Merla, Gomez Sing And So On

March 28, 2018

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Merla, Gomez Sing And So On

If you know anything about the Global War On Motorcycle Clubs, at least enough to understand how such a perversion of our national defense against Jihadi terrorism came to be, you have always suspected the Bandidos case now on trial in San Antonio might, maybe be inseparable from the Twin Peaks Mass Murder.

At the time of the Twin Peaks, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was under investigation by an ill-described “Joint Task Force.” In Texas “joint task force” is code for secret agents from the FBI, ATF, HSI, DEA and the Texas Rangers sitting around the old shredder machine singing songs and telling lies. Waco happened because the joint task force couldn’t get anything on the Bandits except some mid-level drug deals in Colorado. Over and over, in the U.S. v. Jeremey Halgat for example, the longer cases remain fruitless the greater the pressure on investigators to get something on the “bad guys.” So it is somewhere between probable and dead certain that the Bandidos joint task force tried to instigate a “biker war” between the Bandidos and the Cossacks.

Mistakes were made. Fortunately nobody’s sacred civil service career was lost. Just some lives. And, the day after Waco, an exasperated John Portillo was caught on a wiretap complaining “We are at war with the Cossacks.”

The Cossacks War

This was translated by the press into “Bandidos declared war on Cossacks.” The “war” of course, was about the Bandidos reported refusal to allow the Cossacks to put on a Texas bottom rocker. That was bull feathers. Prosecutors knew it was bull feathers. During the trial of Bandidos Dallas chapter president Jake Carrizal last year, the local district attorney tried to order a Texas Ranger to hide evidence that proved that the Texas Bottom Rocker theory of the motive for the “Bandidos crimes” was bull feathers. That prosecutor was the increasingly inscrutable Abel Reyna.

The interlocking chronology of the state Waco cases and the federal Bandidos case is interesting. The Waco Twin Peaks incident exploded on May 17, 2015, All the witnesses were thrown in a dungeon and numerous Cossacks immediately began chattering like squirrels. Their wise and impartial words were amplified by the world’s travelling press. The main talking points were that the Bandidos had attacked the Cossacks and the Confederation of Clubs was a Bandidos racket. Prosecutors tried to embargo most of the discovery in the case. The DEA immediately opened an investigation into Cossack Nomad Owen Reeves and his club which, biker cognoscenti may understand, sealed all dealings between Reeves and the Cossacks and the “Joint Task Force” under the Freedom of Information Act Ongoing Investigations Exception. That task force is still investigating.

Jeff Pike, John Portillo and former club sergeant at arms Justin Forster were indicted in December and the indictment was unsealed in January. The indictment accuses the Bandidos as a whole of being guilty of four drug transactions made by Forster – who has since agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. It is full of references to the Cossacks and is founded in part on anti-Bandidos statements made by Cossacks, It refers to a confrontation between Bandidos and Cossacks in Abilene in November 2013, a homicide at Gators Jam Inn in December 2014 – which is generally understood to have resulted from a fight over a woman, and assaults by Bandidos on Cossacks in March 2015 and August 2015. It greatly emphasizes Portillo’s statement that his club was “at war with the Cossacks.”

A “legal expert” told television KCEN in Waco that the indictment “bolstered” the “case against bikers at Twin Peaks” which was exactly what the indictment was supposed to do.

Strategic Change

In early March, 2017, at a time when Waco prosecutors were playing cute about who they might try first, federal prosecutors ordered the arrests of four ex-Bandidos and issued a superseding indictment that changed the nature of the accusations against Portillo and Pike. The indictment stopped being about the Cossacks war.

A week later, Waco prosecutors announced they would ”do” Bandidos Dallas chapter president Jake Carrizal first. Obviously, the Department of Justice still had nothing on the former Bandidos national chapter officers. State officials had nothing on Carrizal. The strategy in both cases changed. Prosecutors wanted to portray the Bandidos as a gang of soulless murderers. Carrizal was portrayed as having ridden “into battle” on his iron horse. Pike and Portillo were portrayed as men who “ordered” murders like the ones state prosecutors tried to pin on Carrizal.

In hindsight, it seems like a desperate attempt to win contrived cases.

