The Aryan Circle Indictment

May 2, 2018

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The Aryan Circle Indictment

The announcement Monday of the indictment of “57 white supremacists” including 17 alleged members of the Aryan Circle for “crimes related to a years-long methamphetamine operation in Texas” was most remarkable for what it did not mention – which was the numerous connections between the Aryan Circle and the Cossacks Motorcycle Club before the Twin Peaks Mass Murder in Waco on May 17, 2015.

For example, Cossack Owen Reeves, who multiple eyewitnesses have identified as the man who threw the first punch at the Twin Peaks, was both a high ranking officer in the Cossacks and a Director of the Aryan Circle. A Drug Enforcement Administration investigation opened on May 26, 2015 targeted “Owen Reeves, the president of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club” with the stated “investigative goal” being to “identify key leadership, associated organizations, money laundering facilitators, and sources of supply.” Nothing has come of that.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was already aware of the connections. The ATF was the lead investigative agency in a case titled USA v. Hollowell et al. which was filed on March 18, 2015 but in which no arrests were made until April 6. During that April 6 raid multiple items of evidence linking the Aryan Circle and the Cossacks were recovered including photos of Cossacks who were later arrested after the Twin Peaks murders.

Much Smoke

News reports, particularly a series by KWES, have claimed that the Aryan Circle has a notably large presence in Odessa. The Cossacks do not have a chapter in Odessa or Ector County but they do have a chapter in nearby Crane County. And, according to recent testimony in the trial of former Bandidos president Jeff Pike and former vice president John Portillo police had a cozy relationship with the Cossacks in Odessa. FBI agent Eleazar Vasquez testified “We…met with two high-ranking officials of the Cossacks” on April 11, 2015 and told them “that the Bandidos were coming to Odessa to attack the Cossacks.”

Police maintained a cozy relationship with the Cossacks in Waco, as well. State and local police met with John Wilson, president of the McLennan County Cossacks, multiple times during the long buildup to the Twin Peaks Mass Murder.

All of this might not amount to much more than a balloon full of smoke but for the last three years the federal government has refused to come clean about where the Cossacks fit into ongoing and obviously overlapping investigations of both the Bandidos and the Aryan Circle. Federal, state and local police had advanced knowledge of what was going to happen at the Twin Peaks and have acted as apologists for the Cossacks in multiple investigations and multiple prosecutions in the last three years.


Monday’s announcement mentions the “Aryan Circle,” the “Aryan Brotherhood of Texas,” the “Aryan Brotherhood,” the “Peckerwoods,” the “Soldiers of Aryan Culture,” and the “Dirty White Boys,” but the Cossacks, who seem to lead the world in lightning bolts, aren’t mentioned once.

The press release announces that a new level of police bureaucracy has been invented to further shield investigators from responsibility for tragedies like the Twin Peak.

“This operation was coordinated through the Texas Anti-Gang Center,” the release grandly announces. “The TAG serves as the unified headquarters for an estimated 75 – 100 of the region’s most knowledgeable and experienced federal, state and local anti-gang investigators, analysts and prosecutors. The TAG is comprised of various law enforcement agencies, and has implemented innovative approaches to fighting violent criminal gangs and the transnational criminal organizations. Today violent criminal gangs and their allied networks are involved in virtually every type of felonious activity, including drug production and distribution; weapons-smuggling, extortion, kidnapping and murder for hire; home-invasion; metal and heavy equipment theft; major fraud, money laundering and bulk cash smuggling; gambling and dog-fighting; and prostitution and human-trafficking, including both adults and children for sexual exploitation.”

This investigation conveniently started months after Waco.

“The Indictment alleges that from approximately October 2015 through April 2018, the defendants conspired together, and with others, to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine. According to the Indictment, the defendants arranged for the acquisition of methamphetamine and its distribution and delivery. They used stash houses or other locations to store the methamphetamine and acted as intermediaries and brokers to negotiate the acquisition, price, delivery and payment for the quantities of methamphetamine.”

Everything But Answers

It includes the requisite, attention grabbing headline.

