Ferdinand Augello Objective Enemy

June 6, 2018

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Ferdinand Augello Objective Enemy

An “objective enemy” is what totalitarian states, like Hitler’s Reich, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China or New Jersey invent after they run short of real enemies like counter revolutionaries or Islamic terrorists.

Hannah Arendt, the American philosopher and political theorist who invented the term, thought objective enemies didn’t have to actually be suspected of a crime to be arrested. In a totalitarian regime, an objective enemy is someone who might have committed a crime.

Arendt thought that “only after the extermination of real enemies has been completed and the hunt for objective enemies begins does terror become the content of totalitarian regimes.”

Augello’s Case

That’s what happened to a Pagan Motorcycle Club member, guitar player and luthier named Ferdinand Augello. Because he belongs to a motorcycle club, and since some members of motorcycle clubs sell drugs, it is possible that he sold drugs. And since it is possible that he sold drugs it is logical in a totalitarian state to conclude that he did. Similarly, someone murdered a New Jersey radio host named April Kauffman six years ago. Pagans have been accused of murdering people before. Therefore, it is possible that Augello did it. So it must have been him.

As the new year began, Augello and seven other people including April Kauffman’s widower James, were arrested for distributing prescription drugs and conspiring to kill April Kauffman. The theory of the case is that James Kauffman, a doctor, was the source of the drugs and Augello was his distributor. April Kauffman found out. And that’s possible. So a year later Augello connected James Kauffman with a drug addict who actually killed the doctor’s wife.

The killer died a year later of a drug overdose. James Kauffman committed suicide in jail three weeks after he was charged with murder, The Federal Bureau of Investigation dreamed up the case although for the last five months it has been publicly described as a state case – mostly to complicate public scrutiny.

Presumption of Guilt

Augello describes press coverage of the case so far as “media circus nonsense.” He calls what has happened to him a “railroad job.”

“Everything about my case is a sham,” he said. “This false narrative that I am a financially lucrative drug dealer is nonsense. First of all, I am not a drug dealer at all and secondly I don’t have a pot to pee in.” Augello is being represented by a public defender.

Augello’s ordeal has been disillusioning and he needs to tell somebody about it. He needs to tell you about it.

He describes the “21-man, militarized force, completely dressed in camouflage with a Humvee on the front lawn.” Swat “smashed thru the front door of my residence at 6 o’clock in the morning. They proceeded to handcuff me, my fiancé, her 18 and 21-year-old daughters and her eldest girl’s 24-year-old boyfriend.’ Augello complains that they were “unimaginably traumatized into hysterics with laser sighted weapons.”

Threatening The Family Pet

“They threatened to shoot the family dog. They removed numerous cell phones, laptop computers and even the kids personal cash from their wallets. They found less than $300 in the house Nothing illegal. There was nothing evidentiary on any of the computers.” It took “50 to 60 agents to remove all the guitars I spent 15 years making by hand, my refurbished amps and my 2008 Dyna Wide Glide that was purchased two years before their alleged 2011 date. They also took my girlfriend’s 1996 Sportster, of all things.”

Motorcycle outlaws are stereotyped as cynical, callous, stupid and brutish. Augello isn’t any of those things. He is actually, our fellow citizen. What has happened to him could happen to you.

“I am 62-years-old. I have never been convicted of a crime. I was never arrested before January 6. I have a valid, New Jersey State Firearms Identification, a New Jersey rifle permit, and a New Jersey Hunting license. As I was being handcuffed, I asked the FBI agent in charge, because everyone was from the FBI, what warranted this para-military assault on my residence that my fiancé actually owns. He looked at me and he said ‘there are firearms in the house.’”

“I told him, ‘Those are legal firearms that I purchased with a State Firearms ID card.’”

“He looked at me dumbfounded.”

“My detention hearing, the indictment minutes, numerous pieces of paperwork are all full of ridicules lies and actual false statements made by the investigators under oath. It is truly amazing!”

Once it would have been amazing. Now it is the American way of policing. Now it is almost routine.

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15 Responses to “Ferdinand Augello Objective Enemy”

  1. xplor Says:

    James Kauffman is the drug dealer. We know who made the drugs. Who does the DEA and FBI go after ? It is a small group of motorcycle riders. Why is this a red herring ? You would think the DEA and FBI are controled by the drug cartels. You want to know how bad it is then look up StreetRx.
    Adding the murder in a locked room was a nice touch.

  2. Patty Colon Says:

    Thank you for writing an article that does not put Mr. Augello in a negative light! I know for a fact that April did not threaten Jim with divorce in 2011, so Mr. Glick’s story is shot out of the water from the get go! It is really sad how No-Neck Tyner and Jim Scoppa from the ACPO and Dan Garrabrant from the FBI in Northfield are making things up as they go along! And now you have the medical examiner’s report that indicates April died hours earlier than they said …. Tell me something I didn’t know!!! This is not “Justice for April” – this is “I am all that and I want to make a name for myself! The corruption and official misconduct in South Jersey is out of control and citizens really need to stand up for what is right – no matter how fucking scary it is!!! I am!

  3. david Says:

    The steam powered railroad continues on.

  4. MtPockets Says:

    Penguin, unfortunately you answered the question I had. I naively thought that RICO would be unconstitutional. Apparently they already know that but dont care.
    And what keeps them from applying this same bullshit to anyone who rides or is friends with an MC member?
    So much for “freedom”.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    On the Raid: Anyone who has been to one knows… scary. Sometimes the cops kill your dog… sometimes you. People eat popcorn watching these things on TV. Cops believe if nobody was hurt… not even the dog… it was a brilliant success.
    That’s the one you give to the cops. Like Jake thanking that cop for saving his life… If I’m the defendant I’m thanking the jackbooted thugs for not killing anyone and letting my dog live. “It was scary, very traumatic for all my family but in the end nobody was shot or physically hurt. Nobody resisted… so I’m thankful for the Officers professionalism.” (painting the defendant as good) This is a PR game…
    The fact is the PD set up is kinda fixed. It is policy that the PD department NEVER make statements. While the Media paints the defendent… They can’t paint back. Only a paid Lawyer can make a statement… That’s important.

