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April 11, 2018

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Iron Order S.O.S.

A lawsuit in Philadelphia titled Brenda L. Bollinger, Administratrix of the Estate of Tonya M. Focht v. Iron Order Motorcycle Club a/k/a Iron Order Motorcycle Club, LLC, et al. may kill the ersatz motorcycle club sooner than previously expected.

The case is scheduled for trial June 25. In a memorandum distributed to all club members on the club forum last night, Iron Order president Patrick “Brit” Ward told members the Iron Order cannot pay its legal bills and is “almost out of funds.”

“The club has an outstanding legal bill of $65,000 that must be paid,” Ward began. “The IOMC is still involved in a civil lawsuit in Pennsylvania, with a pending court date sometime in June. A judge in Pennsylvania has removed Shark from defending the IOMC in this civil lawsuit. Right now we have no one to defend the IOMC. We have an opportunity to hire an excellent attorney in Pennsylvania to defend the IOMC. The lawyer requires a $100K retainer and will more likely require an additional $100K for our defense for a total of $200K. The IOMC does not have the money to hire a lawyer without help from the brotherhood.” And, the “IOMC rally is still scheduled for May.”

What Pro Hac Vice Means

Two weeks ago, Judge John Younge disqualified the Iron Order’s “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” a man named John C. “Shark” Whitfield from acting as the club’s defender at trial because he will be a material witness in the case.

The case began when an Iron Order member named Timothy “Munch” Martin, threw a woman named Tonya Focht under a car and killed her. As has been standard operating procedure in Iron Order homicides for years, Whitfield immediately interjected himself into the police investigation in order to influence it and protect Martin. Whitfield committed the Iron Order Motorcycle Club as a whole to defending Martin’s actions. Martin remains an Iron Order member.

The plaintiff’s motion to recuse Whitfield read in part:

“John C. Whitfield, Esquire (who goes by the road name of ‘Shark’) is pro hac vice counsel for the Iron Order in this case, and is a long-standing member of the Iron Order and one of three individuals who has been the driving force in promulgating and enforcing the ‘outlaw’ culture of the Iron Order. In particular, Whitfield has been involved in, inter alia, promoting the Iron Order’s violent and misogynistic policies and procedures; admitting and maintaining the membership status of Timothy ‘Munch’ Martin, notwithstanding his violent criminal history (which includes repeatedly raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old special-needs child before passing her around to his friends to similarly abuse); and engaging in a systematic cover-up to thwart plaintiff’s discovery of highly relevant information in this case. For at least these reasons, Whitfield is a necessary and indispensable fact witness who should be disqualified from acting as trial counsel in this matter.”

Because Whitfield is not licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, he hired a local co-counsel named, Philip Blackman , a personal injury lawyer and a partner in the firm Schwartz & Blackman, to represent his club. Blackman is the man who wants $200,000 to try the case. The memo does not account for the “outstanding legal bill of $65,000 that must be paid.”


In his memo, Ward told members the club has three options.

“Cancel our rally this year. This will allow us to pay the outstanding bill now and have funds on hand to operate, plus keep monty in our pockets so that we can donate top the legal fund. However, we would still not have enough funds for the (Blackman) to defend us outright. This option would still require the club to obtain additional funds in the amount approximately $100,000.”


“Have our rally and raise the funds needed for our legal defense funds. Our rally is being reduced already this year due to our current funds. If every brother in our club were to donate at least $100 we would have what we need to hire (Blackman) and continue with our national party. In the grand scheme of things, this is not too much to ask with the strong possibility of winning this case.”


“Have our rally and walk away from the case entirely. If this option is selected, we are allowing the court to decide our fate without an legal representation. This will no doubt result in a very large settlement (sic) against us which could effectively shut us down. If (we) were to lose this case without any legal representation there are many variables to what our future would look like. There could also be additional legal ramifications affecting our club such as the trademark, etc. It is possible that we could continue on as we are now, but we would still have a judgment sitting over the club’s head for many years to come.”

When asked to comment on the memo, a well informed source said: “There is going to be a mass exodus over this. They are not in the mindset of paying all that money to defend a child molester as well as the fact they have been lied to for so long about how the trial was going. They were given the impression Shark had this under control and it was over.”

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74 Responses to “Iron Order S.O.S.”

