The Silence About Waco

March 13, 2018

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The Silence About Waco

There was a second dismissal of an entirely bogus case against a Twin Peaks defendant yesterday.

After Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett (posturing above) dismissed the charge of participating in an organized criminal conspiracy against former Cossack Motorcycle Club member Cody Ledbetter he waited a few hours and then dismissed an identical case against former Desgraciados Motorcycle Club member George Bergman. Jarrett played out the string for as long as he could. He waited until local Judge Matt Johnson moved Bergman’s pending trial into the April 2 slot that had been set aside for Ledbetter and then he dismissed those charges – because he was afraid of angering a judge, not because it would ever occur to him to do the right thing.

According to Bergman’s lawyer, Clint Broden, Jarrett “had agreed to dismiss Mr. Bergman’s charge with prejudice on January 11, 2018 after he called the State’s bluff and turned down a misdemeanor plea offer.”

Jarrett didn’t move for the dismissal of the case against Bergman at the same time he moved to dismiss Ledbetter’s case because he wanted to punish Bergman for as many years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes as he could. That is what he does. That is what he gets paid at least $125.000 a year to do.

Michael Jarrett is a career employee of the “Sadistic State:” which is a polity that can no longer accomplish much of anything except to punish people. So punishment becomes an end in itself. In America, not just in Waco or Texas, in this millennium, punishment has become an end in itself. It is what District Attorney Abel Reyna ran on three times. Punishment. He promised to punish more people that his predecessor or his opponent. And prosecution, because technically it doesn’t count as punishment, may be the cruelest form of punishment of all.

1031 Days

Ledbetter and Bergman are brothers now. They both just made a painful passage that lasted 1031 days and that made very much less sense that the flower wars the Aztecs used to pursue in order that the corn and the chilies might grow. At least the Aztecs thought they were serving something greater than themselves.

Abel Reyna and Michael Jarrett are Red Chinese commissars. During the Cultural Revolution in China, communist basses decided who would be an “objective enemy” of the party and the state and who would get a pass. Objective enemies were both scapegoats and examples of what the party and the state could do to people who talked back and refused to kick back or conform. Motorcycle outlaws, along with MS13, illegal immigrants, fundamentalist Mormons and other religious eccentrics (the Branch Davidians, for example), militiamen and neo-pioneers (like Randy Weaver or the sort of nuts Paul Theroux wrote about in The Mosquito Coast) are the most prominent of contemporary America’s objective enemies.

Do you know why secret policemen infiltrate motorcycle clubs? Because motorcycle clubs are brotherhoods who will take in anyone who sincerely wants to be one of them. And, because the secret policemen can’t infiltrate MS13. If MS13 finds out you are a cop, they will cut you to pieces with machetes. If a motorcycle club finds out you are a cop, none of your friends will have anything to do with you anymore. They will look down their noses at you and say rude things to you. They might even beat you up. They will circulate your photo to other clubs, friends and foe alike, with the message, “Don’t trust this guy.”

Games Prosecutors Play

Still the sadistic state could not exist if the worst criminals were not prosecutors. It is hardly a secret.

It has been almost 20 years since Wendy Kaminer wrote her seminal essay “Games Prosecutors Play.”

“Innocent people languish for years on death row because of police or prosecutorial misconduct. People guilty of minor, nonviolent offenses, or no offenses at all, are imprisoned for years by federal prosecutors who seek convictions at all costs, misleading grand juries, intimidating witnesses, encouraging perjury by informants, and suppressing exculpatory evidence,” Kamminer protested.

It has been almost a dozen years since Bennett L. Gershman, a distinguished professor at Pace University wrote “Litigating Brady v. Maryland: Games Prosecutors Play.” Gershman wrote about the “constitutional duty on prosecutors to disclose exculpatory evidence to defendants embodies, more powerfully than any other constitutional rule, the core of the prosecutor’s ethical duty to seek justice rather than victory.”

A little more than a year ago, The Washington Post (which is as responsible as any institution for the great cloud of atomized bullshit that continues to obscure the Waco Mass Murder) ran an essay by Fordham law professor John Pfaff in which he tried to convince America that, “In real life, once a prosecutor decides to file felony charges against a defendant, that defendant will almost certainly be convicted – and local prosecutors have a strong incentive to file, likely thanks in no small part to electoral pressures.”

