Portillo Breaks Silence

June 10, 2018

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Portillo Breaks Silence

The last time former Bandidos Motorcycle Club national vice-president John Xavier Portillo was free was the morning of January 6, 2016.

He was arrested and held without bail on what, at the time, seemed like contrived and easily refutable charges. On the advice of his attorneys, Robbie Ward and Mark Stevens, Portillo did not testify in his own defense. His defense rested after calling five character witnesses.

On May 17, after a three-month trial, after deliberating for two days, a jury of eight men and four women found Portillo and former Bandidos president Jeffrey Fay Pike guilty of Racketeering Conpiracy; Murder in Aid of Racketeering; Conspiracy to Commit Murder in Aid of Racketeering; Conspiracy to Commit Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in Aid of Racketeering; Aiding and Abetting Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in Aid of Racketeering; Aiding and Abetting Discharging a Firearm during a Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering Murder; Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine and cocaine; possession with Intent to Distribute cocaine; Conspiracy to Interfere with Commerce by Threats or Violence; and Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Portillo spoke to The Aging Rebel last week.

Cherry Picked

“I will touch on a few things I think we can talk about without me digging a deeper hole.

“They cherry picked everything I said and turned it into what they wanted it to mean. They call it spin. I call it lying. If all my taped conversations were played in full, you would have known what I was talking about. And yes, I do change subjects in mid-sentence and come back to it later. The DEA agent, Chad Lloyd, said it was ‘code talk.’ That guy lied so much on the stand he wouldn’t know the truth from code, from spin and on and on. He was well coached. All the rats were well coached. They should all get a Golden Globe or an Adult Video Award for ‘Best Oral Scene.’

“You are not the first to tell me I am hard to find. I have been here in the Central Texas Detention Center for two years. I was in Guadalupe County for five months and then brought back here. They want to erase me from being an American citizen.


“I want you to know about (Assistant United States Attorney) Eric Fuchs. He is trying to get my home through civil forfeiture. My home that I have owned and lived in for 31 years! I bought my home in 1987 – 10 years before I became a full patch member of the club. I made 20 years of payments on an FHA loan. The reason for the forfeiture is that it ‘was headquarters for the RICO enterprise.’ Fuck! You would think an enterprise would find a bigger and better place!”

“What happens to my wife, my 15-year-old daughter, my two dogs if they take my house? That is a chicken shit move by Fuchs. He screws me out of my life and he still wants more.”

Some of the rats have two homes, numerous cars, bikes, trucks and they have never held a job and they are losing nothing. I have worked full time for 41 years. The last 22 as a state licensed air conditioning contractor. My first job out of high school was as a union newspaper pressman and I am still a member-at-large of the Teamsters Union in the printing trades. I hope they don’t try to pin that Jimmy Hoffa thing on me. You know, spin.”

“I was just trying to make an honest dollar and get by.”


“My lawyer was handcuffed. He was shackled, gagged and twice threatened with sanctions. He was twice reminded that he was in federal court and talking to a federal judge. The judge said he was perplexed by Mr. Stevens. In my world, I think that means that Eric Fuchs wasn’t messing with a court appointed lawyer and so he needed all the help he could get. And, he got a lot of it.

“This was not my first rodeo with Fuchs. He was once a state prosecutor and he wanted me to cooperate or testify on the structure of the club. He wanted me to lie. To get a conviction of a member named Roger Zapata for aggravated assault. I refused and basically told him to go fuck himself. Then he had me screwed up for somebody else. So, when I saw his name on the federal indictment, I knew he was still mad about that 2010 conversation.

“Let me tell you about (Richard) Merla. (Merla was one of the principal witness against Portillo and Pike.) He was Andrew ‘Corky” Gomez’ bitch dog. Gomez controlled him. He only listened to Gomez. Gomez was (intimate with) his sister. Gomez brought him into the club. I ran him off. He was out of control. He was an idiot when he was drinking. He could not face a man hand to hand. He had to do it when they turned their back to him. Gomez put him up to all this crap yet he walks away.”


“Now, about the Cossacks. Like I have said before, I have never met one or seen one until that day in Waco (May 17, 2015) and that was on the news. Yes, I think it has everything to do with the RICO case in San Antonio. I was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering AGAINST THE COSSACKS! Where the hell did that come from?! Never did that come out of my mouth.

