record, The Aging Rebel
    uses numerous informed sources and
    those sources include attorneys.
    Those sources are not named unless
    the source gives explicit permission
    to be named. During the last ten
    years,no one has ever hacked either
    The Aging Rebel email account nor
    the source’s email account. Only
    the Iron Order has done this.”

    “`Between June 27, 2014 and
    September 23, 2014, Davis posted
    multiple articles describing and
    following a ‘murder’ allegedly
    committed by a prospective IOMC
    member in Jacksonville Beach,
    Florida. Davis vigorously attacked
    the IOMC for instigating the
    altercation which led to the
    ‘murder’ and that the Florida
    police investigating the death were
    corrupt and aiding the IOMC.”

    o Aging Rebel — “There have still
    been no charges filed against Iron
    Order Motorcycle Club hit man
    Derrick “Kong” Duran. Duran shot
    and killed one member of the Mongols
    Motorcycle Club and seriously
    wounded another at the Colorado
    Motorcycle Exposition in Denver on
    January 30.”

    “Everybody knows he did it. The
    police know. They aren’t stupid,
    only corrupt. The real question for
    Denver police is basically the same
    question police in Jacksonville
    Beach had to answer a year and a
    half ago: Which is how to make it
    look like the Mongols deserved it.
    How to blame the victims? How to
    paint the Iron Order red, white and

    “Most reporters seem stuck on the
    conundrum of why a bunch of cops
    would want to dress up like the Sons
    of Anarchy and then go out of their
    way to provoke gunfights with
    members of clubs like the Mongols,
    Hells Angels, Vagos, Bandidos,
    Pagans and Outlaws and Iron Horsemen
    and so on.”

    “For years the Iron Order has been
    trying to silence criticism and
    satire of the club by outsiders.
    Last April, members of the club
    hacked this website with a two month
    long brute force hack, then
    vandalized it. The site was down
    for three weeks. It was a blatant
    cyber crime intended to control the
    public image of the club.”

    The Iron Order is a post-C.R.A.S.H.
    police programme; that’s why, Rebel.

  31. Typical Says:

    Shooting from a car like a drive by is a typical nigger thing. Be a fuckin man and fight like a warrior. This is the type of shit that makes me mad. And I hope karma hits the scumbags that did this and hopefully their family members die in a fire. For living like spineless cunts that they are

  32. Think before you speak! Says:

    like someone mentioned already & being someone that dropped on my own accord, & still dealin w/ punk asses sayin im a rat/snitch/cop, never accuse or say something untill you have proof of it. accusing folks of rattin or snitchin is an unforgveable offense in my opinion. remember that golden rule. Love Given, Respect Earned, Loyalty Returned.

    talk shit git hit!

    “only things that hold us back in life is lack of Imagination & Dermination”

  33. Neuro Says:

    Wasn’t the President of the Home Team in Berdoo stabbed to death at the Easyriders bike show at the Queen Mary ? I know Paladin scoffs at the idea of a scorecard. Hey, maybe it was just a random douchebag banger cruising past. Who knows ?

  34. Liz Says:

    NEWS FLASH..MONGOLS AND POLICE UNITE IN UTAH FOR FUNERAL AT LEAST COPS CAN SEE WHAT THERE FAMILY DEALT WITH.The wife will see they won’t be around and forget about her real soon.I lost my soulmate to this as well dont believe anything honey its bullcrap……

  35. Jayrock Says:

    Sorry Kevin I’m sure he was good guy but he got in a group who not afraid to die I respect that club anytime I see them but he obviously lied to his family and didnt tel them what he signed up for death is one no justice will come of it just glory for who did it. violence is ridiculous especially grown ass men over what.

  36. steve Says:

    The two MC that are fighting in California need to reign this shit in because if they don’t the feds are going to just sit back and watch the sparks fly for a while letting the two MC belts the feds case for them then they will hit them with RICO.

  37. Ernesto sfv Says:

    I’m no fan of the mongirls and they have shit on many of the rules in the outlaw world ( no bikes, instant patch etc) but that’s there business and there club. As far as family members go I know many clubs that have members with family ties to law enforcement. Member is often looked into and judged bye his actions. It in no ways means he’s no good. I don’t know about this guy Shawn but calllong him a rat with no proof is a punk move. His family being pigs doesn’t make him guilty. Just my two cents. Is what it is.

  38. Dan Thompson Says:

    I think it is just sad not only did the shooter end the life of a man he did not know but now if caught his own life is given up to prison and what a shitty life that is RIP shawn Fowler.

  39. Jayrock Says:

    Anyone affiliated with police shouldn’t be in a 1 percent club maybe there’s more to it then you know but that’s there rivals area as well.why put your family in that you know what comes with that life and it happened not gonna find them cops rather it keep going to take over these clubs eye for an eye that’s two in 2 months dead same club I see it daily in cali wait til utah starts now

  40. RW Weeway Says:

    If dead members brother was 5-0 then dead guy got found out!

  41. New England Rider Says:

    This is sad. Condolences to Mr. Fowler’s family and friends as well as his brothers in the MC.

    New England Rider

  42. James W Crawford Says:

    What are the possibilities?

    Totally random attack by someone who shot at anonymous strangers for absolutely no reason except for shits and giggles.

    Someone going the same direction passed them as they were pulled over, noticed who they were, had a grudge against them, turned off at the next overpass then doubled back to shoot them.

    The second possibility does not neccessarily imply that the shooter orshooters was a member of a rival club.

    I want to know what caliber any empty shell casings that were found at the scene might be. Shooting across a freeway to target someone parked on the opposite shoulder with a handgun is beyond the skills ofmost shooters. Shooting someone with a rifle from a moving vehicle is not easy either.
    A shotgun loaded with buckshot would be more plausible.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds premeditated, if you know the date of the run, and the meeting spot. All you have to do is watch the freeway(s) and wait for a small pack or easy target.

  44. oldskewl Says:

    Trebor Says:
    July 9, 2018 at 5:09 am
    If wrong apologies to those insulted.Always been my experience full patch holders dont put support decals on their helmets or bikes but real deal stuff.

    You’re correct. But, prospects from most clubs cannot adorn anything but “support” gear until they are fully pathed as well.

    The truth will come out but regardless, it’s sad to see this shit within the MC community.


  45. Joe Says:

    Duh hes a Mongol maybe informant due to family history but all in all there club dont check background too well utah having FBI headquarters maybe there club should check deeper mite find something they nite not like.someone escaped there checkup the big cheese not doing it right Utah snitches rats,and cops

  46. TX_Biker Says:

    Trebor, we do sometimes put support stickers from other chapters on our bikes and helmets to support brothers in other chapters.

  47. Trebor Says:

    If wrong apologies to those insulted.Always been my experience full patch holders dont put support decals on their helmets or bikes but real deal stuff.

  48. Rebel Says:

    Dear Chuck,

    You’re right. My mistake.


  49. freebird Says:

    Condolences to the Family and the Nation

    There are no secrets in jail, it will come out….

  50. Chuck Says:

    They were actually heading eastbound away from LA.

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