Jay Dobyns And Post-Truth

June 18, 2018

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Jay Dobyns And Post-Truth

Sixteen years after estranged ATF agent Jay Dobyns started strutting around Bullhead City, Arizona in a tank top with a couple of .45s stuck in his camouflaged fatigue pants; a dozen years after he told his supervisors that he was convinced the Hells Angels were trying to kill him; 11 years after Kerrie Droban wrote her book about Dobyns and the ATF paid Dobyns and his lawyer $373,000 to shut up and go away; a decade after somebody set fire to Dobyns back porch and the ATF named him a suspect; and nine years after Crown Books published his memoir, No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey To The Inner Circle Of The Hells Angel, Dobyns continues to perform his travelling opera, playing his well-honed role of the Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Dobyns did what no one else could have done, his story goes. He prospected with the Hells Angels in Arizona. He actually met Sonny Barger. His “undercover role forced him to become immersed in the outlaw biker culture and lifestyle.”

Pretending And Believing

Dobyns has made a career of his” undercover role.” What he says doesn’t have to be true. Dobyns was built for post-truth America. “We reminded ourselves every day when we went out that we’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys,” Dobyns once told outlaw biker authority Julian Sher. “We’re pretending, they’re believing.”

Dobyns is still pretending. Last Thursday he was in El Paso, speaking – don’t laugh – to members of the El Paso Independent School District Police Department at Bowie High School.

Dobyns told his audience, and Daniel Borunda of the El Paso Times, that he relies on his “comfort and confidence” when he lies. “To be honest with you,” a man who incapable of defining “honest” said, “I don’t know which one comes first, Are you a confident individual and that allows them to be comfortable with your role? Or if you are comfortable with your cover story and that allows your confidence to come out.”

Dobyns understands the attraction of motorcycle clubs. “In society, you can be in essence an unimportant, unknown person. When you join one of those gangs and they put that patch on your back, all of a sudden people are paying attention to you. People are buying you drinks. People are giving you drugs. Women want to put their arm around your shoulder. You’re intimidating. You scare people, and to some people that’s intoxicating.”

Staying Alive

Dobyns understands truth is still important to some people. “The first and foremost thing is staying alive,’ he acknowledged. “Because the people that you’re infiltrating, you’re gaining their trust and you’re gaining their loyalty and at times you’re gaining their love and it’s all built on a lie. And those people don’t take well to being betrayed if they find out who you are.”

Nevertheless, Dobyns continues to lie. He now claims to have actually patched into the Hells Angels. His book had been called No Angel because long ago he admitted he had never completely joined the club. An earlier, working title of his book had been. Almost Angels: The True Story of the First Cop to Infiltrate the Hells Angels-the World’s Most Infamous and Impenetrable Motorcycle Gang.

Sonny Barger, who might be expected to know, has denied Dobyns ever was patched. Former members of his Arizona charter have publicly said they suspected Dobyns was a cop all along,

Post Truth

“I was there” Dobyns argued last week – by which he means you were not there so you can’t argue with him. “I lived it. I breathed it. They have members that participated in the indoctrination. It doesn’t matter what they say in public.”

It is an argument that epitomizes the death of truth. It hardly matters whether Dobyns was actually an Angel or not.

You weren’t there.

What matters is that Dobyns can now claim he was actually an Angel and some people will believe him: People who want to believe him, like the school police of El Paso, or various journalists and prosecutors, will believe him whether you like it or not.

“Truth” is now a word that means the last man standing after a shouting match. “Truth” now means what a jury believes after it has heard three months of lies. Truth is television.

Whether you like it or not.


27 Responses to “Jay Dobyns And Post-Truth”

  1. david Says:

    Jay’s a part of the show. Actor Jay, still on the gov. payroll, remains another stage actor in the one large reality show this country is.

    The general population wants only to be entertained. Facts are optional. The Truth bothers them. Only one requirement – THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