“Anybody who knows me knows I will give you my best in a good, old-fashioned. Texas fist fight. I did not know that fist fighting was a RICO offense. One of the things that put a thorn in my ass and had me pissed off was rat packing. Six on one. Beating of a brother with one arm in Longview, Texas. Then the beating of Roland Campos on the side of the road in Lorena, Texas. And, then the shooting of two brothers riding their bikes through Monahans, Texas in June of 2015. That was why I made that comment on that rat’s baby wire about putting a .357 in my wife’s shirt when I rode through Abilene.
“None of this came out in court. Not that it would have mattered.

“The problem with the Bandidos in Eric Fuch’s world is that we don’t call the police like the Cossacks do so none of this is documented.

“Another thing that had me hot and pissed off was the tattoo and patch these Cossacks were wearing. My art work is not too good.”

The patch to which Portillo referred is circular patch, similar to the so-called Bandidos “support cookie” with a reproduction of the sombrero in the Bandidos logo. The sombrero has a slash through it and is framed by the phrase “No Tacos.”

“This is what I was supposed to eat for a Texas rocker. Doesn’t seem like a coexisting friendship in Texas to me.”


“One last thing I am upset about is this. How can a jury digest three months of testimony and return a verdict of guilty on all counts with maybe 12 hours of jury room time. Something happened in there. Maybe being bused in every day by armed marshals scared them. Man, there was no physical evidence or anything like that. Just paid informants saving their asses. My lawyer caught them all lying on cross examination about their interviews with the DEA, FBI and Texas DPS.”

“I know I have a long road ahead of me.”

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  1. Not Surprised Says:

    Mr. Portillo comport himself well. Never met him, but one can tell from his writing that lying is not something he personally believe in.Respect to you.

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Not the 99,

    I do not recall ever saying that I was leaving.

    If Rebel asks me to not come back, I will certainly respect his wishes.

    While I do not even ride a motorcycle much less belong to a 1% motocycle club, the Twin Peaks case made me realize that I share a certain commonality of interests with MCs. I think MCs would be well advised to seek out sllies, but that is their call.

    Just FYI, part of my motivation is the current situation created by a tennant on my property who allowed their grandson and associates to install an unlicensed and therefore illegal marijuna grow on my property without my knowledge or consent. I know damn well that the same Feds who would give these pot bootleggers a free pass would happilly persecute me with civil forefeiture. The recent decision by a jury of Yamhill County fucktards to give my tenant a free pass for shooting at my son with a 12 gauge shotgun probably loaded with slugs royally pisses me off. The fact that the jury was influenced by perjurous by the bootlegger that you can not shoot slugs out of a shotgun with a choke really pisses me off. I confess that I am tempted to demonstrate otherwise.

  3. Gordo Says:

    Fair trial??

    Impartial judge??

    Bias free jury??

    No ya belong to a motorcycle club ie 1% so guilty as charged

    Previous omnent by me is

    Not what truth is

    What it is perceived to be

    Lies become truths for some

    Is there a chance for an appeal??

  4. RtC Says:

    Sure is a shame that the pigs are so afraid of the real gangs that they have to
    go after MC’s. Here’s hoping those same pigs end up with incurable std’s & die
    slow agonizing death cloaked in darkness!
    Best wishes & hopes for actual justice for Mr.Portillo & Mr.Pike.
    Redwolf the Conchoman

    zed,foesad fuckin’ punk.
    Sure is sad to see that Rebel has been overtaken by
    a POS who just keeps spewing bullshit & can’t STFU after lying about going the fuck away.

  5. Koala Says:


    You’re thinking of the Georgia Outlaws and Black Pistons.

  6. panamaa Says:

    oldskewl Says:
    “WTF do you know? Why are you even here? Weren’t you supposed to go away once the Waco thread was over? Weren’t you supposed to go away months ago? You make an ass outta yourself every time you open your mouth and yet, you still do it.

    Find another forum to flak about your expertise, seriously, it’s getting fucking old.
    Rebel, I can see why it’s hard to maintain a website when you got shit filling up your server like this guy 24/7…………….”

    Ya, ya…. What you said….

  7. Neuro Says:

    That’s a great one Tommy.

  8. Tommy Jr. Says:

    should they also stop wearing patches and riding motorcycles as well? So no one can identify them while they do the top secret illegal shit that you keep insisting they do?

    The truth is, there aint nothing to hide. Its an in-your-face lifestyle. Since day 1. Hints the huge fucking 3 piece on the back for all to see.

