New Mongols Indictment

May 21, 2018

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New Mongols Indictment

The Department of Justice filed a superseding indictment today in the Mongol Nation motorcycle club case. The case is a brazen attempt to destroy the motorcycle club by any means necessary.

The 36-page indictment was returned on May 1 and officially filed last Thursday but not entered into the court’s official public record until this morning.

Most of the racketeering acts alleged in the indictment are more than ten-years old and date back to events as long ago as 2002. The case is the child of a 2008 racketeering case titled U.S. v. Cavazos et al. The goal of that case was to discover a way to ban American motorcycle clubs. Prosecutors bragged that if that case succeeded police would be authorized to rip the patches off motorcycle club members’ backs. Prosecutors filed federal criminal charges against 79 members of the club, initiated civil forfeiture proceedings against the indicted and 100 more club members and tried to seize the club’s name and various symbols.

Free Speech

The heart of the case, an attempt to forbid a group of people from calling themselves “Mongols,” was obviously unconstitutional to everybody but the prosecutors: Police cannot just forbid speech or other forms of expression that do not constitute a clear and eminent threat. Americans, for example, have the right to burn a cross or wear a swastika. They do not have the right to erect a cross and threaten to burn a Jew on it.

The current incarnation of the federal war against the Mongols, which succeeded the Cavazos case, was filed in February 2013 and is titled United States versus Mongol Nation: An Unincorporated Association. The case was dismissed by Judge David O. Carter in September 2015. The dismissal was overturned by the Ninth Circuit appeals court on very technical grounds last July. The case was scheduled for trial this June 26 but even more legal technicalities made it likely that Carter would dismiss the case again at a motion hearing scheduled for June 4.

Keep Case Alive

Prosecutors filed the superseding motion in order to keep the case alive and keep the Mongols under the gun.

New charges include nine alleged crimes committed by members or associates of the Mongols in 2009, 2012, 2015, 2016 and March of this year.

The most spectacular accusation is that a Mongol named Joshua Herbert murdered a Hells Angels Motorcycle Club prospect named Janes Duty in Riverside, California on May 21, 2017.

Duty was murdered in a gas station as he returned with three patched members of his club from a Hells Angels run in Cottonwood, Arizona. Herbert was charged with the murder. Usually informed sources told The Aging Rebel then that Herbert had been expelled from the club before he killed Duty.

In other filings last week prosecutors subpoenaed to testify four potential witnesses in the case including Christopher Brian “Stoney” Ablett. Ablett was convicted in February 2012 of the 2008 murder of Hells Angels San Francisco charter president Mark “Papa” Guardado.

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20 Responses to “New Mongols Indictment”

  1. Hairypeter Says:

    @FUMFFM Quit your crying you think the side you support hasnt put any of there friends or brothers or supporters or ol’ladies in the same situation your friend was in!! He knew what he was doing when he put that patch on as i hope any supporter of a 1%er club knows what there doing when they wear a support shirt especially around there kids. It comes with the colors if your that much of a bitch take the fucking colors off

  2. Rook Says:

    Wouldn’t most of this case be filed under some sort of double jeopardy ?
    Since they have lost the patch thing over and over and Cavazos took a plea or snitched or whatever .?

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Eochaidh “Claymore” OghaChruithne,

    Martinez is still awaiting trial.


  4. Jaime Sandoval Says:

    I think it’s an Petty move by the government.

    And honestly I think people should pitch in to help these guys win the case. They are fighting the battle for themselves and everybody in the motorcycle community that wears a club patch. Best wishes to the Mongol Nation.

  5. Nags Says:

    For some reason the phrase “fake it til you make it” comes to mind.

    LA1%er- glad to hear you guys still have the fortitude to stand and fight this very expensive and obviously tyrannical case.

  6. Iron Rider Says:

    The Government seems to spare no taxpayer dollars to fight a losing cause. Like how many million have they spent on this and they still feel they need to keep plugging away.

    The Mongols are not going to give in, the havent so far so why would they now, and as for the Government piling on more charges, I would guess they are hoping the additional weight will make the Mongols say “uncle” Yeah good luck with that, if they havent in all this time I doubt they will.

    It never ceases to amaze me at how the government will spend money so they dont come out looking like fools.

  7. Gordo Says:


    Hang and something will stick eventually

  8. Lunchbox Says:

    The bigest issue is if they goverment succeeds and can pul the patches from one club, that will make it possible to do it to all clubs.

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    With all the illegal shit the fedtards and everyday pigs get caught doing, why don’t the corrupt prosecutors *EVER* use RICO against *THEM*? Has RICO been used against any form of government/LE, ever? More crime is commited by these air-wasting shitbags, also considered the most dangerous ‘gangs’ in the USA, than anyone else.

  10. FUMFFM Says:

    Who cares these fucking cowards killed a good friend of
    Mine James “Floppy” Day and they try and intimidate supporters
    When they are with there kids I hope they pull there fucking

  11. rocco151 Says:

    LA 1% +1

    Enough of this backwards looking shit ! Why not give the Mongols credit for having a nearly exemplary record under their new leadership ! This club, and many others, have evolved into guys with tax paying jobs and families who like to ride their bikes together with like minded brothers. In fact , I’m willing to bet that it would be a very rare member that would be willing to endanger his brothers with any illegal activity that could be associated with his club and if he did something stupid he would be very lonely, very quickly !

  12. Fresno CA MrSicko Says:

    I truly believe that law enforcement has way to much power,they have an mc club where is thire court order? No it only one sided who will arreste them who will dig in to that club ? The only difference is that they use a badge to do what they want,who’s going to stop them ???

  13. popeye Says:

    Feds keep playing double or nothing hoping to get a lucky hand

  14. Hero Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. By the standards and what just happened to the large Club in Texas, we as Citizens should be able to hold all law enforcement responsible for any crimes committed by current or former police simply because they all wear the same tin. That also makes politicians Guilty by proximity in association, as well as any city employees that I’ve ever worked on a law enforcement vehicle. Also the guy that stalks the vending machine at the local courthouse or Department, guy that replaces a toner in the copy machine, even down to the guy that sells hot dogs out front out of his push cart. I hope that would never see the day that members would be convicted like what happened in Texas, unfortunately I think that day is going to be every day from now on. Respect to those still standing up for the rest of us.

  15. Stevo Says:

    This won’t end until that Downs Syndrome Dwarf hits retirement age.


  16. Curbside Says:

    Fucking feds, man…they’ll do anything for money but get a real job.

  17. LA1%er Says:

    They’ll have to peel my Patch off my blood soaked back. We ain’t going anywhere. MFFM!

  18. LA1%er Says:

    They’ll have to peel my Patch off my blood soaked back. We aint going nowhere. MFFM!

  19. Malice Says:

    All the crime going on in the country and you want to mess with a bike club

  20. freebird Says:

    Kind of like making it up as you go until something sticks…… Who the fuck made up these rules?

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