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March 26, 2018

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Reality Check

For the second time in about 16 months I have to ask readers whether The Aging Rebel matters or whether it is time for it to disappear.

Over the last 115 months The Aging Rebel has published about 2,000 posts and about 85,000 comments from a broad cross section of readers including drifters, mechanics, policemen, soldiers, lawyers, psychiatrists, patch holders, wannabes, criminologists, children, journalists, saints and lunatics. All of this content remains searchable and easily accessible for free.

This blog intentionally covers a very narrow journalistic niche in depth. Its primary focus has always been on what I have called the motorcycle outlaw frontier: A counterculture that has reduced the historical Western Frontier to a set of ideas. I think the motorcycle outlaw frontier is a folkway that probably began around the time the Romans crossed the Rhine; that has always been at odds with various colors of authority; and that has always defined itself through stories from Beowulf, through Robin Hood, to Daniel Boone and his fictional counterpart Hawkeye, to Wyatt Earp and the Man With No Name. This folkway flourished in the United States because of the defining act of Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency. He bought most of North America from Napoleon and vastly enlarged the frontier, America’s wide open spaces, where men could be free, keep what they could take, grow or make and live by their own consciences, by their own code, free of official control.

Regrettably, the premise of this blog, these ideas that hairy guys on big, loud motorcycles might actually be in some ways better than the men who judge them and live through them vicariously, and that their always interesting, often tragic lives might betray something very important about another idea called “America” has never particularly caught the world’s imagination – certainly not in the way that Gangland or The Devils Ride have.

Waco, which has dominated this page for the last couple of years, is a good example. This blog has led to one book about what happened at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant called The Twin Peaks Ambush: A True Story About The Press, The Police And The Last American Outlaws. With considerable luck, if enough people read and respond to these words right here, I might get a follow up book about the event called Expect No Mercy: State Sponsored Mass Murder In Post Truth Texas in print this spring, about four or five months after I first expected to have it done. Neither book is likely to ever be a best seller. The story that most people want to read about the Twin Peaks is about hairy guys on big, loud motorcycles being stupidly. inexplicably and senselessly violent and antisocial.

What most people want to read about motorcycle outlaws is ‘a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.” The Aging Rebel has always been less interested in the fury and more interested in what that fury signifies – about this place, this time, these ideas and those police.

Because this page offers a unique and generally unpopular take on a sliver of our collective identity, it has never had broad appeal.

There appear to be about 1,000 people who check this page regularly and they don’t seem to be particularly interested in whatever ads they see here. The ads are all selected by Google which doesn’t think much of this page or its readers. Ad revenues have steadily declined over the last year and in the last month have averaged about six dollars a day. By way of reference, the cost of the servers that allow this site to appear on your computer or other device cost about three times that. And there are significantly more costs than that associated with this long running experiment in niche journalism.

Some stories attract more readers than others. In the first 24 hours after its publication, a story called “Ride Like A Girl” about drag racer Valerie Thompson found a mere 233 readers.

Stories attract more readers the longer they are up. A story titled “Bandidos Under Pressure” that was published just before Christmas 2016 has been viewed about 40,000 times. “The Fog Of Doc,” a story about former Mongols president Ruben “Doc” Cavazos published in August 2012 has been read about 104,000 times. A story called “Harley Is Doomed,” published in 2010, has been read about 136,000 times. A review of the book Methland published in 2009 has possibly attracted more readers than the book itself. But a story that was particularly difficult to write, published two weeks before the review of Methland and titled “Watching Lineman Die,” has found fewer than 30,000 readers over the last nine years.

You might want to browse through some of this content now. If you want. You should know that it might not be here forever.

This endeavor has always been a labor of love and faith on the part of both the author and the page’s most loyal readers. This page has continued to publish over the last year and a half largely because of the generous contributions of readers like you. As time has gone by those contributions have inevitably withered to the extent that this site may soon disappear.

I would like to keep doing this. There are a couple of “donate” buttons on the right sidebar. Think of them as a way to vote or as the answer to a question in a survey. If you would like to see the page stay up, please contribute what you think The Aging Rebel is worth. If you don’t care all you have to do is nothing.