  2. Rook Says:

    So JBirds still walking a tightrope between truth and lies ? I wasn’t there but have spoken to a few that were and I choose to believe the latter.
    Not because I might or might not know them but because as Chief once said to me many moons ago
    ” if a man ever truly owns anything at all in his time here on this rock it his word!”once that is compromised he owns nothing not even especially your trust !
    I personally believed that then and I believe it now , shit I’ll always beleave those wise words of wisdom.
    From a man that doesn’t have to talk about his life, everyone in the states & most of the world have witnessed his life and know he is truly THE MAN .
    Even patch holders in other clouds have looked to him for leadership in their own ways and utilized what they got usually unknowingly from him.
    But this real man above all real men as he gets older I’m sure when he rides his Victory through the gates his name and live ledgend will live on forever on this rock .
    My girls love the man and they love him as if he were family . here’s the kicker they only met him one time when they were little . they are now 16 and 18 that’s how much if a giant this oldwe wiser man really is and it shows especially through his through his heart to little kids . at the same time at his age he will still go toe to toe with anyone that chooses that path!
    Sonny is a true long living legend and not only in this lifestyle but in many circles
    Apoligys for the long drawn out post but I just thought I’d drip my .02 in the bucked as I passed by.
    Rook 1%er

    Btw Sonny and Z sent my newest son a signed birthday present he has never met him either but wants to when the time allows us back into his path he will and I’m sure Sonny and Z are in for the biggest hugs from a little man they’ve ever had . that alone says a he’ll of a lot about who the name and legend of Sonny Barger is !
    I’d like to leave this little story right where it is above but felt compelled to add this to the snitch pops and pig jaybird I feel pops was worse cause he only a broken down old toothless snitch at least jaybird was doing his job. But none of my children would wast their own spit on either one of you butches
    Yes Jay I said you are a birch. Wanna fight about it lmao
    Have a great week guys ride sage and smart
    Head on a swivel !
    Rook / out !

  3. Austin Says:

    I think we can all just ignore he who shall not be named. If no one buys the book – because we all already know more than enough – maybe he can just skip the third effort completely.

  4. dingo Says:

    I don’t remember if it was something I saw or read, but like 7-10yrs ago when people felt Mr Dobbins was worthy of conversation,he kept trying to convince someone (if not himself) that they had “wrapped a cut around his shoulders, as he were a king”….I’m not exactly positive of how long ago, but it has been quite awhile. Not that it means anything, just that it’s anything, but I do remember him saying it in the national TV/mag weekly circuit. I’ll dig around & see if I can find it

  5. Not Surprised Says:

    He states point blank he was never patched in his book

  6. Mad Midget Says:

    Crawl back under your rock, jergov

  7. OldCon Says:

    I met Jay Dobyns once and I swear to Christ the breath came out of him twisted because is so crooked.

  8. Sieg Says:

    Hey, maybe Jay and George and Pete could get together and put a show on the road! Wait, they already have.

    Maybe they could use a lumberjack to sing in the background? hmmmmmm…..


  9. oldskewl Says:

    At this point of his life, Dobyns. would suck a cock for a dollar. And the MSM are so stupid they’d put his face on TV as an expert to testify what’s going on is laughable.
    This guy may have prospected and gained some trust but he was never patched out. There were rumors he was a Fed, snitch or rat from the very beginning. Because you walk around with 45’s in your camo pants like an idiot doesn’t get you respect, most guys get that get patched (especially the young ones) have been known to the club since they were kids so the club knows their history and background.

    Rebel knows and it’s clear as day, Eochaidh OghaChruthne is a fake FB account, most likely a FED coming here for info and names.

    Respect to those that earned it.

  10. Dino Says:

    Nicely written.

  11. xplor Says:

    Your tax dollars at work. Paying school cops to attend story time.
    School kids get their drugs at home.

  12. freebird Says:

    @ jrino

    The Old timers always said those who tell you what the front line was like, were in reality…. in the rear….. with the gear

  13. jrino Says:

    I sorry that shitheads like this can’t find a real job and stop lying. It Reminds me of the scum that say they were Seals or lurps or hero’s in Nam because their ego crave attention. If He was so freakin good he’d be doing something with himself rather than living in the{made up} past, there’s no future in what he does now!

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Eochaidh OghaChruthne,

    What a stupid fucking name. Are you really a transvestite who lives in Sierra Vista?

    David Martinez is not being charged a fee by the attorney who is now representing him. Medrano was several lawyers ago. I am not going to write about Martinez again until I am certain some idiot isn’t going to screw up the guy’s case. Martinez is scheduled for trial in September. I think he stands an excellent shot at acquittal.


  15. jonny sumo Says:

    and after he infiltrated the club he travelled the world performong miracles; made the blind see, the crippled walk…..turned goats piss into gasoline…..
    my thoughts; if someone lies habitually, admits they lie/cheat/play a role continually how he heck can you ever, ever believe a single thing that comes out of their mouth??
    I wonder how the short stops ‘special gang’ interact with loved ones? Friends? (if they have any)..they spend their lives lying, entrapping and destroying peoples lives…how do they return to reality? or is that their reality?

