May 10, 2018

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Three years into the perversion of justice that began at the Waco, Texas Twin Peaks “breastaurant,” the fundamental, obvious question, the – for want of a more appropriate turn of phrase – satorical question remains unchanged. Why?

Why did the Twin Peaks Mass Murder happen? Why didn’t the police stop it? Why did police take pains to contain and video record it instead? Why did the FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety go out of their way in the month before the tragedy to spook multiple, influential members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club by telling them that the Bandidos were preparing to attack them?

Why were two Texas Department of Public Safety agents named Cory Ledbetter and Justin Overcast dressed up as Cossacks and sitting inside the Twin Peaks restaurant before, during and after the mass murder? Why did they later describe the mass murder as a “turkey shoot?”

Why did Waco Police detective Jeffrey Rogers say, in writing, “We thought there was potential for possibly fights, but nothing like what took place.”

Why did fledgling police officer Nicki Stone say, “I really didn’t think it was going to end like this. I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out?”

Why did police spokesman Patrick Swanton conceal so many of the actual facts of the case in a cloud of misinformation?


Why has the prosecution deliberately concealed so much evidence pertinent to the case. Why, about seven hours after the last shot was fired, did District Attorney Abelino Reyna decide to throw all the witnesses into a dungeon on trumped up charges and put a million-dollar price tag on the key? Why has this case dragged on for three years in apparent lock-step with the racketeering prosecution of two former Bandidos national officers?

Why were Bandidos Jeffrey Lee “Double Tap” Battey, Ray Arnold “Snapshot”Allen and Glenn Allen Walker indicted for murder yesterday but Cossack Jacob Cody Reese was not? Why now?

Why shouldn’t any of this be a legitimate subject of journalistic inquiry?

Of course the answer, the path to satori, the awakening to reality from delusion, as any good Zen master would say, is to turn all these questions into statements.

The murders are a good place to start.


Battey and Allen are accused of murdering Cossack Matthew Mark Smith. Allen was the president of the Denton chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and Battey was his sergeant at arms. Neither of them made it to the patio area of the Twin Peaks where the fight started.

Smith was just 27. He attended community college in Fort Worth and repaired computers for Best Buy. He was shot three times. Only one bullet was recovered and it was fired from a .45 caliber automatic. According to at least one source, shortly before he died he jumped out of a dumpster with a revolver in his hand. He died near that dumpster.

A Waco police officer named Jeremy Finch first saw Smith on the ground about 15 feet from the two Bandidos.

“Smith appeared to be gasping for air,” Finch wrote.. “Allen and Battey were in a triangulated position to Smith and when I first saw Allen, he had in his right hand a silver in color 1911 style handgun and Battey was not in possession of a firearm that I could see, but appeared to have been shot in his upper right arm, because I could see that there was blood streaming down his right arm starting around his right bicep. I then saw Allen begin to raise his pistol and point it back towards the corner of Twin Peaks. This was in the direction of several people that were near parked motorcycles and also towards other officers at this point. I began to aim at Allen to fire my patrol rifle and after getting a sight picture on Allen, he tossed his weapon in front of him approximately two feet and Officer (Joshua) Fischer began yelling commands at Allen and Battey to get on the ground. Both Battey and Allen complied with the verbal commands to get on the ground and Officer Fischer and I went to their location to secure them.”

Finch “checked on Smith to see if there was medical care we could give to him and Smith was aspirating. I began searching Smith for weapons and a possible wound and it appeared that Smith had been shot in his right side near the bottom of his rib cage. There was a small revolver within four feet of Smith next to a fence behind Twin Peaks. Also while searching Smith for wounds and weapons, I found a small black soft inside the waistband holster in the small of his back that was empty. While looking for injuries and searching Mr. Smith he stopped breathing and became non-responsive.”

Battey’s lawyer, Seth Sutton, has already said that Smith shot at Allen then aimed his revolver at Battey. Battey raised his arm in a defensive gesture as Smith fired, so Battey was shot in the upper arm and not the chest.


