Turbans Replace Special Plastic Hats

April 2, 2018

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Turbans Replace Special Plastic Hats

Alberta has become the third Canadian province to allow adult motorcycle riders and passengers to wear turbans instead of helmets.

The helmet law exemption is an accommodation to adherents of the Sikh religion. Male Sikhs are required to wear a kind of turban called a dastaar and carry a kind of dagger called a kirpan. Canadian courts have previously ruled that carrying a kirpan is a right guaranteed under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Sikhs have argued that since motorcycle helmets do not fit over turbans, requiring Sikhs to wear them infringes their religious liberty.

British Columbia and Manitoba previously passed laws exempting Sikhs wearing turbans from wearing motorcycle helmets. A similar law has been proposed in Ontario but has never been passed. The Alberta exemption, in the form of an amendment to the Traffic Safety Act, will go into effect April 12.

Press Release Quotes

“A turban to us is an article of faith. It’s something we keep on ourselves all the time,” Sukhman Kaur Hehar of the World Sikh Organization said. “Getting a helmet exemption is very important because it’s important for people to be able to practice their faith.”

“Riding a motorcycle in itself is a very dangerous sport.” Hehar continued, “and when people choose to partake in that sport, you’re already undertaking that risk…. The issue is whether that marginal increase of that risk … over-weights the fundamental human rights and freedom that people have in causing undue hardship towards people that want to ride.”

Baltej Singh Dhillon, the first Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer to wear a turban, issued a press release that stated: “The decision by the government of Alberta to allow Sikhs to be able to ride their motorcycles without having to remove their turbans, which is an integral part of the Sikh identity, demonstrates a deep respect for the traditions and customs of the Sikh community…. This exemption is a testament to the government of Alberta’s continued commitment to respecting diversity and religious rights of all Albertans.”


Sikhism is the world’s fifth largest religion. It is founded on the teachings of ten gurus between 1469 and 1708 in what is now the Punjab state in far Northwestern India

According to the Canadian Census in 2011, 52,335 Sikhs live in Alberta.

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39 Responses to “Turbans Replace Special Plastic Hats”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    Wow, Rebel this story really brought out the funnybone in a lot of the guys. Hey Anonymous, on the gender pronoun thing, can we just called them “it”? If the prefer we can make it sound more feminine by adding a “Sh” in front of it.

    I’ve met some Sikhs over the years, kinda like crossing an Amish with a Ninja and tossing a little Conan the Barbarian in for flavor. Overall good people and they have less use for Rags than we do. Enemy of my Enemies and all that.

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    If you watch the original Star Trek episode Space Seed, you will find that Kahn Noonian Sihn is a Sikh. The baddest of the bad asses.

  3. Austin Says:

    7-11 people not 9/11 people?
    That’s the most KISS description I ever saw. LMFAO!

    in CentCal, I work with a few Sikh’s- at a party one time – I had the chance to see crazy dance moves turn into warrior takedown ninja shit. I was impressed. They are solid citizens around my area.

  4. James W Crawford Says:


    Thanks for the reference to the Table of Drops. Explains the opening scene in 100 RIFLES where Raquel Welch grabs her husband who is being executed to help him die faster and more humanely.

  5. oldskewl Says:

    The Kraut Says:
    Googled “Badass Sikhs” and this was the YouTube vid that came up first…
    Respects, Kraut

    Same guys who helped put together 14 semi trucks full of bicycles for the 2017 R&W Fresno Toy Run. They did a large portion of the work and did it all in the name of charity.

    Good men.

  6. The Kraut Says:

    Googled “Badass Sikhs” and this was the YouTube vid that came up first…


    Respects, Kraut

  7. david Says:

    Carlin on religious head coverings. God bless America? and Fuck Pride*RIP*George Carlin @ u-tube.

    He gets into head coverings at about 7 mins. The lead up to it is real interesting.

  8. crazy harry Says:

    I want to see a huge helmet made to cover up them turbin heads, look like the coneheads or some b movie martian invaders shit.

