Ledbetter Case Dismissed

March 12, 2018

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Ledbetter Case Dismissed

The Twin Peaks Mass Murder coverup continues to crumble like Mexican concrete.

This morning, McLennan County Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett asked Judge Matt Johnson to get him out of a pending confrontation with Houston defense attorney Paul Looney (above right). Looney’s client, Cody Ledbetter (above left with his mother) was scheduled to begin trial April 2 for engaging in organized criminal activity. Johnson granted a request for dismissal of the charge against Ledbetter and it was filed at 10:42 a.m. Waco time.

The motion contains the same, weaseling, boiler plate that the previous dismissals in the case have contained: “While probable cause for the Defendant’s arrest and prosecution remains, based on continued investigation, the State is exercising its prosecutorial discretion in dismissing this matter in order to focus its efforts and resources on codefendants with a higher level of culpability”

Those weasel words are nonsense. District Attorney Abel Reyna and his troupe of dancing dogs including Jarrett never had a viable case against Ledcetter. If they had, they would have had him on trial in something less than 700 or 800 days ago.

Looney has always been a thorn in the side of the illegal and corrupt prosecution that began immediately after the mass murder on May 17, 2015. Two weeks after nine men died and 177 witnesses were held on $1 million bonds, Looney alleged that “an attorney representing at least one of the detainees had been offered…bond reductions” in exchange for signing a statement conceding that local police “had the right to arrest the inmate and that he/she will not file a lawsuit against McLennan County and/or the City of Waco.” The unsubstantiated allegation that “probable cause for the Defendant’s arrest and prosecution remains” is just the latest iteration of various rhetorical spells by which prosecutors have sought to protect themselves from the consequences of their crimes.

In August 2015, Looney unsuccessfully tried to get charges dismissed against a young, couple named James and Morgan English. Reyna finally dismissed the charges last month.


Looney has been trying to get Ledbetter to trial so he could prove his innocence since November 2015. That month he entered a motion that argued that the hundreds of bogus Twin Peaks cases were, “a potential quagmire for the defense bar, the prosecution, the bench, and the taxpayers of McLennan County. At least one hundred and six cases have been indicted on the identical novel legal theory: that the defendants, by arriving at Twin Peaks for a bike-club informational meeting wearing motorcycle jackets bearing the insignia of either the Cossacks or Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs, were making a ‘show of force’ for a ‘criminal street gang,’ and therefore were guilty of participating in organized criminal activity. The defendant’s indictment and the examining trials of his co-defendant William English both reflect this theory (as do the other one hundred five indictments released along with the Defendant’s, all of which are virtually identical other than the name and cause numbers involved.) It is a theory that does not appear to have ever before been presented to a Texas court.”

Looney wanted an immediate trial. Reyna ignored him.

Today Looney issued a statement that read: “The most bizarre saga in the history of American criminal law continues against other people but it is over against Cody Ledbetter. The things that happened to these people only happen in Third World countries. We have to find a way to learn the lessons necessary to make sure innocent people are not tormented by run away prosecutors like what happened in McLennan County. We must have a check and balance system that currently doesn’t exist because this can never be the case again.”



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  1. Nags Says:

    @ Robert Ballantyne the only pla e this info will be made public is in Rebels next book which I’m sure he is working on getting out as soon as humanly possible. Speaking of the book, Rebel can you give us an E.T.A. on when that specimen of journalistic integrity will be released?

  2. david Says:

    @ Dutchboy, with respect,

    As far as i know, or have heard or read, neither Baptist Convention has uttered one word in condemnation of the state,local and federal gov. actions before, during and AFTER TP. For this reason and others, the religious organizations in this COUNTRY are ALL, full of shit.

    If those Conventions even uttered one word against the corrupt,lawless, state, and for the people, without question gov. bureaucrats would be in contact threatening to remove the tax-exempt “BUSINESSS” status all Baptist and other churches hold.

