Punishment By Revenge Porn

March 29, 2018

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Punishment By Revenge Porn

Since about a half century after the fall of Rome, since the year 529 when the Byzantine Emperor Justinian issued a series of decrees collectively known as Corpus Iuris Civilis (roughly translated as the Big Book of Civil Laws) human beings in the civilized world have been considered to be innocent until they are proven guilty.

The presumption of innocence is such a fundamental right in Western History that the founders did not bother to put it in the Constitution. The idea finally made it into American case law in an 1895 Supreme Court decision titled Coffin v. United States.

You know, everybody knows, the basic human right to be presumed innocent is waning in the United States. An increasing number of capital crimes (such as vandalism or evading arrest) are investigated and resolved in under a minute by a cop with a semi-automatic pistol featuring a high capacity magazine. But even in cases where suspects are not executed on the spot citizens who offend official authority are frequently punished extrajudicially with “courtesy safety checks,” indicia searches executed by Swat, civil forfeiture and frivolous prosecution.

Waco was a tanker truck of frivolous prosecution. What McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna and his coconspirators Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon did to subvert a bed rock principle of not only Americanism but of Western Civilization should be a source of national shame. They used their administrative powers illegally and cynically framed scores of obviously innocent people. With barely a nod to the Constitution they deprived people chosen almost by lot of their lives, their liberty, their fortunes, their property, their happiness and their reputations. The worst thing is, that was the least of it. They were all almost gleefully sadistic about what they were doing. And the worst of that was a thing they did to a defendant named Cody Ledbetter.


Last October 4, Ledbetter’s lawyer, Paul Looney, filed a motion that read in part: “Mr. Ledbetter had pictures and/or videos of himself and his wife engaging in consensual sexual activity stored on his cellular telephone. These images were consensually taken by the couple, and were not meant for anyone but the two of them to view. Following his arrest, his telephone was searched and these images copied and inspected by law enforcement, even though they were outside the scope of any warrant or other authorization as there was no reason to believe such images had a scintilla of evidentiary value. Following this inspection, instead of deeming the images irrelevant to any litigation and deleting them, the images were copied over one hundred and fifty (150) times, and distributed to counsel and staff for all of the ‘Twin Peaks Defendants’ as part of discovery.”

The criminal case against Ledbetter was finally dismissed on March 12, 1,030 days after he was arrested and his private, personal device was seized.

Yesterday, 175 days after Looney filed his motion to stop the dissemination of Ledbetter’s personal, private video, Judge Matt Johnson finally told the District Attorney’s office to stop distributing it. Both Johnson and Waco’s other criminal case judge, Ralph Strother announced their intentions to order defense attorneys to destroy the Ledbetters’ video contained in the evidence released to them years ago. Neither judge told the defenders how to do that. And neither judge ordered Reyna, Jarrett, or Dillon to remove the Ledbetter video from their own, personal pornography collections.

Revenge Porn

Looney said the District Attorney’s office was guilty of “revenge porn” and alleged office personnel are guilty of misdemeanor offenses for every image or video of Ledbetter’s they sent or send out. Texas is one of 38 states plus the District of Columbia that forbids the dissemination of revenge porn.

“We’re finally coming to the end of this odyssey with him,” Looney said in a press release. “The State of Texas through the McLennan County District Attorney’s office has been ordered to do that which every citizen is required to do – quit committing crimes.”

Looney went on to say, “It’s a real tragedy that the District Attorneys office had to be specifically ordered by a District Judge to quit their criminal activity but at least the judge did that and we are very grateful. It’s the first time in my practice that I have any knowledge of a judge having to order a District Attorney’s office to quit being criminal. The bizarre saga that has become Waco continues to reach new lows.”


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  1. Mike T Says:

    Hell I’ve been riding since i was 20 in 1970. My first bike 64 xlch …chopped it , springer over stock rigid frame stroker with sifton racing cam. Took my road test on it in a huge downpour. Now at 68 i have a 2003 deuce with mods to go faster and ride harder. Oh …my phone, hell it does three things, it calls, texts and takes lousy pictures ….NO video capabilities! That’s all i want. Fuck getting tracked etc., I’m old school but own an internet company doing hosting, programming, design, photography and now my kids run it and i ride rain or shine in western ny. Don’t ask why i moved back from phoenix in 93. As for waco, i can’t wait for the lawsuits to come to attrition. Those basrards need to learn.

