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April 11, 2018

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Iron Order S.O.S.

A lawsuit in Philadelphia titled Brenda L. Bollinger, Administratrix of the Estate of Tonya M. Focht v. Iron Order Motorcycle Club a/k/a Iron Order Motorcycle Club, LLC, et al. may kill the ersatz motorcycle club sooner than previously expected.

The case is scheduled for trial June 25. In a memorandum distributed to all club members on the club forum last night, Iron Order president Patrick “Brit” Ward told members the Iron Order cannot pay its legal bills and is “almost out of funds.”

“The club has an outstanding legal bill of $65,000 that must be paid,” Ward began. “The IOMC is still involved in a civil lawsuit in Pennsylvania, with a pending court date sometime in June. A judge in Pennsylvania has removed Shark from defending the IOMC in this civil lawsuit. Right now we have no one to defend the IOMC. We have an opportunity to hire an excellent attorney in Pennsylvania to defend the IOMC. The lawyer requires a $100K retainer and will more likely require an additional $100K for our defense for a total of $200K. The IOMC does not have the money to hire a lawyer without help from the brotherhood.” And, the “IOMC rally is still scheduled for May.”

What Pro Hac Vice Means

Two weeks ago, Judge John Younge disqualified the Iron Order’s “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” a man named John C. “Shark” Whitfield from acting as the club’s defender at trial because he will be a material witness in the case.

The case began when an Iron Order member named Timothy “Munch” Martin, threw a woman named Tonya Focht under a car and killed her. As has been standard operating procedure in Iron Order homicides for years, Whitfield immediately interjected himself into the police investigation in order to influence it and protect Martin. Whitfield committed the Iron Order Motorcycle Club as a whole to defending Martin’s actions. Martin remains an Iron Order member.

The plaintiff’s motion to recuse Whitfield read in part:

“John C. Whitfield, Esquire (who goes by the road name of ‘Shark’) is pro hac vice counsel for the Iron Order in this case, and is a long-standing member of the Iron Order and one of three individuals who has been the driving force in promulgating and enforcing the ‘outlaw’ culture of the Iron Order. In particular, Whitfield has been involved in, inter alia, promoting the Iron Order’s violent and misogynistic policies and procedures; admitting and maintaining the membership status of Timothy ‘Munch’ Martin, notwithstanding his violent criminal history (which includes repeatedly raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old special-needs child before passing her around to his friends to similarly abuse); and engaging in a systematic cover-up to thwart plaintiff’s discovery of highly relevant information in this case. For at least these reasons, Whitfield is a necessary and indispensable fact witness who should be disqualified from acting as trial counsel in this matter.”

Because Whitfield is not licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, he hired a local co-counsel named, Philip Blackman , a personal injury lawyer and a partner in the firm Schwartz & Blackman, to represent his club. Blackman is the man who wants $200,000 to try the case. The memo does not account for the “outstanding legal bill of $65,000 that must be paid.”


In his memo, Ward told members the club has three options.

“Cancel our rally this year. This will allow us to pay the outstanding bill now and have funds on hand to operate, plus keep monty in our pockets so that we can donate top the legal fund. However, we would still not have enough funds for the (Blackman) to defend us outright. This option would still require the club to obtain additional funds in the amount approximately $100,000.”


“Have our rally and raise the funds needed for our legal defense funds. Our rally is being reduced already this year due to our current funds. If every brother in our club were to donate at least $100 we would have what we need to hire (Blackman) and continue with our national party. In the grand scheme of things, this is not too much to ask with the strong possibility of winning this case.”


“Have our rally and walk away from the case entirely. If this option is selected, we are allowing the court to decide our fate without an legal representation. This will no doubt result in a very large settlement (sic) against us which could effectively shut us down. If (we) were to lose this case without any legal representation there are many variables to what our future would look like. There could also be additional legal ramifications affecting our club such as the trademark, etc. It is possible that we could continue on as we are now, but we would still have a judgment sitting over the club’s head for many years to come.”

When asked to comment on the memo, a well informed source said: “There is going to be a mass exodus over this. They are not in the mindset of paying all that money to defend a child molester as well as the fact they have been lied to for so long about how the trial was going. They were given the impression Shark had this under control and it was over.”

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74 Responses to “Iron Order S.O.S.”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    Yep… stupid name. Intimidating? Is that what you and the IO are trying to do? Intimidate the Hobbits? If so… it ain’t working. Posers got to put in some work. Even the Cossacks knew that.