The first month of the federal case in San Antonio has been dominated by testimony from former Bandidos and former Bandidos associates that Pike and Portillo ordered the unsolved assassination of a drug dealer named Anthony Banesh in 2006. Much of this is ironically daffy. In the same case at the same time, prosecutors allege that Jeff Pike ordered the murder of a Hells Angel and then a few years later all was forgiven and well respected Bandidos travelled to Oakland to hang with the alleged club brothers of the man he had murdered. People who know the world through movies might think this was just Vito Corleone and the Bruno Tattaglia sitting down to a nice bowl of pasta for the sake of the heroin and whore industry. But anybody who knows anything about motorcycle clubs knows relations between the Mongols and the Angels and the Outlaws and the Angels remain tense after four decades. It doesn’t seem likely that the Bandidos would have gone to Oakland if he had really ordered a hit on a Hells Angel.

The witnesses to Pike’s and Portillo’s involvement in this mostly hypothetical crime are the men who claim to have actually murdered Banesh, Johnny Romo and his brother Robert Romo. The question that naturally arises is why would a murderer confess? The answer is Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, who confessed to 19 murders in return for absolution and a nice book deal. Romo’s book may be called something like Hitman: Downtown Johnny’s Story of Life in the Bandidos.

Lara Murder

Testimony since last Friday has focused on the 16-year-old, previously solved murder of an alleged street gangster named Robert Lara. He was murdered when George Wegers was still El Presidente of Pike and Portillo’s club. Last Friday, a woman named Magenta Winans confessed that she lured Lara to his doom and then watched him die.

A man named Richard Merla, who was probably once a Bandido confessed to the murder in April 2007. Merla was expelled from the Bandidos in August 2004 after he murdered a former boxing champion and friend of the Bandidos named Robert Quiroga. Merla’s expulsion was so complete that the only pictures extant of him from his biker days show him in a support club vest.

Under cross examination, Winans explained discrepancies in her recollection because she has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But that was okay because Merla agreed it happened just like Winans said it did.

Merla confessed on television that Portillo had ordered Lara’s murder in 2008. He was probably implicated in Lara’s murder by Winans who seems to have made her deal with federal police first. Merla and Winans both told jurors that she had lured Lara to the rest stop where Merla and another former Bandido named Frederick Cortez shot him.

In testimony this week Merla said he was awarded an “Expect No Mercy” patch in return for killing Lara and was given the job of delivering five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and methamphetamine to Portillo each week. There is no actual proof for any of this.


Today, it was Winans old boyfriend, Andrew Gomez’ turn to sing his solo. Gomez was expelled from the Bandidos in bad standing in 2005.

Gomez told the jury that Portillo gave Merla the pistol Merla used to kill Lara, that he helped Portillo dispose of the murder weapon, and that he also delivered massive amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine to Portillo.

So far the prosecution’s case against Pike and Portillo seems fatally flawed. Merla, Winans and Gomez were all prepared to testify by early in 2008. But the government sat on all this for nine years.


Prosecutors sat on all this testimony while a state proxy set up a pole camera outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015? They kept quiet about all this in the first indictment against Pike and Portillo? They sat on all these revelations throughout the Carrizal trial? It is not like any of this was secret. Merla went on television in 2008 and talked about all of this.

This is a mostly secret trial with limited, local press coverage. The witness list is sealed. Most of the discovery is sealed. Most of the motions are sealed. The jury is sequestered. The judge in the case, David Alan Ezra, has already decided that there is no likely connection between the joint task force that was watching the pole cam feed from the Twin Peaks in 2015 and this case. So nobody knows what questions the jurors are asking themselves as this opera unfolds month after month.

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22 Responses to “Merla, Gomez Sing And So On”

  1. Neuro Says:

    Trial suspended to Tuesday to accommodate negro worship.

  2. Freebird Says:

    Well 2 more names to add to the wall of shame! At this rate that wall would seal off Mexico….

  3. Snow Says:

    Best Wishes to the Red and Gold Nation on beating this just us scam SYLB

  4. Paladin Says:

    I watched the opening, back to back episodes of the new Rosanne. For me, the humor fell flat due to the unbelievable, “everything under the sun”, overly contrived situations attempting to run through this comedy. Likewise, the alleged charges in the back to back situational tragedies that are this case and the goat fuck that is Twin Peaks aren’t believable either, due to the “everything under the sun” overly contrived villainy testified to by the government’s so called witnesses.


