Pike And Portillo Guilty

May 17, 2018

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Pike And Portillo Guilty

The jury didn’t believe Sonny Barger. The jury believed television and a parade of snitches instead.

About 10:45 this morning San Antonio time, after deliberating on three months worth of evidence for two days, on the third anniversary of the Twin Peaks Mass Murder, a jury of eight men and four women found former Bandidos Motorcycle Club national president Jeffrey Fay Pike and former national vice-president John Xavier Portillo guilty of: Racketeering Conpiracy; Murder in Aid of Racketeering; Conspiracy to Commit Murder in Aid of Racketeering; Conspiracy to Commit Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in Aid of Racketeering; Aiding and Abetting Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in Aid of Racketeering; Aiding and Abetting Discharging a Firearm during a Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering Murder; Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine and cocaine; possession with Intent to Distribute cocaine; Conspiracy to Interfere with Commerce by Threats or Violence; and Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Under racketeering law, it isn’t necessary for every alleged conspirator to commit each crime in order to be guilty of that crime so, for example, Pike could be found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm even though he was not a felon nor did he illegally possess a firearm,


Among the crimes of the conspiracy the two men were alleged to have led were two old murders.

The indictment reads: “Members of the Bandidos OMO then conspired to murder, and in 2002 did murder, Robert Lara in retaliation for the murder” of “Javier Negrete, a member of the Bandidos OMO.”

The indictment also contained the accusation: “In 2006, Anthony Benesh attempted to start a Texas Chapter of the Hell’s Angels OMO in Austin, Texas. Members of the Bandidos OMO warned Benesh to cease his activities and recruitment, which Benesh ignored. Members of the Bandidos OMO then conspired to murder, and did murder, Benesh outside an Austin restaurant to protect the power, reputation and territory of the Bandidos enterprise.”

It was that last accusation that prompted Hells Angel founder Ralph “Sonny” Barger to testify that Benesh was an imitation Angel. That meant the Bandidos as a club had no reason to murder him. The jury believed Benesh was a real Hells Angel and that was why the Bandidos had him gruesomely killed in public.

Cossack War

Although defense attorneys were forbidden to introduce evidence about what actually happened a the Waco Twin Peaks three years ago, prosecutors were allowed to introduce testimony from an FBI agent who said that Portillo had “declared war” on the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. The agent insinuated that was the reason why 70 Cossacks crashed a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting, took all the seats and parking places and ambushed a small pack of Bandidos as they rode into the parking lot.

Today’s conviction will ease the prosecutions of 24 recently indicted defendants charged with murder, riot and other crimes in connection with the Twin Peaks.

Pike is 62. Portillo is 58. Portillo has been in custody since he was charged in January 2016. Pike has been free on bail but was taken into custody after the verdict was published.

Pike succeeded George Wegers as national president of the Bandidos in 2005. Portillo became vice-president in 2013.

Portillo will be sentenced in September. Pike will be sentenced in October. Both men face life in prison.

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79 Responses to “Pike And Portillo Guilty”

  1. Neuro Says:

    @ The1%ER : I took your advice and sent a blank postal mo to Lefty. It turns out he just moved up. I left everything blank but I taped a little paper over the “pay to” line which read Glenn Walker/ Bandidos Defense. I also now have an address to send to. Also, back in my last post when I said ” other dude just moved up”, well he just moved up again to your National President. Big congrats to DC. You Da Man !

  2. david Says:

    The compromised, gov.media brainwashed,stacked and biased jury had the option of nullifying the “law” which the persecutors used, if they even knew they could nullify.

    Yet in the collective which they exist,

    “No written law has ever been more binding than unwritten custom supported by popular opinion.” – Carrie Catt

  3. Rook Says:

    I think quite awhile back another big club had defense funds seized under some part of the Rick law and if I’m not mistaken defense donations are somehow illegal if only for motorcycle clubs and there members! Hence more legal problems !
    I might be wrong but it keeps rolling around in my heaRook
    Rook 1%

  4. Tom Says:

    Commissary info?