96 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. EKG21 Says:

    Rebel, stumbled across your “Blog” quite a few years ago. Being an avid reader, I find your blog intriguing, fascinating, professionally written. It will leave future generations valuable insight long after we are gone.

  2. A Citizen Says:

    I have been an avid reader for years. Your writings have been inspiration to me. I believe them to be truthful and from your heart. I thank you sir and wish you there best.

  3. Shovelhead Says:


    Seems to me, Rebel just reports on what’s going on out there as it pertains to Bikers, Motorcyclists and the whole lifestyle in general. Everything from stories about Patch holders to how Harley Davidson Inc is doing.

    This place has never been about patch holders only. Most Bikers are not patch holders anyhow.

    I don’t happen to like Cops for personal reasons, and I never let a chance to chastise one, go by. But that’s my problem. I just haven’t met a Cop I like. But, I do have to say, I like Paladin and his knowledge. Never met him though.
    If the atmosphere changes for Bikers in America, Rebel will be reporting on what’s going on.

  4. jicase Says:

    I will drop some coin in the slot. I am a regular reader. I don’t comment much because I learn more with my mouth shut. I am not a 1%er and don’t pretend to be one (I doubt any club would have me) but I don’t consider myself a RUB either. Been riding for more than 50 years. My point is that you’re right about the wide variety of people who come here. Contrary to what DCG says, I’ve never felt marginalized or discounted for not belonging to a club. Give respect and get respect. Keep up your good work.

  5. JMacK Says:

    What the fuck did I just read?

    Yes, it may sound at times like it’s the same old song and dance. Because Rebel is reporting the truth? What the fuck are you on? You sound like the Liberal assholes who don’t like the truth so they make up “news” to fit their agenda. I appreciate Paladin’s reply, but I think you’re too stupid to comprehend the truth.

    Do you maybe think that the reason for the Aging Rebel is to point out the truth that most news lemmings don’t have the balls to investigate?

    Tell you what, if you (or anyone) thinks it’s “tired”, grab your bike (haha), go find an MC to give you the time of day and start prospecting. If you get to the point where you could ever be considered for the even the potential of a full patch member, come back here and tell me that the news is a replay. Its a life many of us live day in and day out. Without breaking laws and just trying to do right.

    As for ways to earn, maybe Rebel could look at different ways to get paid for his content, it’s not my area of expertise. But I know that changing the content to suit someones need to hear different news isn’t the answer. That’s how you get today’s mainstream media.

    Fuckin sheep.


  6. Sieg Says:

    Obvious length of post + DCG = FOAD


  7. Verne D Says:

    Donation sent, will try to do monthly…………………..Verne

  8. Paladin Says:


    I agree on points 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7. Regarding your point # 2: I don’t believe everyone that posts here, including Rebel thinks all cops are jack booted thugs. However; there are individuals within the Law enforcement community that over the years have worked very hard at tarnishing its reputation. The same can be said of individuals within the MC & 1%er community.

    Regarding your point # 4: Those that post on Rebel’s page are diverse and not just from the 1%er side of motorcycling. Those that have been asked or told to move on are rude, obnoxious and either liars or obvious trolls. Even at that, it takes a lot for Rebel to actually block someone from posting. It’s really quite simple. If one is respectful, one will be shown respect. Contrary to what some have come to believe, it’s not a requirement to act like a condescending asshole when having a difference of opinion, either with Rebel or an individual poster.

    Regarding your point # 8: The truth of the matter is that the public in general doesn’t care about “real bikers” nor does the general public envy them. If the general public really cared about or envied “real bikers”, public opinion would force the government and law enforcement to stop their collective harassment of said motorcycle enthusiasts.

    Regarding your point # 9: Not that many bikers actually go on trial. Most make plea deals. Those that do go to trial are usually testified against by those that took plea deals. The current Bandido trial is a textbook example of this.

    Regarding your point # 10: Not all former outlaw bikers that tell their stories are sellouts or snitches. However; when one attempts to pass lies as the truth and puts former club business out on the street, financially injuring another in the process, one then becomes a sellout and a snitch. Say hello to George Christi.

    Speaking in absolutes makes your post read like you have an ax to grind, which discounts its value.