  16. Trebor Says:

    He did such a good job lying his ass off to infiltrate what makes you think this is any different?

  17. Dasein Says:

    Maybe Jay and George can go on tour together

  18. Hero Says:

    He was never patched. Those guys like most of the big clubs patch you at a run in front of everyone including civilians atte ding the run at the event site and LEO with his binoculars sitting up the hill video camera. That that dude had patched I would be film of it and plenty of witnesses, not him putting on somebody else’s patch and walk around taking photos while the guys passed out. I call B.S.

  19. Shovelhead Says:

    Dobbins is a Punk Rat, pure and simple. Amazes me how he can be proud of that!
    Cops have a job to do, but undercover rats like Dobbins are the lowest form of human being, right up there with child molesters.

    How he can be proud of doing such a despicable thing to people he bonded with, Brothers who had his back, is beyond me. Good thing the Club smelled a rat and got rid of him.
    Enjoy this life while you can Dobbins, the next will be Hell!

  20. Agnarr Says:

    You know folks, life is funny in the timing of things…
    My wife was watching some lame-ass show about this sorry excuse Dobyn’s just last month on Netflix. I checked with the wife and she thinks the show was called ‘Deep Undercover’, or something like that.
    But anyway, it was just basically the same ole re-treaded story of what he was supposedly doing while undercover for the feds. I was only paying it half attention to the damn thing, and thought I could have swore that he said that while he was not patched in member to a chapter of the Angels in Arizona, he was a prospect to that chapter and that after a while they all but considered him to beingone of them.
    Anyway I decided to find something else to do when he started talking out his Ass like he always does. Well on that show; He was going on about how he showed up one day with a Bloodied Cut from some other rival club’ as well as faked photo’s from some made-up hit he supposedly did in Mexico to the biker that the cut belonged to. Well to me, him telling the local Angel leadership that he did it because it needed to be done. All the while knowing that it would help get him to be seen in a better light with the whole local Angels chapter.
    Seems like he is still playing loose with the truth even now; all these years later. Best guess is his piggy bank is empty (again), so he needs the extra coin. Which means the new book tour and speaking tour to school kids. (Maybe that’s because they cannot call Bullshit and or challenge him to surviving in the woods near their homes; and or him not being able to freely show his face where-ever he can.

    So I Think; I will pass on this book that’s been written by him, like I have passed and not bought or read any of his past books bearing his names.

    Respects to all that deserve it.


  21. Iron Rider Says:

    Jay “knob gobblin” Dobyns can shout from the roof top his version of events but they seem to change as time goes on. First he was patched, then he wasnt and now he was and when people like Barger refute his claims, he says ” I was there you weren’t” like he believes it gives him total believe ability, when in reality it just makes him look like someone whose desperate to stay relevant.

    Dobyns and the many used UXC and rats before him all find out they are expendable, and once Law Enforcement and the Justice department get what they need from you, they could give a rats ass about you, all the promises of glory and untold wealth and living happily ever after are a fairly tail and they all find that out.

    So Dobyns is out regaling his ascension to glory to school resource officers (did they have 50 bucks in their budget they had to spend or lose it in next years budget. so hired Dobyns for his insight??) cause we all know how hard the MC’s trolls schools looking for prospective members…uh yeah no, not even close but yet there was Dobyns telling his story, I bet the school resource officers were as wowed as the mall security guys were the week before when Dobyns spoke there.

    What’s amazing is that people still give these clown the time of day, pretty sure their 15 minutes was up long long ago

  22. Wretched Man Says:

    Like a recurring infestation of sand fleas – irritating beyond belief, yet still manages to self aggrandise his imagined “prowess” to a bunch of kids.

    Pathetic in the extreme.

    Respect to the real

  23. Paladin Says:

    @ Storyteller;

    They’re obviously important to those that keep writing about them. Otherwise; why would anyone bother?

    Long May You Ride,


  24. Storyteller Says:

    Paladin, wait. “They’re” important?

  25. Paladin Says:

    How about this? If people would stop writing about Dobyns, Queen, Christie, etc., they might cease to be important.


  26. freebird Says:

    Some of the best comedy was when the judge banned seven ATF attorneys from filing documents in his court……..

    It was not a lion eats it’s own moment, but more associated with mouse licks own Balls!

  27. freebird Says:

    A decade after somebody set fire to Dobyns back porch and the ATF named him a suspect;

    My understanding is most of the court documents associated with the matter are still under seal. Another shocker

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