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March 16, 2018

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Nothing To See Here

The trial of former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president Jeff Pike and vice-president John Portillo has been in recess since last Friday and will probably not resume until March 20.

Other than one court order authorizing a $10 per day payment to jurors, there have been no publically available documents filed in the case since March 5. Some of the filings lead to a note that reads, “This document is not available.” The last four filings in the case, entered on Tuesday, are explicitly sealed.

Guillermo Contreras of the San Antonio Express, the only journalist covering the case, reports that the trial was recessed so that “some legal issues could be ironed out.” His understanding seems to be that the “legal issues” concern a 90-minute, recorded conversation between Drug Enforcement Administration agent Chad Lloyd and other, unnamed federal agents and former Bandido Johnny Romo as the men drove “from a halfway house in Waco to San Antonio on March 2, 2017.”

“At the time,” the Express reports, “Romo, of San Antonio, had been serving the latter part of a two-year sentence for cocaine dealing charges when he, his brother and other Bandidos were indicted in the March 2006 murder in Austin of Hells Angels member Anthony W. Benesh III.”

Maybe Something Else

A pair of trial briefs filed on March 5 suggest that the “legal issue” may be about another Romo tape recording. Pike’s lawyers, Dick DeGuerin and Catherine Baen, are arguing that a “March 3, 2015 conversation between cooperating witness Johnny Romo and co-defendant John Xavier Portillo is not admissible against Jeffrey Fay Pike because the government cannot establish the necessary predicates of (the) Federal Rule(s) of Evidence.”

“At the time of the conversation, Romo was acting as a government agent and his statements cannot therefore qualify as statements of a co-conspirator under Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(2)(E). And even if Romo’s statements arguably provide context for Portillo’s responses, that context has no relevance with respect to Pike because he was not a party to the conversation, thus rendering Romo’s statements unfairly prejudicial and inadmissible as to Pike. In addition to being hearsay, Romo’s recorded statements are separately inadmissible because they are not subject to confrontation and cross-examination guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.”

The Portillo statement prosecutors are trying to interject into the case is:

“I already put the word out to the secretaries, man. ‘Tell all your members that, uh, there’s gonna be, uh…we’re gonna up the…we’re gonna up the donations. A lot of people that care about this club are gonna go to jail. The rest of you guys, if you don’t care, just pay.’ Yeah, I mean…you know what I mean, Johnny? Well, you got some guys who are going to go do the fighting. And you got some other guys who are going to do nothing. So…we’re going to get…we’re…we’re going to get you out of jail. We’re not going to let you sit in jail for club business. That’s where I’m at with that. I asked the guy in Houston to turn his back from what I’m gonna do.”


The conversation sheds some light on the chronology of events that led up to the Twin Peaks Mass Murder. Romo, who the government alleges was the Bandidos national sergeant at arms, was acting as a government agent 17 days before a group of eight Cossack Motorcycle Club members attacked a Bandido named Rolando Campos on Interstate 35 in Lorena, Texas near Waco. The audio recording would have been made about six weeks before the Texas Department of Public Safety told Waco police “that the Bandidos OMG was enroute (sic) to Legends Cycles located at 3201 Interstate 35 Frontage Road in Waco to confront the owner which is also the President of the local chapter of Cossacks MC.” Romo was tape recording his conversations with Portillo 76 days before the Twin Peaks.

Neither the few publically available documents nor Contreras’ dispatches explain how Romo – who was at least an official Source Of Information or likely a Confidential Informant – spent almost two years in government custody after Waco for a drug offense. Why would the government incarcerate its own snitch?

As Waco prosecutors, federal prosecutors and San Antonio Judge David A. Ezra keep saying over and over, there is absolutely no connection between what happened at the Waco Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 and the contemporaneous federal investigation of the Bandidos and the subsequent, secret federal investigation of Owen Reeves and the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. No connection at all. What sort of conspiracy theorist could imagine a connection?

And, at the same time, shortly before he lost a primary election, McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna told voters that he expected evidence presented in the trial of Pike and Portillo would help him prosecute defendants charged after the Twin Peaks murders, That was why, Reyna said, he had dispatched Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett to watch the trial in San Antonio and send him “reports.”

