The 69’ers Indictment

May 26, 2018

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The 69’ers Indictment

Yesterday morning, at the start of the long, Memorial Day weekend, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida in Tampa unsealed an indictment of five members of the 69’ers Motorcycle Club.

The 14-page indictment identifies the accused as Christopher Brian “Durty” Cosimano; Michael Dominick “Pumpkin” Mencher; Allan Burt “Big Beefy” Guinto; Erick Richard “Big E” Robinson; and Cody James “Little Savage” Wesling.

The indictment was returned Tuesday.


Three of the accused were already in custody on Florida murder charges. Cosimano, Guinto and Mencher were arrested last December 22 for the very public assassination of American Outlaws Association Cross Bayou Chapter chapter president Paul Anderson. As Anderson sat in his pickup truck at the intersection of Suncoast Parkway and State Road 54 in Odessa, Florida about 25 miles north of Tampa, two men rode up next to him on motorcycles, dismounted and fired three shots into his truck.

The license plates had been removed from the bikes and the killers were not wearing patches but the murder was recorded on video and police used that recording to identify Mencher’s motorcycle. He was taken into custody about eight hours after the murder and Cosimano and Guinto were arrested the next morning.

Cosimano, Guinto and Mencher remain in state custody. Robinson and Wesling were taken into federal custody Thursday.

Mostly Secret Case

As is increasingly happens, most documents in the case are sealed and will remain sealed until at least next Tuesday. As is increasingly the case, the secretiveness of what should be public business seems intended to control public scrutiny of the case.

Superficially, the case against the five men seems open and shut so whatever it is that federal investigators are hiding is unlikely to ever be known.

The federal indictment accuses Wesling and the three men in state custody of participating in Anderson’s murder. The indictment also accuses Cosimano of shooting and wounding James Costa, the president of the St. Petersburg Chapter of the Outlaws, as he rode his motorcycle on the Tamiami Trail near Valroy Road south of Tampa.on July 25, 2017.

If convicted at trial, Cosimano, Guinto, Mencher and Wesling all face life in prison.

Robinson is accused of conspiring to distribute heroin and of being an accessory after the fact to Anderson’s murder. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

According to the Department of Justice press release: “This case was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the Tampa Police Department, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the St. Petersburg Police Department, and the State Attorney’s Office for the Sixth Judicial Circuit. It will be prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Carlton C. Gammons and Natalie Hirt Adams.”


22 Responses to “The 69’ers Indictment”

  1. Lise Says:

    Have. Happy. Life on. Inside. Chris and. Eric Robinson.—- by. Way they Are cousin. And when. Both. Get. In. Federal. Prison. They have a major problem. . Eric. ex Old. Lady’s. Can’t. Stand. Eric. Or. Chris. Eric. Ex has a life restraining order .ex And. Has a uncle that Is. Member. Of. Ayran brotherhood. And. He. Is. Going. To. Have. Fun. With. Them. Both. Because. What. Two. Of. Them. Did. To. His own blood

  2. kenny Says:

    @ Oregon Moose no sir im talking about the second one. Wait u will hear see a even bigger turn in the punch bowl. Im no rookie. Its sad because i have sat with alot of differnt clubs. And u know we all have things in commen. One offem is we joined for brotherhood.Not to be hoods. Second we all know our enemy kills us then locks up the killer. So there will never be one club. Ive been presching for years that fighting over turf is foolish. Only fight over self preservation. Have fun and love your brother! Ride and love your bikes! But if u must fight remember that u reflect on all your brothers so make it real….not some he hit me bullshit.

  3. david Says:

    All whistle blowers cannot be silenced. Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp lays it all out for anyone who’s interested and has a little time to listen. by Tyler Durden

    Shipp indicts banking corporations, among others, and covers warrantless FBI search and seizures as well.

  4. david Says:

    @Penquin, And Big Daddy Bush was a DIRECTOR of the Criminals In Action CIA.

  5. Not Surprised Says:

    Never heard of 69. They seen anxious to put themselves on the map lol.

  6. Penguin Says:

    They may be gangbanging thugs, but if so they are hardly unusual. In fact making a mockery of such small timer fellas serves to deflect attention from Big Time Crime…

    Going after men like this is part of a Strategy Of Tension and a diversion…watch birdie…

    a fragment…the entire dialogue is secret…You are not permitted to read it.