  9. Sandmann Says:

    @Parsifal & Paladin:

    Sound advice. Thanks for sharing.

    Ride safe,

  10. Paladin Says:

    On the topic of counter-measures: I would further suggest disabling any type of navigational and GPS features that the provider may have loaded into your phone when purchased. If you don’t know how to read a map, learn. Hint: North is always at the top of the map. I would also suggest removing the sim card and installing it only when using the phone. Burner phones are also a viable alternative.

    If I remember correctly there was a club whose President was alerted that one of the club’s charters had been infiltrated. Upon hearing the news, the charter was shut down. Any and all club patches and artifacts were immediately confiscated.

    That particular charter had indeed been infiltrated. Shutting down the charter effectively shut down the Fed’s investigation. Arrests were made. The accused were charged with obstruction of justice. The court found that obstruction had not occurred due to the fact that the case had not been delivered to the Grand Jury prior to the charter’s disbandment. I believe Rebel did a story on this a while back. If I’m mistaken in any of the details, please help out by posting a correction.

    Something else one might want to consider: Restructuring a club so that its charters are autonomous can help limit the impact of a RICO indictment.


  11. Not the 99 Says:


    I thought you were leaving.

  12. jay Says:

    @paladin on ‘counter-measures’….

    yup… ex-fuckin-actly….

    a BIG emphasis on electronics…. turn that damn thing OFF… or better yet, don’t allow it in the house….

  13. Gandalf Says:

    BTW @ Paladin… Keep my name out of your fucking comments. I could give a fuck what any of you “regulars” think. Especially Paladin although your list of advice below is good (this time). My comments are for the men who don’t comment, won’t comment and can’t comment. (ie: the real) It doesn’t matter if they laugh at me or take my advice. I put it out there honestly, because I care… because I have been there and to help if I can. (court/jail) Not to feel hard or important. Why some of these “regulars” comment here is anyone’s guess. Maybe for good… maybe so they feel big… maybe just to troll. Who the fuck knows. Not me that’s 4 sure.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Yep… oldskewl did mistake JWC with me. But Hey, never let a fact (or Alzhimers) get in the way of talking smack at people you don’t know. (Should be The “regulars” motto here) The way some of you talk to others on this blog makes me sick… Who the fuck do you think your talking too? I keep saying to myself over and over. The fact some are even able the breath that trash is proof they either are a punk in real life and don’t say shit in person… to people. Or they never met, “the dog who don’t bark.” But Hey… Those Cossacks met that dog at Twin Peaks.
    “Respects to the real” LOL …. What a fucking Joke… and just who exactly IS real here? Give me a fucking break! THE “REAL” don’t post… they are too busy being real. They read Rebel but laugh at some of you fools. Myself included. Tough guys behind a keyboard… NEVER put in no “work”. Never stood up to interrogation… Just
    Blablabla….. on the Internet.

  15. freebird Says:

    I agree with Paladin on one thing for sure….. NO digital footprint!

  16. Old & Jaded Says:

    @James Crawford – “Organized crime can function only when the members of the organization are members of the same ethnic group and are blood relatives…You can not sneak a UC into a family base criminal organization.”

    I respectfully disagree. First, police don’t need to sneak a UC in – from what I’ve read, seems that many informants are members of the organization. As an aside however, the Mafia and the other groups you mentioned have all been infiltrated by actual undercover officers.

    Bottom line – when the shit hits the fan, people react differently – especially when audio/video evidence is played that suggests that they won’t ever see the light of day again. Formerly respected mob leaders that no one thought would ever turn, have done so.

    Parsifal and Paladin have both offered a number of suggestions to help clubs minimize these occurrences that seem founded in logic and common sense. Hopefully people will take them to heart.

  17. Paladin Says:

    @ oldskewl;

    With all due respect, I think you may have confused Gandalf with James W Crawford.

    Long May You Ride,


  18. Paladin Says:

    Penguin Asks:
    June 12, 2018 at 3:49 am
    “Paladin, can you propose some useful “countermeasures”, please?”

    1) Keep the use of electronic communication devices to an absolute minimum.

    2) When using electronic communication devices, never mention or discuss anything that you wouldn’t want to mention or discuss in front of a judge.

    3) Invest in some quality electronic countermeasure devices and scan the clubhouse, members and their cell phones before meetings. Scan the clubhouse on a regular basis.