    As for revolution, yeah, too early but someday bound to happen. I still have a lot of fight left in me even after being shot at 21 and blown up, in 2006 shattered 4 vertebre in neck and t1 and some lower back …drug induced coma and life support for 10 days trachea and other internal injuries. Told family three nights in a row i wouldn’t make it. Couldn’t ride for two years. Then three years of cancer treatment but still manage over 7k a year on bike. Have the weaponry if the time came and three sons that will take my place with nine grandkids and one great grandkid. NONE act like the millennials i see. But as a 4th dan master instructor i taught them discipline and to never act like them pussy millennials. As for the waco shootout, I’ve been following it since it started and fuck the media for letting this slide! Right to a speedy trial …BULLSHIT!!! UNBELIEVABLE

  2. The Kraut Says:

    Paladin and Shovelhead…+1! When I was on active duty, my shipmates and myself worked and fought for each other…not Mom…not apple pie…not Chevrolet…We/I respected the flag we served for and honored if for no other reason than for those who paid the ultimate price that came before us.

    This generational stuff is just looksee-pidgeon…crap for PC fests and foo-foo coffee sippers to knosh over.

    A friend who “drove” F-16s once told me that men and women like us are sheep-dogs…we protect and watch out for the flock, inspite of the fact that most sheep are terrified by the sheep dogs…and most civilians (like sheep) rarely understand or value the service we perform/performed.

    I was born in January ’58…a different world than that we exist within now.

    Respect to those who warrant respect.

    The Kraut

  3. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf;

    Glad to hear your kids have it together. There are always exceptions. I’m surprised you were able to take the time from your busy schedule to drop by the barber shop. After all; We’re just a bunch of old gossipy fuddy duddys, hardly worth any of your time.


  4. Gandalf Says:

    @ Shovelhead Present company excluded… I suspect most bikers do not fit in any generalization of generations. I’m just tired of people saying how bad kids are these days. The fact is Millennials know what bikers know… That “Society” is full of shit. They see people worship the flag like sheep but do what the fuck they want to who the fuck they want to do it to. Same with Religion and Police. It’s no wonder Millennials don’t respect adults, the flag, police ect. They know because they are smarted. They see the sheep on both the Left AND the Right.
    Baby boomers and Gen X are the most divorced generations EVER… leaving kids with less than they had. Then everyone over 40 cries about how “bad” kids are. “No respect anymore”. LOL What’s to Respect? Them? LOL.
    It reminds me of a Quote from Cold Mountain, “They make the Weather then stand out in the rain crying, Oh Shit… It’s raining.” These kids are Top Shelf… They know early what took us years to figure. The whole System is BS. Crying about “Respect the Flag” then arresting 177 people in Waco… Crap like that.

  5. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Paladin.
    You said;

    “I was born into a generation that pledged allegiance to this Country’s flag every morning in school. I was raised in a Country that apologized to no one and took pride in its nationalism. If I once again take up arms, it will not be in the the defense of the current generation or Millennial’s, fore they are this Country’s current problem. I will fight for what is left of my generation and my generation’s values. And yes; it is true that we are old dogs. However; the danger of trying to teach old dogs new tricks is that one runs the very real risk of becoming severely mauled.”

    I too sir was born into that generation and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Spot on, Sir. I am 64 yrs old and I can’t even get my head around what’s going on with these millenials. I fear our beloved country is doomed.

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    You’re right, I’m part of the Baby Boomer Generation…greedy as hell but apparently not very smart because I’m still working my ass off. Any extra money I ever saved went right into a motorcycle, or my Woman. Now I have an old Rat Shovelhead Bobber and a Hippie Wife who starts collecting Social security next month. Hmmmm, wonder how I can spend that extra money??