“In January 2018 and February 2018, according to the Indictment, four defendants kidnapped an individual and held the victim for several days to obtain stolen drug proceeds that the defendants believed belonged to them. The defendants pointed a pistol at the victim’s head, threatened to kill the victim, hit the victim with a large wooden object on the back of the head and used a hatchet to chop off a portion of the victim’s left index finger.”

A righteous sermon:

“Drug trafficking is a dangerous and violent business—that is a reality. It is clear that these hate-fueled gangs will do whatever they must do in order to carry on their drug trafficking business. Firearms, body armor, illegal drugs, drug proceeds and unspeakable physical violence are the tools of their trade. The collaborative law enforcement and prosecutorial effort that led to the Indictment and arrest of these defendants is the first step in closing down their drug dealing organizations for good.”

The indictment and the accompanying press release include just about everything except the answers to the all the obvious questions about Waco.

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35 Responses to “The Aryan Circle Indictment”

  1. Mark Says:

    Here’s the rock solid proof that these arrest are nothing but showboat arrest. Again I’m not saying the cops planted evidence to frame and bust these guys. I’m saying theses guys are so small they don’t make any kind of a equation in the meth numbers in the US. That bust iwas an easy bust for making a statement, “we are doing our jobs”, which is 100% pure Bull Shit.
    The link above makes my past point Crystal (pun intended) Clear. It’s Mexican Nationalist disbursing that illegal drug throughout the USA in huge amounts. In fact Massive Amounts, 90 plus million dollars worth in one shipment. If there is a war on drugs, why are US Air Force F-22’s not blowing the Mexican meth labs to bits down in Mexico and sealing the fucking border? What the fuck is a war anyway? Or is this a war on the American people to tighten the noose around our necks to strangle our freedoms under the title, The War On Drugs. The drug war is deep, American’s can’t buy a new car/motorcycle without the dealers having to file paperwork with the feds. Cashless society? Another throw off of War On Drugs. War on Bikers, nothing but showboat Bull Shit to say, “we are doing our jobs”. While these same government agencies are involved in a treasonous Coup D’eata against a lawful serving POTUS because they committed massive crimes in the recent past and can’t chance those crimes becoming public.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    The other set of “violent criminal gangs and their allied networks are involved in virtually every type of felonious activity’, also known as the feds and pigs of all cities, counties and states, should be targetted also, but won’t be, to the detriment of this once great nation.

  3. BigV Says:

    Irish 1%: I have had leave from my senses. A person like me who is possibly a wirehead would say this about thieves who sell you shit back they stole:

    The win the Official 1968 Bobby Kennedy Snitch Klan Memorial Award.

    They’re a unique award. In my estimation you get to deal with a real fine class of people when you’ve got tweakers whose main bag is tweaking, stealing, lying, and tweaking.

    You know, I have no idea why anyone would want to mess with their sense of tactile reality in this day and age, but they could fucking control their buzz and not do certain shit.

    Long Ago Quote Now Remembered:
    We have millions of miles of ditches dug- why ain’t they filled ?

  4. david Says:

    @ Mike Smith, May 5

    with respect, every point made is pertinent and spot on.

    The combat po-lice present, and before and after, apparently thought the only “duty” THEY had,was to guarantee the continual flow of grant money from the criminals in D.C. All about money, all the time.

  5. Irish 1%er Says:

    Feds and media love to throw the name AB around all the time but I can assure you not one person in that inditement is a brand member. Alice Baker at ABT are two very different organizations with nothing in common as far as members go. Can’t make this shit up, the kidnapping charge comes from a group of tweakers rounding up a dude for stealing only problem is one of the lames in the group stole the money and did the kid napping ro cover it up! Only tweakers will still your shit and then help you look for it!! Most of the people involved didn’t even know each other. This is a very big net they are throwing out!

  6. BigV Says:


    It does rhyme stupid chicken shit motherfucker who gets his ass in a sling trying to be cute in the wrong company. But, my mind is still blown.

    Sieg: Is it possible that a Klucker could be like that Zucker boy collecting all them pic-toors ah everbody offa that there Facebook ?