    In pre-WWII Germany every single, organized, religious organization did not oppose the Nazi regime at ALL, in fact, there are photos of priests with raised arms in SUPPORT of the state.In this country, every tax-exempt church is in bed with the corrupt state. So much for the alleged, “Separation of church and state” bull-shit.

    The ultimate question for all Waconian church members who have a “job” in local gov. and TOOK PART in the arrest, jailing, and corrupt court system “processing”,
    like a meat processing plant, of those arrested;

    Why waste your time singing in your churches on Sunday when your conscience doesn’t bother you at all while “working” for a corrupt state and treating others like shit?

    And the second, “What the fuck happened to the do unto OTHERS as you would have others do unto you command you claim to follow?”

  3. Roswell Says:

    I’m happy for these people, that were wrongly accused, to be finally getting past this. Unfortunately, the American police state is getting a pass too. I do not wish that anyone would have to go through the expense and life trauma of a major criminal trial they shouldn’t be in to begin with. At the same time I was hoping for the police and prosecutorial criminality to come into the light of day in open court. As is all too common n America now, citizens have been harassed by the government and the militarized police fade back out of sight and face no consequences for their actions.

  4. Hero Says:

    Congrats on the dismissal.

    @Bone head. I would think so too but look at what just happened to the Mongols back east. The prosecutor in that case didnt learn from example.

  5. Dutchboy Says:

    So if “probable cause for the defendant’s arrest and prosecution remains” then why are you turning him loose Mr. Persecutor? Your JOB is to prosecute those that you have evidence committed a crime. If you refuse to prosecute a criminal because it is inconvenient then you are being criminally negligent in the performance of your duties.

    Let’s cut the bullshit. Your statement of “he’s guilty as sin but we got bigger fish to fry” doesn’t wash with ANYBODY. YOU TOOK YOUR BEST SHOT IN CASE ONE AND HAD TO BEG YOUR OLD BUDDY THE JUDGE TO SAVE YOUR ASS FROM A “NOT GUILTY” VERDICT. Now you smear the good names of the people who’s lives you have severely damaged and act like they should thank you?

    In case you are wondering I am not an “outlaw biker”. I am a business professional, family man, member of a Baptist Church where I teach Sunday school. I also ride a motorcycle with a crew of men who each and every one is ten times the man you are.

    Oh, and I am a registered Republican and very active in my State Party. Understand this, I am not unique. There are millions like me. Not all of us ride, go to church, or work in an office but we all are honest men. The honest men who know the story are disgusted by your rape of Justice. You are done. Hold office again? Keep your law licence? Hell, you should be overjoyed to stay out of jail and not be covered in hot tar and chicken feathers.

  6. Robert Ballantyne Says:

    When is it going to come out that the Co-Sucks where put up to this sponsored by the state?

    I am happy the dismissals are happening and figure Reyna the retard will get his due eventually. But it seems to me the fact there were insiders of law enforcement on the Co-sucks that got this thing rolling and aided and abetted it?

  7. Revolution Says:

    Sieg my point is we are not free. At one point, we might have concluded that we were. But not now. We are not even close.

  8. lLW Says:

    When it Reynas…it pours. Hope he is thrown out of law altogether and give him a job as cart greeter at WalMart…no offense to cart greeters intended…

  9. Neuro Says:

    Yes Lurch, you are completely correct. For some bizarre reason, the Sacks have a lot of fucked up sympathy on this blog.

  10. Gordo Says:

    So much for a fair and timely trial to prove one’s innocence

    Dismissal is good news tho

    “prosecutorial misconduct”????

    As for Anal Retentive hope the karma world hits him like a shitload of bricks

  11. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Trebor,

    If you are correct that Reyna is reading this blog every day, then he saw my comment suggesting that he perform fellatio on a shotgun until it ejaculates. Hopefully; he will be inspired. However; on further reflection I would suggest that he be more innovative. He should take inspiration from the Portland cop who neglected to use a Kevlar condom while having unsafe shotgun sex with his wife. Reyna should sodomize himself with a twelve gauge until it ejaculates. He can either use a stick ora string to pull the trigger.

