Eight More Waco Dismissals

May 16, 2018

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Eight More Waco Dismissals

County prosecutors in Waco, Texas have dismissed charges against eight more defendants so far this week.

At the request of McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna, the two criminal court judges in Waco, Ralph Strother and Matt Johnson, dismissed indictments for participating a criminal of conspiracy to murder and assault against Thomas Paul Landers, Noe Adame, James Caffey, Stephen Dudley, Paul Miller and George Rogers, Christopher M. Stainton and Michael Herring.

Stainton and Herring are members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Adame is a member of the Desgraciados Motorcycle Club. Landers is a founder of the Escondidos Motorcycle Club and is widely known for his work as a motorcyclist rights activist. It is not unreasonable to say that at least some of the attendees at the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting at the Twin Peaks restaurant three years ago were there because Landers was there,

Caffey, Dudley, Miller and Rogers all are, or were, Cossacks. Dudley was near the flashpoint of the bloody battle that left nine men dead and 18 wounded. Sources have said that Dudley was one of three Cossacks who wore bullet proof vests to the Sunday brunch and that might have saved his life, He was shot in the melee and hospitalized.

Bloody Sunday

Tomorrow will mark the third anniversary of what most journalistic outlets call the Waco Biker Brawl. One hundred seventy-seven witnesses to the event were arrested that night and held on $1 million bonds. Eventually another 15 were indicted. Virtually all the charges were bogus.

One defendant, Christopher Jacob Carrizal , was tried after many delays last autumn in what turned out to be an expensive and largely ignored show trial. After six weeks, a local jury was unable to agree whether Carrizal was guilty or innocent of provoking the fight at the Twin Peaks. He will probably be retried.

Since February, charges against 128 indictees have been dismissed. Twenty-five of the original indictees were reindicted last week. Two of those defendants, Carrizal and Jacob Cody Reese, may be tried next September.


11 Responses to “Eight More Waco Dismissals”

  1. TX_Biker Says:

    Maybe this is Reyna’s revenge on the city of Waco for not re-electing him. Now the civil suits will go forward the big loser will be all of us that live in cities in Texas. Texas municipal workers are indemnified under what is known as Absolute Immunity and Qualified Immunity. Both are in regards to discretionary acts or omissions in the performance of ones duties and protect public officials from tort liability. Since these cases will be before judges in Texas don’t expect them to be slam dunks. The Plaintiffs will probably be offered settlements that will be paid by TML (Texas Municipal League insurance) which all municipalities in Texas contribute to. So it won’t just be Waco that is effected by Reyna’s fuck up. All of us will feel this.

  2. Neuro Says:

    Hey everybody, Not a Lawyer has some great stuff posted there in his link. Dudley, Flowers, Rasor walking unimpeded through police lines. Why is there no photo of William Flowers in the mugshots? He is listed next to his buddy Dudley with a simple caption ” no photo.” ?? This is the second time Dudley’s name has popped up. Stephen Dudley, Brian Logan, David Rasor, William Flowers, J. Reese, and toss in the Troll, Michael Kenes. Rasor was a Bandidos prospect in Dallas ? Take a look at Not a Lawyer’s link. Very interesting.

  3. rw Says:

    They arn’t charging any storage but they are requiring the $60 tow fee be paid.
    When I picked mine up they made a point to explain that the paperwork to be signed did not cover the condition but only the release of it to me. They explained that they’re responsible for it to be in the same condition it was in when they took it. We’ll see how that goes.

  4. growlingfhardt Says:

    Re: Seig
    That event was in the 70’s !, and you’re right, when I growled about it, all the guy did was laugh and walk away. How the tire went flat too, still puzzles me. F’in moron towing company. They chained it up to the double wide-rubber straps that hung from the back of the wrecker. How do they deal with bikes nowdays ? Do they use a trailer or something ? I still think the 177 should make a big stink over any damages to their bikes from impound, as well as any fees or charges to get them out of impound.

  5. Sieg Says:

    Back in the 70’s and 80’s, when your bike got impounded, it was often just snatched with a hook on the back of a wrecker…didn’t much resemble a bike by the time it got to the yard. And the only compensatjon i ever heard of was a hearty laugh.


  6. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    One attorney posted that if the state forfeiture of property, you are not required to pay when getting it back. That expense is on them.

  7. Not A Lawyer Says:

    Three Cossacks leaving a crime scene with weapons, one that matches Candyman’s fatal wound ballistics. Yet all three are in the clear, just like WPD.
    How did Dudley, Flowers, and Razor know to wear bullet proof vests, and how could they come and go freely inside a controlled perimeter?
    Where were Dudley, Flowers and Razor on December 12, 2014?

  8. FF Says:

    America is and has been for quite some time now a Banana Republic.

    Act accordingly.

  9. growlingfhardt Says:

    When I was arrested they towed my bike away, on retrieving it, the inept towing company had done several small damages to it, which I was not compensated for. I assume at Waco the 177 had their bikes towed away. Will the acquitted be charged towing and storage fees ? How many had relatives retrieve their bikes already ? Can a class action lawsuit be instigated for dismissal of the towing and storage fees, and/or reimbursement of any fees paid ? A small point perhaps, but not to the cash strapped arrestees ! And it should set a precedent against any future illegal/unconstitutional establishment actions of a similar nature.

  10. Iron Rider Says:

    All these lives kept swinging in the wind, and here we are years later and 3/4 of the twin peaks cases dismissed, but Still the prosecution wants to try cases by refiling and re inditing people, cause they couldnt get a conviction on the original charges so lets throw something at the wall and hope we get some convictions, but of course Reyna the coward wont say so in court, nope has to send other flunkies into court to announce the dismissals.

    As for Strothers and Johnson, those two should be booted from the bench since they could have stopped a lot of this long ago, but have their lips too attached to Reyna’s ass to live up to being impartial and they have no idea of what impartial means, but when you hear talk of how fucked up the justice system is, Reyna, Strothers and Johnson are just more examples of justice run amok

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