  9. Old & Jaded Says:


    And you charge Rebel with being wordy and dramatic? I’ve been a reader and occasional poster here for a long time. I’ve seen some pretty “out there” posts here and no one usually says much. I’ve had people disagree with me and it’s stayed civil. There are people here from all over (US and beyond) and from all walks of life. For the most part, this varied and interesting stew of humanity get along. Respect here typically gets respect in return.

    The exceptions to the merriment seem to occur when someone comes here and acts like a pompous know-it-all. Which brings me to your post… In addition to insulting his readers, just in case Rebel decides to hang up his spurs, you wanted to be sure to get a few cheap shots in as he eases out. Probably not too smart to whine about people here not liking you when you drop in from above and tuck insults in a lecture to the host. A lot of us appreciate the hard work Rebel has done. Go back under your rock.

  10. Tommy Jr. Says:

    @David Cole Grey

    Well that is quite the diagnostic finding of Rebel.. a bit long, and with a touch of feminine approach. Hints all the time you spent rambling on about Rebel as to what you “think” he is thinking. Typically only anything with a snatch presumes to know what one thinks. Especially when done in lengthy monologue form like you did above.

    So i’ll raise you one. And give a short consensus on you. Accept more to business like a man should.
    I diagnose you, David pussy-hole Grey, with urine order/cop dick-in-the-mouth syndrome.

    You might want to get that looked at? Thank you.

  11. Freebird Says:

    @ DCG

    I guess my question to you is if you really feel that strongly about it why spend that much time and effort to say you don’t agree. You act as someone put a 38 cal two shot derringer to your head. Whiskey tango foxtrot?

  12. David Cole Grey Says:


    I was once a frequent visitor to your site. I now infrequently drop by to read some of your content. I found your writing style to be interesting and dramatic. Still do. I felt at times too wordy and overly dramatic, but that was just my opinion and I said so at the time. I was roundly jeered by your devoted regulars. I expect I’ll get attacked for this as well. So be it.

    I read with great interest your post detailing your current dilemma above. Frankly, it’s a problem of your own making. This site and your articles are not discernibly different than when I first found them several years ago. I understand your target audience is pretty limited in scope to begin with. That isn’t an excuse to not evolve and grow. Than can be done without “selling out”. You haven’t even tried. Your devotion to your way of doing things is proving your undoing.

    You painted yourself into a corner with the same old same old. I get it. You believe what you believe. You say what you believe. You just keep saying it over and over and over. Here are your well worn talking points;
    1. The “government” is corrupt.
    2. All cops are jack booted thugs.
    3. The ATF are corrupt murderers for hire, determined to kill outlaw bikers with impunity.
    4 Anyone who isn’t a 1%er is a poser, a RUB, an SOA wannabe, unworthy of sharing the road with the “real” and so on. Unwelcome here. This site is for those who live the life. Anyone else? Move on.
    5. The Iron Order is Satan.
    6. Jay Dobyns is Satan.
    7. Any OMG “expert” isn’t.
    8. The general public doesn’t understand real bikers and never will. They envy them, they want to look and act like them, but they don’t “understand” them. They can’t.
    9. Every trial of a biker is either unfair, corrupt, or has a predetermined outcome.
    10. Former outlaw bikers who tell their stories are sell outs or snitches.

    The points above may or may not have some validity or truth to them. But, there is more to the motorcycle world than these same old points recycled ad nauseum.. The fact is your content is stagnant and so narrowly defined your audience will never expand beyond those who like an echo chamber.

    Visitors who don’t fit the criteria are made to feel unwelcome and marginalized. Your regulars see to that. With that reaction to any visitors who may disagree with the rhetoric and tone of your articles, who may post comments indicating dissent with the group think, what do you expect? I have seen posters who post a reasonable argument against some of your posts vilified and demonized as Iron Order wannabes, and worse. You not only tolerate it, you encourage it.

    It is admirable you have a narrative you stick with. Good. But, you can’t complain or lament this narrative dog is biting you now. Again, what did you expect? Your target audience is shrinking with age and attrition. The outlaw biker life style and demographic is getting older, not younger. There is less interest in the lifestyle and it’s trappings nationwide. Bike sales are falling rapidly, too. You’re competing for a shrinking piece of the eyeball pie. Eyeballs, that by the way, aren’t prone to being insulted and bullied for simply posting something off the Aging Rebel Thought Plantation. I got tired pretty quickly of being called a “Urine Order” troll myself. It’s tedious, but par for the course here.