    Or you reckon that’s just one they lot run around the lot before IA comes along and boils off the hair and bleeds it ?

  7. Sieg Says:

    A “klucker”…is that a White man that isn’t afraid to say it?

  8. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    I’m pretty sure there are quite a few kluckers in the white motorcycle clubs so this ain’t no surprise to me.


  9. Mike Smith Says:

    Here the LEO’s taut their Duty to Warn obligation. But on the same hand they testified that they had weeks of notice about the gang war at the Twin Peaks restaurant and just set up to observe it?

    “In a conversation captured by her body cam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting, ‘I really didn’t think it was going to end like this.

    “I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out, …'”…/Documents-Police-did-little-to…

    Documents: Police did little to stop Waco biker showdown

    Evidence that prosecutors gave to lawyers who are representing the bikers shows local and state authorities had overwhelming intelligence that violence was likely and did little in advance to prevent the meeting.


    Bandidos trial brings up prevented West Texas attack on Cossacks month before Waco case

    Law enforcement warned Cossacks bikers about an alleged planned attack by the Bandidos in West Texas prior to Waco case, according to court testimony.
    Documents: Police did little to stop Waco biker showdown
    Evidence that prosecutors gave to lawyers who are representing the bikers shows local and state authorities had overwhelming intelligence that violence was likely…

  10. Mike Smith Says:

    There is no question that the various LEO’s were using the Cossacks as a Clearing House and that the rank and file were dupes.

    Very little about this atrocity had anything to do with either Motorcycle Club.

    The LEO’s had gutted the Cossacks and were wearing their skin.

    The Bandidos were a trophy prize that the LEO’s wanted to kill, but simultaneously they needed Bandidos ferocious reputation to have their mock war with.

    The Cossacks couldn’t be fierce street warriors without a fierce enemy.

    The DEA and the ATF got very lucky.

    By putting the Cossacks at odds with the Bandidos they gave them street cred.

    The older heads in the Cossacks were being eased out of the club because after 50 years they would have known that poking the Bandidos in the eye was a really bad idea.

    Owen Reeves was placed into the Cossacks and given his own isolated chapters where any of the older members of the Cossacks would be unlikely to see them and object.

    As Rebel said their was a lot of smoke. People standing on either side of the Cossacks would have a hard time seeing the Feds.

    The CoC&I was an added bonus. By staging the riot at the CoC&I meeting the LEO’s hoped to score a death blow against one of their most powerful enemies.

    In addition to eviscerating the Bandidos in their home state. That b using the Law of Parties.

    But it all went sideways and now every prosecution wants to distance itself from the alliance that the LEO’s made between the Aryan Circle and the Cossacks.

    Did they just get lucky in killing Big O? Or was he a liability that had an expiration date?

    Some people object to my short stories, but I got all of this on paper long before the indictments were handed down.

    I have to say that I am disappointed that none of the defense attorneys ever mounted the “Duty to Warn” and the direct connection between the Cossacks, the Aryan Circle and the Undercover operations against the Aryan Circle.

  11. BustedKnuckles Says:

    Mark you make some really valid points about the distribution of Meth from Mexico. It’s is no secret down in Mexico that the reason that there is a never ending war between rival Cartels,gangs and the corrupt government is because they all want to wet their beaks with the abundance of cash coming in by the biggest consumers of heroin and meth, which is the ever growing addict population of the USA. Mexico doesn’t care about weed anymore. That’s chump change and the weed from down there pales in comparison to the weed being grown here in the states. It was no secret when the Chinese boats with drums full of ephedrine docked in Mexican ports. These Chinese ships were there to drop off the ephedrine and then load up on coal because of the restrictions placed on them by the UN to cease using coal as a power source for their Made in China factories.But to get back to the point of this article.Confidential Informants is what keeps this game going. Cops, Detectives, Agents, and others don’t even have to do any type of real investigating anymore because of CI’s. These rats spill the beans and confess their innermost, darkest secrets as if they were speaking to Barbara Walters. Then these agents of Law Enforcement just sell the rhetoric to the taxpayers to show that there money is being utilized productively i their ongoing “War on Drugs”. Snitches are not a dying breed anymore.

