Bandidos Case Rots On

July 2, 2018

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Bandidos Case Rots On

A jury might have found former Bandidos president Jeff Pike and vice-president John Portillo guilty of racketeering and murder on May 17 but the malodorous case refuses to fall into Hades. It haunts San Antonio as the poltergeist of Addie Bundren haunted Yoknapatawpha County – mostly by the stench.

There isn’t much to see in the public record.

The verdicts themselves are redacted. The redacted portions are sealed. Judge David A. Ezra has issued four sealed orders since he ordered portions of the verdicts to be sealed. He has sealed three motions. Five motions that are not sealed ask that Ezra either acquit Pike and Portillo or grant them a new trial. Assistant United States Attorney Eric Fuchs has written a couple of motions to the effect that he railroaded Pike and Portillo fair and square.

Pike and Portillo filed separate motions but the motions parallel each other. They meet at the black holes in Fuch’s case: Pike and Portillo must be guilty because they are Bandidos because everybody knows the Bandidos is a criminal organization; policemen always tell the truth; a drug dealer named Anthony Benesh was a Hells Angel because he pretended to be a Hells Angel; and two brothers named Johnny and Robert Romo killed him not because he was a competitor of theirs but because Banesh presented himself as a Hells Angel. Pike, assumedly, was too lazy or stupid to call a ranking Hells Angel in a nearby state to ask what was going on. Instead he told the Romo brothers to kill a guy they probably wanted to kill already, or so the Romos testified.

Ethos Of Freedom

A motion by Pike’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, summarizes most of this without needing to be paraphrased, and it might be useful reading for people interested in a couple of pending motorcycle club cases.

“The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is made up of men who share an ethos of freedom realized on the road, brotherhood manifested in shared gatherings, and enthusiasm directed at motorcycles. The club has autonomous, self-governing local chapters in Texas and other states. Not unexpectedly in a large and diverse group, individual members sometimes act up: they get in fights with individuals from other motorcycle clubs at bars and on the roadside; they break the rules of the club against drug sales; they mistake an ethos of freedom and liberty for one of license and violence. San Antonio has posed a particular problem for the BMC. Some San Antonio members, particularly those like Johnny Romo and his clique who turned out to have backgrounds in the city’s street gangs, acted violently, independently, and outside the law.

“The Government wished to see the Bandidos as an entity in which the bad acts of a few
members made criminals of the entire club, positing the theory of respondent superior, that Pike, as president of the National Chapter had knowledge of (or willfully blinded himself to) the individual crimes committed by members of the BMC and that he approved using Johnny
Romo – assailant, drug dealer, firearm felon, and repeated government cooperating witness – and his brother, murderer and cooperating witness, Robert Romo. The government sought to portray all Bandidos, including Houston-based president Jeff Pike, as lawbreakers who were part of a criminal enterprise and complicit in the Romo brothers’ murderous act.

“Because the government failed to carry its burden of proof, Pike now asks the Court to
grant him a judgment of acquittal. Alternatively, Pike asks that, because of the prejudicial effect of the testimony and exhibits relating to the Benesh murder, which were used to vivid and gory effect repeatedly during the government’s case from opening statement through closing argument, the Court vacate the verdict on any count on which it does not grant acquittal. Finally, if the Court does not grant any judgment of acquittal, all the verdicts should be vacated and a new trial granted in the interest of justice because the weight of the evidence preponderates heavily against the jury’s verdicts.”

In his motions, Portillo also questions the testimony of prosecution expert Scott Schuster. Portillo’s lawyers characterize Schuster, a 12-year veteran of the FBI, as “not so much an expert on the Bandidos Motorcycle Organization, as a collector of hearsay, which he was asked to repeat for the benefit of the jury.”

Ezra will not rule on any of the motions until sometime after July 13.

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16 Responses to “Bandidos Case Rots On”

  1. Nancieee Says:


    xoxo LLR✌

  2. Filburt Says:

    Texas Justice is non-existent.