  1. Ml Says:

    The IO is a fucking joke! They speak on brotherhood but refuse to practice it. If for some reason you get to a point to where you’re not useful, they discard you. They refuse to man up and follow MC protocol because they don’t know it. More then half of them are chasing a image and they’re running so fast that they continuously forget their balls and leave them at the house. I’ve never seen someone that wants to be something they’re not but so fucking scared of the image they chase. And if it’s true that they are supporting a fucking child molester, I truly hope that the end is soon for them.

  2. John t Cokos Says:

    Sieg: Don’t hold yer feelings back….:-) Never seen a patch holder in S.Jersey on the road, they do have a local chapter in the area…

  3. Aanon Says:

    Apologize for the Gandalf moment. Pissed on patches fool? That’s what you guys do after the raids? You probably woulda been a golden lab but that mutt got over the fence first and knocked the bitch up huh? Shame shame. Wait…. you pissed on a merit badge in boy scouts? Trying to sodomize another and used that excuse? Shame shame. If your life is so empty that you would use its time to attempt to convince people that they have you misconceived.. shame shame.

  4. Aanon Says:

    Jr. All keyboard warriors. None of us ( loosely I mean sirs) ride or have been in a fight. Never hit the eye bureau, processing or that shitty window you’re excited to get to to pay major to see the day. Nope, just a bunch of punks. When was the last time you stopped the group to change a tire on that yuppie broads yukon? Or turned the hundo down? Kind of an aside, but really what kind of man are you? I’ve seen siegs fucking ABC news cast. Take stock of yourself and come back with class if you do. Prime reason uo is still trying. No fucking class. Not even going to tell you to suck a dick, I like women.

  5. FF Says:

    Vinnie bo binnie is back, still rocking his mullet hairdo

  6. oldskewl Says:

    “Can someone pass the popcorn?”

    I’d love to see some uo in action without a pistol and a badge

  7. rw Says:

    If you really want to find some of those rump rangers check out redneck heaven in arlington.
    Thas the only place in DFW I’ve ever seen any.
    We arn’t allowed there so I guess that’s they’re safe place

  8. Hangaround Says:

    Can someone pass the popcorn?

  9. Sieg Says:

    Gosh, must have touched a nerve there, junior.

    Got a deck of squares if you want to wash my draws and square away my house, bitch, otherwise, go back to lock-up and put on some fresh Kool-Aid for your boyfriends.


  10. FF Says:

    JR the only thing you ever pissed on is your pants.

  11. oldskewl Says:


  12. Shovelhead Says:

    I’ve gotta know…what patches did you piss on?? Was it more than one? Several? 1%er club patches?

    Rebel, where is this Punk? What Clubs are in his area?

  13. JR Says:

    Sieg…..your the biggest blow hard on here. You wouldn’t know brotherhood if it smacked you in the face. All you “Tough Guy’s” get on here hating on something your powerless to do anything about. I would be willing to bet that you were beat up all through school, or at least all through whatever grade you finished. It’s the norm for someone like you to try and be something your not. The shit I’ve survived out on the streets would make you curl up in a ball and cry like a bitch. Matter of fact, your not worth my time. I’ve pissed on patches worn by bitches like you.


  14. Sieg Says:

    “Trust me, IO was not my first rodeo. I am VERY familiar with the 1% world.”

    Yes officer. If you aren’t a pig, the statement above puts lie to all your bullshit.

    First, if the urine odor wasn’t your first patch, then the only conclusion anyone can reach is that you were thrown out of some other club.

    Secondly, what does the 1% world have to do with the urine odor? They aren’t 1%, hell, they aren’t even a legit club, just a collection of feds, cops, rats, fags, and wannabes.

    Lastly, go fuck yourself. You’re exactly like each and every other urine odor chump to post here, same rap, same bullshit.


  15. Shovelhead Says:

    By coming here calling everyone a keyboard commando, doesn’t that make you the keyboard commando?

    In my opinion, anyone connected to IO in any way is a Rat. I mean, It just makes sense that if you willingly join up with a group who promotes a certain agenda, then you must agree with that agenda or obviously you wouldn’t join up and be around them.

    Iron order promotes snitching, the leadership promotes it!! So in my old school way of thinking, anyone who joins knowing this….Is A Snitch!

    Now, It’s possible for some young kid to join not knowing what he’s doing, But no 1%er would ever join up or have anything to do with IO.
    Before I ever saw this blog, I heard about the IO. Every Patch Holder I know has always called IO a cop club, that’s just the way it is.
    As long as IO promotes snitching and accepting cops, that’s what they’ll be, a Rat infested Cop Club.

