Simple Intelligence Gathering

May 16, 2018

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Simple Intelligence Gathering

Members of the Jus Brothers Motorcycle Club had a brief and strained encounter with members of the Sonora, California Police Department outside the Tuolumne County Bike Night May 8.

Apparently the club members rattled the police by video recording the incident on a cell phone.

In the video, below, club members accuse the police of illegal motorcycle profiling. As it turns out, motorcycle profiling remains legal in California. A California Assembly that would restrain police from singling out people for wearing clothing associated with motorcycle clubs, titled AB 2972, failed to pass in the Assembly by a vote of 28-21 on April 19.

Nevertheless, Sonora police were confidently rattled to post the following on the department’s Facebook page.

Please Be Cautioned

“There is a video circulating that accuses members of the Police Department of profiling local bikers,” the police statement begins. “We want to remind everyone that just because a video has gone viral and/or has received a large number of views, does not necessarily mean there is any substance to the allegations behind it.

“The Police Sergeant in the video was simply engaging in intelligence gathering on a public street. These actions do not fall under the category of profiling as it is defined in California and there were no detentions made during this contact. We have an obligation to remain vigilant to all circumstances that may affect the safety and well-being of our community.

“The act of encouraging callers across the nation to flood our call center and post negative comments on our social media is what we believe to be tactic intended to discourage our community safety efforts. We want to ensure everyone that we will not be dissuaded from providing safety and security to the City of Sonora and will continue to do so with professionalism and fairness.

“A link to the referenced video is attached. Please be cautioned, however, that the video contains profanity and threats of physical harm to the officers on scene.”


18 Responses to “Simple Intelligence Gathering”

  1. Publius Says:

    I can agree with the cops being ignorant pricks. I’m toulumne county resident myself and have had plenty of run ins with the keystone cops. However know this the jus brother in Sonora are a bunch of scumbag dicks. Somehow they figure they own that section of the street when the sun sets. They fuckin don’t, normal folk don’t need to bow down to them, nor do I need there permission to have a beer, shoot some pool and hangout with friends. My one complaint is not having some harden city cops to teach them some manners and show them what profiling really is. When the bitch with the camera talks freedom know he’s fucking with mine

  2. RG97 Says:

    The fucked thing is if the bike is on a public street, the cops have the right to inspect it, even with a dust cover. The only exemption is when the vehicle is parked on private property that is not allowed to be accessed by the general public.

  3. Not the 99 Says:

    The fat one. LmFao! Howd that fat fuk pass the physical part of the cvop test?
    Fat fukn doughnut eating pussy!


  4. rocco151 Says:


    Perfectly stated Sir !

  5. TX_Biker Says:

    Don’t use my cell phone to talk to a brother, always talk face to face. But the best way to stay out of trouble is not to cause any. I have absolutely nothing to hide and neither do my brothers. Lucky for us we are all close and have known each other for many years. Same goes for anyone new to the club. They are never new to us or the small area we live in. Like I said we have nothing to hide but LE uses tactics to wear a weak link in the chain of brotherhood down and then bust the whole lot so it is best to err on the side of caution.

  6. rocco151 Says:

    For the most part I like to read the posts here and take advice from the veteran bikers like Paladin, Sieg and Oldskewl. My father was a Chicago cop and needless to say wasn’t very pleased when I showed an interest in riding with some of the local clubs but he did give me some invaluable advice….he told me that the police job was strictly a “power” thing . He was a burglary detective and used to say that most cops were appointed politically and couldn’t find a thief or “perp” if they were having a beer with them . He told me the only way to get out of a power struggle with a cop was to be exceedingly polite and keep my responses to Yes Sir, No Sir, Please and Thank you . While this may be very hard to do at times it’s the only way to move on after a “stop” when the policeman has an inferiority complex and a “power jones”. This article and video is a perfect example of a sheriff being a cock because he can…my humble advice, ignore the guy or just be polite and MF him and his partner later with your road dogs over a beer !

  7. Shiny Says:

    I said this on a previous post here. Get a couple faraday cage pouches. $20 on Amazon.

    Throw-away prepaid goes in one and never comes out anywhere near your main phone. (please buy prepaid with cash – better yet, have someone else buy with cash, 3 states away.) Replace pre-paid every 2-3 months if you use it to call someone more than a few times. PITA, yes…

    Regular phone goes in other pouch and is in the pouch everywhere you go. If you don’t take it out, it can’t geo-locate you – the cell phone towers are constantly getting pinged by your phones, and can tie you via triangulation to a location within a few yards, AND everyone else there with you. Yes, your cell phone is the biggest snitch you will ever know. No, you can’t turn it off – the phone pings the towers so the cell phone provider “knows” which tower to route calls/data through. This data is saved forever apparently. Someone more techie than me can probably explain it better.