  9. Curbside Says:

    Some entertainment, should you have the time to view it:


  10. Gordo Says:

    It’s about votes

    Religious freedom??

    Yeh right

  11. Stevo Says:

    This has been the case legally in England for 30 years, there was a story doing the rounds of an old timer who got himself a turban and started riding his bike around in it in e name of ‘equality’ (more like sticking two fingers up at the law for the fun of it) that became a bit of a cause celeb.


  12. hans Says:

    Wearing turbans while riding will not curry favor with the rest of the motor-sikhle community.


  13. TX_Biker Says:

    Sikh and ye shall find….

  14. TX_Biker Says:

    @psycho LMFAO!

  15. Penguin Says:

    Using the once standard tables “drop tables by weight” for hangmen, I calculated that the mass of a beanie creates the prerequisite condition for 100% death (via separation of cervical vertebrae)at about 7 mph, while it takes a minimum of 9 mph without the beanie (plastic magic hat).

    How much does a turban mass? How compute centers? Turban flexes or is rigid?

    You too can calculate this…Force instantaneous, assume concrete bridge abutment…high school algebra.

    The end result is that beanies are useful, but also add risk in some situations. As everybody knows if they can still think…

    The RCMP “asked” me to leave BC…

    I don’t like them either. We’re even…

  16. TFD Says:

    Cant wait to see what comes in Alberta this summer(if we get some). Stay tuned this is a redneck oilfield province

  17. SKI Says:

    This is potentially great news for fighting helmet laws in the US.

    Theoretically, a Sikh could challenge any State helmet law under religious beliefs, and the State would have to either accommodate ( which weakens the law), or show compelling state interest in keeping the law. That means they’d have to present conclusive data that helmets protect riders and there isn’t really any effective data for that. It’s a Longshot, but a possible way to fight.

  18. Neuro Says:

    Thanks JMacK, you were clear in your first post. You have described shitfilled California to a T, as well as our floundering fucked up USA in general. Queerboy Gavin Newsome is angling for governor in the upcoming election. The next move will be that he and Obama’s Kamala Harris will run together on the libtard ticket for president/vp. Like Paladin said, it could be hurtling toward a major conflict here. I remember way back you said you are somewhere between Ft. Mack and Edmonton. True Canada for sure.

  19. oldskewl Says:

    I have nothing against the Sikh people whatsoever, in fact they’re pretty cool, with that said, riding a sled is a privilege not a right. If you live in a state with a helmet law and your turbin doesn’t fit then drive a car instead.

  20. JMacK Says:


    Ya anything that happens in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia (on a map thats basically everything from Abbotsford west) is about as far from Canadian as Hong Kong. I hate that fuckin place. It’s chock full of Liberal retards, screaming for social justice, while every import gang in the world (yellow, brown and everything in between) fights non-stop. Its a fuckin sewer hole. Good ol Canadians do exist out there, but they are very few and far between.

    And as for Sihks in Alberta, I didn’t say they were liked. They just aren’t hated like the muslims. In general. Not my personal opinion. Personally, I believe that immigration without assimilation is an invasion. I don’t care who comes to Canada but leave your bullshit where you came from. Fit in or Fuck off.

    And yes C-16 is every bit of a dangerous bill as there’s ever been passed.

    Fuckin Liberals are ruining this world.


  21. James W Crawford Says:

    I would caution people to not confuse Sieks with Muslims. It has been the Sieks who have prevented the invading Islamic hoards from invading and conquering the Hindus.

    It is easy to destinguish a Siek from a Muslim by looking at the millinary. The style trurban favored by Sieks looks really cool. The style of turban favored by Muslims looks like shit.

  22. PoorBoy 1%er MFFM Says:

    Does the turban law only apply to motorcycles or does it also cover flying carpets?

  23. Maven Says:

    Definitely wondering how they are able to keep that fancy doo-rag on at interstate speeds.

