Kingsmen Trial Month Two

March 19, 2018

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Kingsmen Trial Month Two

The pulp fiction trial of three members of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club enters its second month this week. David Pirk, who may or may not have been the club’s president, Timothy Enix, who may have been a “regional president,” and convicted murderer Andre Jenkins, who some Kingsmen have claimed was never more than a prospect, are all accused of racketeering conspiracy.

Pirk, according to the government, wanted to turn a violent and drug addled collection of misfits into the Mafia. That was his dream. For reasons that are not entirely clear, he thought a couple of Kingsmen named Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski were in his way so he ordered Jenkins to murder them. Then Jenkins couldn’t shut up about it. Jenkins was convicted of premeditated murder in state court in 2015. He is currently sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

So far the jury has heard spectacular testimony from the prosecution’s witnesses..

Testimony So Far

A former Kingsmen named Chester Schultz talked for almost eight hours about club members’ fondness for cocaine and untaxed cigarettes. Sometimes Schultz testified, there were strippers. According to Schultz, the Kingsmen had split into warring factions that looted each other’s clubhouses.

An unnamed, former female associate of the club said that in 2009, while she was drunk, stoned on marijuana and buzzed on cocaine, a club member named Gregory Willson brutally beat her for touching a Kingsmen clubhouse door, gave her heroin until she was addicted and arranged her gang rape. Willson, who has since pleaded guilty to participating in a racketeering conspiracy, admits to beating the woman but denies plying her with heroin or raping her.

A former Kingsmen named David Masse testified for five days. He said that he was allowed to join the club even though he could not ride a motorcycle. Masse has been accused of lying to a grand jury.

Another former Kingsmen named Roger Albright told the jury that Jenkins told him he had murdered Maue and Szymanski.

Caruso Did It

Meanwhile, defense lawyers have argued that Maue and Szymanski were really murdered by a Kingsmen named Filip Caruso or a former Kingsmen named Edgar Dekay II who left his old club to join the Nickel City Nomads Motorcycle Club.

The defendants have already alleged that Caruso was a violent drug dealer who carried a gun and who wanted to Kill Maue because Maue had killed his dog. And, according to the defendants, the Kingsmen were glad to be rid of Dekay who was a sadistic “cancer” who liked to force prospective Kingsmen to drink urine.

The sordid tales will probably continue for at least another month.


8 Responses to “Kingsmen Trial Month Two”

  1. Trisha Says:

    We all did. We are distraught. This trial was nothing more than a farce and a mockery of justice. The convictions rested on nothing more than the testimony of packs of rats corroborating the testimony of more rats. And that the guilty verdicts came in so quickly was largely the result of the U.S. Attorney intentionally dragging out the trial for months – to wear the jury down so that it would decide the case quickly so the members could return to their lives. Not surprisingly, the truth about what really happened and why never came out … because the three on trial held it down and didn’t roll over like the bitches who couldn’t wait to become snitches and rats.

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    Don’t know slo Joe,maybe we should go do some research? Wonder if a gumment grant is available?

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    Did they not read the chapter entitled “STFU” in the Evil Outlaw Biker Handbook? (Yes ossifer, it’s a real book, you should order a copy through Barnes and Nobles so you too can draw down the big bucks as a “biker expert”) Sounds like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir came to town with all the singing going on…

  4. Jim Bob Says:

    @Slo joe- Absolutely nothing is wrong with those 3 things. Maybe they forgot to invite their local congressman to the party….

  5. slo joe Says:

    so whats wrong with cocaine untaxed cigarettes and the occasional stripper?

  6. Curbside Says:

    @FF, are you referring to the trial or to that club in general?

  7. Bob Says:


  8. FF Says:

    An absolute train wreck.

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