  16. panamaa Says:

    JR if “the international leadership have their shit together.” how did you end up in this fucking mess?

    Why? Because your international leadership has NEVER had it’s shit together… Their the biggest wannabe’s in the whole fucking “club”

  17. Stevo Says:

    We get it JR, everyone is dumb except you. Your ‘International Board’ has got its shit together so well it’s a quarter of a million bucks in a hole and facing a ten to twenty million bucks liability over protecting a chommies. If your club is so switched on why didn’t you stand? Why did you run away? Yup, we’re all just blowhards and ‘keyboard commandos’ compared to you.


  18. Gandalf Says:

    Good Luck 2 U JR. I get it…you. But The Child Molester throwing the girl under the truck just pisses me off. Your doing right. Find some guys you have known for years. Smaller IS better. Safer.

  19. JR Says:

    WOW, you guys amaze me. None of you get it except maybe “old & jaded”. He is the only one on here not trying to be a keyboard commando. For you other knuckleheads, I said, that I agree with ya’ll in that there will be a mass exodus. Again, this will be due to the fact that the club IS full of wannabe’s. If I didn’t make myself clear, I left because of this. I could not afford to be caught up in a world where peoples mouths were writing checks that their asses could not cash. Again, the IO does walk the line, and again, their biggest mistake is letting any and everyone join. Other than Old & jaded, the rest of you are blowhards. Trust me, IO was not my first rodeo. I am VERY familiar with the 1% world. Yes, they are hard to find. NOT ALL, but for the most part, they are scared. The chapter I was in would not have a clubhouse because the CP said NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED!He was afraid of not having a liquor license. So, yes, there are some pussies in the IO. I am only cautioning you that the international leadership does have their shit together. AGAIN, if they ever stop putting quantity above quality, you will see a 100% different MC.

  20. Stevo Says:


    The more I experience of you Iron Order people the more I’m convinced you’re the victims of a cult rather than the members of a club. You all speak from the same song sheet like you have no personality of your own, make the same excuses, show the same lack of understanding. You’re like clones of one another. Let me explain something that you clearly don’t get. Just like a white man with dreadlocks is never going to be the nigger he idolises you are never going to be like us. You guys are that wigga, you can dress like a nigger, put on the same accent, wear nigger clothes and listen to nigger music. But you’ll always be fake and the nigger will despise you for it.


  21. Tiger Says:

    “JR” check past posts. Your tough guys were supposed to meet me at a bike show and were a no show. They had a chance but, blew it like they do each other. A bunch of assholes and yes I will say it to any of them. I will say it to you face to face. Calling you guys fags is not right for the gay dudes have morals and ethics something missing from you and yours. Turds are a more accurate description of the IO and you. So go rape and molest you shithead for one day we shall meet.
    Respect to the real
    Thanks Rebel for doing what you do

  22. Sieg Says:

    I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve chased after them on bikes, I’ve tried to catch up to them on foot, but man, they are ALWAYS moving so fast you can barely register that shit-paper on their backs.

    urine odor, former urine odor, don’t matter, all the same dick-breath, cheese-eating, take it up the ass, wannabe a man, faggot punk chumps.


  23. Shovelhead Says:

    Time & time again, IO proves what cowards and Rats they are. Doesn’t matter what I here say them. Their actions speak louder than my ramblings.

    No real Man would even consider joining the IO. If you’re a Biker, meaning you actually live the life, then you already know the IO is full of fake biker wannabe children. And you wouldn’t have anything to do with them.
    I have more respect for local riding clubs than IO fools.

    Kind of hard to say anything to a IO members face when they’re too chicken shit to ride with their colors on. I haven’t seen one on the road in years.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    The fact is… I sometimes get mad… “talk out the side of my neck.” To Rebel and the ‘real’ I apologize that you had to hear it. My only consolation is that the IO are just a bunch of “posers” so I ain’t worried not 1 iota about my missteps. Everyone knows I’m just a stupid Civilian. The only intimidation that patch has going for it is to your wife, kids and dog. (and they are faking) One day I will get “out of line” with an IO patch. Face to face. For fun. (If I ever see one) And yes, I wouldn’t even think of doing it to a real patch but like I said, POSERS! “You got to put in some work” to get respect… and Child Molesters throwing women under trucks ain’t work. It just pisses me off.

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