    ““David Shedd belonged to the most powerful, well-funded, weaponized, international, organized crime syndicate the world has ever seen. Not even counting the other organizations he is affiliated with or those he calls his allies—just looking at the CIA by itself—they are in the business of assassinations, they manage black sites for torture, they work with local mafias, cartels and militias all over the world, they run operations trafficking weapons, drugs and people all over the world, they have ongoing programs of human experimentation … these are just a few of the things the CIA itself has done, not counting their network of allies. They are part of a vast criminal network that is now planning even greater expansion, more torture, far more disappearances, far more murder. So, when these men talk about whistleblowers threatening national security, we need to ask three obvious questions: what is security to them, who is their nation and who are the whistleblowers?

    “So, given that we are dealing with criminals and members of criminal organizations, what they mean by security is immunity from criminal prosecution. And we have seen that. They do not keep us safe, we have plenty of evidence of that, but they certainly do keep themselves safe. T..”

  7. Civilian Says:

    these 69ers arrested are not men and certainly not 1%ers. They are gang banging street thugs on motorcycles. By far not capable of the calculated planning that went into Andersonsmurder, that thug is still at large, guaranteed.
    Police involvement? Only involvement was Hillsborough County Sheriff’s failing Costa, Anderson, his family and society and not arresting Cosimano with the attempted murder of Costa with all the evidence they had.
    The feds stepped in and Cosimano was arrested for shooting Costa and 2 more in the connection to Anderson’s murder.
    One writes to listen to bar room talk and you will get the details, a story starts at one end of a bar and is totally different by time it hits the next bar stool! The news who is full of lies did state a fight in a bar and one of the thugs say that’s why they murdered Anderson. Stalking and hunting does not justify a few bruises. I have attended numerous Outlaw parties and have been amongst them in bars for about 15 years, never not once did I see a fight. The comment saying they “ LIKE” t to drink and fight in bars is incorrect. Probably has happened just like average joes fight in bars!
    Police and government are more corrupt then any MC!!!! Not all MC members are bad people either!!! MC’s are nationwide with an variety of people, of course bad people are going to slip in! Just like police officers, not all are bad but, they have bad in the mix too. Anderson was a decorated combat war veteran who fought for our country which includes those who all think members are bad criminals.
    Costa is a dedicated retired firefighter who spent his life long career saving lives and fighting fire. Both these MEN put their lives on the line to save citizens and our country.
    Hoping they throw the keys away on these thugs for gunning Men down in an extremely cowardly manner.
    Look at their mentality, commit murders to spend their lives in prison and destroy their own families while their at it all, so they thought “to make a name for themselves in the”.
    THEY FAILED!!!!!!!!

  8. david Says:

    Palantir Technologies, a California based data-mining business corporation, provides services for DHS,FBI and other intel. agencies and the military as well, has merged the databases of the FBI and the CIA.

    The corporate police-“state” continues to grow.

  9. david Says:

    The self-serving pig agenda, is the same agenda the large international banking and OTHER BUSINESS corporations have for THEMSELVES. However,the militarized combat pigs are the useful and expendable fools who don’t realize huge controlling international business CORPORATIONS will drop them like hot rocks when pig usefulness is no longer needed.

    Large business corporations, posing as “legitimate” governments, have been operating the entire “shit-show” for quite some time. The U.S. courts have been corporation operated for years. Many attorneys, of all types, know,and have known, of the scam for years.

    The “shit-show” has been, and still is, ALL about corporate business PROFIT.

  10. Penguin Says:

    Five years? Just?

    In fact, as science shows, murder is unique in that it is the only crime which is almost never repeated. Of course if it goes unpunished by the Prince there will be vengeance, and probably feuds. Read Romeo and Juliet… The Prince errs when he turns a winking eye on such matters and “loses a brace of kinsmen”. After 5 years clan feuds and vengeful emotions have subsided. It’s the middle path to Peace and getting on.

    Most PO’s will tell you that “their murderes” are the easy guys to deal with.

    It is also true that after a young man is confined for about 5 years he’s so institutionalized that letting him out becomes problematic.

    I have known several very good men who murdered others. Some did 5 years, some less. Many were lauded with rewards (Europe, Korea, Okinawa, Vietnam). They were exceedingly careful to avoid dangerous confrontational situations and to deflect them if they began. They were Peaceful, after their youthful fubars.

    In a situation where the Man creates crime and has secret trials, a constitutional or just trial is total bs…

    There is no cure, it’s this time for us in our history…stormtrooper cops and you’re “it”… They are the gang, and they’ll use us to prove it…and they’re loaded with unlimited money and power.

    Stay out of sight. They’ll pass and be forgotten. Dogs bark, caravan passes.

  11. xplor Says:

    The Leo agenda is not to destroy clubs but to use them to keep their jobs and increase their budgets. If they destroy all of the motorcycle clubs they will be seen as the Corrupt Bureaucracy that they are.