    4) Post pictures and descriptions of known snitches and undercover’s in club friendly bars. Share this information with support and other clubs.

    5) Beware the individual that is never without money. Yet has no verifiable source of income, or the individual that lives beyond his means. Beware the “super biker” as well.

    6) Never store anything you’re not supposed to have on your property or property owned by the club.

    7) Establish a trust where money can be held for legal fees, if and when needed.

    8) Discuss club business only as necessary and never with you wife, girlfriend, etc.

    9) Thoroughly research and understand the laws that govern the search and seizure of one’s home, vehicle and motorhome.

    10) Thoroughly research and understand the laws that govern self-defense, the defense of others and the use of lethal force.

    11) Know and understands that the cops never ask questions that they don’t already have the answers to. So; exercise your right to keep your mouth shut.

    12) Keep your vehicle’s registration tags, inspection tags, etc. current. No broken headlights, tail lights or any other probable cause that will give the cops a reason for a traffic stop.

    This list is not meant to be all inclusive and some of what is listed may seem overly obvious. However; most people than wind up on their face get tripped up over the obvious.

    Long May You Ride,


  19. david Says:

    Language control , still is, thought control. The BS, for profit, business(AKA gov.) use of the word “trial” is another good example of mind/thought control.

    Pike and Portillo were never “tried” on the trumped-up accusations, the media dog and pony show was for the continual brainwashing of the general public which lacks critical thinking and any knowledge of past historical events, in order for the public to “think”, they got a “trial”.

  20. oldskewl Says:

    James W Crawford Says:
    June 12, 2018 at 12:00 pm
    Re Shovelhead.
    Organized crime can function only when the members of the organization are members of the same ethnic group and are blood relatives. Italian mafia was an extended family. MS-13 is Hispanic and dominated by blood relatives. Crips and Bloods are African-American with matrilineal relationships because of to much paternal uncertainty.

    You can not sneak a UC into a family base criminal organization.

    WTF do you know? Why are you even here? Weren’t you supposed to go away once the Waco thread was over? Weren’t you supposed to go away months ago? You make an ass outta yourself every time you open your mouth and yet, you still do it.

    Find another forum to flak about your expertise, seriously, it’s getting fucking old.
    Rebel, I can see why it’s hard to maintain a website when you got shit filling up your server like this guy 24/7


  21. Tommy Jr. Says:

    Incase no one noticed, Bandits are still going strong.
    Not the first time a member or two has caught a bullshit case and done some time.
    Bandits haven’t been around this long by accident. The club aint going away because a couple members caught bullshit convictions. Never has never will.

  22. freebird Says:

    He was an idiot when he was drinking. He could not face a man hand to hand. He had to do it when they turned their back to him.

    Claim self defense before you plead no contest and the dead man is stabbed more than a dozen times mostly in the back according to news print

  23. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Shovelhead.
    Organized crime can function only when the members of the organization are members of the same ethnic group and are blood relatives. Italian mafia was an extended family. MS-13 is Hispanic and dominated by blood relatives. Crips and Bloods are African-American with matrilineal relationships because of to much paternal uncertainty.

    You can not sneak a UC into a family base criminal organization.

  24. Terri Says:

    @Austin thank you so much, we will all get through this together. @Zed you are a a joke! Seroiusly no one feeds anyone to the wolves guy!!! Merla just like you is a grown person who knows the difference between right and wrong. I guess you blame Portillo for making Merla kill or attempt to kill his stepfather at the age of 17? Really? I don’t think so. What I do know is that some people are just bad people. Perhaps that’s Merla? Perhaps that’s you Zed? Then again what do I know. I know this, the legal system and justice system set up in place for you and me failed these two men!! That could be you or God forbid your son on trial and regardless of what you or I agree on the law should always be to serve the citizens. No evidence with a guilty conviction is a crime in itself.

  25. Shovelhead Says:

    Some folks like to question why some Clubs can’t figure out who’s an undercover, or who’s ratting etc.

    Lets back up and remember that we’re not organized crime syndicates!! We are Motorcycle Clubs….that’s it.

    Maybe Gangsters have cops on the payroll they can use. We don’t and neither do many Brothers I know.

    I personally don’t have the internet knowledge or even Police sources to vet every person I meet.