  7. Gandalf Says:

    Millennial’s are by far the smartest Generation this “Old man” has ever seen. Baby boomers the greediest and Gen X the dumbest. Which Generation are Y’all? Y’all sound like a bunch old fuddy duddys gossiping at the barber shop. I can’t remember the old goats EVER saying, “Kids are so good these days.” I got 3- 20something boys… 1 a Marine, 1 got 2 jobs + College. 1- Full time HVAC Technician. These kids rule.

  8. david Says:

    In Ledbetter’s case,”Judge” Johnson, while on the bench wearing his religious “black robe” costume, did NOT follow the Rule Of Law because he KNOWS he is ABOVE the Law, and even worse, KNOWS he is not going to be held accountable for said lawlessness.

  9. Aanon Says:

    Ya, if I ever take up arms again it wouldn’t be for the current generation, they’re what’s wrong with America. Hope your eggs were spoiled.

  10. James W Crawford Says:

    One can only hope that Mr Ledbetter is blessed with an equine physical attribute that has humiliated the cops and that Mrs Ledbetter posseses talents that would shame Monica Lewinski and rival Linda Lovelace.

  11. Paladin Says:

    Curbside Says:
    April 1, 2018 at 11:02 am

    “Trying to engage in any manner of armed revolution will certainly result in death or one of those “from now on” sentences in the federal motel, simply because there’s not enough people who are truly fed up with it yet. That whole “sit back and wait” thing is truly the only thing I know to do, but I’m certainly open to any realistic suggestion.”

    The many have always benefited from the few that were willing to fight for their own freedoms. It has been said that only three percent of the population fought against the British in this Country’s Revolutionary War.

    “Sit back and wait”? One has only to look at Stalin’s Russia or Pol Pot’s Cambodia to see what happened when people made the decision to “sit back and wait”. All one has to do is look at the current situation in Great Britain, France, Germany and the Nordic Countries to see the results of those who chose and still choose to “sit back and wait”.

    When you speak of what is realistic, understand that the term “realistic” is subjective. At one time it was the opinion of most that the world was flat, that man would never fly, that a collection of thirteen colonies could never flourish as a Country, especially when founded as a Republic.

    I was born into a generation that pledged allegiance to this Country’s flag every morning in school. I was raised in a Country that apologized to no one and took pride in its nationalism. If I once again take up arms, it will not be in the the defense of the current generation or Millennial’s, fore they are this Country’s current problem. I will fight for what is left of my generation and my generation’s values. And yes; it is true that we are old dogs. However; the danger of trying to teach old dogs new tricks is that one runs the very real risk of becoming severely mauled.


  12. Curbside Says:

    @Paladin, short of staging a re-enactment of the Zapruder film, what can we really do about the situation? Politics at every level in this country has devolved into a sad joke, and the subject of Rebel’s latest article has exemplified this. He’s been voted out of office, but he’s being replaced by another politician. The high priests of government, those black-robed self-proclaimed deities of the court, occasionally throw us a bone but rarely perform any sort of meaningful action against government over-reach or impropriety.

    Trying to engage in any manner of armed revolution will certainly result in death or one of those “from now on” sentences in the federal motel, simply because there’s not enough people who are truly fed up with it yet. That whole “sit back and wait” thing is truly the only thing I know to do, but I’m certainly open to any realistic suggestion.

  13. Filburt Says:

    Some might find this link useful:

  14. Paladin Says:

    @ Gypsy Girl;

    Long May You Ride,


  15. Gypsy Girl Says:

    @Paladin, all respect to you, your generation has done a lot. I generally never divulge much about what I or my family do, but I’ve inadvertently given you the wrong impression.

    Now, I say I will eat popcorn, but that’s just a statement of how crazy people have become. I am involved and have been encouraged to do so all my life-My father was a career soldier (in during Vietnam) and I therefore grew up with a very strong sense of self-reliance. I wasn’t able to join after college due to health but my brother did, and my son is a soldier now. He chose to serve because he wanted to be part of something bigger. The military is how my brother came to ride in a club, actually. I devoted most of my life to taking care of others professionally and also volunteer in many community charitable causes for those who have been slapped with a negative label. We have been blessed with resources and feel that we should therefore use those resources to help others. I am concerned with the ex-prisoners and the ex-addicts so they can get a leg up in life instead of relying on government handouts, which gets them nowhere fast. Quite a few of them got screwed by the system. I am not a rich bitch who quit work to shop all day, I do my damndest to help and be involved. If I’m wasn’t so passionate about it, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass that somebody I don’t know thinks that I am not. I keep current on all things politics and all things affecting my friends, family, and community.

