Shipping Meth By Rail

May 22, 2018

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Shipping Meth By Rail

Larry Wayne Price Jr., the cartoon character currently enjoying his 15 minutes of infamy, may have finally found the limits of what the people will believe about motorcycle outlaws – if you give them a month to think about it.

In case you just got back from Mars, here’s what you missed. Price, who is variously described as a Billings, Montana contractor and a Bluefield, Virginia businessman, went missing for about 25 hours from Friday April 13 into April 14 and his wife, Amy, went nuts. She convinced authorities to launch a massive manhunt that included a police helicopter and search dogs after his beloved white Mercedes was found abandoned in a park and ride in Bluefield.

Price’s finances are murky but he is known to own a motorcycle shop in West Virginia called Hawg Pit Cycles, a Mexican restaurant in Virginia, a 26,000 square foot mansion in Billings, Montana and a couple of Montana companies called MC Equipment Holdings LLC and CMG Construction. His net worth appears to be between $4 million and $5 million and he probably stole most of that. He pled guilty to defrauding the Chippewa Cree Tribe in north central Montana of $4.66 million last year. He is now being sued for $11 million by a Caspar, Wyoming company called Three Blind Mice LLC, and Price is also being sued by a company called P&H Trucking for $6.2 million.

Money In His Pocket

Price was found safe and sound by a passing motorist in Grafton, Virginia about 9 p.m. on April 14. He had $3,774.49 in his pockets and he had a tale to tell.

He had been drugged and kidnapped, he said, by a couple of members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club who took him to Hawg Pit Cycles, robbed his safe and stole his gun and pocket knife. The kidnapping and robbery was revenge for a slight Price had inflicted on the “West Virginia president of the Pagans.”

The president had wanted Price to get him “coal train schedules.” Price has been alleged to have some connection to the coal business. Some of the money he has embezzled was supposed to be used for coal mining equipment. So, somehow the Pagan president had learned of Price’s expertise in the coal business and asked him this one little favor and Price had said “no.” So the boss Pagan sent two other Pagans to kidnap him to compel him to reveal the secret, arcane knowledge of the coal train scheduled. And “the Pagans” needed that because they planned to ship methamphetamine west, just somewhere west, on coal trains.

FBI Beautiful Dream

It was a vision to make policemen wet themselves. Motorcycle outlaws caught red-handed with hundreds and hundreds of tons of crank.

There is no way not to step on the punchline. There were no Pagans. There was no grand plan to ship mountains of meth west on coal trains. Price was feeling kind of low with all his lawsuits and so on and he just “wanted to get away” with his girlfriend, a local waitress, who is described in court papers as “Witness One.” She found a little place for them to live near where he was found. Then he ran out on her the same way he tried to run out on his wife.

The most interesting thing about this strange example of self-destruction is that Price wasn’t arrested until May 10, about a month after his “kidnapping,” for making false statements to the FBI. It took the FBI that long to give up on the seductive lie Price had told them – about those bikers caught red-handed in a kidnapping with a whole train load of methamphetamine.

Just a dream some FBI agents had once, Just a dream.


16 Responses to “Shipping Meth By Rail”

  1. Not Surprised Says:

    WV coal aint even shipped that far


    Send that train by here

  3. Rook Says:

    Idiot !

  4. SmallTownGirl Says:

    Is it me, or has he watched one too many episodes of Sons of Anarchy and the authorities have not…. or they would’ve known it was a sham.

  5. growlingfhardt Says:

    So the FBI’s Wet Dream was Dry ! Reminds me of a Jim Carroll song.

  6. Va.Bob Says:

    Doesn’t look like a seriously run bike shop.The website says there are 0 pre-owned bikes and 0 Bourgets(who buys them,anyway?).No events on the calendar,either.

  7. jrino Says:

    Wait all that and his bond is $500,000? Gee where is Waco justice for this clown?

  8. Paladin Says:

    Never a dull moment on the “outlaw motorcycle frontier”.


  9. freebird Says:

    Red Herrings really stink…….

  10. Hangaround Says:

    Actually this is just the kinda thing you hallucinate after “staying up” for days on tons of meth as opposed to transporting it…

  11. Hangaround Says:

    I thought you had to have a college education to work for the FBI… Guess standards are lower nowadays…

  12. Nags Says:

    What cracks me up about this fairy tale is if anyone wanted coal train schedules with a bit of ol fashioned leg work and time it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out on your own.

    O&J great point, if I was going to rob someone (which I’m not) they sure as hell wouldn’t be walking away with nearly $4K in cash.

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Sieg LOL line of the week!

  14. Sieg Says:

    No, wait…it wasn’t Pagans, it was the Wild Hogs MC!

  15. Old & Jaded Says:

    So, according to the news clip, he was kidnapped. Those evil scary bikers loaded him into a van, held him at gunpoint and took him to his store. Once there, they stole money from his safe – and allowed him to leave with over $3700. on his person? Yeah sure…makes perfect sense. This brain surgeon should have been in custody about 30 seconds after he opened his mouth.

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