  6. Penguin Says:

    PowerPoint on “terrorism: – interesting because it would seem to include many police forces as by definition “terrorists”

    And of course, now that “we” have RICO, that would seem to make all cops guilty by association with a conspiracy to use violence to create fear for a political purpose… just following the logic


    Paladin’s opinion especially would interest me…

  7. Gandalf Says:

    The defense should also find a witness who saw Glick flashing a lot of money just after the wife was killed. Maybe Glick bought a high dollar item shortly after the wife was killed. ??? That kind of thing. “Follow the $” Make the trail lead to Glick.

  8. Penguin Says:

    The Rockefeller drug laws came after, as I recall, they established RICO laws as “constitutional”.

    Is obvious RICO ends freedom of association – fundamental principle of USC, no? Talk about “divide to rule”!

    Corollary logical implication of RICO is that there can be not assumption of innocence, as RICO establishes assumption of guilt by association.

    Was in law-school when RICO happened . Most professors felt the same way – RICO is illegal..

    With that and 20 bucks…

  9. Gandalf Says:

    “The doc kept complaining, ‘Why is it taking so long?,'” Glick said. “I said, ‘We’re working on it. It’s not like there is a store where we can go to hire hitmen to kill women.'”….. That tells me not only was Glick going to kill the girl… (He is a POS) But that GLICK was talking to the Doctor. Now, why would the Doctor be talking to another person ( Augello) about a hit on his wife? This statement sounds like Glick was in charge and looking for hitmen… Not Augello. Was Glick the shooters friend??? Or Augello’s? Bring witnesses linking Glick to the shooter… “Glick and the shooter were good friends. Augello barely knew the guy.” Show proof they knew each other well.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    Public Defenders are to be used to negotiate a plea deal only. Let that PD believe you don’t want to go to trial… ask for a deal… any deal. Your PD will tell the DA (they are buddies) how eager you are to make a deal. The DA won’t work as hard on a trial that might never come. Maybe your PD postponed twice already.??? Then say your rich aunt is going to pay for a paid lawyer just before trial and your PD wasn’t doing his job…. Just before your pretty sure that the trial will be held and after postponing twice with your PD. (?). A Philadelphia Lawyer… not a local lawyer. They will postpone but have your new lawyer request asap. Only then, and to your new lawyer do you lay out your case. Good vs bad. (+evidence) Witnesses ect. If you find yourself picking a jury with that PD… Fire him in the courtroom on record…out loud…and/or faint… get sick, something. LOL

  11. Paladin Says:

    When speculation becomes evidence, there can be no vindication for the innocent.


  12. Gandalf Says:

    “He describes the “21-man, militarized force, completely dressed in camouflage with a Humvee on the front lawn.” Swat “smashed thru the front door of my residence at 6 o’clock in the morning. They proceeded to handcuff me, my fiancé, her 18 and 21-year-old daughters and her eldest girl’s 24-year-old boyfriend.’ Augello complains that they were “unimaginably traumatized into hysterics with laser sighted weapons.”

    This is a “bunny trail”… while true and tragic it does not help his case. Jurors expect the cops to hit hard and the rank and file cops are just doing their job as trained. It’s the Husband who needs to be slammed… not the guys who raided the house…. Heck it’s on “Cops” every night… People don’t care. Build the guy up like Cassie did Jake… Slam that fucking rat and husband. The DA and cops are just being “played” by the rat. The husband is responsible. Mr. Augello is a “good” man… Never arrested. Loves Music. Teaches poor kids how to play the Guitar. Put little Johnny on the stand. LOL

  13. Filburt Says:

    This has happened to more people than you or Americans can imagine!!! It is the LE way to railroad people. The system is phuck’n broke in the worst way. Phufk all LE.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    The “good” vs “bad” court strategy should be in full effect in this case. IMHO. The Club should get people (not members) to troll the Social Media local News sites. Supporting THE MAN… not the Club. Espicially just before the trial and on News sites read by the jury pool. Bad mouthing the rat with any past misdeeds both real and fake. Mr Augello (if on bail) should be building a “good” narrative. Saving cats in trees and volunteering somewhere… Anything that His Lawyer can use in His closing painting Him as a “good” man.
    Next is the Husband…. Your OBVIOUS “bad” man needs to be slammed without mercy in court. Same with the rat and the shooter. Let the Lawyers deal with the Law and evidence. The club needs to dig deep into the husbands past and the rats past… Bring witnesses and make them “bad” in the juries eyes… At the same time generate and fabricate the “good” about the defendant.
    Remember, IT IS A FACT… undisputed… that (at the end of the day) the Husband had his wife killed. HE is responsible for His wife’s death… Nobody else.
    Don’t attack the DA or cops… they are being “played” by the rat. Everyone makes mistakes kinda thing. (of course we know better)
    Good Luck to the 16
    (PS. Think about firing that PD just before trial… He could be bent. Plus it throws a wrench in the DA’s strategy… Like Jake did. That PD has already laid out the case for the DA… A new Lawyer changes what the DA thinks he knows. ie: “Trial by ambush” only the defendant doing the ambushing) Good Luck

  15. freebird Says:

    Are we sure we are talking about the right guy? Because the smell the Govt is trying to sell smells like shit! Fuck I thought we talking about Boston George….. El Americano

    What has happened to him could happen to you

    Yep it could… and I would do the same thing he is doing. He has my Respect!

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