  12. Penguin Says:

    An interesting question in legalistic matters is always “the crime lab”

    So I was pleased to see this: “Four Ways the Crimelab Can Frame You…

    Is worth keeping a copy…now then, can my lawyer get this document into evidence?

    Right. The Jury is not permitted to know…

  13. Penguin Says:

    A very interesting article, and comments too. Thanks

    The “war on dope” is a front for a type of gladio operation. The intelligence services need money off the books, so they license manufacture and distribution. Anybody who gets too independent gets busted. Anybody in a “torture-able class”, ie not Ivy League, may be tossed away at any time.

    Is natural that in time as they realize the character of the thing, that real men do not play games with gladio… So the intelop has to create its own “gangs”….

    This, in part, explains how the kitchen labs went away…and the labs got big and fairly professional and in Mexico…

    Now something more useful, getting a stripped drainplug outa my primary case.

  14. Old & Jaded Says:

    @Austin & Sieg – Many thanks for providing the link to that “Methland” article Rebel wrote. It was fantastic. The comments were also so interesting/informative and it was nice to see some of the old timers like sled tramp. We have never had a realistic drug policy in this nation. We are frankly very backward in many ways.

    Where I live (WA) pot is legal and you know what the negative impact has been? None. It’s just no big deal up here. One funny aside, I’ve talked to all kinds of otherwise conservative elder type folks that are fed up with big pharma and are hitting the local pot stores to deal with various aches/pains – and they are happy with the results.

  15. Dutchboy Says:

    Sieg, “sing in” might be appropriate. We all know that the snitches involved with this would fill a phone book.

  16. Austin Says:


    “When the government controls the music, the run-around never ends.”

    THAT is a FACT!

  17. Austin Says:

    @FF – LMFAO

    Sieg mentioned “Methland”. If you don’t have time or resources for the whole book – I *highly* recommend reading this from the archives;

    another stellar effort from our host.

  18. Agnarr Says:

    Well here’s what I personally know

    1- I live about 60 miles east of Odessa, Tx. and can tell you that there is a Chapter over there. I have seen plenty of them wearing cuts saying Odessa when they come to Big Spring, Tx. for rides with the chapter that is here.
    2- KWES the local NBC station does not really go out of thier way to do any investigative reporting. Other then one anchor lady that’s been their forever, the rest of the station is constantly hiring and then losing all it’s reporters, either to other markets or to other stations right their in Odessa.
    3- Drug Running like Mark stated is mainly done from Mexico into the USA by the cartels. But as far as Texas goes Once on this side of the Rio Grande; then it needed to be distributed, and for years I have read the occasional news article on how this was the work and backbone to how the Bandito’s made most of thier money. I am not saying that this often repeated, insinuation by the news media is true or not. I do not know I have no knowledge on how the Bandito’s make their bread, nor is this any of my concern.
    But this article today showing how the nutt-sacks were skipped over makes me wonder if just maybe they are doing what the Bandito’s have been accused of in the past.
    4- Who were the intermediaries? Why are several names listed on the indictment Hispanic in origin. ‘The separation of the races’ was the basic Creed of all the different groups listed as Ayran insert-name-here. I do not think these were falsely arrested but if it turns out that you have say Cartel members,then this case could be worth watching just for the who working for who stuff.

    Or maybe I will get an answer just by seeing which club is going on rides on the I-20 which goes by my house.

  19. Stevo Says:

    Use, abuse, throw away. I wonder if the dwarf Ciccone will laugh when Reeves gets 14 year.


  20. rocco151 Says:

    Mark +1

    So basically law enforcement is going after rogue individuals of a group easily identified by a patch on their back who would never be stupid enough to shoot at them and ignoring the real problem of unidentified (or difficult to identify) people who have no qualms about shooting first and fleeing South to the headquarters of their extremely well funded large enterprises ! It’s hard to find any fault with your logic actually ! The irony is that in my large Midwest city on lake Michigan the dominant 1% club forbids any illegal activity anywhere near their clubhouses, which are located in neighborhoods where the police are nervous to go into after dark !

