Manitoba Hells Angels Cyber Vandalism

April 10, 2018

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Manitoba Hells Angels Cyber Vandalism

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran a story this morning that said “Manitoba Hells Angels” are targeting “businesses by posting one-star reviews.”

The news report accused Dale Kelland, “president of the Manitoba Nomads” charter “of the outlaw motorcycle gang the Hells Angels” of ordering his minions to boycott the Marion Hotel in Winnipeg because it had refused service to Hells Angels wearing their colors. “They obeyed Dale Kelland in droves.”

“Within 24 hours,” the CBC reports, “hundreds of people, most of them from outside Canada, posted one-star reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page, reducing its 4.5-star reputation to three stars overnight.” After the hotel took down its Facebook page critical reviews began to appear on the hotel restaurant’s page. The bad reviews weren’t limited to Facebook. For example on Yelp, a reviewer identified as Dale B, from San Francisco wrote, “I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone, discriminates on what you wear and who you are, not biker friendly, I wouldn’t give them a dime.”

Fraud And Vandalism

TripAdvisor also published multiple bad reviews. That site told the CBC yesterday “that they removed the reviews in question.”

“We refer to this type of fraud as vandalism, which we define as attempts to post fake, negative reviews,” a publicist for TripAdvisor told the CBC. ”We fight fraud aggressively and have sophisticated systems and teams in place to detect fraudsters, as well as strong penalties in place to deter them.”

No doubt, all these bad reviews will become part of the Hells Angels permanent record.

The CBC also reported that: “Kelland is a full-patch Hells Angel – the highest rank in the gang – and is widely believed to be the president of one of two Manitoba chapters of the gang. He is better known as Dale Donovan. In 2009 he was sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in a drug trafficking operation and for trying to recruit gang members into a criminal organization.”

Expert Opinions

The CBC quotes outlaw biker authorities Peter Edwards and Michele Ybarra.

Edwards observes that the bad reviews are “a way of being intimidating without breaking the law. It’s a different way to get the result they want. You know they can do this and … there’s no consequence whatsoever to them.” At least not yet.

Repeating a prosecutorial argument that has recurred in motorcycle club cases for more than a decade, Edwards explains, “There was a court case out here where a lot of their souvenirs … were confiscated and they sued to get them back. And the police’s argument, which didn’t work, was that their brand is so strong that it’s almost like a weapon, it’s intimidating…. If someone shows up at a business wearing a Hells Angels vest, that’s almost like a threat. So it shows the power of their brand.”

Ybarra, runs the Center for Innovative Public Health Research (CiPHR) in San Clemente, California. CiPHR describes itself as “an ever changing patchwork of systems that are increasingly interconnected” that “examines the impact that technology has on health and how it can be used to affect health.” Her expertise about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Manitoba may be limited but she still told the CBC “I wouldn’t call it bullying in the sort of traditional sense of the term but certainly this group banded together and sounds like they acted towards these restaurants with the intention of doing harm to their reputation.”

Oh Canada

The CBC is technically owned by Queen Elizabeth but is, in actuality, part of the Canadian government.

The report notes that “under Manitoba law” the Hells Angels is “a criminal organization” and quotes Anthony Renton, operations manager of the Ontario Provincial Police Biker Enforcement Unit as saying: “They’re known for their regular use of violence, and they’ve been known to be involved in homicide investigations, intimidation investigations to support their activities. I’d ask that people minimize their contact with gang members and report any outlaw motorcycle gang activity to their police jurisdiction. So if they feel there’s anything that’s criminal or causing them a safety concern, to report that.”

The report, by correspondent Caroline Barghout, stopped short of telling readers what to do should a Hells Angel send them a FaceBook friend request.

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34 Responses to “Manitoba Hells Angels Cyber Vandalism”

  1. FYMP6666 Says:

    Every action has a REACTION..

  2. Mark Says:

    Soon reviews will have an additional box to check next to the, I am not a robot box. The new box will be, I am not an opinionated biker. Unions gang together to strike, gang together to vote on raising the productive class’s taxes. But the second a bike club voices a collective opinion about some dinner joint. The stiff upper lip elites go full tilt, petty. Talk about assholes with too much starch in their shorts.

  3. Dasein Says:

    Ok, “baggy jeans”. i.e.’ “sagging pants”. I think you do get my point.

  4. MtPockets Says:

    @ Mansa- There are many who have felt for a long time that ‘WE’ are being divided by the ruling class. All sides of the racial aisle have been sown with the seeds of mistrust for the other sides to a point where basically, nobody trusts anyone.
    I, for one, wish there was a way for all of us ‘commoners’ to unite for the good of the entire Country but I am also realistic enough to know that it will never happen. I hope I’m wrong, but we are all too busy fighting our own fights to get involved with others’ problems- Big Brother makes sure of that.
    The other problem is that we all are so much more comfortable with people who resemble ourselves that we are mostly not willing to go outside our comfort zone to help someone who is different- even if we all share a common goal.
    Good luck with your goal of getting everyone together for a good round of Kumbaya. Until you can get all sides to get past the mistrust issue, I dont see it going anywhere.