  5. Neuro Says:

    Thanks 1%ER, that means a lot.The first two were postals, then I switched to the bank mo’s (cc’s) because I get them free for keeping a certain minimum balance. I tossed aside anonymity to some degree. Your advice about postal money orders makes good sense.I met Lefty at Thanksgiving.Coonyado is friends with him. I can send to him, and ask for an address. Other dude moved up and is probably too busy for this. Thanks for your words.

  6. The 1%ER Says:

    @Nuero… thank you for standing with us against this tyranny. I agree there should be an easier way for those who see this for what it is, to give money to help. As for why a money order made out to a specific group’s commonly known name and why it it could lead to (here we go again) legal problems if “accepted and cashed”, I’ll leave that up to more learned people to explain. You do not have to give cash tho- Get a money order, leave the “Pay to:” part blank, and fill in your name, or leave it blank too! A postal money order is best, because they do not expire! Again, thank you for your support. It is appreciated.

  7. david Says:

    @ Gandalf

    The best mugshot, may be one in which the pigs have hands around one’s neck holding someone in front of the camera for refusal to be photographed. Ha.

    Looks real good as evidence in a Title 42 civil suit for rights deprivations.

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    The stupidity of the sheeple keeps running true, along with the lies, cowardice, and corruption of the government and persecutors.

    Land of the free? Land of laws? Yeah, as much as a pile of dog shit on the supper table during a meal is considered to be a good thing is true also.

    @Gandalf – You’ve become the fucktard of the site.

    @Eddie – Shove it up your ass, you cunt.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    I don’t see Club leaders with the eyes of a Club member. (Honesty and integrity) I only see them with the eyes of a Civilian. (Judging the book by it’s cover) LE splashed the Ft Worth leader everywhere in the news because of his face tattoos. Jake and Jeff looked better. But aside from the actual physical look of a man… some men have good back rounds, some not so good. Leaders should understand that they may stand before RICO one day and it’s best to have some good ammo when they do. Good families, No criminal records and a “look” that is not so menacing might be considered. Especially in the mug shot at arrest… That’s the 1 that will be in the papers. Fix your hair, look confused don’t look “hard”. Maybe a guy has a Purple Heart or Military award. But Leaders must take into account they will be RICOed one day. Their past and present life needs to be “spin able.” Kinda like Cassie calling Jake the Cho cho man because his job of 20+ years was to drive the Train. That shit works. Beware of the Mug shot… they use them in the news for a reason. That is not the time to look hard.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    I might suggest that every patch recruit 2 family members or friends who are not connected but addicted to Face Book and Social media. If something happens in say… Tyler Tx. Pick the 5 most popular media outlets from the area. Get them to “Like” and “follow” on FB and the media’s home site. Then start commenting…. in force. At the time of arrest and just before (and during) the trial.

  11. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Paladin, “To say that the indicted did stupid shit, is not fair.” Yes, I made that statement but where does it refer to your post(s) or mention your name or anyone’s name? If the statement was being directed toward you or anyone in particular, I would have identified you or the individual(s) by name. The statement was actually being directed toward any readers who may believe the convicted were guilty of committing stupid shit and were convicted purely on those actions.

    “You and Rider 1 keep bringing up the names of these individuals. The two of you might consider acquiring some reading comprehension skills.”. You clearly called me out so I am rightfully under the impression that you are trying to insult me. Do you still question my reading comprehension skills?

    RIDER 1

  12. panamaa Says:

    Gezzzzzzzzzz…. Here we go again…

  13. Gandalf Says:

    “…until he was caught discussing club business on his phone, same with Portillo.”
    “Please show me where I said the indicted did stupid shit.” (Paladin)

  14. Gandalf Says:

    In a true “Paladin Moment” He writes an essay about don’t do “Stupid Shit” on a story about P&P being found guilty… Then tells us he was speaking “in general” and not talking about P&P. WTF? A few stories back He insults the girl and refuses to admit he was wrong for doing it… or that he even did it. He believes he knows what a “Gandalf moment” is by my comments. I have had many “Gandalf Moments” in real life. Interrogated and threatened, walked the yard, stood in front of juries among others…not so pleasant. Your moments are well worded BS and NEVER being wrong. Go figure.