    The community involvement and keeping informed about what affects my family are part of what led me here, where I can discuss things that affect my family without being judged or my brother being labeled. I admit that I have shown a stuffy old bitch a photo of me and my brother just to see her face, but it is generally shitty to see how most people react to someone’s looks because they have been fed the all bikers are criminals bullshit. I apologize for giving you the wrong impression, but if the world goes to shit, my only son will be on the front lines. I won’t be eating popcorn, but will I say I am worried? No. I’ll keep that shit inside. My grandfather would come back to earth to kick my ass for not putting a stoic face on and meeting the challenge ahead of me. I’m sorry for how long this is and I’m sure I will regret opening up so much of my life publically in the morning, but it is what it is.

    Peace to you and yours,

  16. Paladin Says:

    @ Curbside & Gypsy Girl;

    Perhaps there will come a time when the two of you will get your feet off the table, put down the popcorn and pick up something useful. Then again, there will always be those that will risk nothing, but are all too willing to reap the benefits secured by those willing to risk everything. So has it been, so shall it always be.


  17. Curbside Says:

    @Paladin, I fully understand what you’re saying about taking an interest in politics. I used to be extremely politically active, about as much as you could be without actually running for office. Seeing the inner workings of politics is what drove me away from politics. I’ve since become an anarchist (the “non-aggressionist policy” sort, not the “let’s burn down a Nike store” type!), and choose not to vote for the “lesser of two evils”. The fact that I refuse to vote for the scumbags shouldn’t be taken as an indication that I’m not keeping a close eye on them. I’ve just given up on the idea that we’ll somehow regain our freedoms by trying to convince our “leaders” to give them back to us.

    I’ve personally witnessed my share of gov’t misconduct, and Murray Rothbard wasn’t exactly wrong when he called them “A gang of thieves writ large”. We just happen to live in that awkward stage where it’s too late to change it, but too early to shoot the bastards.

    There will come a time when our votes will not be cast from a polling station, but from the rooftops. Government is like an ingrown toenail. There’s only one true way to get rid of the symptoms. I’m just wondering how long it’s going to be before someone grabs the pliers.

  18. Gypsy Girl Says:

    @curbside, I was also born in the 1970s (Aug ‘75), and when I compare our upbringing to the “Don’t hurt my feelers, I don’t need to know math because I have a phone, it’s all about me, I don’t want to work just give me money because I’m special” generation coming out now, I fear for our future. Our parents and grandparents instilled much in us that has gone by the wayside. With the WWII generation dying, we are losing a lot of Foot in Your Ass wisdom and unfortunately gaining the overly PC bullshit. Gang violence has made its way into virtually every community, yet the PC Kumbya people want to take away my right to defend myself? They are welcome to come try to take them from me.

    I can’t agree enough with you and Paladin, you are both so right. If you look at the infighting going on even between family members on social media, I believe the makings of a civil war is already on the back burner. I know I sound like I have my tin foil hat on, but there’s definitely some serious side taking going on and, although that’s been happening for years, the viotrol and violence on each side is gaining momentum. Add to that our crooked law enforcement and government agencies, and it’s a ticking time bomb.

    I’m going to be in my chair with my popcorn right with ya! Not wrong at all!

    Press on,

  19. Paladin Says:

    Curbside Says:
    March 31, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    “What’s truly sad is, it’ll most likely be fought over the dumbest of reasons. Even though I abhor even the concept of human slavery, there was a legitimate political issue at stake when we had our 1st civil war, namely the right of a state to determine whether a man could be legally owned by another man.”

    If there is to be another civil war, it will be over the legitimate political issue as to whether the government has the right to own the citizenry. I don’t consider that to be the dumbest of reasons for waging a war.