  2. Old & Jaded Says:

    JR – If you do a word search of the Iron Order, there are many prior posts that might help you re why they don’t have many fans here.

    In one of the videos Rebel posted, Whitfield describes the club as the largest law abiding club in the country and he frets about people thinking they are something they are not (1%ers). On the web site, the club says it is not a 1% club and never will be. It’s all about brotherhood and doing good deeds…In fact, one area notes, “…but we will always take the high road and do the right thing.” Boy scouts to the end…

    The reality is the IO imitates the dress, customs and language of the 1% clubs they dismiss. They seem to desperately want the attention – but don’t want the realities that go with it. For a self-described mainstream club, they have been involved in a number of serious incidents and have managed to rub a lot of people the wrong way. You don’t hear that much about other truly recreational clubs with members that just want to hit the road.

    Most people don’t like hypocrites. Be a 1%er – or don’t. The IO has proven that trying to straddle the middle is bound to get you screwed from both directions. Smart move to get out.

  3. JR Says:

    “Gandalf”…first of all, your “Road name” from a Hobbit movie is quite intimidating. Secondly, you are a prime example of what I was talking about. And thirdly, I said I was a former member, so what’s the ya’ll shit? I swear, as a keyboard commando, your pathetic!!

  4. Gandalf Says:

    @ JR Short of actually searching for any IO in DFW Texas… I have been looking for one for 3 years. Obviously the big club got Y’all skeered to wear colors. It’s going to be my pleasure to run my “pie hole” at the posers. But be warned… Looks can be deceiving and you faggots won’t ever see me coming… when I’m done exercising my “free speech” for all to hear, (and hopefully my self defense rights) I’m gonna call 911 roll into my J Q Public persona and collect my Academy Award. Sound familiar?
    Good Luck with that Jerk off. Heck… getting stomped is part of the fun sometimes.3 on 1 is fun if you know what your doing. ;) Challenging. Please save some $ for my Lawyers.

  5. SharkRib Says:

    “the premise behind the club…is a good one.” What?

  6. JR Says:

    Good Lord. I’ve read this site many times and am amazed at all of the Trolls here. Big men who would never run their pie holes to an IO members face. Why are there so many haters here? I agree with one prediction, and that is that there will be a mass exodus. Way to many wannabes in the IO that would not a bit more back you in a bar fight than anyone. As a former member, I can testify to the fact that there are MANY, by definition, “Wannabes” in the IO. This being the #1 reason for my leaving. However, I will also say that there are many, by definition, “True Bikers”, in the IO. The IO’s biggest problem is that they will allow anyone to become a member. I would still be a member, if they would be more concerned about quality and far less concerned about quantity. I hope they do not fold. The premise behind the club, and at a national level is a good one. Again, they could improve tremendously by a much more strenuous and vetted member quals. And finally, do not hate because they allow LEO’S in the club. Remember, ALL clubs have LEO’S, IO just knows who theirs are. L&R

  7. Rook Says:

    All the dumb fucks have to do is sell 200,000 more patches through the mail for a buck each!!
    Can’t wait for these fucks to finally dissipate.

  8. Tiger Says:

    Too bad it has taken this long for justice. Mark lost a fine lady and was being railroaded by these days,
    and they’re contacts in LEO’s. Fuck the cowardly, Child molesting, shitsucking asshole licking, back stabbing , butt fucking , targets for gun practice, horse sucking , faggot mutherfuckers. Fuck me… I have a headache now so I need a couple shots and a Tylenol. Amen, hallelujah and shit I am going to hell but fuck it.

  9. Jim Bob Says:

    I know. Every time I read another article about the shit they do to innocents and get away with it, (when you know if it was ANYBODY else they’d be tried, convicted and locked up for 15-20 practically within a month), it makes me sick and feel like any hope for society is just gone

  10. Old & Jaded Says:

    Watching these videos was enough to make me sick. Whining about the public confusing them with those scary 1%ers – but of course they have to wear a three patches on their “cut” (LOL) and use “IOFFIO” etc. A real club would have never admitted that pervert. Bunch of damn wannabes.

    Paladin hit it on the nose – Karma has landed.

  11. oldskewl Says:

    Imagine.. (its hard to type this with a straight face) you see the Nashville Railroad lawyer video explaining how his vest is called “A CUT” and how long he’s been riding yada yada. These are kinds of clowns this clubs attracted from get-go.. Lawyers, Cops, Feds.. You name it, the have it.