  15. Paladin Says:

    RIDER 1 Says:
    May 21, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    “To say that the indicted did stupid shit, is not fair.”

    You made the above statement. Please show me where I said the indicted did stupid shit.


  16. Paladin Says:


    I do agree with you regarding the fact that the government does target and go after people. That’s obvious. The point I was trying to make with my last several post was that people are constantly taken down by continually making the same mistakes over and over again.

    The government had very little if anything on George Wegers until he was caught discussing club business on his phone, same with Portillo. How many times does one have to hear about wiretap evidence to understand that discussing anything that might be of a questionable nature over the phone is a bad idea?

    How many times does one have to hear about or see video where the cops had lured an individual to a location that had been previously wired to record the making of some sort of entrapping, illegal transaction before one understands that meeting at a place of one’s own choosing on short notice is a much better idea? Who hasn’t heard the expression: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? And who lets psychopaths like the Romo’s and Merla into an organization? And yes, MCs are organizations because they’re organized.

    Bottom line? Why keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Why continually make it easy for the government to lock you away?

    BTW: Don’t kid yourself. Evidence does count. The fact that the idiots that were witnesses against you were admitted gang members probably went a long way in you having been found not guilty, as did all the rats testifying against Pike and Portillo help find them guilty. Unfortunately; unless it can be discredited, first hand testimony from rats is considered evidence.


  17. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Paladin, Hey man leave me out of the shit. I didn’t mention your name or say shit about anything you posted. Go back and read my posts real slow and don’t go off on me half cocked.

    RIDER 1

  18. Neuro Says:

    Well…[email protected] the 1%ER, I gave a decent piece one month at a time to an officer, toward the Twin Peaks Defense. Then when Texas Rocker was announced, I gave a second decent piece one month at a time for the Captain Pike/Big John Defense. I found out late that there were problems cashing some of the money orders because I made them out directly to the club and there was no general account, so I sent cash for the last three installments. The Bandits should publicly set up a fund/address because I think a lot of us would continue to donate for guys like Jake C., Snapshot, Double Tap, G.Walker etc. because it is simply immoral to still be going after victims like them, and it is definitely a feel good cause.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    Ok Paladin… So do me a favor and don’t knock on my door. That was not an invite. Yes… I’m scared. Getting past that… listen to my words and know this to be a true story… It’s about Juries, not tough guys. Not me.
    I once was accused of walking into a bunch of “gang members” and beating one of them to the ground. Then stomping him. In front of 5 witnesses. 2 of them showed up at my jury trial. “Yes, that’s the guy.” They were dressed like slobs and my Lawyer got them mad and they admitted to be (edited) gang members. I had a lawyer, a suit, haircut and family behind me. Busted dead to rights. ??? It took the Jury 10min to come back with a not guilty. They were real impressed that the “Victim” was on probation for shooting a girl in the face with a pellet gun. Get it? Good vs Bad. “Evidence” don’t mean shit. PR does.

  20. Paladin Says:


    I do indeed have the balls to knock on your door, and regarding your “Gandalf moments”, you’ve been having those ever since you started posting hear, so there’s really nothing new about that.

    If you and Rider 1 slowly re-read my original post, you’ll both discover that I never said Pike or Portillo did stupid shit. If your both really sharp, you’ll both also discover that my original post was about doing stupid shit in general and was a reply to a post put up by Rider 1. I never mentioned Pike or Portillo in that post. You and Rider 1 keep bringing up the names of these individuals. The two of you might consider acquiring some reading comprehension skills.