    I was born in 1950, just before Eisenhower was elected president. The freedoms I enjoyed growing up were a far cry from the so called “freedoms” you experienced as a child. As my years have passed, I have watched this Country’s government grow bigger and bolder, while the citizenry has allowed itself to grow weaker and evermore dependent on a government that offers the false promise security in exchange for one’s freedom.

    Curbside Says:
    March 31, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    “Is it wrong to hope it happens while I’m still young enough to enjoy it? This country is quickly becoming an intellectual shit-hole, and the concept of seeing idiots of all ilk shooting each other kinda warms my heart a little. You know that saying “Some people just want to watch the world burn”? That’s me, with my feet propped up on the ottoman and a bowl of popcorn by my side.”

    I have no interest in watching the world burn. However; I have a keen interest in keeping Millennials, the current generation and those afflicted with terminal apathy from turning this Country into or allowing this Country to become a government dependent socialist State.

    Just because you don’t take an interest in politics doesn’t mean that at some point politics won’t take an interest in you.


  20. Curbside Says:

    @Paladin, I can’t really speak much on how schools “went socialist” in 1970, as I was born roughly halfway through the Carter administration and don’t have any personal experience as to what they were like beforehand. I can say that I think you’re absolutely true and correct, re: a 2nd civil war in this country.

    What’s truly sad is, it’ll most likely be fought over the dumbest of reasons. Even though I abhor even the concept of human slavery, there was a legitimate political issue at stake when we had our 1st civil war, namely the right of a state to determine whether a man could be legally owned by another man.

    Our next civil war will most likely be fought between a bunch of dumbfuck rednecks and a bunch of dumbfuck transvestites, over an argument over whether or not it’s appropriate to assume the gender of an aborted fetus during its’ state-required funeral.

    Is it wrong to hope it happens while I’m still young enough to enjoy it? This country is quickly becoming an intellectual shit-hole, and the concept of seeing idiots of all ilk shooting each other kinda warms my heart a little. You know that saying “Some people just want to watch the world burn”? That’s me, with my feet propped up on the ottoman and a bowl of popcorn by my side.

  21. Dutchboy Says:

    Shit like this going on, civil forfeiture becoming law of the land, cops killing some poor drunk bastard laying on the hallway floor in a hotel while he’s crying and begging not to be murdered,. AND THEY WONDER WHY WE WILL NOT GIVE UP OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS JUST BECAUSE SOME SELF PROMOTING SNOT SUCKERS SAY WE AHOULD? This entire situation has been pornographic from the start, First a Federally funded Snuff Film, then 177 people being gangbanged by the Persecutors and tyrants in black robes. Hopefully the credits will show billions being moved out of city, county and state coffers and into the pockets of folks who were only looking for fellowship, some burgers and beers, and the chance to attend a political function.

    Fair winds.

  22. david Says:

    Notice the black robed priest of a “judge” and Reyna law partner Johnson, purposely waits 175 DAYS to rule on a properly filed motion to have him order law partner Reyna to stop dissemination of the video.

    Speaks volumes on the POS Johnson is and his lack of following any rule of law. Without question, and due to many more examples NATIONWIDE,pigs,attorneys and attorney-“legislators” stopped following the Rule Of Law a LONG time ago.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Paladin Says, “…would rather rely on the government for their safety and well being, instead of relying on themselves.”
    I was one of the “boat people” from Texas who rushed to New Orleans after Katrina. All you had to do is count the people standing around like dopes screaming about FEMA and the ones walking down I-10 to know this is true. It was very much a black and white thing. Some people evacuated themselves by picking up whole families with luggage…walking down I-10. Cars and trucks just stopped and grabbed them. By 10miles out nobody was left walking on the side of the Highway. BUT… I had to smile when I heard about the 1 black kid who stole the bus, put His friends and Family on it and drove to the Houston Astrodome. Of course He was arrested… LOL

  24. Mark Says:

    The fact that judges had to order Reyna and company to stop. Really does show what pieces of shit those low class people really are. Something civilized and decent people would not have done in the first place, but their refusing to do the right thing without being ordered (and that’s if they really did follow the judges orders) is going to be used to clean out the citizens of McLennan County in the coming civil trials. But the media in Waco didn’t do their Constitutional duties as the Free Press and inform the people. I would enjoying seeing the citizens of Waco file a class action against all the media that have been lying to them about the Waco mass murders at TP. People can’t vote in decent people if the media is lying to them, or file for recall votes. From the very start, the media was in Reyna’s pocket spewing endless lies.