  24. L-Frame S&W Says:

    Does this mean that Canadian Pastafarians can wear a colander instead of a helmet?

    L-Frame S&W

  25. neuro Says:

    How can a turban even stay on at speed ? ” Push(button) start or pull start?”

  26. neuro Says:

    J MacK, from reading Kim Bolan’s Real Scoop in the Sun for some time now, I’d say your BC Sikh’s are real fucking goofs.

  27. oldshove Says:

    I think you guys should do a little research about Sikhs and terrorism in Canada. oldshove

  28. jay Says:

    so….. a turban can take the place of a ‘magic plastic safety hat’?


    my faith prohibits anything from being on my head…. hell, i dont even leave hair up there…

    by the way, rebel…. the first refrence to ‘magic plastic safety hat’ came from one of the ‘rebels rides’ articles…. it has given me amusement in a great many places… thank you….

    rubber side down ya’ll… and watch out for them antlered rats…. i’ve been dodging them in my freight-shaker this week….

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Sikhs are hated by muslims but look like terrorists to your average uninformed redneck.

    It’s ironic that the enemy of our enemy should be our friend but sikhs actually catch shit from both sides.

    This law pales in comparison to bill c-16 that was recently passed in canada.

    Bill c-16 an ammendment to the canadian human rights act is actually a serious violation to freedom of speech. Bill c-16 forces canadians under punitive law to use pronouns pre-selected by transgender individuals. Which means instead of calling this person “him” or “her” you would be foced under law to say “pur, “xem”, “hir”, “ver”, etc.

    If you think this does not matter in America and it will never happen here then know that in new york there exists 29 legally recognized and protected genders besides male and female. And if the gender pronoun law is passed here, there is no reason every single one of these genders could not demand their own unique pronouns.

    That means next time your at work and john doe asks you for help and you say “yes sir mr. Doe” your are now guilty of a hate crime. You might go to jail cause mr. Doe is niether male or female, he identifies as a fucking unicorn (a legally protected gender) and you have to call him “xim doe” cause it’s the law.

    This is a violation of freedom of speech because there exists things that we can’t say but there is nothing we are legally forced to say.

    I wish i was joking, this is 100% truth, fuck this planet, im done.

  30. JMacK Says:

    Thanks Rebel. Always good to see a little Canadian flavour. Especially since it was -22 Celsius (-9 Fahrenheit) this morning still with a good 8-12” of snow still.

    The Sihks ain’t hated like muzzies but the problem for most good ole Canadian white boys is the fact that laws can be changed for religion but not in the name of freedom of choice. It’s pretty fucked up really considering riding a motorcycle is a privilege not a right.

    Canada is currently overrun with Liberals. Time to take it back.

    Although I’m still going to come and join y’all for my winters soon. Cuz I hate this fuckin snow and cold.


  31. Paladin Says:

    The really burning question is: How well do they play “Hide and Sikh”?


  32. MtPockets Says:

    Psycho, that is some funny shit!
    And for the record, they are a piece loving people- just like the rest of us.
    Who doesn’t love a good piece???

  33. Curbside Says:

    [email protected], I love that joke!

    Filburt, he does have a valid point. The Sikhs have actually been our allies overseas in the fight against Muslim extremism. Aside from the funny accents, brown skin, and odd choice of headgear, they don’t really have any similarities to the folks who like to blow shit up.

  34. Freebird Says:

    @ Psycho

    That was some funny shit there….

  35. Psycho Says:

    Filbert, the Sikhs are the 7/11 people, not the 9/11 people.

  36. Filburt Says:

    Phufk’m they are TERRORIST.

  37. Socal Says:

    I should make a helmet that looks like a turban bet i can make alot of money.just a thought

  38. Curbside Says:

    I wonder if this law will specifically apply only to Sikhs, or if any Canadian will be allowed to tie a bandanna around his head and call it a “turban”?

    I use a helmet, but fuck a helmet law!

  39. T Hell Says:

    Oh for fuckin Christ sake…

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