  5. Mansa Keita Says:

    Dasein, Clearly you missed my point so I’ll allow you to read it again. Nowhere in my initial comment did I mention sagging pants. And if you can’t see the similarities between discriminating against someone wearing ‘urban’ ‘hip-hop’ attire as a method to target blacks with that of discriminating against someone wearing colors to target bikers, then that is a problem. American elite society has always used classism to separate the “desirable” class from the “undesirable class”.

    The only reason race is so prevalent in the fabric of our society is because the elite don’t want to lose their power to anyone they view beneath their social status regardless of race. When you’re wealthy, you don’t care about things as trivial as race. They only use race to keep the poor white man and working class white man from uniting with the poor black man and working class black man so we don’t overthrow them. The elite doesn’t value “white trash” and “biker trash” any more than it does black people but they will put whispers in our ears to keep us divided.

    Bikers have long been outcasts and undesirables of American society. Vagabonds, scumbags and scalawags who were denied entrance into hotels and restaurants or intentionally run over by cars and beaten by police. Yeah, that happened to bikers. Kind of reminds me of incidents that happened to another particular demographic of Americans too.

    Look at Waco. The biggest problem I have with the Waco incident is it did not Unite us as undesirables the way it should have. 2015 put into the mainstream clear and present evidence shedding light on the fact that black men are targeted by police and murdered for being who they are. So many bikers said “It’s not about race, police are pigs. ACAB”. And blacks were like “Shit then, join us and help us fight against police brutality!” A lot of white bikers refused and were like “yeah, no. Not my problem.”

    Then Waco happens. See that white arrogance blinded y’all and made y’all forget that as bikers and working poor middle Americans, you’re still labeled by the elite as an undesirable. Waco was a cruel and harsh reminder and wake up call reminding you of your place in society much like how shooting black men reminded me of my place in society. You’d think Waco would’ve united us as “undesirables” to come together and fight for a common cause but no. Not one black biker or even regular black person stood up for the victims of Waco and not one white biker stood up the unarmed black men who were murdered by police.

    Waco should’ve been the turning point in the movement to fight police terrorism. That should’ve galvanized both bikers and BLM supporters into coming together and nearly igniting a new populist movement of undesirables putting their foot down and demanding change in how police interact with civilians. So yeah, when I draw a comparison between a dresscode policy targeting black people to a dresscode policy targeting bikers, the comparison is very legitimate and valid because we are in the same social class, in the boat and fighting the same struggle against the same opponent.

    And don’t for a second think because I’m black that I’m being one-sided. I’ve had this same discussion with BLM supporters criticizing them for not speaking out against the occurrences at Waco and the aftermath that ensued with unlawful detainment of those bikers and denying them their 4th-8th Amendment rights. I got in their asses just as hard.

  6. Iron Rider Says:

    So if joe citizen is refused service it is discrimination. Ia member of a MC is denied service it isn’t discrimination, it’s viewed as perfectly fine. Yeah looks like discrimination to me.

    Sorry but the police making the H.A. leaving a negative review as some big biker muscling small business story is a fricking joke. If everyday joe can leave a negative review so can someone who is connected to an MC be it bad food, bad service whatever, that’s anyone’s right.

    As for the police whipping this into a frenzy to try and make something evil is happening, go fuckin solve some real crime, this doesnt even rate a passing glance on any crime scale

  7. Dasein Says:

    Refusing service to those who wear sagging pants isn’t intentionally targeting blacks. It’s intentionally targeting, mainly, blacks, who wear sagging pants. Showing your ass in public isn’t about fashion, it’s about IQ, as in too judgementally retarded to be trusted.

  8. Rock Says:

    Social Media is a bitch motherfuckers. Don’t want negative reviews? Don’t fuck with those that can make that happen for you. Run your business not your fucking mouth or opinion.

  9. Mansa Keita Says:

    I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Dale in person but I’ve communicated with him on facebook. He’s a solid dude and a man of integrity, humility and class. His down to earth demeanor and straight forward no nonsense attitude has earned him the respect of his peers.

    As a black man in America myself, I too have been a victim of dog whistle discrimination of businesses masked in the form of “enforced dress codes”. These dress codes of establishments refusing service to those wearing “baggy jeans, baseball caps, white t-shirts, wave caps and athletic gear” is intentionally meant to target blacks. This discrimination has evolved to a “no colors” policy targeting white and latino bikers, and hard working blue collar working class bikers as well.

    The establishments who enforce these dress codes have displayed their lack of class and pretentious attitudes. They are not worthy our patronage and the should be put on blast and outted for their discrimination. Not every black man in “urban fashion” is a thug and not every white biker in a three piece patch set-up with a bottom rocker is a criminal. We see the same discrimination at Myrtle Beach during Black Biker Week. At least Dale has organized enough people to take a stand against this discrimination.

    These one star reviews are not internet bullying. It is getting out to the masses that such discrimination needs to be addressed and should not be tolerated. All people especially bikers should be made aware of which establishments that are not worthy of our business and patronage.