    You liken the Outlaw lifestyle to the Old West. It’s possible your rhetoric and site, like the cowboys and outlaws, are fading into irrelevance. In the face of your failure to evolve your narrative style and subject matter, this is the end result.

    At least, if your site shuts down, you can take comfort in the fact you did it your way and never compromised simply to remain on line. That is quite an admirable thing.

  13. Filburt Says:


    Maybe you could charge a fee to post opinions or responses to the subject ! This would help keep opinions/responses on subject!

  14. Tricky Says:

    TFD says

    Rebel although i read this page often i have never posted before. Very little of what you write comes from Canada which is my home. Ridng here in winter really sucks. Tire chains are hard on paint. This issue is worth comenting on. Dont stop. I will donate so I can keepn reading. Some of thecomments coming from the fringe are quite interesting,but some f the regulars the show some intelegence are excellent to read.


  15. Grimey Says:

    Stick with it Rebel

  16. Out Law doll Says:

    Don’t go anywhere it just getting real love all ur messages

  17. TerryFXST Says:

    I don’t come here a lot, but I enjoy the page when I do. The least I can do is throw just a little bit your way. Thanks for writing what you do and how you do.

  18. Razz Says:

    I’m not a biker and not a ‘regular’ reader. I found your site while looking for information about Waco, and check in every couple months to binge read.

    That said, I think sites like yours are becoming increasingly rare as the War on Freedom in America progresses. I realize that you and others often feel like voices crying in the wilderness … just remember that the wilderness isn’t barren just ’cause you can’t see or hear those who see and hear your voice.

    Keep up the good fight and do whatever you gotta do.
    Molon Labe.

  19. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Old & Jaded: good to hear from you and thank you much -I ran on a little longer than intended, but that happens lately. Dr. Sardonicus, Road Whore, and many others I do wonder about as well. Budweiser who knows. I miss fayettenam hoe as well. Good to hear from you boss, shiny side up and be well.
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  20. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Sorry Rebel, that was ass-backwards: what you write is worth far more than what I donate.
    Much respect,

  21. Old & Jaded Says:

    WheresMyBoots – good to see you. I have been here many years as well and have enjoyed your posts. I remember Dr. Sardonicus, Budweiser and RVJim (?) as well but damned if I recall what happened to Budweiser. Will have to hit some old posts and piece it together.

    Your post here was excellent. Good luck re your home coming.

  22. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    Going back ‘home’ (wherever that is) again soon, trying again. This time with little cash, but thanks to the kindness of women I have bed and board, so I’ll get something to you in about 10 days. I’ll donate what I can, which in my opinion probably still won’t be what I read is worth. Soon as I get on my feet I’ll make it regular. I hope the ads I click over here pay Euros (probably a lot of ads for 1 Euro, but …) since they are worth a bit more. Make it subscription and I will subscribe. 7 years at least -couldn’t do without it. You do very fine work.
    Respects to you, much, and please stick around if at all possible.
    Thank you for doing this, thank you very much.

    Post …
    Click all the ads -read. Repeat with each article. The old guard, some of which are still around used to admonish, “CLICK SOME ADS!” Or sometimes: “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CLICK SOME ADS BUDWEISER!”
    Sometimes I miss Budweiser, those around since 2011 or thereabouts will probably understand why.

    Rebel had to clear out the old New Saloon because of some corporate bullshit. He didn’t like doing that, and there was plenty of good words there.
    Before that Rebel had to have his eyes operated on. I don’t know why. If I knew Rebel personally, and was familiar enough, I would wish that it had something to do with a pretty lady crossing her legs unannounced. Either way it sucked and worried many, some because they assumed the VA might be doing the work. Thankfully all turned out well whoever fixed Rebel up. Maybe some Harley mechanic. Rebel took a nap.
    Before that a bunch of assholes hacked the site and it went to that place in space where the missing sock from the laundry goes, but Rebel is not one to back down from a fight, and knows how to build fortifications -he might have taken what he learned in combat, in Viet Nam, and applied it to cyber space.
    Before that Rebel had to write an article like the one above, and it seemed -IMO- he didn’t particularly enjoy writing it, but the regulars at that time were more than happy to come through. That’s where the donate button came from. Click some ads by the way -takes just a few seconds to get them all.