    I can say, that I no longer trust people until I can trust them…But even then, I no longer let my guard down. Which is sad and now an enormous problem with Clubs, used to be you could trust all your Brothers with your life, no more.
    The best Clubs out there to me, are small one or two chapters. Know your Brother! I know there’s strength in numbers, but I think in this day and age, we need to start being smaller & smarter.

    Respect to the 1%

  26. FF Says:

    (CONT)… They could not bring a case to trial.

    So what does that tell you?

  27. Parsifal Says:

    Paladin is right. Every since them damn UC cop books started coming out I have often wondered why these Clubs weren’t handling their own business better? i.e., why would you pay some outside lawyer or P.I. to go check through police records?….. hell that’s snitching too. The police records aren’t legit anyway.{As we all have found out the hard way.} God Damn it put YOUR OWN PEOPLE on the hangarounds or prospects. You got fuckers with needle problems and/or other addictions? Handle it. Gentlemen this isn’t rocket science by any means, follow the flakes yourselves, you got fucked up skanky assed whores causing problems? Send them on their way. You have got to protect your own backs. The Back is where you wear your patch, that is what this is all about. Going to prison for bullshit charges is fucked up. Don’t set your selves up so a bunch of crooked assed law enforcement and a shitty justus system can destroy your club and bring you down. You can’t ride and party in prison. There isn’t nothing happening there worth a fuck anyway. Stick up for yourselves, don’t wait for them to come get you. This ain’t the old days, change or disappear. And finally! The old saying,”Silence is Golden,” should be every clubs catch phrase. Loose lips sink ships and people flapping and running their mouth/bragging to “non-members,” needs to stop.{If they aren’t full patch members they don’t get told jack shit. They are deaf, deaf, dumb and blind to club business.} Leadership should just about be the same way. You suspect a Rat? Set the trap yourself, and handle it as you see fit. Non violence preferred, but you know. RANT done!!!!!

  28. Gandalf Says:

    Fuck You zed! POS I once felt sorry for you… I was wrong.

  29. FF Says:

    I’ve been reading Rebels dispatches from the outlaw motorcycle Frontier for 4 years now 2 things I’ve learned law enforcement targets one percenter motorcycle clubs for persecution but without confidential informants and Undercover police who get patched into these clubs

  30. FF Says:

    I’ve been reading dispatches from the motorcycle Outlaw Frontier for 4 years now and yes I do see law enforcement persecutes motorcycle clubs however they could not do what they do without Corporation from patched members who are confidential informants or undercover agents

  31. Penguin Says:

    Paladin wrote: “The government has never made it a secret as to how they go about gathering the information they require in order to send people to prison…”

    Yes, there’s truth there, but also some wishful thinking, no?

    When the economics or politics (or whim) make it attractive, the Man simply makes stuff up or puts pressure on defense lawyers… Examples abound and we all, being of a certain age, have personal experiences that we can recall – experiences that prove the additional fact…they sometimes make stuff up. Example? Sirhan and “his” lawyer, Cooper… the schmuck is down for life, they were going to kill him, and it is not possible that he did the hit… And there’s strong suspicion that a man from the shop did…

    One son went to cop school…and came to me with his troubled mind about being , he said, “taught how to lie in court to convict an innocent man”…

    After copschool he declined the job offers in that trade – largely because of that, and also because he decided he could not trust the men he’d be working with – the other cops…

    Some have treated me fair and square – others? Kidnapped and beaten “under color of authority” (they finally twigged to the fact that they had the wrong guy – and dropped me off, bloody and barefoot on the street at random, miles away… The individual character matters, the uniform? Pretty wrappings, TBS, nothing more than a thin layer to cover the skin.

    Countermeasures do not seem like a viable strategy when they make stuff up, or simply shoot, do they?

    Paladin, can you propose some useful “countermeasures”, please?

  32. Austin Says:

    Thank you Terri. It is a good thing, to support your friend.
    You will make it through, togather.

  33. zed Says:

    great news, hope they both get life, and hope portillo loses everything, he fed merla to the wolves and karma has got his fat arse now, these clowns lost control of the mexican international letting any dog into their club, greed and stupidity was their downfall, wheres the big bad bandit bosses now, crying like little bitches in segregation im sure hahahahahahahaa

  34. Paladin Says:

    The government has never made it a secret as to how they go about gathering the information they require in order to send people to prison. It would behoove those that the government has taken an interest to develop some countermeasures. No?