  25. Filburt Says:

    Self Preservation First. Phufk LE.

  26. Trebor Says:

    Hey Paladin,people these days cant even change a flat tire.Gotta call a tow truck.

  27. Paladin Says:

    @ Curbside,

    You can thank this Country’s educational system that turned Socialist around 1970 for part of the problem. It’s the first time in history where a generation and a half knows less about world history or this Country’s founding, principals and history than the living generation that preceded them. This is why this Country is being torn apart politically. My generation is at odds with the current generations. This Country is moving in two different directions, and if there is to be another civil war, the last one will pale in comparison.

    The other part of the problem can be blamed on parents that would rather rely on the government for their safety and well being, instead of relying on themselves. Parents are role models for their children.

    Self reliance has dangerous side effects, which are: independence, confidence, and a questioning mind. An individual afflicted with said side effects is not easily dictated to, nor easily controlled. The goal of a self reliant citizenry is control of its government. On the other hand, the government’s goal is to control the citizenry by way of reliance.


  28. Curbside Says:

    @Paladin, I totally get what you’re saying about using a map and whatnot. it’s a lost art in this day and age. I ended up with the best of both worlds, likely a product of growing up on the tail end of “Generation X”. I learned computer programming around the same time I learned how to write in cursive. It’s a real shame organizations like the Boy Scouts have degenerated to where they’re at today, as our kids sure as hell ain’t learning how to read a map in school any more…and God help ’em if they should ever need to know how to gut a fish or operate a sewing machine!

    Keep the rubber side down.

  29. Hangaround Says:

    Not that this is related to the biker world in anyway but here is another case (imho) of the alphabets trying to hang anyone they can for the sake of good press. Ohh and imagine that, an FBI informant was involved…


  30. Paladin Says:

    @ Curbside;

    I don’t ever store anything on my cell phone. I use my cell phone for roadside assistance and that’s about it. I never use GPS. I use maps to navigate unfamiliar territory. I’m old school and learned at an early age how to operate within the open spaces of the spider’s web. And as always, long may you ride.


  31. Freebird Says:

    @ Curbside – Roswell

    It’s the alternate ending where the fox has the only set of keys to the hen house!

    Some circles call it the untouchables. When the same system that makes the laws gets to enforcement them as well? What the fuck could go wrong…..

  32. Curbside Says:

    @Roswell, the words “Law Abiding” (at least, when used in any discussion involving motorcycling) will be almost invariably used by cops. As such, it comes as no surprise that they’d be delusional as to the perception of the public when it comes to their actions. There’s a certain level of mental gymnastics skill required to do that sort of job and still think the public wants/needs your services, to the point where anyone without an official gov’t title or magic state-issued costume having those sort of thoughts would be considered in need of an involuntary commitment to a secure mental facility. It’s really scary when you think about how we, as a society, are supposed to trust these people with the authority to shoot people on behalf of the state.

  33. Aanon Says:

    It’s really too bad that everyone that it was distributed to can’t be hit with something similar to kiddy poem charges due to the circumstances. Fun fact, in high school knew a senior who made a sophomore at a party. His buddy taped it from the closet. Believe it was 4 years he got after people admitted to seeing the tape or knowing about it.

  34. roswell Says:

    The idea that the government and police in particular can do anything they want is held throughout the LE world, not just this nazi Reyna. Below is a section from the Alliance of law abiding biker website. This states plainly that they are all in for asset forfeiture and “going too far” once the fight starts. A couple of things that strike me from this is the police are not my “real protection” I am. Another is I do care if police goes too far. Lastly, how can you say it’s OK for the police to violate the rule of law (by “going too far once the fight starts”) and then say the rule of law will prevail?