Walker was indicted for the murder of Cossack Richard “Bear” Kirschner. The clandestine camera installed by the Texas DPS that morning and dashcam video shows Kirschner attacking a Bandido with a doubled length of heavy chain.

Kirschner did not just happen to have the chain. He bought it that morning at a hardware superstore called Atwoods Ranch and Home in anticipation of attacking Bandidos with it. Kirschner suffered five wounds in the melee. He had a blunt force wound on his head, a cut on his neck (which might have been self-inflicted), and he was shot three times; in the right thigh, the buttocks and the knee.

Only the .38 caliber bullet in his knee was recovered. He died at a nearby hospital. After the Mass Murder, numerous Cossacks complained that police refused to treat Kirschner as he lay on the ground bleeding to death.


Both the DPS pole camera and a Twin Peaks surveillance camera captured the homicide of Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez by Cossack Jacob Cody Reese. Rodriguez was a 65-year-old Vietnam Veteran who was unaffiliated with either the Cossacks or the Bandidos. He has been frequently described as a Bandido or Bandidos supporter because he was wearing a red and gold Marine Corps bandanna.

Seconds after the first shot was fired Rodriguez saw Reese standing just outside the Twin Peaks patio with a gun on his hand. For some reason that probably had more to do with combat training than rational deduction, Rodriguez throat punched Reese, took his back and wrestled the much younger man (Reese was 29) to the ground. As they struggled, Reese’s pistol discharged and mortally wounded Rodriguez. Seconds later, a second Cossack named Jacob Lee “Rattle Can” Rhyne shot Rodriguez in the head. Reese then escaped the crime scene unharmed. Rhyne was killed by police.

At the trial last fall of Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal, Reyna showed jurors the video of the death struggle between Rodriguez and Reese and told the panel it showed Rodriguez trying to cut Reese’s throat with a knife. It was a moment that epitomized this long, drawn out case and it should be titled with yet another question: “Who are you jurors going to believe, the prosecutors or your lying eyes?”

Reese was indicted yesterday on one count each of first and second degree riot.


A total of 24 men were indicted including Jake Carrizal, Cossack Owen Reeves who may have actually started the brawl, and Kyle Smith who was seen over and over again on television firing a pistol in a TwinPeaks surveillance video leaked by police.

Most of the indicted are charged with rioting. Several defendants are charged with evidence tampering and one is charged with being a felon in possession of a gun.

Under Texas law, the crime of Riot can be charged when an “assemblage of seven or more persons…creates an immediate danger of damage to property or injury to persons; substantially obstructs law enforcement or other governmental functions or services; or by force, threat of force, or physical action deprives any person of a legal right or disturbs any person in the enjoyment of a legal right.”

The Texas crime of Riot is generally punished as a Class B misdemeanor with a fine of up to $2.000 and up to 180 days in jail. However, in this case, prosecutors will probably argue that all the rioters should have anticipated that this “riot” would end in murder or serious assault and should be punished as accessories to those crimes.


33 Responses to “Why”

  1. rw Says:

    Neuro the latest story on that site is very interesting also

  2. Neuro Says:

    @below 2%: Sorry, it just seems like it is best to be accurate with stories. I was not there and I don’t know shit. I am just going by public info and I count around forty out of the mugshots, adding Bandido Spaz, rip. You are in a better position to say. No disrespect intended.

  3. Neuro Says:

    There is a lot in there rw, that’s great. The author did a lot of work. If people click on all those highlights they will learn a lot.

  4. Neuro Says:

    Thanks rw, I have a response from this morning suspended “awaiting moderation.”

  5. Freebird Says:

    Thompson is one smart cookie. Checkmate IMHO

  6. todo Says:

    Three more dismissals. More in the hopper.


    The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office dismissed three more Twin Peaks cases Monday, bringing the number of dismissals of the 155 indicted to 121.

    Thompson said she asked prosecutors to allow her to be present when any dismissal motions were filed against Landers so she could challenge the wording used. She said the dismissal’s assertion that probable cause existed for her client’s initial arrest will make it difficult or impossible to get the charge expunged from Landers’ record.

