Tennessee Mongols Indicted Again

March 10, 2018

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Tennessee Mongols Indicted Again

Federal prosecutors in the Middle District of Tennessee unsealed a second superseding indictment Friday against members of the Clarksville, Tennessee chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The case is titled USA v. Frazier et al.

The initial, sealed indictment in the case was returned by a grand jury in July 2017 and four defendants named Aelix Santiago, Dustin McCracken, Timothy Grant and Kyle Heade were quietly taken into custody and held without bail that month. The government argued that the four were each either a flight risk or a danger to the community. Heade was arrested in Oregon and extradicted to Tennessee. The case then became a black box for six months.

Prosecutors distributed a press release announcing a second superseding indictment on January 18 of this year. The superseding indictment had been returned January 10 but remained sealed until a day after the press announcement. It added defendants James Wesley Frazier, Joel Aldridge, James Hines, Michael Forrester, Jr., Stephen Cole, Jamie Hern, Robert Hummiston, Michael Myers, Michael Levi West, Adrianna Frazier and Derek Leighton Staley.

Frustrating Honest Reporters

The indictments are all intentionally obtuse in order to control news coverage and hamper independent public scrutiny of the case. The most serious charges refer to the importation by Frazier and West of methamphetamine obtained from “T.C., a male coconspirator member of the Mongols Harbor Chapter in California, now deceased, and brought…back to Tennessee for distribution in Tennessee and Kentucky” and murder.

The first murder victim is identified as “Victim S.B.” who was questioned about stealing narcotics and who was then executed in a wooded area behind the cemetery in Bumpus Mills, Tennessee. Victim S.B. Was shot at least eight times, including once in the head and multiple times in the arms.

So far, public documents indicate, one defendant has reached a plea agreement in the case. On February 22, Timothy Grant conditionally agreed to plead guilty to one count of Attempted Robbery Affecting Interstate Commerce. He will not be sentenced until July 18 and he reserves the right to appeal his sentence.

Also, defendant Dustin McCracken has a change of plea hearing scheduled for March 21.

The indictment unsealed yesterday adds four more defendants. William Nelper, William Boylston, Jason Meyerholz and Christopher Wilson are all accused of kidnapping and murdering former fellow defendant Stephen Cole last November 19, which was two months before Don Cochran (above), the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, announced at a press conference that he had indicted Cole.

It is that kind of case. The Department of Justice is obviously making it up as it goes along.

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38 Responses to “Tennessee Mongols Indicted Again”

  1. Big Grizz Says:

    For everyone wondering, this was not a support club, they were in fact a Mongols chapter that started flying in 2016. And NO ONE is sad these dudes got pinched. They ruined the MC scene here. Before they came there were no real issues in this town. Everyone got along. You could fly your colors in every establishment in town. Now every establishment but one has banned colors, there have been shootouts always involving them, MCs have been forced to cut ties with each other because this Mongols chapter demanded it. They are good for nothing but drama and bullshit. Can you even be an MC if your organization isn’t about motorcycles?

  2. Johnboy Says:

    @not surprised. I believe the majority on Thai HA are white dudes from Australia

  3. RIDER 1 Says:

    I might be missing something in the story but I don’t see any proof that any of the individuals in question are members. I have seen alot of support club members and associates labeled as something they are not, a favorite practice of LE and the media. I am not Hispanic but I have ALOT of Brothers who are and I have their back 100% !

    RIDER 1

  4. Not Surprised Says:

    The issue isn’t about personal views on race. It’s about one of the top 1% clubs in the world. If this chapter DID psych in blacks, do you respect this club less? I don’t


  5. Rotten Says:

    Its nice to see there are some other White men here with a fukin clue still. I too would love to see the faces on some of these “were all equal” fucks when their daughter comes home with JJ from Good Times. Really makes me wonder what “clubs” some of these guys are with?

  6. KentuckyRider Says:

    I’m riding with Seig, Bones, and Dino on this one. All you colorblind kumbaya types have me wondering who you are what you’re about. Look, I work, shop, and to a greater or lesser extent, live among people of all types but when it comes to who I choose to freely associate with I stick with my own kind. What everyone is saying about how “others” behave one-on-one vs among their own kind is 100% true. Between my experiences in high school, doing a year in the county, 4 for the state, growing up and living in a 650K+ city and walking the planet for 40 years I know the truth about these matters.

  7. Northern Californian Says:

    Thank you @neuro

  8. Neuro Says:

    @ Surprised, there are a couple token natives but it is pretty much an Australian charter. They are in danger of folding under extreme heat from a special paramilitary police unit. Having a couple natives is different than having a black guy, most especially an American black. I was raised with the we are one stuff, but life has taught me different from that. I think you are hearing the real truth of our American situation in the most recent slew of comments. ” ‘Oy Vey!’ cried the Jew as he was….”

  9. Not Surprised Says:

    @Northern California. I did.

  10. Someone who knows Says:

    More than half the defendants are NOT Mongols. Don’t believe everything the media pushes.

  11. Bones glass 1973 Says:

    I’m with siege in this,I did my time and if you are good with blacks,you won’t be when you get out…….with all these “brother of another mother” comments lets hope your daughters come home with one

  12. DiNoSYLWSS Says:

    Sieg I’ve never I heard to put so truly you are right it doesn’t matter how the decent of a person they are when your one-on-one with them… once they get around a group they treat you like they all do and yes they would shank you in a minute… Call me whatever you want but I’ve watched it happened 99.9% of the time like that that’s just how it is and if you don’t believe that then you’re blind

  13. DiNoSYLWSS Says:

    Nothing pisses me off more than listening to these uninformed Fucks talk about it…the motorcycle gang, motorcycle gang, the motorcycle gang…. it’s a fucking club if they want to be called a motorcycle gang it would say MG not MC on their vests.. I hate stupid moronic Fucks that don’t know how to differentiate the two… SYLO…SYLBP…SYLWSS⚡⚡☠

  14. Northern Californian Says:

    @notsurprised do some fuckin homework before you comment.