    Rebel mentioned a Kiowa (I believe) dancer in an article about crank, or maybe the review of ‘Methland’, and you could see a younger Rebel, the dancer, even smell the bar -Rebel is good at putting you there. As long as I live I will see that girl and that hair of hers flying, which he described beautifully as “the murder of crows” as I recall. God damn that was fine writing.

    In another article Rebel was riding on the 401, or some hellish piece of road in LA, and a plastic garbage bag wrapped itself around his shift lever, which he cut off with a cheap, Chinese-made knife. While riding. His description of this episode was just a small part of some very fine writing, and Rebel’s fine sense of humor -sometimes directed at himself.

    Air bursts are like an invisible dinosaur foot coming down I now understand. In that piece Rebel was writing about Vietnamese people trying to get away from the air bursts, and not having much of a chance. The horror of it was visceral, because Rebel can write. Damn he can write.

    Two girls -who probably had no idea who he was- asked to take Rebel’s picture at an outdoor motorcycle event as he leaned up against his bike. That’s how I recall it anyway, and I hope they still have that photo. Anyone who can sense the difference between a biker and a “dentist in a pirate outfit” (to rip off a line from a Rebel article, and probably badly) would understand why they wanted to take that photo.

    A man named John posted a comment on one Rebel article suggesting that a former member of his club named George was lying about how and why he left the club. Some were shocked at the comment and one reader disagreed with the man named John. It appeared at least a year or two later -maybe longer- that the man named John was right. Ride In Peace and Respects to the man named John, and the man named George is apparently working on some kind of one-man stage show that he’s having trouble getting off the ground.

    A man named Jay commented occasionally because he disagreed with what Rebel wrote about him. The man named Jay also sued his former employers, who not only have something against motorcycle enthusiasts of a certain bent but don’t like Jay much either. They say he partially burned his house and then claimed a famous MC “burned it down.” Readers here took exception to the acts of the man named Jay, and they didn’t like his beard much either.

    In an interview, when asked if he had heroes, Rebel said a hero was a sandwich and if I recall said he likes his with beef, peppers, and onions.

    In a book of stories called “A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends”, one story is about bikers, and a man named Frog explains what a biker is to a very uncomfortable civilian who walked into a bar. Worth reading, believe me.

    Years ago, a nationally publicized incident occurred, and the emergency operator’s voice in the audio recording of the event sounds slightly annoyed and distracted. Considering the nature of the event that seems impossible. He just might have been reading Rebel’s book “Out Bad” -which he borrowed without permission from another person- and though he claimed he “hated bikers” was so riveted that he was pissed off at the interruption. Or at least I might have heard that somewhere, or it happened in a dream.

    To this day, when reading “Waiting For Samcro” (archives, do yourself a favor), I still get the feel that I am riding right there with Rebel, then at his home, and then laugh my ass off, tears rolling down my face, at Rebel’s description of an episode of “The Sons of Anarchy”. It is one of the funniest pieces I have ever read in my entire life, and I read one helluva lot. I have bought all of Rebel’s books, non-fiction and fiction, and sometimes both on-line and real-live-book.

    Rebel wrote about encountering a guy on a Big Dog, and asked if it wasn’t difficult to ride. The man said it was easy to ride as long as you were going straight down the road.

    Rebel is damned good at this, and furthermore, fights the good fight. He’s got a lot of fight in him. I’ll pay to read this news magazine, and I liked the article about the girl racer. I like ’em all.

    Rebel, I’m glad your father told you to get on that bike and go that day you shared the cigarette. Be well, and as one regular used to say: “Rebel on!”

    I have ads to click and two new articles to read. Today’s a good day.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  23. Jim Denny Says:

    Always read the blog, buy the books and recommend your site to members and prospects.

  24. Bustersbrotravis Says:

    Rebel, i have donated when i could and hopefully will be in a position to soon. I emailed you the same about a t shirt or maybe a little aging rebel patch for my jacket would be a cool idea

  25. Maven Says:

    Dropped some money on your canteen Rebel :-)

    Hope you’re able to keep on doing this. We need you on that wall man.