  7. Not the 99 Says:

    Still want to know what happened in Odessa 30 days earlier?
    Can someone fill me in on this.
    I see it keeps coming up in the comments.

  8. Below 2% Says:

    Since my charges were dismissed, I can say this:

    @Neuro: There were nowhere near 40 Bandidos there when it started. When the shooting took place, there were less than 20. A few more were arrested shortly afterwards when arriving to the COC meeting, wondering what in the hell was going on with the rest of us.
    There were also members of support, mom and pop, and other clubs there for the meeting, but you’ll have to forgive me, I didn’t have time to count them.

  9. Neuro Says:

    God bless you rw. Michael “The Troll” “Wizard” Kenes/ Brian ” Maverick” Logan/ Stephen Dudley have some splaining to do. The Troll is a queer crybaby. He hid on the patio and he practically started crying about his phone in his interview on the CNN special with Ed Lavendera. I doubt he would do shit. The other two, well, there was a killing of a longtime member of the Big Club in Langley, B.C. on 10/16/16. His name was Bob Green. Jason Wallace of the 856 Crew turned himself in to the police, terrified at the consequences of what he had done during a nonstop small binge party. Since he was in custody, the body of his good friend Shaun Clary turned up on someone’s front yard, completely dismembered. Unfortunately for Shaun, he had driven Jason to the party, and it was his gun used to kill Bob Green. You can go to the Vancouver Sun to read about it all. I’d say these three guys have put a big deposit into the bank of bad karma, shooting a guy you never met before as he gets off his bike. I will be looking for articles in the future about you three maggots.

  10. Neuro Says:

    There were probably forty Bandits there with at least twenty supporters, so they were in better shape than you think. They were outnumbered and ambushed but it was not five or eight as youse think. Who killed Candyman, and why ?

  11. Dutchboy Says:

    Why? Well here’s a theory. The entire LEO fusion center squad was in a pickle. They had spent a ton of money and expended tons of man-hours promising to “get” the red and gold. They had diddly squat and needed a big show, a “made for tv” event to justify their expenditures and their continued existence. So they put together TP, figuring they would have another Laughlin.

    The big day comes, the cameras are in place, the scene is set, the actors are on their marks. All that is needed is the victims-soon-to-be-demonized Bandits.

    The R&G show, but it’s not the fifty or sixty expected, only a few. The trap is sprung, the scene progresses, then some trigger happy cops open up.

    The video was not what the LEOs expected. Instead of the R&G invading horde beating on defenseless mom and pop motorcyclist, who are then rescued by the Noble boys in blue, the film shows the Bandits defending themselves from an unprovoked attacks by a much larger force then the LEOs killing and maiming people almost randomly.

    Cover-up time! Arrest everybody, destroy evidence! Spin the story, spin, spin spin!

    Three years later they still can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. In fact as time goes on the pig ear is smelling worse and worse.

    This is what tyranny looks like folks.

  12. Freebird Says:

    @ Agnarr

    It’s all good… Thank you for pointing out just how close they were to the dress rehearsal…

    Ride safe….

  13. Agnarr Says:


    I’m not disputing your timeline, and from what I’ve read & seen on TV when it happened it’s correct from what I remember. Was just stating where their closest office is in relation to Odessa, Tx.; for those thinking that the FBI may have had to drive; or fly-in from Dallas, El Paso, or even somewhere else.

    You are right though that this was most likely a sort of ‘practice run’; by the FBI and all of the alphabet agencies that were also involved for what was to follow; at Twin Peaks.

    Respect to those that deserve it.

    p.s. – CTL

  14. Freebird Says:

    @ Agnarr

    The Feds are up to their eyeballs in this ambush. I just found it funny the day of they come strolling in at 5:45….. We all know they were there before, during and after.

  15. Agnarr Says:

    @ Freebird
    FBI has an office in Midland, Tx. (about 15 miles) from Odessa. Tx. DEA & other alphabet agencies are also in the same building.