  5. Gypsy Girl Says:

    @Dutchbiy, I almost just blew Diet Coke out my nose from your post! Omg, you rock.

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    I seemed to have missed something… I thought PTSD stood for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (at least that’s what the VA docs tell me). I didn’t know it also meant “my Noodle is fried from too much meth, give me a bump and I’ll say whatever you want” disorder. Out bad bitches, snitches, and crack whore witches. Damned don’t these Persecutors have ANY pride?

  7. Neuro Says:

    I really liked Richard Scarface until he started saying too much. No one got killed over a poster, that was just the catalyst which ignited the inferno. The issue was repeated disrespect in front of a fellow club member which did not stop after repeated warnings. I was not there but I believe him. The scene tells the story. That was not the result of a poster dispute. I am cheering for the big Texas Club, but Richard did raise a valid point on that History show. He said it was never, ever in the bylaws that a member was to be expelled if they ever killed anyone. He said no one ever told him that, and felt the brotherhood should have run deeper. Same as Christie, there is way more to his side than anyone wants to admit.I am not condoning either guy, but there is way more to their stories than is being recognized. Of course now both have gone too far.

  8. kenny Says:

    Look in canada u snitch because your facing murder u arenot a believable wittness. Like I said before do u free murders and inprison drug dealers who never where caught with drugs. Plus feds follow the money. Why havent they shown all the stuff from ill gotten gains? Will this be the first trial a jury says no more? Time will tell! Thank Rebel and when your getting tired broke and pissed…. Tell us!!!! And u dont have to explain your worth a hell of alot to anyone who wears a patch. Without u we would never know the truth….or what can be gleaned from the people who burned children to death. After all they said the kids would come out once they torched the compound!

  9. Freebird Says:

    Have to wonder what is the projected cost of this trial?

  10. david Says:

    As to FOIA, after congress passes the FOIA with their emphasis on “freedom”, the corrupt DEA bureau attorneys come up the “ongoing investigation” exception to the law, with NO time limit.

    For all members of congress to be superseded by tin-badge bureaucrats with their own attorneys obstructing the law, there is NO law. If congress itself allowed the exception, those bastards are guilty of one more joke of a law.

  11. Trebor Says:

    Its all about wins and losses.Feds will say and do just about anything to guarantee the funds coming in.Snitches only motive is getting themselves out of the very mud they created.Rather take down their Brothers than take responsibity for their own actions.Like to see a police precinct get dragged through the shit because of one of their own.A snitches word is only as good as the coaching of what to say in court given by his handlers

  12. Theseus Says:

    Re: Gandalf & Freebird
    In court in Waco, Big O’s wife testified that Owen called her shortly after the gunfire stopped, but before everybody was zip-tied. So, Big O’s phone is part of the crime scene. But, Waco law enforcement testified at Jake’s trial that there is no physical record of Big O’s phone, or who took custody of the phone.
    Big O’s phone would have been grabbed early by the Feds and they have protocol for this sort of evidence.
    May not be completely fool-proof,though, since the messages on the phone have two parties.

  13. Bad Guy Says:

    Jilted bitches, jailhouse snitches, & liars on parade!
    The Feds entire case summed up!

  14. Txboshot Says:

    @Gypsy Girl. Spot on, awesome post and your 100% right on the PTSD thing.

  15. Freebird Says:

    That task force is still investigating.

    Yea investigating is not what comes to mind. That’s why Big O’s phone went missing. No I think it was more like operation clean sweep. Destroy any foot prints between O and the other snitches connecting them to the task force.

    The ambush set the stage for the mass arrest to get the cell phones. Data mining…. I have to believe they decided to throw 1 hay maker punch thinking they would knock out the R&G.

  16. Peachy Says:

    Gotta give my respect to Gypsy Girl. Always spot on and no bullshit in her post.

  17. Largeandy Says:

    @Gypsy Girl, RIDE ON …..great post and agree completely.