    Looking at some of the videos some very young guys in this club too. Notice, not a lot of pictures of their bikes either as most as Yamahas or knock-offs.

    It’s over rover

  12. SharkRib Says:

    @ Jim Bob,
    And then there’s the skill at railroading the innocent victims of IO so that they are the ones who are arrested.

  13. The Kraut Says:

    Whatta ya wanna bet the piss-gummed butt brothers reach out to the ACLU?

    “we’re being discriminated by the people who are what we only hoped to be”

    Fucka buncha urine odor grab-ass sidewalk commando pussies!

    These dim bulbs don’t know whether they’re sucking dick or eating spaghetti…

    either way, good riddance…

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  14. Jim Bob Says:

    Railroad laws?! “How could they not see the lights?”…I grew up, (and still live next to), the railroad tracks and forget the lights or the crossing arms, when a train is approaching a crossing there’s marked posts x-amount of feet before it, ( and there’s multiple posts that are a good distance away from the crossing), that signal to the conductor that a crossing is ahead and they lay on their whistle from that 1st marked post up until they are through.

  15. Neuro Says:

    Yeah Troll, I think you nailed what he meant. Only small letters should be used when referring to the color of the thread. Capital letters denote an abbreviation for the actual large club itself.

  16. Troll Says:

    @ Trebor and @ TX_Biker

    I think you missed Dutchboy’s concept Those scumbags were using black and white colors on their set to insult the Outlaws and or Mongols M C s
    Remember the murder of Zach Tipton in Jax, Fl. Troll 1%

  17. Neuro Says:

    Maybe it was over on the Insane Throttle site, but there was a photo. I think they posted dude’s address and phone # too. He had on an Illinois set.

  18. Neuro Says:

    Absolutely no way OS. I think DBoy meant that they would just buy those mail order patches and parade around. I think there was an article over on BNN w/a photo of a guy who had been in one of those clubs and bounced out, then he bough an 81 patch set online and was sending photos in his new patch set back to his old bros. He may have been a flute.

  19. oldskewl Says:

    No way either of the aforementioned clubs would take a single member of the UO, period.

  20. James W Crawford Says:

    Can you say “seperately and equally liable?”

    Every individual member of the Urine Order will be at risk of loosing everything they own to pay a judgement.

  21. Trebor Says:

    Hey Dutchboy if it happens as you say and they go either Red and White or Red and Gold at least this time they’ll have to earn it.Plus theres no guarantee they’ll make it.Might be just too much bad habits and garbage to undo to turn them into decent patch holders

  22. Igo Says:

    What a pesky little detail for an LE club when you can’t even pitch a woman under a car without somebody questioning it?? When they all turn tail and run from the lawsuit,and bury their patch, I have a name for their new club.. They can call it “The order of no accountability” with a chicken for a center patch….

  23. Kenny Says:

    Shhh ya hear thats? Its that air going out of the Lungs of a shitstained mistake .

  24. oldskewl Says:

    The Railroad lawyer video are hilarious.. my gut hurts from laughing so hard.
    These douchebags are gone and Shark has been busy protecting himself from bankruptcy and lawsuits for a week now. You can bet, he sold his home to a relative for about $10k, his porsche for about $2k and his office os closing shop faster than a 7/11 during an ICE raid.

    Thank you, Rebel. You just made an extremely shitty week much brighter and brought a smile to my face.

    Respect to those that deserve it.


  25. TX_Biker Says:

    @Dutchboy I don’t think any 1% MC would have any of their members. I hope this truly is the Karma they deserve.

  26. Dino Says:

    @ Stevo and Sieg:

  27. SharkRib Says:

    “It’s important to hire someone who knows their way around railroad law.” Indeed.

  28. panamaa Says:

    With all the murders, assaults and pussy intimidation by a fucking hack attorney a weekend warrior and a saleman who makes Charles Ponzi look like a punk, they finally get brought down by a child rapist… Now THAT’S karma…


  29. Dutchboy Says:

    Ain’t over till it’s over. I would love to see the Urine Odor go down in flames, but like a herpes sore they will pop up again someplace else, maybe rocking Red and White or Red and Gold this time with all new patches.

    Only way to kill the beast is if the members as individuals are held responsible.

  30. MtPockets Says:

    One more thing- what are the odds that the $65k lawyer bill that “must be paid” comes from the club guy who just got booted from representing them?
    Do you think he does that shit for nothing?