    Respect to those who deserve it.

    PS – CTL

  16. TX_Biker Says:

    I don’t have time to answer your question. Why? It is May and I work for the government. I am busy preparing my budgets for the next fiscal year and justifying every line item, as they are due at the end of May to go to the powers that be for approval…that’s why.


  17. Anonymous Says:


    Because someone or some group high in the law enforcement food chain would rather break all the laws they have sworn to uphold, repeatedly, rather than let the bandidos live free.

    It seems like a personal vendetta.

  18. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Rebel, MMS was only shot twice. Now go back and watch the video of patio view #1, the same that Amanda Dillon used with the cook lady of saying the dirty harry gun got that guy… that guy is also the same guy that Bucher referenced to as the big white guy who Bucher shot twice and it was before the first biker shot.
    The brown suv blocked both Bucher & Jackson’s view of the first 3 shots that came from the area of where the yellow car was near the C/D corner.
    Swanton told 1 truth & that was ( as soon as they BANISHED WEAPONS we quickly moved in ) meaning that WPD was already shooting people.

  19. BigV Says:

    I am no longer shocked at the questions you ask or might think to ask or that might occur to you. By you, I am not saying AgingRebel.

    I am not saying feds, state, local govt- you know what you’ve done, you don’t have to ask questions.

    However, I have been reduced to being a drooling idiot by the fact that once again that citizens will once again say- “Thats’s a bunch of XXXX problems”.

    Citizens will never think to ask a question. They will not ask “Why ?” There are no more “Why ?”

    Citizens have gone so long about asking “Why ?” about the interests of their peerage-their enlightened betters- that make up federal, state, and local government that asking is “Why ?” is not something you do.

    Asking “Why ?” is most definitely a crime.

    Thinking enough to ask why is a thought crime. Thought crimes will soon be illegal.

    The level of thought and discourse of citizens runs the gamut from whores who run around doing shit they are rich enough to get away with, the idea another person of their nationality is going to marry some prick of another nationality.

    Citizens no longer think. Citizens have developed a heard like basic mentality that says self preservation first. They have learned that “Why ?” may come at a price. They have smelled something and are working towards the agreement that that thought crimes are crime.

    Thought crimes cause you problems in court and public court. The reality is that a thought crime is now just as bad as what citizens consider “real crime”.

    I guess I am done with any questions I may have had. I know where I stand.

    I have asked and I now believe I am 100% sure where I stand:

    I just wonder who I get to see inside ? Will they bother with the inside ? Do they bother with the wire when the big one comes ?

    Does anyone else find it strange that Operation Rough Rider in 1984, which had ties to much more than whoever the fuck some citizen said the big four are, took in 133 in one club. But it had ties back to Carolina. It had 1000 cops for one club.

    This was how many cops, how many guns, how many fucking snipers, how many agencies for a COC Meeting ? How much money ? Inflation adjusted, what and how does anyone reckon this in WACO cost ?

    I missed Sons of SutterFuckwittery- I was doing other things.

    I never seen a COC meeting that was like SoFuckwitsutter.

    I only can see a machine that would wind up a bunch of jumpy fuckers and sic ’em on a CoC event where citizens are present.

    Probably best not to speculate. That would be conspiracy to thought crime. Online riot. Weaponized memetics. Things my betters educate me about.

  20. rw Says:

    They were johnny on the spot that day too

  21. Freebird Says:

    According to the DPS timeline document the DEA & FBI did not show up until 5:45pm the day of the shooting. 30 days earlier they were johnny on the spot in Odessa.

  22. Paladin Says:

    Why; you ask? Because the government controls the horizontal and the vertical. When one controls the horizontal and the vertical, one also controls the narrative, which in turn controls the reality. That’s why dear boy.

    The only entity that is more tenacious, and likes winning more than our current President is the Government, whether it be federal, State, or in Waco’s case, local. If you doubt this, review Rebel’s articles on United States versus Mongol Nation: An Unincorporated Association. A pit Bull should hang on this tight.