  12. david Says:

    Apparently, while Reyna is capable of speaking with shit in his mouth, the photo shows Looney able to speak into a mic with a cigar in his mouth. These attorneys, really are talented people.

  13. Lurch Says:

    The nutsack et al, and LEO agencies need to be held accountable for their actions. We wouldn’t be hearing about “The Battle Of Twin Peaks” if the nutsacks hadn’t shown up with the LEO’s giving them a backbone and instigating the whole mess. All other cases need to be dismissed! Hang the nutsacks and LEO’s.

  14. Snow Says:

    May Anal and his co-conspirators in this just us scam be forever penny less from the lawsuits and stained as an example of corruption and greed gone to extreme. Fuck em all

  15. Sieg Says:

    “However, the sad point is in a free country…”



  16. Bone Head Says:

    In the long run, the Waco mess may (I said MAY) cause other prosecutors across the nation to re-think some of their tactics. Let the dismissals and civil suits continue full-bore…

  17. Trebor Says:

    The beauty is you know Reyna is reading this blog everyday.

  18. Revolution Says:

    This is joyous news. However, the sad point is in a free country almost 200 people were arrested and detained illegally even though our founding document took great pains to prevent such an event. Even worse, this is not reported by any major news source, Fox, cnn, etc., you have to actually look for it. We are no longer free.

  19. Curbside Says:

    It should be noted that there’s less than a quarter-million people living in McLennan County, and probably only a tenth (if not less) of those people are actual property-owning taxpayers on the county tax rolls.

    Using half a million per arrestee as a baseline for the taxpayer’s cost when the settlements are said and done, those people just saw their share of the tax burden skyrocket.

    If I were Reyna, being in fear of angry bikers would be the least of my worries. I’d be shitting bricks about what those citizens are gonna do when they see next year’s tax bill!

  20. MtPockets Says:

    I agree 100% with the replies so far.
    Anal and Co are busy trying to save face, but it’s those who were wrongfully arrested who have lost, by far, the most.
    The taxpayers of McLennan County will be left with the bill, but that’s what they get for voting in such arrogant and self-serving piece of horse shit.

  21. Dasein Says:

    I think reyna is learning the hard way that drugs don’t make you smarter.

  22. Filburt Says:

    Pistoleer jarrett and anal reyna can go to Hell, I wouldn’t sign a damn thing that excuses their illegal arrests from future lawsuits. Phufk’m and feed’m fisheads.

  23. Johnny Rotten Says:


    To each the best that they deserve…
    I truly wish i could be there when you recieve yours
    My joyful grin will be ill compensate for the lives you have ill affected

    Karma is the wickedest of bitches

    Respects to those deserving


  24. hoosiertoo Says:

    Just reminded that this has been going on for more than two years. What a joke.

  25. Dasein Says:

    “…crumble like Mexican concrete.”
    Now this makes sense…

  26. Freebird Says:

    May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels infest the ball-less crotch of Abel Reyna!

  27. Iron Rider Says:

    Reyna and the rest of the clowns in the D.A.’s office can proclaim all they want about could shoulda with their so called prosecution of Twin Peaks defendants, if they had anything they wouldn’t be dropping cases like flies, they had shit and they know it. Carrizal’s case was supposed to be slam dunk and as we saw of the half million dollar trial the prosecution case was shit and the other cases coming forward are the same.

    The fact that Reyna’s office is waiting till the very last minute to dismiss cases just goes to show you how desperate Reyna is to save face, too late for that, Reyna will cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in wrongful prosecution settlements, as for Reyna’s father and grandfathers legacy, well old Anal Reyna wiped his ass with it long ago

  28. Gandalf Says:

    Most Cities would be appalled and ashamed of just 3 innocent people arrested, given 1Mil dollar Bail and held in limbo for 3 years. Not Waco… 177 Texans falsely arrested and Waconians think these guys got “Lucky”. Cody should be thanking the DA for dropping the case. Imagine that.

  29. James W Crawford Says:

    Let the landslide of dismissals continue.

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