    Agree with previous poster about putting cover on your bike. Also wonder if having jacket or helmet over VIN and plates will do. Would love to hear from a lawyer…

  8. Shovelhead Says:

    Cali spends who knows how much money protecting Illegals coming into the USA.
    But has no problem harassing Law abiding American Citizens, many of whom are Veterans out enjoying the weather.
    This is so fucked up, it’s almost hard to believe! maybe I should move to Mexico, then come back as an illegal alien to California and get some free shit.

  9. oldskewl Says:

    Sonora and surrounding areas are my stomping grounds. The bar they are parked in front of is a great watering hole and a favorite in old town Sonora. I’ve seen dozens of clubs in that bar over the years from all over the country but never witnessed this kind of harassment.

    Sonora and Angels Camp is the staging areas for the Calaveras County Frog Jumps, the party later moves to the town of Murphy’s where it lasts for a couple days. In the summer, Hwy 49 has a close 70/30 car to bike ratio so why these cops are even going there is beyond me. This is usually a club friendly area, even the 1%er clubs get a free pass through here during the day. Night time (late night) is different story, once tourism calms down we’re all vulnerable to getting harassed by the local Sheriff’s Dept or Hwy Patrol.

    This should spur rebuke from local RC’s and open their eyes to what MC’s put up with everyday across the country. This Sgt seems to have a hard on for bikers, the donut eating fat boy is just along for the ride… The look on his face and the shrug of his shoulders tells you this isn’t the norm in Sonora.



  10. Downtown Says:

    Well, I guess I’ll start putting the dust/rain cover in the saddlebag and cover my bike when I park on a city street. I don’t think the police would have the right to lift or remove the dust/rain cover, without a search warrant, to obtain pictures. If the police want to play games, we can do that, but it’s such a waste of time and resources.

  11. Penguin Says:

    Well, the example is one thing… But there is massive Policy much wider, and coming down fast… Generally, the profiling is going to be 100 percent electronic…unless the man needs a face to face to snatch dna or iris scan, or something similar. Also stops are used to communicate with snitches. And they are going to use others to grab material w/o warrants…

    Read these examples

  12. Mark Says:

    There’s going to be a lot of money spent trying to find a registration issue where the money spent doesn’t come anywhere near the fine of a registration violation, if there was one, which is unlikely. Hot bike, not at all very likely. Anyone want to bet that camera carrying cop charged the taxpayers overtime to run the plates and VINs? So who’s the real criminal, the scam artist ripping off the taxpayers or the bikers supporting the local businesses? btw/ anyone notice no one was afraid to walk on the sidewalk by the bikers and no it wasn’t because the cops were there.

  13. Kelt Says:

    Fat fuck pussies might consider mixing in a salad!!!

  14. Paladin Says:

    “We want to ensure everyone that we will not be dissuaded from providing safety and security to the City of Sonora and will continue to do so with professionalism and fairness.”

    If there was any truth to the above statement, these cops wouldn’t be out trying to create a problem where there wasn’t one. There was no need for these cops to act the way they did. the bikers weren’t bothering anyone. The cops were obviously looking to bait the club’s members into an arrestable incident.

    It is true that summer will soon be upon us. Mothers and their children will be out gathering blackberries and such for the making of jellies, jams and pies. Creatures of the forest will be out gathering stores for the winter to come. It will be a busy time for all. Stupid people will be out trying to gather intelligence.


  15. Phuquehed Says:

    Nothing like the pigs lying straight out to the general public, then showing the video proving they’re lying, and hoping it will work.

    Stupid should hurt is the ‘meme’ for pigs (heh heh, gotcha Rebel).

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    Intelligence gathering? I call that Harassment, so if as FF said this was done in a group on muslims and their vehicles or African Americans in some neighbourhood and cops were doing what they were doing here the cries of racial profiling and abuse of power would be deafening, but some guys with patches and motorcycles that are parked, and all of a sudden this is okay.

    If these cops wanted to know who everyone was, they’d just go ask the Feds, who doesn’t think the Feds have a jacket on them despite not having a criminal record? I sure the fuck think so, I’d bet the Feds know who has a patch and who you ride with, whether you are in an MC , affiliated with a support club or happen to be at a shindig thrown by someone or event where everyone’s at.

    fuck man I think we are all in the Feds Rolodex, but doesn’t mean we have done anything to deserve to be. We sure do make them look like they are doing their jobs when they put us on the 6’o clock news rather than some 17 yr old lil gangbanger from the hood. Optics are everything to Law Enforcement, and if they have to trample over peoples rights, that’s obviously not a problem.

    Good these guys got it on tape and as for the bullshit Police PR, sorry but the video shows exactly what it was harassment and an invasion of peoples constitutional rights

  17. FF Says:

    Yeah, do that shit to inbreed msuslims in front of a mosque, squirrelly ass scumbag fat bodies.

  18. Freebird Says:

    Intelligence gathering

    Kind of like searching without a warrant…..

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