    The real reality in Waco is that their corrupt government has caused the city to be up to its ass in hungry alligators. The alternate reality of Waco’s government will be that everyone had to be arrested and charged so that there would be time enough to sort through all of the evidence, and recharge those found to be truly culpable. When it comes time to pay up, the citizens of Waco will embrace the government’s alternative reality, because it will be too painful for them to accept the real reality that they elected the exact government officials they so richly deserve.

    Will we ever know all that there is to know about the death dealing at Twin Peaks? Of course we will. Just like we know all there is to know about the JFK assassination, the Branch Davidian massacre, Ruby Ridge, Operation Fast & Furious, Timothy McVeigh & the Oklahoma City bombing, etc. The government’s reality of the Freedom of Information Act is that the government only gives out the information it feels free to give.


  23. Iron Rider Says:

    There is a lot of dirt that hasn’t came out from under the carpet yet. Reyna is nothing more than a brownie hound, who jailed many for nothing and held them in financial straits for years. Funny how the independent prosecutor came out and said there was no reason these people were charged and dismissed their cases, something Reyna, strothers and Johnson all declined to do.

    Reyna can burn in hell and I hope that weasel is left penniless when all the lawsuits are done and his wife and kids leave his ass. Reyna gets everything he deserves and karma is a bitch.

    Jarret and Dillion are just as complicit and so in the justice system and the Texas State AG for letting the shit show continue on instead of having the common sense to put a stop to the bullshit. There is way way more that is still being hushed up, but sooner or later someone is going to wither have to talk or is going to come clean about hwy the 177 have been left to swing in the wind.

    I hope the defence lawyers dig all the paper they can on this when discovery comes for the lawsuits, I’d bet there is some more dirt we havent seen come to light

  24. Filburt Says:


  25. Neuro Says:

    Who ? Why ? Who shot Bandido Candyman, and why ?

  26. Shameful Says:

    Reese wasn’t killed. Was a typo I’m assuming. Jacob Rhyne was killed. Reese is still enjoying his life while Mohawk’s friends and family mourn him. RIP

  27. Old & Jaded Says:

    I remain on the path to satori as my list of “why’s” is still unanswered…and many never will be.
    I think in the most simplistic sense this mess probably boils down to the evilness and selfishness of those calling the shots prior to, during and after this incident and the arrogance and criminal indifference of many involved thereafter. The un-perfect storm was created and many present and their families have been victimized. Not sure how some of these “civil servants” sleep at night but may their behavior come back to haunt them. I still say Thank God for attorneys like Gotro that have a spine and are clear on everyone following the law in a system that’s supposed to resemble justice. Not holding my breath but would love to see this mess unfold on a Dateline special so more people might understand what really happened and that being falsely accused and jailed with a bond so high they can’t get out really can happen to them…

  28. david Says:

    The answer to the first five questions is for financial reasons. The actions and inactions of all pig flavors before,during and after TP can be provably traced to federal and state corporate business grant monies which were received by privately owned corporate Alphabet agencies, and privately owned state and local pig agencies prior and after TP.

    The United States, Texas and Waco, are PRIVATELY owned for profit BUSINESSES, falsely representing themselves as governments. The BATF and FBI also, are part of a corporate business network of agencies posing as government agencies. And, PRIVATELY employed administrators called “judges” apply corporate (read: business) regulations falsely called “statutes”.

    The entire disregard of and for human life, by these FOR PROFIT bastards, was about money.

  29. Not the 99 Says:

    Reese was killed by the cops, and charged yesterday with the crimes of first and second degree riot.
    Maybe since he’s dead, they will charge and convict a family member of his. That would make sense based on how all this has been going. What a mess this is.


  30. Freebird Says:

    Why has this case dragged on for three years in apparent lock-step with the racketeering prosecution of two former Bandidos national officers?

    The answer to this question will unlock all the others. Including who stood to benefit the most if Waco went south and by any means necessary.

  31. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    What a mess! Can’t we all just get back to riding and enjoying life?

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