  21. Gandalf Says:

    IMHO: Propaganda is EVERYTHING! Especially when aimed at the Jury pool. I would bet DAs spend more time shaping the News media than their case. Jake beat Reyna. Mr Pike did not. I watched Jake testify but not Mr Pike… Jake HIMSELF sealed Reyna’s fate. Cassie knew EXACTLY what She was doing. Facts mean zero. IT WAS A “FACT” (???) that the Texas Organized Crime Law was broken. (a BS law of opinion) A Fact that in Fort Worth just months before a Jury ruled the Bandits were a criminal org. BUT… Nobody fucking cared. The Jury Liked Jake… knew Reyna was wacked. Social media Trolls were out in full force for Jake and against Reyna. Far more then with Mr. Pike. Not to mention many more Lawyers digging up Coke deals about Reyna… Which had nothing to do with the “Facts” of Jakes case. Propaganda works… and the Feds have known it for years. Y’all need an army of social media trolls to unleash on FB local media outlets when needed. Waco was hit far more than San Antonio in that respect.

  22. Gandalf Says:

    Good thing you don’t have the balls to knock on my front door. I might have a “Gandalf Moment”. How you going to tell if “someone stupid” answered when nobody (except you) would be talking?
    BTW: Get a fucking life… start a Go fund me. I’ll send a dollar but I want my change. With all your Typing when do you even find time to ride? Your words are big but your advice is weak. Obviously your PBA card keeps you from being targeted. Lucky you. Tell us again how people shouldn’t do “Stupid Shit”… Better yet, Tell Mr Pike how HE shouldn’t have done “stupid shit”… Oh, you already did.

  23. RIDER 1 Says:

    To say that the indicted did stupid shit, is not fair. Unfortunately no club has complete control over every action of every member. Some do stupid shit knowingly, some honestly don’t know better and some just don’t care.
    The TRUE problem is that we have allowed our courts to start holding people accountable for what others do, instead of what the individual did or didn’t do. Offering the self admitted guilty, lighter sentences for testifying against others is fundamentally wrong. How in the world can you expect the guilty to say anything but what the prosecutor wants them to say? Reduced sentences for testifyng for the prosecution comes with the caveat that what you say has to support the prosecutions case, not the defense.

    RIDER 1

  24. The 1%ER Says:

    Not the 99… You do not know what you are talking about. Jake is Not on his own. Casie is not on the next trial for reasons that have nothing to do with money, Jake can explain why he personally made The choice to go with someone else, as it was his decision.I will tell you casie did not quit The case tho,Jake decided to go elsewhere. The club has, and will continue I am sure, to fight the good fight for everyone, in every way possible. And Not Only Bandidos, but all Red and Good Clubs have had the totality of all the support that we have to give. Don’t talk about shit you only know via rumours and lies. Even the monthly amount you mention is not correct. I know, because I have seen the record keeping, just like many other members of the club. The information including bills, amounts paid, and for who, is available for any member in good standing to see if they wish to do so. Don’t talk about biz that isn’t yours. How much effort and cash have you put into fight the man’s attack on the last free Americans? Why not point your efforts into doing something to help out? Or would you rather just do what’s easy and flap your jaw about stuff you obviously know nothing about?

  25. Paladin Says:


    Borrowing a phrase from Rebel: “If I knocked on your front door, someone stupid would answer.”


  26. Gandalf Says:

    Look… It’s obvious what you do or didn’t do isn’t why your arrested and convicted. You become a target. They arrest you. Put your Pic in the paper under the Headline, “He’s a bad man.” In court the DA’s opening statement reinforces the News. “He’s a bad man… They are bad men.” Then the DA throws 2 pigs and a chickin on the stand Bla, bla, bla… “He’s a bad man.” The “stupid shit” is just the cherry on top. “Stop the stupid shit” is just wasted air if you become the target.

  27. Neuro Says:

    I would think in the TP cases, the members would continue to pay, and love doing it, to the very end. Maybe BMC should solicit more public donations.

  28. Not the 99 Says:

    Defense bill ran about $60,000/month.
    Members donate an (extra unknown amount) per month to national.
    National has a positive reserve each month after the bills get paid, but Jake is on his own. Cassie has to quit because he can’t afford her anymore.
    Only the top few, get the bill paid.
    How much more, and for how long, will the members continue to pay?

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