  21. Sieg Says:

    “sing-in”…don’t know WHAT my phone was thinking of on that one.


  22. Sieg Says:

    Mark has a good point in that most of the meth consumed in this country anymore comes straight out of Mexico. The cartels there are using vertically-integrated supply models, and installing people in remote places, small towns, all the way deep into the American heartlands. For a good look at this, check out “Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town” by Nick Reding. Anyplace there could plausibly be a bunch of wets, there was a built-in labor force for the distributors.

    Far as these guys being an organized group of “White Supremacists”, whatever the fuck THEY are, forget it. They toss names of orgs around, but I doubt you’ll find a full-patch Brand hanging with DWB or ABT Inside or out. Possible, but if so, I’d have to think it was a personal thing, no bidness.

    So, the AC. They can’t even walk on the majority of Federal yards. Independent Whites ran ’em off. Started, I believe, in The Hut, but I can’t swear to that. What I do know is that they were told to sing-in, and they did. If they’re the ones ramrodding this, and they’re hanging with the nutsacks, well, pretty much tell you all you need to know.

    Bottom line, they knew it back in the sixties, and it’s still true…”SPEED KILLS”.


  23. Mark Says:

    Funny it’s White men and not Mexican Nationalists running the meth as the arrest imply. 80% of the meth in the USA comes straight out of Mexico, 90% of all property crimes in the USA are sourced back to meth. 80% of the inmates in county jails admit that meth played a large part of their criminal lifestyle. I’m not suggesting anything about the people arrested in this latest police operation as far as guilt or innocents goes. My point is, this is showboat raids and arrests and has nothing to do with making the public safe. If these same police and government attorneys were really interested in public safety. They would be out to cut the head off the snake and be directing their resources, energy and manpower at the Mexican drug cartels that manufactures and bring the drugs into this country and the disbursement of that meth through Mexican Nationalist in the country illegally. The problem with doing that is, the Mexican Nationalist running the drug warfare against this country will murder cops without a second thought. So high profile cases are created to grab the Fake News Media’s services who will get the controlled narrative out in the public eye.

  24. Legendary Jim Says:

    Have you got a copy of the indictment? We would all love to see it. – Legendary

  25. Freeman Says:

    ‘’Cozy relationship with the Cossack’’ they are not content with infiltration or paying off a rat anymore, if you haven’t figured it out yet they now own clubs, makes the whole stirring shit game a lot easier when your the pot, and they own the wooden spoon too.

  26. Paladin Says:

    @ T Hell;

    “The indictment and the accompanying press release include just about everything except the answers to the all the obvious questions about Waco.”

    The above quote is what Rebel’s story is about. The point of my post was that as long as the government has control of the narrative, as in the music, no one will be forced to sit, as in musical chairs. Nor will there be legitimate answers to questions asked, as in getting the run-around.

    Long May You Ride,


  27. FF Says:

    White people. I KNEW IT!

  28. Freebird Says:

    The Cossacks do not have a chapter in Odessa. Okay than what was the purpose of talking to 2 ranking cossacks on April 11 about Odessa. It is my understanding the feds, state and who knows what other agencies hauled ass to Odessa with 70+ people. According to them there was going to be violence.

    30 days later the Town clowns make sure the cossacks know there is going to be a coci meeting at a family restaurant and they better be there.

    What the fuck changed in 30 days? Maybe Odessa was a dress rehearsal.

  29. RLG Says:

    Huh, not another club behind them. Interesting.

  30. T Hell Says:

    This is not as sophisticated as musical chairs, this is TAG two wheels and a patch and your it….

  31. Parsifal Says:

    Sounds like Texas is going for the state with the largest penal colony? Fuck That!

  32. jrino Says:

    Damn! This is the exact script from the “sons of anarchy” complete with corrupt cops {and all we need is the Irish buying guns!!!!}

  33. Paladin Says:

    In the game “musical chairs”, players must run around a row of lined up chairs. When the music stops, the players must find and sit on a chair. There are always more players than there are chairs. Those that don’t find a chair to sit on are eliminated from the game. When the government controls the music, the run-around never ends.


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