Iron Order Fixer Disqualified

April 4, 2018

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Iron Order Fixer Disqualified

This morning a Philadelphia judge named John Younge disqualified John C. “Shark” Whitfield (above) from representing the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in a legal dispute between the club and the estate of a woman killed by a club member in June 2015.

The motion to disqualify Whitfield was entered by Slade McLaughlin, a founding partner in the Philadelphia law firm McLaughlin & Lauricella.

Whitfield has represented the Iron Order through more than two years of pretrial procedures. In his motion to recuse Whitfield from the case, McLaughlin wrote:

“John C. Whitfield, Esquire (who goes by the road name of ‘Shark’) is pro hac vice counsel for the Iron Order in this case, and is a long-standing member of the Iron Order and one of three individuals who has been the driving force in promulgating and enforcing the ‘outlaw’ culture of the Iron Order. In particular, Whitfield has been involved in, inter alia, promoting the Iron Order’s violent and misogynistic policies and procedures; admitting and maintaining the membership status of Timothy ‘Munch’ Martin, notwithstanding his violent criminal history (which includes repeatedly raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old special-needs child before passing her around to his friends to similarly abuse); and engaging in a systematic cover-up to thwart plaintiff’s discovery of highly relevant information in this case. For at least these reasons, Whitfield is a necessary and indispensable fact witness who should be disqualified from acting as trial counsel in this matter.”

Martin, irrefutably, threw a woman named Tonya M. Focht under a car in the parking lot of a restaurant near Reading, Pennsylvania 34 months ago. The suit against Martin, the club and the restaurant was brought by Focht’s survivors.

A Past Murder

Whitfield, for at least the past four years, has functioned as the Iron Order’s official fixer.

For example, after the murder of Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton by an Iron Order prospect in Jacksonville Beach in June 2014, Whitfield immediately flew to Florida and began lobbying local police to rule the murder self-defense because Tipton had punched the prospect in the nose.

“I have been a litigator for over 30 years, dealing with both civil and criminal cases my whole career,” Whitfield assured club members in a post on the club’s forum. “Because of that experience, I know that in a criminal situation it is important… the client understand that after the facts are ascertained, they must let me do the talking publicly about it (if need be). The client needs to have no comment about any of this. The same applies here…. My clients in this situation are the IOMC and the brothers and prospects who may be close to this situation.”

“I have been in contact with law enforcement there,” Whitfield said, “and offered my services in any way they deem appropriate. They are professionals and are doing a great job. So as to keep this investigation clean, we do not need to talk about this. Should they want to interview further any of you, I will make the arrangements for that to happen.”

“My investigation so far tells me that had there not been reckless aggressive behavior by persons that started this, none of this would have happened. My basis for this comes from my time down in Florida, as I (accompanied by Associate Division of Legal Affairs Director Tracker) went to Jacksonville and interviewed the brothers/prospects in full. We went to the scene and chronicled the information we needed there, spoke to law enforcement there to gain a better perspective and have taken other steps that I will not outline in this thread. Although much has been done, there is still a lot to do. We are prepared to do it with vigilance.”

Tracker is Marine Major Darrell “Tracker” Robinson.

Tipton’s killer, Kristopher Stone was also taken into custody for questioning after he killed Tipton and released within hours. Police bulletins issued that night stated that Stone had not and would not be charged because he had acted in “self-defense.” Police and prosecutors then stubbornly refused to comment on the case for six months before publicly declaring that Stone would not be charged and simultaneously vilifying Tipton as a “gang member.”


16 Responses to “Iron Order Fixer Disqualified”

  1. Uncle Bob Says:

    Let me guess, Martin’s also a cop.

  2. Gypsy Girl Says:

    @ Dutchboy +1. Anybody who would do that to a child is a disgusting piece of shit and needs to go.

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    Raped a 12 year old special needs child, then pimped her to his buddies? I may be just a hillbilly out here in the sticks but we have a “cure” for shitstains like that.

    Take him into the woods, nail his junk to tree stump with a large fence staple, give him a dull steak knife and set the stump on fire. Can’t cut or pull out the staple with just a steak knife and he won’t have time to carve the wood away before he becomes a crispy critter. Only one way to get loose there Spanky, that or burn, your choice. Any body want to invite this shitstain on a deer hunting trip to the Ozarks? Gotta cabin you can use.

