Michael P. “Grizz” Maguire

April 18, 2018

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Michael P. “Grizz” Maguire

Michael P. “Grizz” Maguire, a founding member, chaplain and former president of the Semper Fi Chapter of the Leathernecks Nation Motorcycle Club, died February 9, 2018 in Deptford, New Jersey, near Philadelphia.

He was also a former commandant of the Marine Corps League in Deptford Township.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of Toys For Tots and Stand Down of South Jersey, a program organized by the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. Stand Down of South Jersey provides food, shelter, clothing, medical attention and other services to homeless veterans.

He is survived by his club brothers; his wife Nancy; his sons Sean, Travis and Brandon; and his sisters Ellen Lake and Theresa Marie Leichner

He was buried February 17 at the Gloucester County Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

Grizz Maguire was 62-years-old. His soul was older and wiser than that. And he had an outstanding war face.

Requiscat In Pace.


19 Responses to “Michael P. “Grizz” Maguire”

  1. Ol' Goat Says:

    Condolences to the family and brothers of “Grizz”. RIP and Semper Fi!

  2. DocB Says:

    Condolences to the brothers, family and friends of Michael P. “Grizz” Maguiref.
    May he rest in peace

    Semper FI

  3. John t Cokos Says:

    Grizz checked out way too early. The Marine Corp League is about a block over from where I live. Used to wake up the hood when they would roll in the area on the way to the League Building (an old Fire House building) dedicated after a local Marine and neighbor Kenny Mokuau was killed in Viet Nam….

  4. Old & Jaded Says:

    Condolences to his family and friends.

  5. Steel Says:

    RIP Marine. Condolences to his family and brothers.



  6. Gypsy Girl Says:

    Respect and condolences.

  7. JMacK Says:

    Respects and condolences to his Family, Brothers and the USMC.


  8. G.Bill Says:

    You will be missed, Brother Grizz. Semper Fi.

  9. Friar Says:

    Big Grizz,
    Until we meet again, my Brother, my Mentor! You got Overwatch! LFFL, LRB, Semper Fi. -Friar

  10. FF Says:

    I’ve heard it said, one should aspire to leave this physical world better than you found it. Sounds like Grizzly did that. My condolences to all who knew and loved him.

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    Respects and condolences

  12. Grimace Says:

    My Brother, my President, my friend through thick and thin.

    May he be welcomed into Valhalla the forever Chapter with open arms.

    Semper Fi,

    Road Captain,
    Semper Fi Chapter

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    Condolences to all. RIP

  14. Aanon Says:

    Shit, I bet his party face was some stuff of legend. And I hope all those that saw it remember.

  15. Oregon Moose Says:

    Semper Fi!!

  16. Freebird Says:

    RIP Marine!

  17. Storyteller Says:

    R.I.P. brother, end of your.Get some rest.

  18. Ronbo. Says:

    Semper Fidelis Brother

  19. Psycho Says:

    While Leatherneck Nation is a split-off of the original Leathernecks MC, I offer condolences to his family, and hope that he rests in peace. It’s a sad day when we lose any Marine.

    Fuck your feelings

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