Consider this recurring phrase in the official record of the trial in San Antonio: “You do not have permission to view this document.”

Why not?

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15 Responses to “Nothing To See Here”

  1. Wow! Just wow... Says:

    @ not the 99… BEFORE the club knew he was a rat…apparently, this club has members backs- at least tries to take care of their own, until “one of their own”, turns rat and stabs them in the back. Can’t blame the club for doing what is right, before it became wrong by the actions of a rat bastard.

  2. neuro Says:

    Robert Romo broke down on the stand today, Wednesday 3/21, crying, after testifying that he pulled the trigger on the rifle, firing the shot which killed ” Hells Angels member” Anthony fake patch Benesh.

  3. Filburt Says:

    edward your paradigm is liking to maxine waters!
    Since Robert Mueller has nothing to do will a special counsel exsquirt be summoned next?

  4. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    There was NEVER any problems with the 2 clubs until they made 5 year member a Nomad, who is responsible for this. He ordered it, then went to the police to cover it up and they believed the lie’s. …. the money part was for the purpose of getting those out of jail in the Twin Peaks case as WELL AS PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE. THE WIRE TAPPING HAPPENED IN AUGUST 2015…..4 MONTHS AFTER.

  5. eddie Says:

    The feds have two ex national officers testifying. That ain’t good. The Fat Mexican has been having problems everywhere for awhile now. All that cut throat infighting is catching up with them. There own fault. Like they say “Expect No Mercy”. Why should we be hoping for some for them. Karma is a motherfucker.

  6. Freebird Says:

    No Connection between the cases?

    Even the judge is pushing it…… As a simple man self educated after High School even I have to wonder why would they allow The Asst DA from Waco Michael Jarrett to sit in on the trail. If there is nothing there why waste taxpayer dollars for no reason to have him punching his clown in San Antonio?

    Perception is a two way street….

  7. Paladin Says:

    The truth is the greatest of flotation devices. Eventually, it will always come to the surface.


  8. Curbside Says:

    It’s almost comical to see the federales claiming Waco and the current persecution aren’t connected. It reminds me of when my son, about 6 years old at the time, swore up and down that he hadn’t been getting into his halloween candy…completely oblivious to the fact that he had chocolate smeared all over his hands, shirt, and half his face!

  9. Trebor Says:

    No thats not what happened

  10. Not the 99 Says:

    Let me get this straight. Did I just read that the monthly donations went up, in order to keep a fucking RAT outta jail.
    Am I missing something here?
    Please enlighten me, and say it ain’t so!

  11. Freebird Says:

    @ Dr G

    I know what your saying and don’t disagree. It’s what would be considered a perception battle. The problem when looking at Govt generated documents is they never tell the whole story. They tell you what they want you to believe.

    I’m not saying Romo was living the good life… but I also don’t think he was making small rocks out of big rocks either.

    What would be interesting to see is just what misinformation was Romo feeding the club prior to TP? IMO this is one of several reasons why Rebel keeps getting the:

    “You do not have permission to view this document.”

  12. Dr G Says:

    @ Freebird reasons to keep snitch incarcerated
    1.So he appears to not being a cooperating witness
    He was busted for selling drugs if he does no time how many fed flags does that raise
    2. And to keep said snitch from committing any criminal acts while being a snitch

  13. Freebird Says:

    Why would the government incarcerate its own snitch?

    Just because someones name is listed at a location does not mean their even there. It’s just like detached duty. The only way to really know is to talk to someone from that location during that specific time frame.

  14. Aanon Says:

    Fuhuckkkkkkk. Feel sorry for the good apples. Or at least the ones who understand 1 can do some time or a lot can do some. Ten more years of this benesh bs, and he’ll be some nat officer from Texas HA. Best wishes to the bandits in this we’re gonna get you one way or another bs

  15. Psycho Says:

    It seems many in Waco don’t remember even the most basic principles they learned in law school, like open justice.

    It’s angering to see that even China seems to be putting more interest into ensuring transparency in their courts than we are right now.

    Fuck your feelings,

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