The Being George Show Update

March 20, 2018

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The Being George Show Update

Former Hells Angel George Christie’s ambition to get paid for the way he remembers things may be running out of steam.

Christie apparently still hopes to go on tour with a one-man-show. In a press release earlier this month he said: “This show has taken me deeper into realizing why I became who I am…, I am not making excuses, nor am I condemning my old lifestyle. It’s helping me find peace with myself. I don’t think you can grow if you don’t explore the good with the bad.”

“The crime rate in Ventura was lower when I ran the Hells Angels,” Christie said about the way in which he was a force for good. “We didn’t allow drive-by shootings. I told our members they could deal with problems, but not in ways that endangered the community. I kept innocent people from getting hurt.”


So far the fund raising page in support of his theatrical project has found 23 backers who have contributed $2,461 to help him produce OUTLAW: A One Man Show with George Christie: The stories of a seasoned leader and the shaping of America’s last wild men.

That amount is 16 percent of the $15,000 George and his producer, Charles Lago, think they need to successfully get this “labor of love” off the ground. The solicitation for backers is on the crowd funding site Indiegogo. The site for Outlaw will remain up for another week

In his online prospectus, Christie and Lago estimate they will need $2,550 to market Christie’s monologue; $6,900 for “content;” and $5,500 for “Performance Rights, Theater Rental Fees. Printing costs (posters, postcards, programs), Set Design (Designs, material, labor); Music Rights, Light Design, Travel” and “Hotels.”

Trial Run

Lago and Christie hope “to take the production nationwide, following a trial run” in five locations.

So far, fans of the former Hells Angel can only buy tickets for performances on April 11 and 12 at the Rubicon Theatre Company in Ventura. That theater describes the show as a “World Premiere! For more than three decades, George Christie was among the most prominent leaders of the Hells Angels biker organization. He was prosecuted and persecuted; hunted and hated, but always respected, even by his enemies, of which there were many. Now, Christie shares his journey from accused (though not convicted) murderer and arsonist to legitimate business owner and family man in the new, solo stage production Outlaw. Written and directed by Richard La Plante, Outlaw is produced by DTLA Entertainment Group at Rubicon before touring the nation.”

Christie and Lago are advertising performances at: The Arthur Newman Theater at the Joslyn Senior Center in Palm Desert, California on Saturday April 14th ; the Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara on May 2 and May 3 but the theater box office shows no events scheduled for those nights; The Guild Theater in Sacramento on May 4 and 6, and the theater has heard of Christie but tickets are not yet available and theater describes the performances as being on “soft hold;” and the 250 seat Baobob Stage Theater in Las Vegas on June 2 and 3, which describes itself on those nights as “available for rent.”


23 Responses to “The Being George Show Update”

  1. P-Body Says:

    Dasein, from what I’ve seen the typical 1% er retirement includes the following benefits package;
    Free housing
    Free food
    Medical AND dental coverage
    All courtesy of the state or fed.
    And you just have live outside the norm a little, put a target on your back and choose a road most people could never begin to understand. Committing a crime isn’t mandatory, johnny law will make shit up.
    Adios, you may be onto something.

    Respect to the deserving,

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    I’d rather give my had earned cash to a crack addict, at least I know it’s going to feed their habit, donate to George’s indie project and I would bet you will be wondering for years where that 5 bucks went.

  3. Od 1% Says:

    Can not have my way in the clu tell all I know when out of it. Another overrated person

  4. HH Says:

    Dobyns should just go eat a gun. And Christi, WTF? His quote in the second paragraph sounds like a kunt in therapy. Go the fuck away.

  5. Dasein Says:

    So what IS a 1%er’s typical “retirement plan?”

  6. Adios Says:

    My guess is George is flat broke. No pension, little or no social security after making the club his priority through the years

  7. 1%er Says:

    Read between the lines this is a Suicide Mission and he is waiting for the end to come!!!

  8. Not Surprised Says:


  9. Daesin Says:

    starting to seem like hillary

  10. tiopirata Says:

    @ Paladin, +1
    Sooner the better

  11. Ben Says:

    “. . . the shaping of America’s last wild men.”

    Shall we call him George of the Jungle?

  12. Socal Says:

    Always riding never hiding LMAOF

  13. Hangaround Says:

    Rebel let us know if this shitshow ever takes off and actually manages to hold a performance. I will personally help launch your new career as “Theatrical Critic” by buying you a ticket and wait patiently for the shows review to appear here, somewhere…

  14. Hero Says:

    @ Aanon, sedated. Good one.

    Didnt this guy loose his son in this mess? And he still wants to be in the public eye, what a shame. Enjoy retirement and go fishing or travel to find your peace, stop trying to make a buck over a patch you dont even hold anymore.

  15. rocco151 Says:

    @Dutchboy +1

  16. Paladin Says:

    Christi, Dobyns, et al thrive on publicity, good or bad. I’m sure there’s a reason as to why this page continues to afford Christi band width, but at the moment that reasoning escapes me. A story about Christi’s life coming to an abrupt end would be newsworthy, and good news at that.


  17. Old & Jaded Says:

    Playing at a senior center in Palm Desert? Damn. Seems A depressing and embarrassing postscript for a man that was once highly respected.

  18. Dutchboy Says:

    Yep, I’m sure the guys would have “Raped, killed, pillaged, and burned” across Cali if not for Big Daddy George laying down the law. Instead they we’re rescuing puppies and teaching Sunday School.

    Amazing how much greater some men WERE in their minds eye than they were at the time.

    So what’s next, a Broadway Musical?

  19. Aanon Says:

    I guess if you play q and a with the feds, some upscale white folks aren’t that hard to appease.

  20. Mickey Says:

    I am so disappointed, I can remember my early twenty’s, reading Easy Rider about George running the Olympic torch and thinking what a cool dude….What the Fuck Happened?

  21. Trebor Says:

    Damn my

  22. Trebor Says:

    Truth be told doesnt matter what your club did to you its about how you exited.Did you go out like a true 1%er?Cuz if you go out spilling beans about your old club airing dirty laundry snitching running down your former Brotbers then it’s true.You’re a piece of shit and in the end the club was right about you.Keeping your moutj shut not causing waves

  23. Aanon Says:

    Like the crime rate was lower because you were keeping kids sedated? Shame shame

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