  18. Gypsy Girl Says:

    Again, you can literally get away with murder as long as you give information that could possibly convict somebody else. Don’t worry if it’s a complete fabrication and sounds like a cheesy 1970s B-movie plot, Reyna will still make a deal with you. That is not justice. This whole thing smells like a bunch of bull.

    Winans is a lying POS. I have PTSD and I only wish it caused me to lose memories and details. Instead, it makes sure that I remember everything, down to what the room smelled like. Anyone with REAL PTSD can tell you that even the tiniest detail will even invade your dreams. It is so ingrained that my son can’t get near my throat when we are goofing around. I just hope that the lying junkie whore gets some karma dished out to her.

    Are there people in Clubs that commit serious crimes? Of course, just like there are criminals in any cross section of a community. Does that mean the Club is a criminal enterprise? No. To say that insults a great many men who do more good for society and charitable causes than most men that aren’t in a motorcycle club. Like I said before, Brother is a veteran and a great guy, as are his brothers that I have gotten to know over the years. These DAs have no problems prosecuting men who they know are not guilty of bullshit charges, as long as it gets them good press. That’s like saying because one person in the hospital I worked at killed somebody, we were all in on it and all deserve to be locked up.

    IMO, their resources would be put to better use if they went after the violent street gangs that have infiltrated every state in this country. Go after the gangs whose members break into strangers’ houses and kill the occupants. How about getting gangs who kill children with their drive by shootings and deal heroin to teenagers, shooting them up into oblivion to keep them addicted? MS13 is the deadliest gang in America and most of them are here illegally, but the government is wasting millions of dollars on this kind of shit instead of ridding the streets of gangs like them. I mean really, WTF?!?

    Press on,

  19. Paladin Says:

    “In testimony this week Merla said he was awarded an “Expect No Mercy” patch in return for killing Lara and was given the job of delivering five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and methamphetamine to Portillo each week.” Really?

    Let’s review: From a common sense standpoint, who in their right mind is going to entrust this member of Mensa (Merla) with that kind of weight and on a weekly basis no less? Let’s not forget, this is the same guy that killed a Texas favorite son over a Scarface movie poster. So, we’re not talking about one of those “real men of genius” here. Besides; Moving that kind of weight on a regular basis is going to attract a lot of unwanted attention. Bottom line? If there were any truth to Merla’s story, he would have been busted within the first week of his new found job, and Quiroga might still be alive today.

    The prosecution’s strategy in this case must be: Hey; If we parade enough liars in front of the sequestered members of the jury, they’ll eventually become numb, give up and believe us.


  20. Buzzard Says:

    Pike is the owner of a custom car building facility with a complete paint booth on his 5 acre property. He bought the property cheaply because it was in a flood plane; he filled it in to be able to build the still unfinished house and the shop.

    Portillo holds a state of Texas heating and cooling Masters License and runs a successful business out of his small home on the southeast side of San Antonio; he also fielded a top fuel racing motorcycle with several lucrative sponsor-ships.

    It boggles the mind to imagine these fairly intelligent people being involved in premeditated murders with 8 and 12 co-conspirators, many of them supposedly known drug dealers. Would it never enter their minds that one or more would use the knowledge to clear their own cases when, not if, they were arrested? How could they ever sleep without heavy medication? It would certainly cause me to suffer from massive anxiety and/or PTSD!

    We know all of the accusers are doing so to get relief on their own murder and drug dealing charges. It appears the government is willing to let all of them go free or suffer only a slap on the wrist in order to get the Bandidos leadership. What a waste of taxpayer money and government assets; aren’t there enough cases with some amount of physical evidence to keep prosecutors busy? It appears there are enough politicians, attorneys and Wall Street executives to keep them busy; all with plenty of actual evidence!

  21. Filburt Says:

    Great Rebel. I sincerely hope, pray, you don’t choose to quit this vital line of information. You and you only as for as I know provide WTP with the truth.

  22. Gandalf Says:

    “The DEA immediately opened an investigation into Cossack Nomad Owen Reeves and his club which, biker cognoscenti may understand, sealed all dealings between Reeves and the Cossacks and the “Joint Task Force” under the Freedom of Information Act Ongoing Investigations Exception. That task force is still investigating.”

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