  35. Concerned Citizen Says:

    this was a hard one to read. Free Pike and Portillo

  36. Kranky Klaus Says:


    First off, stop screaming. Cripes. Second, lots of clubs have supporters. We support. Sorry if that gets your lone wolf panties in a twist. It is what it is. I support a club, but foremost I support the lifestyle. I assume you do to, so I am confused as to why you’re acting like my wife.

    And third. Big words? I didn’t even graduate high school. But god forbid I bothered to learn how to read and managed to figure out how punctuation works.

    I can’t believe I’m even taking your bait, pig. I guess my thing is that, at the end of the day, I have a brain in my head, I’ve chosen to support a 1%er MC, and I’m a pretty happy dude. Sorry life in Micropenis City USA is so rough on you.

    Adios Pendajo

  37. Gooch Says:

    Maybe quality not quantity of patched members will be the new normal. Helping prevent the Mural types and other snitches around the outside. Respects to Portillo and Pike. Hang in there, Rebel On! ~ Gooch

  38. Slick Says:

    You’re probably right Rebel with the ketchúp and mustard remark could also be Cossack but what’s the difference?

  39. rocco151 Says:

    Unlike many of the contributors to this page I am only a motorcycle enthusiast , but I happen to be in the mortgage lending business which is why the story of Mr. Portillo struck a chord with me. I started in the business of construction lending in 1984 and can tell you that anyone who got a loan in 1987 (Stock market crash) was looked at extremely thoroughly as far as credit reports, income verification, savings etc. and that if ANY sniff of impropriety was found that potential borrower was denied with prejudice. The fact that Mr. Portillo secured an FHA loan (in those days extremely closely monitored by the Gov’t) and made 240 payments and paid off his house starts to paint a picture of high character…the fact that he has been in the air-conditioning contracting field which is highly referral oriented says a lot also ! The Gov’t saying that he would work hard his whole life , pay his debts on time and be a state licensed contractor and then put his family in a situation like they contend is an insult to all of our collective intelligence. This case stinks…to make him liable for the alleged actions of some members of his group who don’t operate daily with the honor and fortitude of Mr. Portillo is a travesty !

  40. Rebel Says:


    I can’t help but notice that you use a name and and web address that associates you with a motorcycle shop in Bernalillo, New Mexico but you commented, IN ALL CAPS NO LESS, from a cell phone in Los Angeles. Come on man. Are you fucking new or what? Are you stupid? Do you work for the Montebello Police Department? Are you in High School?


  41. Snow Says:

    Much respect sent to the RED and GOLD Nation and to Mr Pike and Mr Portillo in perticular, victims of the Just Us system.

  42. Jo Wright Says:

    @Tina Jeff pike is a man of his word we love him and trust him . I back him 1000%

  43. Desdicado Says:

    Let’s all hope and pray an appeal is coming and justice will be done.


    I am pretty sure this guy is a cop, just so everybody knows


  45. Gandalf Says:

    I have friends (imagine that) who have spent the last 40+ years in Prison. ZERO hope of getting out ever. Then 1 day SCOTUS said, “Release them all.” The point being, anything can (and will) happen… Never lose hope. Mr. Pike and Mr. Portillo have a FAR better chance of getting out tomorrow than my friends did…ever. Keep the Faith. Anything can happen. Life is crazy… The “system” unpredictable.

