Sixteen More Never Minds

May 4, 2018

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Sixteen More Never Minds

The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office moved to dismiss criminal charges stemming from the Twin Peaks Mass Murder against 15 members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club yesterday and announced it would decline to indict another suspect.

District Attorney Abelino Reyna and new to the case prosecutors Robert F. Moody, Hilary LaBorde and Gabrielle Massey are not prepared at this time to try former defendants Ronald Atterbury, Michael Baxle. Robert Bucy, John Craft, Dalton Davis, Nate Farish, Nathan Grindstaff, Laurence Kemp, Noble Mallard. Joseph Matthews, Dustin McCann, Doss Murphy, David Rasor, Jeffrey Veillon and John Wiley. The cases are not being dismissed with prejudice, which means the charges can be brought again at the prosecutors’ whim.

Reyna also decided not to ask a grand jury to indict Don Fowler.


According to prosecutors, the cases are not being dismissed because the 15 men are innocent, but because, at an average rate of only one trial every three years, the McLennan County District Attorney can only condemn a few of the many “culpable” motorcyclists to dungeons.

“While the grand jury has determined probable cause for the defendant’s arrest and prosecution exists, based on continued investigation, the state is exercising its prosecutorial discretion in dismissing this matter in order to focus its efforts and resources on co-defendants with a higher level of culpability,” Reyna wrote.

Earlier this week, a special prosecutor named Brian M. Roberts less equivocally dismissed the same criminal charges against a former Scimitar Motorcycle Club member named Matt Clendennen. Roberts, who is the first independent prosecutor to review the charges filed against 177 witnesses and others on May 18, 2015, thought the prosecutors accusations were bogus.

Roberts dismissed Clendennen’s case with “prejudice,” meaning the charges can never be refiled and Clendennen’s case is over. “Upon reviewing all the facts, circumstances and evidence, it is the State’s position that no probable cause exists to believe the Defendant committed the offense,” the independent prosecutor wrote.


One hundred ninety-three people were charged in connection with the Cossack ambush at the Twin Peaks and 155 of them were indicted by a mockery of a grand jury. One of the indicted men died in a motorcycle accident.

Only one of the indicted, Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal, has stood trial. After six weeks of trial, after more than two years of obsessive and expensive preparation, prosecutors were unable to convict Carrizal, His case ended with a hung jury.

In the last two months, Waco prosecutors have dismissed charges (which may still be refiled) against 43 of the living who were indicted. Carrizal remains indicted and so do 110 others. At the same time, mostly for blatantly political reasons, prosecutors have announced they will not seek to indict 32 other suspects.

Last week, Assistant District Attorney Amanda Dillon told Ralph Strother, one of the judges in the case, that her office expects to eventually try at least 25 additional defendants.


25 Responses to “Sixteen More Never Minds”

  1. Neuro Says:

    Yes, saw the article when it happened. I noticed he still sports the same douchebag punk rock style mohawk which he had three years ago in the Peaks mugshots. I thought that shit went out in the 80’s along with the Sex Pistols.

  2. Filburt Says:

    East Texan involved in Waco biker melee shot at officers, charged with attempted capital murder
    Longview News Journal

    A Winona man involved in the 2015 biker shootout in Waco has been arrested in Gregg County and charged with two counts of attempted capital murder of a peace officer after a high-speed chase led to him firing at a state trooper and sheriff’s deputy.

    Jason Alan Dillard, 42, was held Friday in the Gregg County Jail on bonds totaling $1.145 million, also charged with evading arrest or detention with a vehicle; unlawful carrying of a weapon; driving while intoxicated, third or more offense; and reckless driving.

    Dillard’s arrest at 11:57 p.m. Thursday in Kilgore followed events that started after Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Kiefer Bounds observed Dillard’s pickup license plate lamp was out after Dillard pulled out of a liquor store parking lot and turned north onto Wright Mountain Road, and then east on FM 1252, police said.

    The trooper activated his lights to begin a traffic stop after Dillard crossed over the white line, drove on the shoulder and crossed the center line, according to police.

    Bounds notified Gregg County dispatch of a pursuit, and Dillard reached speeds of 100 mph in a construction zone of eastbound Interstate 20 and swerved toward a sheriff’s deputy parked on the right shoulder, police said.

    Dillard then stuck his hand out the window and fired a shot apparently in the direction of the trooper and a deputy behind him, police said.

    Dillard continued to drive erratically until his pickup’s tires were blown out by police spikes, stopping in a yard on Oakwood Street in Kilgore. Bounds then drew his pistol and ordered Dillard to show his hands as he opened his truck door, police said.

    Dillard held a handgun as he exited the pickup and did not obey an order to drop it, police said. Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Bullard came around Dillard’s pickup to make contact with Dillard, who again fired a shot while Bullard’s arms were around him, causing the gun to jam.

    He originally was charged in the May 2015 deadly biker shootout, but those charges were dropped May 4 in McLennan County, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

    Dillard also is one of numerous bikers who have sued, claiming their civil rights were violated after the shootout when Waco and McLennan County officials arrested 177 bikers on identical charges and placed them under $1 million bonds

  3. TX_Biker Says:

    A total of 60 more were dismissed yesterday. That makes 117 that have been dismissed. 38 that are left are to be re-indited under different charges ranging from rioting to felon in possession of a firearm.