  31. MtPockets Says:

    Did I read somewhere that Shark holds the trademark to the IO?
    Maybe they can reach into HIS pockets instead of the pockets of the sheep he’s been leading astray for so long?
    Not that they are any less worthy, but it sounds like this shark needs to lose his bite.

    Respects to those deserving- especially Rebel!

    Btw- CTLs….

  32. Hero Says:

    If they dont have the money to pay an attorney then how are they going to pay the money once they lose a lawsuit. I don’t see them doing either, I see them going belly-up and then refranchising that wack MC using a different name for the be a heck of a lot cheaper to get a copyright then it would be to pay the money they owe and it would be just like those guys just if someone on the check.

  33. eddie Says:

    Haven’t the Fat Mexicans been upping the donations and dues for some time now. Same shit; Different agendas. Why is it the regular members are on their fuckin own if they get busted ? Exactly why all clubs are falling apart. All about what you can get from other members now; Not what you can do for them.

  34. eddie Says:

    What a god damn scheme. Invent a club, sell patches, get rich. I sure would like to run into Mr. Shark somewhere. What a bunch of fuckin’ pukes.

  35. Dasein Says:

    I wonder how many of them really care about this. What are they really losing, anyway? Some are probably relieved just to have it end before they get Waco’d.

  36. GARSMC Says:

    About Time.
    Thanks for all the man hours spent on reporting Rebel.

  37. Bone Head Says:

    My Dad (RIP) had a saying that applies to IOMC and their troubles…”No one gives you an ass-fucking like the one you give yourself”.

    Dad was a wise man; fits them to a T.

  38. Va.Bob Says:

    No sympathy for these chumps.But since they’re going down,they might as well have the rally.370K for that particular rally,wonder if there was some Fed money involved.

  39. Not the 99 Says:

    Adios you sorry ass bitches!

    A one time Hundo from each member to maybe win, and still be a wanna be MC. Hmmmmm??
    There’s another club out there where every member has been paying an extra monthly donation for several years now.
    It an extra Hundo per member every month to defend a few brothers. Totally voluntary.

  40. JMacK Says:

    How about D? No rally, stop defending a chomo piece of shit, and then go burn every piece of urine odor patch and paraphernalia there is then pissing on the ashes and burying the remains in a big hole?

    Or we could send a cut to every CH of every legit club in the world to hang upside down or use as a dart board or something to scrape up the dogshit out on the patio. This would give opportunity for anyone who thinks that starting an organization like this in the first place to see the respect that they would earn BEFORE they stated up.

    I pick D


  41. RLG Says:

    Seems like they could get half their members to chip in $250 each and the club could mail them all a shitty patch that costs $15 in exchange.

    But fuck em all, their horses, and the calvary behind em.

  42. Filburt Says:

    Phufk’m and feed’m fisheads.

  43. BustedKnuckles Says:

    This is better than Law and Order. Can’t wait to see their next move. Season Finale spoiler alert…..” These guys lose the case, judgement in favor of the deceased in excess of millions having to be paid by the accused, these “club guys” go back to being cops or whatever they are employed as, alphabet agencies they cooperated with have a paper shredding session repudiating any association with this club, and then these same “club guys” put their patches away or destroy any club support gear so that they can never have any proof that they are associated to a club that has a legal obligation to pay a judgement passed against them to the estate of the deceased”. Wow! Great episode. Attention Kurt Sutter you cannot take my comment into context for your next season of whatever biker show you have in mind.

  44. K-Fin Says:

    Hope they burn in flames. I wont piss on em….. Urine Odor Sucks

  45. Paladin Says:

    It’s spelled K-A-R-M-A and pronounced HA HA.


  46. Trebor Says:

    They always put themselves out there like they were nothing like other clubs well guess what?Other clubs are coughing up huge amounts from their membership for their legal bills and not one peep about the legal and financial troubles doing the club in.iron order folding up like a wet napkin soon as it gets a little uncomfortable.

  47. Freebird Says:

    Additional option


    Pay all Attorney fees and get our ass kicked anyway plus judgement award.

  48. Sieg Says:

    What does that kid on “The Simpsons” say?

    Ha Ha


  49. Parsifal Says:

    Rodents jumping the ship. Finally! It should have never been. Witless lied, that is funny. Urine Odor legacy is encrusted in piss, forever. {enshrined upon a hill of fecal matter.} ta! ta! You little bitches.

  50. Stevo Says:

    Bwahahahahahahahaha….breathe in….hahahahahahahaha….breathe in….repeat


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