  46. Trebor Says:

    Hang Tough Brother

  47. Terri Says:

    It has taken me a while to write this because I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t coming from raw emotion. Some of you know and others may not but I attended the trial of John Xavier Portillo and Jeff Pike. I was there in support for my longtime childhood friend John Portillo Jr. and also for one of my best friends Cherry Portillo. As we sat in that courtroom day in and day out listening to only testimony, wire taps or phone calls it became so repetitive. Each and every witness that took that stand gave their testimony as to orders being passed down and what they did. Here’s the thing though not once did the witnesses testimony ever and I mean EVER match up. Not once was the testimony even remotely close to the previous witness or the witness that followed. I sat in that courtroom and many times I had to put my head down because of the anger raging through my veins at the injustice that was being handed to the defendants. When the witness on the stand could not remember how to answer a question they were so quick to say “I don’t recall” uh okay. So they don’t recall from the last couple years yet they remember everything from 2006. What a joke. I couldn’t believe that our tax dollars were actually paying for this ridiculous joke of a trial. I want to tell you the pattern that I saw from sitting in that courtroom daily. The DEA agent Chad Lloyd was the biggest weasel of them all. He would go up and down on that stand and give his so called expert testimony as to decoding these so called conversations. At one point I actually almost wanted to laugh out loud when he was transcribing Johns conversation giving his own spin on what John was saying. Honestly, anyone who knows John knows his sense of humor and that in that comment made John was being a smart ass. I could not quite grasp why this agent was allowed to continuously go up and down on the stand and also pass notes to the prosecuting attorneys. I felt the trial was a three ring circus I was attending on some days. I have never met Jeff Pike other than on an occasion or two and it was in passing. I do know John, I have known that man since I was in Junior High School. His son was and still is a very close friend of mine. My dad has done business with John for a few years and never once did he have a binding contract. My dad has and always said that John was a man of his word, they just simply shook hands. Here’s the thing that I just can’t grasp, these agents and this prosecution has let these witnesses who have actually got on that stand and testified to pulling the trigger and killing a man simply walk away from that for what because they want the two head men in charge. Not only are these men and women testifying to murder they also admit to buying and selling large quantities of drugs. Because of their cooperation they could get off with nothing to probation. Yet there was no direct evidence ever once proven that these two men on trial did any of that. Not one shred of evidence. I’m not saying that they are innocent or guilty personally I don’t know nor do I care. What I care about is that the jury has convicted these men off of testimony from so called club members, who would say and do anything to save their own asses because they aren’t man enough to pay the piper. While sitting in this trial one would easily see that the DEA tried several times to catch John doing something illegal always one step ahead because they were listening to all phone calls via live feed they had him pulled over several times in different states and each time he was sent on his merry way. What I realized was that because the Government couldn’t get these men on there own they had to use so-called brothers to do it. They would wear a wire and set up a meeting; all I saw was entrapment at its finest. What a joke this trial was. As I sat in the courtroom I just knew that the jury would see through all of it, they clearly had to catch on to the stories that never matched up. What these government agents did was completely wrong. Clearly this jury would not convict these men based off of testimony of others. That’s all they had was he said… How could they find these men guilty of murder when the person on the stand had admitted in open court to the crime itself. I don’t care who you are or what MC club you are in, no one makes you do anything you don’t want to do. You are a grown ass man and you know right from wrong . You have a choice to do the right thing. Whatever the choice they made not one of them had the balls enough to take whatever punishment would be handed down. Instead they were nothing but little [email protected]@es because they clearly weren’t a man who could take responsibility for their own actions. I can assure you that after sitting in on this case and listening to what the government did that entire incident in Waco is on the Feds hands. I truly believe that they (Feds) were hoping to catch the head man in charge there that day and they confused Jake for John. When that didn’t work they threw together this entire RICO case and continued throwing charges in hopes that something would stick. The Government has more blood on their hands than anyone yet they get away with it because they are the law. I can honestly say that I have no faith in law enforcement after sitting through this. These men were convicted on nothing more than testimony that’s it. Not one shred of evidence ever given. Had I been a juror there is no way that I would have found either of the defendants guilty. I sure hope that they can sleep at night knowing the verdict they handed down with no proof. The Government wants to believe that they won, in reality they lost we all lost in some way. The MC world is one in itself. They don’t bother you if you don’t other them. They can think that they hurt the club, and in some ways they have. What they don’t realize is that because of this they will learn and regroup and more than likely be fiercer than ever before. All they did was take two men away from their families with testimony from those who will say and do anything to save themselves. My heart hurts for the injustice that was handed down. I can only hope and pray that their conviction be overturned with an appeal. No person should ever be convicted based off of hearsay testimony with no evidence. For those who disagree with me I would ask this of you, go get the court transcripts read them and then get back with me. This was a complete travesty and injustice to all.

  48. Filburt Says:

    A phuck’n railroad.

  49. Kranky Klaus Says:

    I am an 81 supporter, but at the end of the day we all have the same agenda; bikes, brotherhood, individuality, and the desire to live how we want and to sort our lives on our terms. The plight of the Bandidos is the plight of all 1%ers, and they have my sympathy and respect. Their legal battles are but a snapshot of the legal battles faced by clubs worldwide. Even if we don’t support the same patch, we must support the same ethos.

    Respect and strength to the Bandidos.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Wish there was something I could do to help.

    Portillo and Pike do not deserve this.

    I am saddened, disgusted, and disappointed by the failure of our justice system.

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