  10. Dino Says:

    Right on, Jim Bob. “Bullying”. Give me a fucking break.

  11. Jim Bob Says:

    I told the other cooks in my kitchen this story and they were pissed. If you’re a restaurant,(or any place of business for that matter), and you do something to warrent a negative review you shouldn’t be able to pick and choose and demand those reviews you don’t want, (even if you deserved em), be removed.

  12. Jim Bob Says:

    Sorry for the split comment. It’s the only way I could post the whole thing

  13. Jim Bob Says:

    and I decline their business. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I BE SURPRISED when they go onto a website WHICH IS SPECIFICALLY FOR REVIEWS AND GIVE ME A BUNCH OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS!?!?! You can’t have a business on a review site and demand that any review that isn’t positive be taken down ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU DESCRIMINATED AGAINST A CERTAIN GROUP OF PEOPLE!

  14. Jim Bob Says:

    Okay, I’m gonna look at this from my view of expertise, (which is not OMC culture in any shape form or way but from restaurant experience since that’s been my profession for about 12 years)….A group of people come into my place to eat…now,(and this isn’t saying I would act this way but just bare with me here without taking offense), I don’t want them here, (which as a business it is my right to refuse service to whomever I want),

  15. Paladin Says:

    Sounds like some whinny little Canadian bitches got their Trudeau’s bruised.

    “Edwards observes that the bad reviews are “a way of being intimidating without breaking the law. It’s a different way to get the result they want. You know they can do this and … there’s no consequence whatsoever to them.” At least not yet.” Yeah? Well; stand by.


  16. Gandalf Says:

    I find it fucking amazing (not) that Trump is firing the whole fucking FBI over HIS problems (and His friends problems) and nobody gets upset about Twin Peaks and Jeff Pike. WTF? Will someone please tell Trump and Cohen… get used to it assholes. This Shit’s been going on 100 years. Selective Enforcement for Headlines. How could anyone cry for Trump who has ZERO tears for YOU. “International Gangs” MEANS YOU! Trump TOLD you he was coming for you.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    One day Clubs will do the same to Politicians. “And He told 3 friends. Then She told 3 friends…and so on, and so on…”

  18. The Monk Says:

    Why is it when the left does something like this they are “working for social change”? If anyone else does it they’re racists or vandals?

  19. Freebird Says:

    @ Dino

    And they did not even use their protected state taken photos either…

  20. Ronbo. Says:

    Remove the reviews they don’t like. Give me a fucking break. It figures.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    The reviews are on google, they can be viewed by typing ‘marion hotel winnipeg’ on the maps app.

    It looks like the bulk of 1 star reviews were posted 2 weeks ago. Since then the hotel has recieved enough 5 star reviews to bring them back up to 3.8 stars. I imagine this is a poor effort by the hotel to combat the bad ref iews. Since they only have roughly about 170 reviews total it’s easy to shift their rating.

    Don’t forget to leave your reviews y’all.

  22. oldskewl Says:

    I think it’s brilliant. Give them a taste of their own medicine, the same medicine they apply anytime they disagree with something they run to social media and give bad reviews.
    Good on them.

  23. Dino Says:

    Sounds kind of like a lobbying group to me.

  24. Brasso Says:

    Sounds like free speech in action. If you don’t want negative reviews, don’t discriminate against people for what they wear.

  25. Grimace Says:

    Use their system against them and if all clubs and club supporters would do this to bars and establishments that don’t allow “colors” in them we could get their attention.
    Electronically black mark them and hurt their bottom line.

  26. Davr Says:

    But when the Left does this to law abiding gun shop owners….its OK.

  27. Painfully Weeping Says:

    Google Maps also has a Star Rating system for all you vandals.

  28. HD Rider Says:

    The Hotel forget a basic marketing concept: a customer knows people and will share their good or bad experience. Bad experience will definitely be told….Maybe the Hotel should not have discriminated against the MC for wearing their colors…That decision probably cost them more In $$ and reputation; than what they would have made servicing the club….

  29. Freebird Says:

    @ jmack

    What are odds in Vegas on the rules being changed…..

    Fucking great article! Made me laugh and feel good if only for a few minutes.

  30. JMacK Says:

    The CBC is fucked. Manitoba is fucked for declaring 81 an illegal gang. The Canadian government is fucked. It’s all fucked.

    Sometimes we have to fight within the rules that are laid out for us…we don’t get to have guns for much. But they can’t take away our mobile google machines….yet.

    Love my country. Hate my government.


  31. Abilene mouse Says:

    @ Tx biker. Whack his pee pee. Ha Ha. Hadn’t thought of that one in many years.

  32. Neuro Says:

    My, how the Mighty have fallen.

  33. TX_Biker Says:

    It’s Canada, everyone is polite there, so this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. They will make this type of intimidation illegal. bailiff whack his pee pee….

  34. Abilene mouse Says:

    Omg. One star reviews? Warm up the electric chair.

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