  12. Oregon Moose Says:

    @ Kenny – I think Lycan is referring to 1nondescript’s first post where he says “I don’t think the world is making the type of man to keep this 1% thing going much longer”.

    LEO has an agenda. The agenda is to shut down 1% clubs. They move forward in their agenda by infiltrating clubs with CIs and turning members/former members into snitches through threat of imprisonment. They use the crimes which their CIs and snitches attest to and then establish via RICO that the targeted club is itself a “criminal enterprise”. At that point, membership in the club in and of itself becomes a criminal offense. And, of course, LEO has a virtually unlimited budget to pursue this agenda. It’s a helluva thing to fight against.

    Personally, I think 1nondescript makes an interesting observation.

  13. Pegginit Says:

    I’d like to hear 1nondescript take on Leesburg. He seems spot on for the Tampa hit. But Leesburg 15 ol’s on 4 Kingman and you still pull a gun and shoot? Shy wasn’t an ass whoopin in store in Leesburg? I don’t have a dog in this fight but if anything i wouldn’t be siding with 15s for for shooting a guy in the back when you have them out numbered 15 to 4.

  14. Kenny Says:

    No lycan 1 nondescript kinda is on it! U can follow the news to fill in most. U just gotta know some local bikers to fill in rest. There is more twists but that will all come out in trial. Or not. No matter u ever been to Fl? Its cameras from one light pole to the next. In fact 01 people came from here. After that this state vidioed everything. U want to break the law. Dont do it down there….or u will watch it at your trial. Kinda like a old Heston film.

  15. Lycan Says:

    1nondescript you have no idea what the Hell your talking about this ain’t Hollywood.

  16. Lycan Says:

    1nondescript you have no idea what the Hell your talking about watching to much Hollywood shows this is not charming.

  17. 1nondescript Says: 5 years is just for murder?
    Police the hit? Please take a moment to stop typing and allow me to educate you.on this matter as I live here and know these people..this all started at a local bar.LBC. two groups have an altercation. 69’s get there asses handed to them in an equal numbers straight up fight. 15 even took there guns from them when drawn and laughed at them. A week later 15 runs 69 off of a local highway. Then vista is shot off his bike later on near the site of the previous runoff. Then the hit on anderson..oh.yea a club house burn to the ground during…remodleing..around this time was costas chapters c.h.ok. so let’s address …police one of the largest sq.mile counties in the state with one of the smallest sheriff departments help to set up a hit at the intersection of the 2 busiest roads in the county at rush hour? 2 citizen vehicles were hit with crossfire. So would you lime to have that thought back? My dog in this fight is…I live in crops bayou..I am not a member but I know some guys.they ate ride your bike drink beer and fight in bars people …like we are supposed to be.they always get a bad rap..this another coward with a gun can t take an ads whiipin..and maybe one day we can get into the real facts of the Leesburg bike fest.

  18. Penguin Says:

    Violence gets attention. Adding dope to that makes it especially stupid. Murdering people, no matter who, is phuckin rude.

    Facial recognition is nearly universal, and id of a scooter is not as hard…all electronic and automation and cross linked. Every copshop is coordinated in a colossal SCMODS (Blues Brothers, if you recall)

    If the trial were entirely public, as the Constitution calls for, with a jury of peers, and the sentences were fair, the men would get something like 5 years, (if they did it) unless, as is likely, it was a crime set up by cops. If that’s the case, misdemeanor “discharge of a firearm in reckless manner”…

    How many years should Clinton get? I don’t know, but she (and her pals) are not in jail.

    Altogether,the disparities of “justice” undermine civil order – precisely the stated goal of cops…so what’s happening is “counterproductive, eh?

  19. Doug Ridgley Says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

  20. 1nondescript Says:

    They got the guy within feet of a “toll by plate” station. Toll by plate=camera.Mencher drove a custom bike. Fyi, every time a red light camera or toll station takes a pic, that photometric information such as vehicles and faces is entered into a national database. Match the info on the custom bike to MENCHER,he rolls on COSIMANO and GUINTO who 1 of is found at Robinsons house.Robinson is in turn found with a small amount of dope and didn’t snitch that his brothers were hiding out there. SO he gets 20, and I don’t think the world Is making the type of men to keep this 1% thing going much longer.

  21. James W Crawford Says:

    When are they going to indict the Gaston Oregon chapter of The Knights of Pythius for marijuana bootlegging, shooting at children and conspiracy to commit perjury?

  22. Wtf Chuck Says:

    This sheriff has no clue.Ringing the
    Biker violence is coming bell.
    He likes to hear himself talk.

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