  3. Mark Says:

    Some may think that I’m being too emotional and over playing what I call one of the single more dangerous criminal enterprises in the USA today. While the Underachievers waste huge amounts of money and manpower making mountains out of ainthills that are based on made up of lies. Read the story in the link above and this story doesn’t even scratch the surface because, Fake News doesn’t tell the American people who the real criminals are. The real criminals are not patched bikers and that goes for 1% too. So what if they look scary and have too much fun.

  4. Mike Smith Says:

    As bad as these trials (plural) are they are that way because the judge gave the government the leeway to break the rules. Going back to the same judge and asking him to publicly find that he fucked up is asking a lot.

    In the movie Tequila Sunrise Kurt Russle’s character tells another pig that he doesn’t grow weeds in his yard just so that he can pull them. The judges know going into these trials that they are dogs and that the government will need a lot of help to get a conviction. They knowingly give the government that help. There is case law that accepts that. Not to the extent that it happens but it is there to shade the argument against a new trial.

  5. david Says:

    @ Mark , with respect:
    Lady Justice is a whore who burned out the scale bearings a long time ago.

  6. david Says:

    The Show-Trial was just that, a show.

  7. Mark Says:

    This case was put on and run by the Shadow Government and the defendants lawyers being members of the same union, the BAR, didn’t rock the boat. This trial used the old KGB book on, the ends justify the means, a conviction at all cost. Really, really, this is the BS that is going on in our nation’s higest courts? Lady justice needs to be taking down and replaced with Hillary Clinton with out a blindfold and no scale and her right hand behind her back with her fingers crossed.
    The key that makes this over the top strange are 2 things that really stick out. Trials are held in public so The People, can watch and see that justice is being done, didn’t happen in this case. The second point is, there is no question the government’s attorney bribed people to get them to lie on the stand to gain a conviction. Deals are bribes, plain and simple. Just those two points come across so strong that I see huge issues with anyone receiving a fair trial in a federal courtroom.
    I would like to see a fair minded lawyer explain how this trial was as it was and how that is representing USA values that this country is based on.

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    Imagine that major portions of this case sealed verdicts sealed, motions and replies and on and on and on. Nothing to see here …literally, because the goverment knows if everything was unsealed the case would be picked to pieces, but if you keep it all tucked away, well nothing to pick apart is there.

    My gues is much like Twin Peaks there are major holes in the goverments case they would not see come to light especially when it concerns informants and UC operatives, this case stunk before and it still stinks.

  9. Trebor Says:

    Guess when you drag shit out long enough and pound the jury with one heresay after another it gets to the point where people just want to go home.Feds know that.Thats why the truth has taken a back seat to”Conspiracy”.

  10. jrino Says:

    Knowing how Texas justice works from{ what I read about} Waco,I doubt a Judge who allowed “hear-say evidence into the record is much inclined to “vacate” any jury verdict, but it hopefully sets up appeal… to whom?

  11. RtC Says:

    Talk about sorry bastards! FTF in their eyes with 16 penny nails!
    Best wishes for both Pike & Portillo in this rape of justice. They’ll both stand tall.

    Respects to the REAL & especially to Rebel
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  12. david Says:

    Maybe attorney Deguerin should investigate who the people are/were on THAT fucked-up jury. State agents, friends of pigs, state pensioners, etc.?

  13. James W Crawford Says:

    Off topic but might be of interest given the incident where Wheeler County Oregon gave one of their residents a free pass for running down a pack of Gypsy Jokers.

    It turns out that their retiring Sheriff is a former officer of the Portland police department who gained notoriety for bad acts. He bravely shot a 12 year old girl with a shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds at such close range that iy might have been lethal. Their excuse was that she was a very large three year old girl and that she was kicking their asses.

  14. Gooch Says:

    Nightmare ~ Rebel On! Gooch

  15. Randy Says:

    I can not believe that if the evidence was convincing it would take 12 years to convict. The connection is so sketchy. And this, if a private shoots civilians in Afghanistan should the General go to jail? Does not make sense to me.

  16. Freebird Says:

    There isn’t much to see in the public record

    Redacted… sealed….

    Imaginary case is more like it!

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