  26. oldskewl Says:

    “This endeavor has always been a labor of love and faith on the part of both the author and the page’s most loyal readers” – Not in the same exact words but close to words I’ve heard hundreds of times from any member of an MC.

    Unlike an MC this is your income but also, it’s your baby. Without a doubt you’ve poured more into this than you’ve gotten out of it. Besides the fact you’re a writer, (a damn good one) you’ve made it into many people hearts across the country, your opinion matters to many but as you said, not enough.

    You can be part of the biggest club but for the most part you’re tied to your chapter, this is your chapter and those that come here regularly are the members.

    I’ll admit, I haven’t been the best donator although I have boughten your books and donated when you were covering the trial from that lonesome hotel near the courthouse.
    No matter what you decide, you’ve made an impact on people’s lives and everyone will remember the tireless contributions you’ve made to the “biker” community.

    I can’t imagine being this deep in and then walking away, I know that’s not your intention but a man needs to steady income, you deserve the more than this. The days of waiting for your monthly subscription to easyrider to arrive in the mail are long gone, the world is changing and not for the better.

    I hope you stay and continue to write, it’s more about you than the stories, Rebel. If not, may the breeze be warm on your back and your troubles free.

    Mad respects,


  27. Sieg Says:

    Just a note to all who would like to donate, but don’t have a PayPal account. You can donate THROUGH PayPal without having an account. If you do the donate thing, the first page you will get gives you the option of using a credit card to make a donation…have at it.

    KROTN (Keep Rebel On The Net)

  28. Crazy Harry Says:

    This site needs to stay here, where else are you going to get the real biker news? MSN just doesn’t get it.

  29. JB Says:

    I don’t have any money but please don’t go away ! I’m a retired 1 percenter and this the only way I get news anymore.

  30. Bill Says:

    Rebel, I posted this to the Indian motorcycle message board I’m on. Thanks for all you do!

  31. Va.Bob Says:

    If those tee-shirts have the Doc Holliday logo on ’em ,I’ll buy some.It’s been a good run,and I appreciate and respect your sacrifices and footwork.But I believe that statement “1000 people who check this post regularly…..” tells the tale: your ass is gone,after close to a decade.The best motorcyclists’ rights site ever.Some cool regulars,too.Who coined “cheerleaders”? Or ,”everybody wants to be a one-percenter ,until it’s time to be a one-percenter”? One more thing,that cross-section should include “middle-aged slackers who ride”.I know I’m one.

  32. Shovelhead Says:

    Ride for Rebel….and we could all wear those T-shirts Austin!

  33. Austin Says:

    Seriously, my T-shirt idea is kinda selfish, because it’s just what I want, but I’m happy to see a few others would take your flag to the streets.

    HOWEVER!! This Dude, Hacker has got the 110% BEST idea. My nerdy hipster kids all use it so I understand the Patreon concept. If you do not – Check it out. Amanda Fucking Palmer should be your Mini-Muse on this topic, look for her on Twitter.

    Crowd Funding at its finest, and rather than a Single shot – it is ongoing support. Thank You HACKER!

  34. One Eye Says:

    I have just reread The Aging Rebel: Dispatches From The Motorcycle Outlaw Frontier, and I’m almost finished rereading Out Bad, both for the ? time. My apology for taking things for granted. Donation submitted. Respectfully.

  35. irish Says:

    about the only thing worth reading on the internet.
    donated and best to you

  36. Raodman Will Says:

    Hey man,
    I can understand the unreal workload of maintaining a site and a blog etc… if you need less on yer plate, I totally support you, but MAN, we ALL hope you don’t let it go completely. You are a source of good reading, and at times the news we as a “narrow niche” need to and want to see. Back it off some if you want but keep this baby going.
    Spinning yarns about the life is about as important as spinning chrome down the road.
    God Speed and good luck. Hope to keep on following the AR… an AR nobody wants to see go away…. (sounds like another “AR” problem we are all having right now in the country! LOL)
    You are appreciated man.