  4. Kenny Says:

    They are chickens! But if u think this so called Shark, by the way u know he named himself! Runs around and cleans up murders…has the stench of a ATF opperation.Im still believing we ,all of us when they started shoulda just tagged them as COPS. Laughed in their cop faces and blewem off. Thats how u fight cops u do not reconize them. Now the murdering cops are still floundering. But rape let alone a minor let alone a special needs child! Well who would even touch the hand of one?Lable them baby rapers murderers and gutless worms. Use the deaths of goodmen to teach us all that the Blue Gang has back-up. And they are judges so it is useless to even try and talk to them. There agenda is not Biking.

  5. Paul Says:

    You guys would have loved this shit. Whitfield threw a tantrum that damn near caught him a contempt charge over this. He wrote clone depositions for Brit and Cgar and tried to downplay their violent women hating ways. Tried to play dumb that after those chowder heads got the head flash that a pimp in Scottsburg, IN where they have their yearly circle jerk was selling time with his hookers on stage with a convenient room next to the stage. What’s really funny about that is Scottsburg was declared the area with the highest levels of AIDS in the state of IN.

  6. FF Says:

    Urine Odor
    Mental Disorder
    Wannabe Posers
    Scumbag Narcs

  7. Neuro Says:

    Good one @ Dasein.

  8. Dasein Says:

    The io is like transgenders, delusional attention whores, insisting they be addressed as chickens just because they stick feathers up their ass.

  9. Paladin Says:

    In order for a shark to breath, it must continually swim. Hopefully; This mud shark will now drown.


  10. Curbside Says:

    On a serious note, though…

    I sometimes wonder if IOMC was the brainchild of the feds similar to the way they created the Kinfolk MC, or if they were just a truly fucked up group of cops and feds wanting to play outlaw on the weekend.

    Whatever the case may be, this whole situation with “Shark” is making me laugh. If I’m understanding correctly, he’s the actual “owner” of the club now. If the club loses big here financially, club property essentially becomes property of that woman’s estate if “Shark” can’t pay the bill, similar to the way OJ Simpson’s “If I Did It” book became property of Ron Goldman’s parents.

    That’s going to be some really funny shit.

  11. Curbside Says:

    @Dino, those Iron Legacy guys crack me up. Last summer, I was working with a guy who rolled into the parking lot on an obviously heavily-customized bike, wearing a prospect cut. I’d been in the club community for a few years but hadn’t met him until I started working there about a month prior, so I went to talk to him about his club. Bear in mind, I’ve got poor eyesight and saw this from across the parking lot…

    As I get closer, I see that he got off of a goddamn Yamaha, and he’s prospecting for Iron Legacy. He apparently spotted me walking over before I could see what he was wearing/riding, and the rest of the day he wouldn’t shut up about how awesome his club was…and how they were “started by guys who left the Iron Order when the IO started fucking up”.

    I gotta say, it’s really difficult to remain professional when you’re constantly fighting the urge to just point and laugh.

  12. Txboshot Says:

    Blah. I will be glad when I no longer here about the IOMC.

    If its any justification, I ride with a LEMC and even we hate these guys.

  13. Dino Says:

    I can’t remember the timing of the formation of the Iron Legacy. Are they likely to be pulled into this?

  14. rocco151 Says:

    Great reporting as always ! Our host is too humble to mention what an expert job he did in writing “Twilight of the Outlaws” which goes into considerable depth about the slaying of Zack Tipton which almost foretells future trouble between MCs and the Iron Order. Incidents in Denver and Reading make his book almost prophetic !

  15. Old & Jaded Says:

    Pleased to read this ruling. McLaughlin & Lauricella sound like they have serious skills and that they will represent the estate well.

    How the hell do the IO justify having (much less promoting) a man that rapes a special needs child? This same sterling individual was accused of disorderly conduct after throwing a woman to her death. Sure seems that between the IO and the D.A.’s Office, that this man has a lot of luck.

    If anyone wants a good laugh, watch their video that Rebel posted under the article, “The Iron Order Trial.” Shades of the Sons of Anarchy.

    *Support Rebel – click on the ads*

  16. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Where are the pictures of the guy said was being beaten? I can’t see anything because they cut it out, by law he said. …grrrr

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