Bandidos Prosecution Rests

April 26, 2018

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Bandidos Prosecution Rests

Government prosecutors rested their case yesterday in the trial of former Bandidos national officers Jeffrey Pike and John Portillo. The prosecution rested about a month before it had previously announced it expected to do so.

The trial has proceeded by fits. It began on February 28, 57 calendar days ago. In the 41 working days since it began, the trial has been in session for only 24 days. The delays seem to have been strategic; an attempt to filibuster the jury into believing what prosecutor Eric Fuchs says they should see is really there.


The argument that Pike and Portillo were calling the shots at the top of a criminal empire broke into two parts.

During the first half of the trial the government tried to connect the defendants to two cold case murders.

One was the murder of Robert Lara in 2002 and the other the murder of a drug dealer and Hells Angels imposter named Anthony Benesh in 2006. The evidence was entirely testimonial and came out of the mouths of the actual, confessed murders. They told the jury that they were murderers because that is what the Bandidos cult and Portillo had brainwashed them to be. They did not testify that they had had more than a dozen years to polish their stories and more than a year with their governments drama coaches who taught them to tell their tales convincingly.


The second half of the trial dripped with gore.

A witness named Johnny Romo interpreted and explained the secret tape recordings he had made as Portillo fussed and fumed about the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. Other witnesses testified about their terror as Bandidos invaded a bar called Gator’s Jam inn in Forth Worth and started a fight. More witnesses testified that after Pike slightly changed the club patch he had dissidents savagely beaten. The prosecutors told the jury that Pike resented his predecessor George Wegers and wanted him.beaten. At the time, Wegers was and remains in a wheelchair.

The jurors learned that the dispute with the Cossacks wasn’t so much about a Texas bottom rocker, as numerous biker authorities have been alleging for years, but that some Bandidos were enraged that the Cossacks patch was bigger than theirs.

So far, this trial doesn’t seem to be very different from most biker trials. The government has tried to portray “a terrifying ride to the wild side,” that the jurors themselves ‘might not survive.”

Defense attorneys Dick DeGuerin, and Mark Stevens will start trying to convince the jury that their clients are just a couple of good old boys next Monday.

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16 Responses to “Bandidos Prosecution Rests”

  1. Freebird Says:

    Wish I could see footage of Sonny Barger testifying via video in support of P&P in San Antonio….. To me that,s off the charts Respect right there!

  2. Neuro Says:

    Maybe the defense won’t even call any of the turncoats up , since I suppose they already had a shot at cross examination. I am curious to watch the defense. The government did not have much of a case other than, as many have already pointed out, guys testifying through deals for reduced sentences.

  3. Neuro Says:

    It’s going to be real interesting to follow some of the defense cross examination of the former member turncoats. Hopefully we can get some firsthand reports. Maybe Pretty Paula ? I will be cheerleading for youse, El Jeffe y Big John.

  4. Texasbiker Says:

    One of these days a defense lawyer is going to subpoena a ton of ex club members and experts and call them to the stand and ask them how they are still alive.. Georgie and Connecticut ed and all the guys writing books and yapping . Ask each of them how are you still alive ? It can’t be. I saw an episode of soa. This just doesn’t happen. .

  5. Snow Says:

    Wishing best of luck to J Pike and J Portillo on your successful defense of this bullshit just us scam. Soon you’ll be flying free again

  6. david Says:

    @Mark. The truth is , as you know, the Lawmakers are the, lawbreakers.

    Because the current judicial branch operates as an inversion of the law,
    the whole fucking thing is a fake justice operation, for a show, to keep up fake appearances which more and more people are daily perceiving as just that.

  7. Filburt Says:

    The innocent have been railroad for years.

  8. Oregon Moose Says:

    Hoping that the defense team can inject enough reasonable doubt into the jurors that they can win this case. Hopefully at least one (ideally several) of the jurors haven’t been completely snow-balled by the combination of (a) bullshit “expert” witnesses and (b) well-coached CI’s who are actually criminals themselves.

    Seems like a complete travesty of justice but I guess that’s about par for America these days…

  9. Mark Says:

    Curbside nailed it. Think of this, if all at once everyone made sure they didn’t break any laws, no matter what laws they were. No more spitting on the sidewalk, no drinking 1 beer and driving, no laws broken period. Does anyone here honest believe that government would lay off cops and lawyers, not a chance. Crimes would be made up out of the clear blue and the unlucky ones would
    be going through the same BS we see going on today. But all the people wouldn’t stop breaking the laws and that would be the people entrusted with government power. They would be the ones breaking the laws to put on a show that they were protecting the public, even if they had to railroad the innocent. Bikers are just easy targets for underachieving government employees.
    Look at what the POTUS is going through and we all know that it’s the criminals in government that are trying to frame him the president and put innocent people in prison to cover up their treason.

  10. Txboshot Says:

    I do not belong to any club’s mentioned so I have no idea what so ever on the inner working’s on this way to long process of weeding through the bullshit.

    To me it seems, like Curbside says, that the prosecution it throwing darts blindly. However, I only feel that this is just only the beginning of a long bumpy road that is going to change the culture of the MC world as we know it.

    The pressure the government has pressed is only a fraction of what we will see in the future. I personally have already began to see this type of harassment here in North Texas to some of the local 1%ers. Being followed, pictures being taken etc etc.

    The landscape is changing gentlemen. Guess we will have to see what rises from the ashes.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    I have to agree with Curbside, the Feds are using anything they could scrape together to makw a RICO case, honestly the Feds case reminds me of Twin Peaks in that as much as Reyna and Co. tried as hard as they could to make a case out of nothing.

    Fuchs can try all the cute little stalling and gang experts all he wants to try and mold it into some big conspiracy but the facts dont support what Fuchs is selling.

    All the money spent to cobble something together that doesnt have any better of a chance than the other Rico cases against MC’s that we have had in the past, this is nothing more than a throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks prosecution.

  12. Davr Says:

    These videos you show are exactly what Cletus an Martha think goes on in the MC Club world. Thanks Hollywood. The feds know this and play it up to the jury. Hopefully there are a few sane people left in Texas that can see thru this brainwashing scheme and do the right thing.

  13. Curbside Says:

    As fubar as this whole situation is, there’s at least one thing the Fat Mexican can rest assured of, and that’s knowing they have the best criminal defense attorney in the entire state.

    It’s just truly sad that the government has resorted to grasping at straws like they’ve done here. If there were any actual evidence of wrongdoing, trials and convictions would have been over and done with a long time ago. The fact that the federal government is trying two people for a murder that happened over 15 years ago (that the killer confessed to over 10 years ago!) is proof positive that they have exactly dick squat.

  14. Freebird Says:

    So far it is spot on with the original Wendy’s commercials. Where the fuck is the Beef?

    The only people still shitting their pants has to be Odessa Tx after 70+ balls in hand cheeks together law dogs swarmed a local watering hole.

    Swatting is probably closer to the truth.

  15. Griz's Gal Says:

    Good luck, gentlemen. I mean this with my whole heart.


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