  4. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    The probably made them sign an agreement not to bring litigation in return for the “nevermind”.

  5. Dr G Says:

    Ok all you Rebel maniacs dont forget
    To donate

  6. Filburt Says:

    @ Sig 45
    I agree.
    Federal inquiry! Phufking joke when the DOJ is Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein and Sessions…NAZI’s.

  7. Filburt Says:

    McLennan county DA’s office has the smell of the fish market!

  8. SIG 45 Says:

    A continual example of poor and middle class treatment by government. Do we think that a member of congress or a board member of Amazon would be treated such as this, let alone over 150 of them? It requires a serious search of American history to find something comparable to what is taking place in Waco. What is amazing in my opinion is that this is taking place under our collective noses. The injustice here is outrageous and demands a Federal response. The state has so bungled this as to demand a Congressional inquiry. They have the resources to check this craziness but I know it is only wishful thinking. I like Texas but this is bullshit on another level. Time for pardons or something. NO ONE should ever sit under indictment for 3 years. Period. Tea was dumped in a harbor for less.

  9. FF Says:

    Obamugabe fundamentally transformed the USA into East Germany

  10. Neuro Says:

    Three years and they are still kissing Cossack ass. Yes Wow, in the first small group of dismissals there were a couple of Bandits plus a couple supporters, then something like 12 or 14 Sacks. Yes Paula, that is a well known story. They were two separate wrecks. Bandido Spaz Anderson,53, was killed when he hit a deer in Chadron, Nebraska at 6 am on 9/3/15. The court subpoenaed his corpse to produce a slug embedded in his left forearm.We never did hear any results of that. Cossack Trey Short,29, was killed in Gatesville when he crashed a stolen motorcycle at 9:30 pm on 10/7/16 while trying to evade chasing police.

  11. Aanon Says:

    Mike Smith, that San ant article is very interesting. After reading of the class involved in the beginning I was happy… but by the end, man some shit shouldn’t be outside like that.

  12. James W Crawford Says:

    Notice how they are moving to dismiss the cases but not dismiss with prejudice so as to keep the option of future prosecution open as a deterrent to come civil suit s.

  13. Snow Says:

    How stupid can the whole population of a town be. That shithole known as waco should be burnt to the ground then the ashes flush down the shitter so it can’t come back. The stupid citizens should be forced to pay for the cost.

  14. Mike Smith Says:

    The between the lines statement is that they will not dismiss any charges against any members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club or anyone affiliated with the Bandidos.

    They are dismissing all of the Cossacks because they could raise the rarest defense of all: “Entrapment.” Any success in raising entrapment would bring on the raising of the “DEA Defense.” Which is good law in the Fifth Circuit.

  15. jrino Says:

    If I was on a Grand Jury I would indict Reyna he seems to break the law far more often then the 177 that did in fact go to a meeting! Of course 1 trial every three years makes him sterile shortly!

  16. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Rebel, 2 died in a motorcycle accident of the 193 arrested, yes only one was indicted. It looks to me that of those 25 could be part of the injured list.

  17. CatfishOCNY Says:

    These scumbags ruin people’s lives as part of their SOP. Shame for Texas.

  18. L-Frame S&W Says:

    ‘ “While the grand jury has determined probable cause for the defendant’s arrest and prosecution exists, based on continued investigation, the state is exercising its prosecutorial discretion in dismissing this matter in order to focus its efforts and resources on co-defendants with a higher level of culpability,” Reyna wrote. ‘

    Ya mean like the police, who set up and executed this debacle?

    L-Frame S&W

  19. MtPockets Says:

    What a shit show.
    One would think that after, what, coming up on 3 freakin years that they would have determined who actually killed whom- and maybe (God forbid) they could even get the actual killers into a courtroom!
    I get that most were killed by cops, but even so you’d think they could tell us who ELSE killed that day.
    I’d also like to hear their reason for only letting the cossacks off.
    The whole thing is nothing but a huge doucebaggery of fuckups by a district attorney who obviously thinks he is above the law.
    It’s time the average american took this horse by the leads and put that asshole out to pasture.

  20. Paladin Says:

    In order for one to have a “score card”, one has to score.


  21. Thunderbird Says:

    The cost of misused administrative law is extremely high especially when the accused fight back. This is far from over.

  22. Wow...just wow Says:

    Rebel, first thank you!! Secondly, have any charges against Bandidos MC members, or members of other Red and Gold Mation clubs, been dropped? So far, to me, it seems like the only ones having charges dropped or the cosacks? Can you shed any light on that? Thank you. For everything.

  23. Freebird Says:

    Hot lips houlihan says

    Her office expects to eventually try at least 25 additional defendants

    Yea right….. there is a better chance of Jesse Washington getting a bronze Plaque beside the courthouse!

  24. Curbside Says:

    Rebel, do you happen to have any information about any additional dismissals taking place? I’ve heard that the cases you mentioned were not the only cases to be dismissed today.

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