Real Life

Gershman’s moral sentiment, the sort of high mindedness the people have a right to expect of judges and prosecutors, stands in stark contrast to Pfeff’s “real life.”

Like the real life suppression of exculpatory evidence that Reyna and Jarrett demonstrated in the trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal last fall. Reyna chose Carrizal for prosecution because he thought that case gave him the best chance of victory. He didn’t care that Carrizal was clearly a victim. The entire prosecution consisted of arguing that Carrizal was an objective enemy of the state because he was a Bandido. For years before that trial gullible journalists, and during that trial gullible jurors, were told that the mass murders occurred because Carrizal and seven other Bandidos wanted to punish the Cossacks for wearing the word “Texas” on their backs. That turned out to be a complete lie. Reyna and all his assistants and all the local, state and federal police knew that was a lie. A month after the mass murder, in a tape recorded interview, a Cossack informant told all the prosecutors that the Texas insignia that Cossacks had started to wear had nothing to do with the ambush at the Twin Peaks restaurant.

But Reyna and Jarrett told the jury their lie anyway. They deliberately hid the evidence that contradicted their made up explanation from Carrizal’s defense. When the tape recording of the interview finally surfaced, despite prosecutors’ active attempts to keep the recording secret, Jarrett explained his illegal suppression of exculpatory evidence by saying he didn’t think it mattered. He “didn’t believe the witness.” So he hid it from the defense. So the jury would never know about it. Which gave him a better chance of “victory.”

The Waco mass murder story has never really been about “motorcycle outlaws” but that is how it has always been portrayed and will probably always be portrayed. Google it. See what you find in the great consensual reality of the World Wide Web.

The power to prosecute has evolved into the power of petty prosecutors to define reality and corrupt justice. That is what the Twin Peaks case was about yesterday. That’s what it was about two years ago. Unfortunately, that story has never been sexy enough to get much journalistic play. So the national press remains silent about what is now unfolding in Central Texas

Really, until you become the objective enemy, until somebody like Reyna or Jarrett orders the police to come for you, what do you care? What does anybody care?


28 Responses to “The Silence About Waco”

  1. tiopirata Says:

    Too true. The lessons here are far greater then I anticipated.
    Thank you.

  2. Agnarr Says:


    I wonder if at the rate Unable is now going on dismissals; if he’s going to be able to get all his unwarranted criminal cases dismissed before he leaves office at end of the year?

    Or; will there just happen to be an “unforeseen electrical problem”; that just so happens causes a devastating fire in the DA’s Office. This fire seems to be very particular, in that it destroys all the original Twin Peak evidence. As well as, all the other evidence of Reyna’s wrong doings, right before he steps down over the New Year’s Break; there by, leaving no actual original evidence, for Johnson to review when he takes over.

    IMHO, I wouldn’t put it past Unable and his Dingle-berries; to do either one of these things.



  3. Paladin Says:

    @ Paula Carroll Swann,

    The federal case may not have anything to do with the State’s case in Waco, but the outcome (either way) will definitely have an impact on those awaiting trial in Waco.


  4. david Says:

    As the “Sadistic States Of America” become increasingly more sadistic, the question remains, how long are the majority going to continue to receive the abuse, and like it?

    86 WOMEN and CHILDREN were criminally burnt alive outside of Waco who ain’t going to be objecting. Pig leaders suspend maybe 14 pigs after TP. No public outcry in either event.

    No investigation is planned by the perpetrators, or will ever happen, in either instance. Sadistic criminals don’t ever investigate themselves. There’s no need to.

  5. PS Says:

    People that believe in our Judaical system have never been personally involved. Great Article!

  6. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    As the federal case has nothing to do with the Twin Peaks case’s, however Reyna has his team sitting in on the trial in hopes to get anything to use on Jake.
    As there are still about 7 or 8 of the arrested but not indicted list that wait for the next round of not accepted dismissals.

  7. Hero Says:


  8. Mike Says:

    I have enjoyed reading your articles and the responses for several years. This is the first time I have commented and I have to say this is one of your best.

  9. Bone Head Says:

    Gandalf Says:

    “…Speaking about “silence”… What ever happened to Ted Unlis? Last post He made informed us of all the guys who took plea bargains. #TrollsWillBeTrolls…”

    Mom locked him out of the basement.