  37. Gandalf Says:

    …. drifters, mechanics, policemen, soldiers, lawyers, psychiatrists, patch holders, wannabes, criminologists, children, journalists, saints and lunatics.

    Here’s to the “Lunatics”! Lunatics Lives Matter!

  38. Randy Says:

    Rebel & guests,

    Biker, CPA for decades. Stanton spoke, thought intelligent, articulate. Next time, cops perfect, saved the world, others are biker scum, all 177 evil intent and action. Math does not work. Googled all sources, found The Aging Rebel. Read all postings and comments since May 17, 2015. Bought and read “The Twin Peaks Ambush” when available. Just donated $20. Peter Drucker – no small breach of integrity. Violation of rights we consider unalienable like speedy fair trial by peers… If Waco and for attire or affiliation when is it me or us?

    Rebel, you are right on. Articulate, wise, knowledgeable and watching what is happening. I appreciate your insight and effort to understand what is really happening on the inside. The law, politics, corruption, power play.

    Guests – I appreciate your views and insights.

    I periodically share these on facebook, with friends, other bikers.

    It would be a sad day if this website goes down. And the loss of the illumination of what is wrong goes out…

    That is my $20 for now.

    Ride safe. Ride big. Help a brother. Brother.

  39. Oregon Moose Says:


    I’ve read your content for many years now. This is my first time posting. Initially when I stumbled upon your site, I only would visit maybe once or twice per month. Over time that increased to now I visit at least 3 or 4 times per week.

    First, a very sincere thank you for all that you do. Your articles are first rate and it’s great to get a perspective of events that aren’t the “color within the lines” version that the mainstream media generally dishes out.

    Second, I do intend to donate in the near future. Hopefully it helps you keep up the great work.


  40. ROGUE Says:

    You and your site provide a valuable source of information to many of the motorcycle riders of this country.
    I realize it is because you know how much your journalism is needed and it is not about making money that you do what you do.
    I for one hope that you will continue to supply valuable news to all of us and you are able to figure out a way to keep the site up


  41. Penguin Says:

    The “business model” that might work for AgR may be along the lines that Coster Mullen took.

    Self publishing, printing copy, and send off by uniformed messenger (post office)

    After his model began to run well, then Amazon added…

    I would buy direct printed tales of motor adventure….

  42. Griz's Gal Says:


    I’m gonna donate on payday, which is in a couple of days.

    I have to say, I would join, if you were to decide to go with the membership idea, unless you made it outrageously expensive. I mean, we live on retirement, you know? So, if you could find a way to make it work for both you and us, I’d be all for a membership.

    Also, the T-shirt idea is great! I would love to have an ‘Aging Rebel’ T-shirt!

    Regardless, I don’t think you have to worry. I’m sorry though, that you had to give us the nudge again.


  43. Anonymouse Says:

    I check in several times a week. I wish there was a way for you to quantify book sales directly related to your site. I’ve never hit the donate button, but I’ve bought all of your books as my way of supporting what you do here. I realize that’s not the same as directly supporting this site.

    For my own personal reasons I don’t feel comfortable using PayPal or a credit card to donate. I know I attempted to reach out a couple of years ago and asked if you had a PO box where I could send a money order. Either I missed the response, or didn’t get one.

    I realize adding a PO box, if you don’t already have one, is another expense when things are tight. Some day I’ll figure out how to toss you some cash without leaving a cyber trail. Until then, if you do have a mailing address you feel comfortable sharing, it would be greatly appreciated. I’d welcome the opportunity to show my appreciation for what you do here.

  44. Slick Rick Says:

    Rebel, I’m one of the 1000 faithful. My daily routine includes reading your page. It’s been that way since Tommy Gunn turned me on to your page back in 2009. You even did an obituary for him and my other brother Dragon back in early 2010. Like others on here I’ve commented before…..have even been mentioned by you in reference to a news article I was quoted in. Now days I just read but also like many I’d hate to see it come to an end. Where are we going to get our real news from? Your pursuit of the truth is appreciated by us as much as it is hated by the powers that be. I say “Rebel On!” I hope those that can assist do so regularly.

    Slick Rick
    Retired MC Member/VP

  45. Yukon Says:

    Hi Rebel, why not make it a pay site; even if a nominal $20 or $25 per year?

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