    Fair disclosure, I am an independent and don’t care what MCs (or anyone else) do or don’t do – leave me alone and I’ll do the same. I do have major issues with an out of control government and militarized police with a shoot first, and keep shooting, and ignore questions later policing.

    Quote below:
    Many 1% er’s feel that it is OK for regular people to be afraid of them. The intimidation card is often joyfully played. When that fear turns to anger, the public will turn to the one real protection they have, the police. Investigations, indictments, convictions, and asset seizures are the peoples’ weapons in their response to motorcycle outlaws. The people don’t care if the cops go too far once the fight is on. The Rule of Law will always prevail, imperfect though it is.

  35. Gypsy Girl Says:

    @Gandalf, interesting article, thanks for posting the link.


  36. Gypsy Girl Says:

    I hope that he and his wife bring a civil suit against them and sue that office for all they’re worth. There was absolutely NO reason for them to watch the video, much less distribute it! They are so fucking vile, but the accused are supposed to be the ‘bad guys?’

  37. Curbside Says:

    @Paladin, re: the security of a cellular phone, I’m truly amazed that everyone on the planet has not encrypted the SIM, SD card, and internal memory on their phones. Encryption has long-since been a feature available for both android and iPhone, and stout enough that the US gubbmint has gone to great lengths attempting to get a judge to force software engineers to create backdoor workarounds for the cops built into cell phones. It’s all literally right there already available in these phones right out of the box, and so few people use them. How hard is it to turn off your phone, knowing that powering it down is going to brick it if the password is not provided?

    I get that the grey-beards may not understand all the new tech available to us, but I’d like to think that some of the younger guys out there in the club community can show them how. Even if you don’t have video of your old lady giving you a hummer stored on your phone, it’s just good sense to keep it locked up when you consider how much personal info is stored on the average person’s phone…

  38. Neuro Says:

    No sympathy for any Cossack.

  39. Aanon Says:

    Working out of town for a few years, I had some videos on a phone. Stupid yes. You don’t realize that until it gets forgotten on the side bin and comes off on the freeway. Or a pig conspiracy. I remember the vz service girl on the phone said” well sir, why does it need to be disabled so fast, might be able to find it.” Ever gave your old man head and let him tape it? She shut that shit down instantly. Has something to do with the only one head can think at once theory I believe. Happy Easter.

  40. Aanon Says:

    I remember reading an article about a dumb fuck who painted his ex’s pic on his bike. Got rolled over it. Passing that around like is cool just isn’t. The fuck is wrong with people? Be sending you some gratitude soon Rebel. damn ducks won’t line up for shit

  41. Paladin Says:

    Reyna’s illegal and egregious behavior aside, one would think one would find a more secure place to store one’s home movies. No?


  42. Hero Says:

    @ Rebel. I am limiting my post here. Still want to know about those 2 luck guys and happy to contribute for those.

    Side note for Waco the Bermuda in San Antonio it’s going to look like a freaking Alamo Last Stand for those two guys when the prosecution can cut sentences and disgruntled women testify. At this point those guys need all the help they can get a heck of a lot more than the guys in Florida do because it’s going to set a precedent for the way that they treat any and everybody. I read this site and I love this site because it’s the only site that I found that doesn’t look the government steamroll human beings and individuals and basically the citizenry of the entire nation. You got my email address and my phone number and if you need a little boost men I got no problems with that. You’re one of the last Jim Travis, Daniel Boone and or Davy Crockett cuz you know Sam Houston didn’t show up for the fight but you do over and over and that’s nothing but respect. How to respect for your server I’m only going to post on everyone at three articles or five articles that I see where I actually have something to say not just something that spits out of my mouth. If I don’t feel like it’s comment Worthy I’m going to save you some money.

  43. Old & Jaded Says:

    Those images had zero to do with any criminal charges; simply another way to humiliate and pressure those arrested.

    Just when I think these, “public servants” could not be any more malicious or sink any lower…

    If I didn’t drink already, I’d start.

  44. Gandalf Says:

    “Never Love a Bandido” Texas Monthly May 1979
    Y’all might like reading this. It’s long but those in the DFW area will know the places. I’m guessing some OG Bandits might even know these guys and/or the events of the time. It’s a cool read though.

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