    Good article Rebel. Lately I find myself coming here more as a student than a commenter.
    Thank you.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    Speaking about “silence”… What ever happened to Ted Unlis? Last post He made informed us of all the guys who took plea bargains. #TrollsWillBeTrolls

  11. jay Says:

    “land of the free”*

    (some restrictions may apply, void where prohibited, not available in all areas…)

  12. Mark Says:

    According to Reyna in his recent statement about his delaying/dismissing the, “Biker Trials”. He unwittingly gives up the timeline to the whole TP’s cluster fuck. Reyna knew that the feds were going to make arrest in San Antonio and knew the feds had a game plan and that he/Reyna would be able to use that information and evidence. So the TP’s sting operation was giving a green light. The reason everyone was arrested was because Reyna thought the information the feds had and would come out and/or be released to him, so he could use that in the cases he filed against so many. Didn’t happen right away so the TP’s cases have been stalled and stalled while Reyna waits. The hidden connection between the feds and Renya is in the timeline, Reyna said as much, go back a few stories it’s right there for everyone to see, it’s right there.

  13. Robert Ballantyne Says:

    Keep on it Rebel. Never hear the real story on the idiot box channels.

    Thank you for keeping us up to date on the screwing completed by Waco just because people who ride two wheels wish to associate!

  14. panamaa Says:

    Good article Rebel…


  15. Revolution Says:

    Well written Rebel. I own everything you’ve written, that I can find and this is as good as it gets. We have slowly surrendered our rights and dignity until almost 200 could be gang arrested. There are few events in American history to compare. The boogeyman so scares the average Joe that what was considered unalienable 200 years ago is considered sacrificial today. Men work for ten dollars an hour an will pee in a cup. Under the guise of drug interdiction we stop people for extended time while dogs are driven to sniff their cars. What bullshit. However this is old news so the obvious next step is to deny the basic right of association. Fuck you Jefferson, you cannot be friends with Adams as you want a revolution. We are no longer free. Some might say we never were, but at least we felt so.

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    Well said Rebel, The Twin Peaks case was fiasco from the start, and will be when they very last case is dismissed. Anal and Co have showed everyone what happens when prosecutors make cases political and abuse their prosecutorial powers and flout the very laws they claim to uphold.

    Reyna and Co can keep playing their cutesy wait till the last minute to dismiss games and their PR statements about how they still fell they could of prosecuted this or that case but dismiss to save resources and money, but everyone knows that is all for show and when it comes time for them to face civil justice when the lawsuits comes close to trial and the settlements or damages start being awarded, the taxpayer will be complaining loudly at how they and their grandchildren will be paying the costs of these settlements for years and years to come

    Hopeful if JohnsoN wins Reyna’s job we will see Jarret and Dillon out on the corner by Home Depot with their will work for food signs, I would expect Johnson to want some people under him that have a better grip on the law and their oaths as officers of the court

  17. Woodstock Says:

    I care.

  18. Filburt Says:

    “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty“. (Thomas Jefferson)

  19. T Hell Says:

    Every time charges are dropped a foreboding sound echoes across the landscape of Waco, it sounds like this KACHING!

  20. Freebird Says:

    The only way you could get a massive revolt in this country is to make every person who owns an iPhone an outlaw if they don’t turn them into there local police station within 2 weeks. You would have anarchy by day 3 if it took that long.

    The reality is FTGF George Custer is dead.

  21. Snow Says:

    Just us does not include you or me, just them.
    Fucking Bastards

  22. stroker Says:

    “And so they sent you to Afghanistan
    To have you workin’ for their master plan
    I think that maybe for the CIA
    And when you’re through they’re gonna put you away
    They’re put you in an institution
    And put a wire up into your brain
    Because you know more bout the revolution
    That kind of thing’ll drive a boy insane

    Better talk to the Lawyer
    Professional liar
    Gotta talking to the lawyer
    Professional liar”

    Lyrics by David Lindley

  23. david Says:

    Great article on one of the most important subjects in the “legal game”.

    It’s one thing for lying attorneys like Jarrett to criminally lie about exculpatory evidence, another thing for him to rip the public off for more than $125,000 per year, while being a liar. So called “legal experts” like Jarrett are experts alright, paid lying experts

    Wonder if he keeps those gloves he used in the photo for use typing the book he’s going to PROFIT from.

  24. Trebor Says:

    Of course they continue to lie.More than a decade has gone by and its been proven without a doubt yet they still call Banesh a Hells Angel when he was no where near being one.Just some dude acting a fool.


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