Following Shawn Fowler’s Murder

July 8, 2018

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Following Shawn Fowler's Murder

The murder of Shawn Fowler early Friday morning on the 210 Freeway in Los Angeles has loosed an avalanche of speculation by readers of this page and others. What The Aging Rebel has learned about the murder in the last two days is not conclusive. But revealing that information here now might calm some of that speculation and some of the harm that might flower from that speculation.

Fowler was probably, but not certainly, a patched member of the West Valley, Utah chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. His helmet is adorned with a sticker that identifies him as a supporter of that chapter.

He had just ridden about 635 miles through the night for some reason with his wife on the back of his motorcycle. The Mongols Motorcycle Club’s national run to Rosarito, in Baja, started the next day. Fowler was within miles of a parking lot where packs of Mongols Motorcycle Club members congregate for group rides. The location is well known to many motorcycle enthusiasts in Los Angeles.

The men who shot at Fowler and his yet unnamed companion were in the eastbound lane of the 210 Freeway headed away from Los Angeles. The police did not close the westbound lanes of the freeway. All the evidence was in the eastbound lanes.

There is no indication, other than speculative inference, that any other motorcycle club was involved in Shawn Fowler’s murder.

Police have carefully controlled the release of information about the case. That is typical of outlaw biker cases. It is also typical of cases that impact other police.

Shawn Fowler’s brother, Dustin Fowler, has been a Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy since 2005. He joined the Sheriff’s Office’s K9 Unit in June 2007 and is now a certified K9 Training Officer.

Generally, but not exclusively, having a close relative who is a member of law enforcement precludes a man from joining a motorcycle club.


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  1. Benny Blanco Says:

    There is one thing about all this that puzzles me , why were all the shell casings (Tagged by PD) laying between the motorcycles if it was a drive by.

  2. Aanon Says:

    Kelsey, if I may, I am sorry for your pain. Every grown man reading your comment wishes you the best.

  3. Kelsey Says:

    Whoever wrote this article about my father’s murder has no idea what they are talking about my uncle Dustin isn’t even a k9 trainer dumbasses everything in this article is complete shit and just goes to show you have no idea what you’re talking about we already have answers from the California detectives as to where this is leading you think you’re doing good research but you’re not shit site

  4. Surprised Says:

    Lifetime member or not …see where loyalty lies,
    to get anything from this so called “BROTHHOOD” you must die.
    Your family are the that are there through the hard times, the club shows up for the funeral and then you never see them again.
    you get shot and live who paying for it? -you can’t work or maybe missed work who pay’s the hospital bills? your deductible’s? hopefully you have insurance ..


  5. CK Says:

    Inside job, questions about ties to law enforcement. Don’t know if ever proved but it cost him. Only people that knew they were on the side of the road at that exact moment were the “brothers” they texted. Wouldn’t be surprised if the ring leader is later revealed to be an under cover cop who is currently a member. There at least 6 in California alone.

  6. Give a little Says:

    Hey, I’m supporting this fundraiser, please have a look – ‘Help Spider out with his recovery’
    ..all these speculations. Unless you were there you don’t know, and there were only 4 people there that night. So stop trying to figure it out and do something that you can control help a him out,

  7. Sieg Says:

    Rebel, it ain’t a he, that’s eieiowhateverdafuk her name is that was posting under the influence of Listerine a minute ago.


  8. Not Surprised Says:

    @ JMack. Exactly

  9. oldskewl Says:

    I didn’t see Rebels comment on Shovel so I’m sure he knows more than me. Vince is around though. His latest user name was VT81 on another site up to the same ole shit but got caught when someone set him up with his claims of Valor.

    My bad.

    Respects to those that earned it,


  10. oldskewl Says:

    Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars
    Oak tree you’re in my way
    There’s too much coke and too much smoke
    Look what’s going on inside you
    Ooooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
    Ooooh that smell
    The smell of Vince surrounds you….

    I smell a rat! The stench hit bad when the claims of Valor were posted which is Vince’s trademark.

  11. JMacK Says:

    I don’t speak for any person but me or any Club besides mine. And personally, I hate to see an clubs fighting. I’m of the opinion that we have bigger problems than each other.

    My point is, speculation, hearsay etc is just fuel to a fire. Unless you were an eyewitness or a Patch Holder in the Club(s) involved, then its NUNYA in regards to discussion in a public setting. It’s also what piggies do to bait people.

    I’m not saying everyone commenting is an idiot. Or calling anyone out. But I’ve certainly seen some pretty stupid comments on Rebel’s articles the last few weeks.
    Far too often I wonder if someone like Kurt Sutter doesn’t write on comment boards to create drama for his pretend MC world.


  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear Irish 1%,

    B=No, he is just a nut who doesn’t know what he is talking about. It is about time to quiet him for a month or so.


  13. Not Surprised Says:

    As a general rule, calling out a legit 1% club by name and making insulting comments is lame. Patch holders of all major clubs post here ,but you’ll NEVER see them do it. Everybody supports who they support,nothing wrong in saying who you support All clubs appreciate real supporters. But when you say you support XYZ and then go on to insult ABC, you reflect poorly on yourself as a supporter. If you’re a “known” supporter, meaning r/t and go to functions, don’t be surprised if you get called out to your face.

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