  15. Sieg Says:

    Who is in a club’s chapters in other countries is entirely up to that particular chapter. Including the chapters in the States. Don’t know who does what now, but it was always no niggers allowed. Only club I am familiar with still rides that, afaik.

    No reason in the world for a White man to have to associate with someone who, while individually may be a decent guy, in a group of his own will shank you in a heartbeat. All of youse “we are all one” singers have obviously never had to share a block with them, or you’d be singing a way different tune. If a club chooses to be mixed, that’s their bidness. If a guy chooses to ride with them, I gotta assume he’s a race-traitor.


  16. Wretched Man Says:

    @ TX_Biker & LeftCoastDyna

    @ Dutchboy
    Color don’t make the man, heart does – my sentiments exactly

    Back to lurking


  17. LeftCoastDyna Says:

    Rookery.. right on brother. I speak from my own experiences.

  18. Not Surprised Says:

    @Rotten: 81 has a charter in Thailand. I think it’s a safe bet they ain’t white boys

  19. JMacK Says:

    Here’s an idea, don’t like people of a certain persuasion amongst your group? Don’t vote them in. Pretty simple to me. Sounds like Club biz to me.

    On another note, being a ratsnitchfuck doesn’t appear to be attached to individuals of any particular race, religion or ancestral origin.


  20. Rotten Says:

    So, lets see…no niggers in the 81s, 16s or 23s…but somehow you all think niggers in clubs are a good idea? Good luck.

  21. Rotten Says:

    Next thing you know the crips are driving by the clubhouse because Sambo the prospect fucked up in the hood yesterday. Nice. No wonder we cant have nice things anymore.

  22. Rotten Says:

    If all the Australian clubs wanna patch in Muslims and sand-niggers maybe we should too. Gotta pull the pack over so Salamilicker and Kali the monkey can prey to mecca!
    You all wanna sit around the clubhouse listening to James Brown and Dr. dre have fun, I remember when being in a 1% club meant being White.

  23. Rotten Says:

    Yeah I know…wez all is da same now…cunts. Yeah, Ive noticed all the new nigger Hells Angels and all the niggers wearin Pagan and Warlock patches. Didn’t the Bandits used to have a Original by-law that said “No mexicans”? I’ve seen pictures of ONE nigger Outlaw and Im convinced hes not in the U.S.

  24. Dutchboy Says:

    Coondog, except for North Korea, whole damned shithole is a prison, and a few other shitholes like it around the world. As for skin color there are guys of the darker persuasions who are welcome at my place anytime & a few lily-white shitheels that of they darken my door will get to experience the great beyond in short order. Color don’t make the man, heart does.

  25. rookery Says:

    Left Coast Dyna is correct, that is indeed the reason.

  26. Neuro Says:

    Some of the other defendants might give a fuck now, since Timothy Grant is the one who has copped a plea.

  27. Rascal Says:

    I could be wrong but this dope dealing never works out. Whats the saying “its not called dope because it makes you smart”

  28. Gandalf Says:

    “I don’t think anyone can question the motives of a legit 1% club on who they decide to patch in, regardless or race.” (Not Surprised)… Nobody’s Biz but the Clubs. It would be expected that they have know them a long time and agreed they are worthy. IMHO

  29. Coondawg Says:

    It takes a lot for me to post. But who gives a fuck what color or race we are seeing. Lets get past that bullshit. Bigger problem here is an UN-justice system, industrialized penal systems, etc. We are number one!(in the world for prisoners), aint that some shit?

  30. TX_Biker Says:

    What is wrong with some of you here? This is no place for racist bullshit. Leave that shit for the media and politicians, they are both good at dividing us. Of all people we should know what it is like to be persecuted for how we look. I have many brothers, from every walk of life and not all of them wear the same patch I do. As brothers we are only to be judged by our actions and commitment to our brothers not the color of our skin.

  31. LeftCoastDyna Says:

    Brotherhood has no color lines in the end.. many of color are patched into the “big” 1% clubs, here in the States and obviously overseas. Politics in the prison system in the US is the biggest issue that holds back more of color from programming with a 1% mc on the outside.

  32. Not Surprised Says:

    I meant patch in

  33. Not Surprised Says:

    I don’t think anyone can question the motives of a legit 1% club on who they decide to psych in,regardless or race.

  34. Real Bones Says:

    Let me just say that I have no knowledge of any of this or anything else other than the fact that this info was released to the public at least a day before published here. Everybody who is an American deserves to be treated with the presumption of innocence.. Anyone on here with a similar name or claiming to be me has no correlation or relation to me whatsoever.. I don’t make comments regarding ongoing legal cases against any alleged party on social media or anywhere else.

    P.S. Any word on when Eric Holder is going to release the info on, for example, op Fast and Furious?

  35. Rotten Says:

    Niggers? Weird.

  36. ed Says:

    Man, clubs sure are finding it hard to get good members nowadays, huh. That’s their downfall.

  37. Hero Says:

    Looks like another one of those Waco cases. You would think District Attorney’s all across the United States would look at anal rena and stop for just a second to consider their job security.

    2 pennies.

  38. Bones glass 1973 Says:

    How’d those blacks get in?

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