Only 245 Days To Go

March 7, 2018

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Only 245 Days To Go

Abelino Reyna, the McLennan County, Texas District Attorney lost a primary election yesterday to a lawyer named Barry Johnson by a margin of 10,347 votes to 6,930.

There are, according to the Texas Secretary of State, 136,088 registered voters in McLennan County by the way. So a little less than 13 percent of them cared enough about the job Reyna has done to bother to vote. If your glass is always half full you might take comfort in knowing that only five percent of the county’s voters liked Reyna enough to vote for him and the election was won decisively because 3,417 citizens bothered to vote their conscience.

Johnson will probably run unopposed next November. He and Reyna are both Republicans. There is no Democratic candidate. An independent named Daniel Hare announced his candidacy for District Attorney last December but so far he has collected the 500 signatures he needs to get his name on the ballot.

Tan, Rested And Ready

In televised interviews with Jasmin Caldwell of KCEN and Estephany Escobar of KXXV Reyna seemed unfazed by his defeat and confident that his greatest victories are ahead of him.

In February, Reyna dropped charges against 58 Twin Peaks defendants he knew the county could never afford to try and that he knew would be hard to convict. Not that he wasn’t convinced they could be convicted.

The case against those 58 defendants, the 134 Twin Peaks defendants who remain, and former Bandidos Motorcycle Club national officers John Portillo and Jeff Pike are all the same case: Motorcycle gangsters sell guns, drugs and women across state lines and they will ruthlessly hurt anybody who tries to stop them. The men are all antediluvian thugs. The women are all strippers and whores. Their offspring steal your children’s lunches and make public school classrooms smell bad. The toy runs and the charities with which they try to associate themselves are all shams. They must be stopped before what “they” (“they” is what sociologists call the “generalized other” and Red Chinese used to call the “objective enemy”) did in Waco happens in your town. That is the case federal prosecutors are trying to make in San Antonio, today. That was the case Reyna tried to make in the trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal last fall.

The cases in McLennan County and in San Antonio and previous cases in Abilene and Fort Worth and continuing cases in Abilene and El Paso are all essentially the same case file with the same evidence, rhetoric and “experts.” Although it is interesting that Abel Reyna has suffered an annoying political setback he does not seem to have been humbled by it, as he has humbled many of his victims, and it might be a little early to hope for a happy ending for the 134 defendants who remain accused of participating in organized criminal activity at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015.


When he announced the first dismissals in the Twin Peaks case a month ago, Reyna issued a statement that read:

“While the arrest and indictments of these individuals was soundly based in the law, I have made the decision to dismiss these matters in order to focus our attention on defendants even more culpable in the Twin Peaks violence. This effort to narrow our focus has been ongoing since the trial that took place last fall. While the result of the trial was not what we desired, the information gleaned through trial was invaluable in our continued investigation of these matters. This decision should not be vi
ewed as “folding” or “giving up” by any means. Rather, this is an effort to narrow in on those more culpable without expending your precious judicial resources on lower level gang members. I firmly believe this strategy can still achieve the impact of the message that our community will not tolerate gang violence in any form. We will continue to review and investigate the pending cases. It is entirely possible that other cases may require similar action while others will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As the public is aware, we have been awaiting evidence in the possession of the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Antonio. We have requested this evidence, but will not be permitted to view this evidence until the conclusion of the federal trial sometime in March. We anticipate that this long awaited evidence will be released within 60 to 75 days. Once received, we will commit to making additional decisions in each of the Twin Peaks cases within 30 days from receipt of that evidence. Each of those decision will be with the original objective in mind: to see that justice is brought to the individuals and groups responsible for these killings.”

The trial of Pike and Portillo will probably end in June.

Reyna will have another four months after that to get the conviction or convictions he hopes will re-energize his political career. When he looked in the mirror this morning he still saw Governor Reyna.


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  1. rollinnorth Says:

    “Half of Texas’ sitting district attorneys in contested primaries lost. What does that mean?

    On the Republican side, McLennan County’s Reyna — who unseated a 20-year incumbent in 2010 — was ousted after two terms by a large margin after drawing harsh criticism for his handling of a fatal biker shooting at Twin Peaks. His office sought indictments for more than 150 bikers, and Reyna has so far dismissed or refused about a third of them, according to the Waco Tribune-Herald. He was defeated by Barry Johnson, who faces an independent challenger in the fall (the lone Democrat in the race suspended his campaign last month).”


  2. rw Says:

    I’ve wondered if the phrase elected criminal district attorney was a title or just someone’s opinion of old Anal. Either way sometime after the 1st of next year it will be shortened to just criminal

  3. david Says:

    @ Griz’s Gal

    IF what anon. wrote of “The Worm’s” actual state of mind is true, he may be actually going out of his mind.

  4. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf.
    I believe those latest poisening attacks were by Russia at Putin’s personal decree. Just because I do not want the US to re fight the Crimean war to give Turkey hegmony over the Black Sea does not mean I am stupid.

    The use of Polonium-210 for asssinations was the USSR giving everyone the middle finger. The Soviets were the only ones known to produce the stuff, primarily as fission initiators in nuclear weapons. The 138 day half-life caused maintainence issues which is why everyone else used a different system. The 138 day half-life also made any use in an asssinations impossible to deny as a rouge operation. You have to rush the stuff from the production reactor to the target in only a few months.

    I firmly believe that once the taxpayers realize how much Reyna’s publicity stunt will cost them, the Bandidos and other clubs will not need to lift a finger to see him dead. If he doesn’t off himself, his constituents will.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @ JWC. I heard you could only get Polonium-210 at CVS or the Kremlin. That Russian defector, his daughter and the cop in the UK were killed by Putin? If you can’t believe that you might as well move to Waco… you might fit right in. LOL BTW, the “Flatoff” story kinda relates to your story… LE setting up a guy to get property for re-development.

  6. Rook Says:

    Looks like ol Renya just ain’t “Able” to keep up with his bullshit any longer .

  7. James W Crawford Says:

    May be Reyna can be encouraged to eat a shotgun loaded with Polonium-210? Everyone will blame Russia and Putin.

  8. Griz's Gal Says:

    I don’t know if any of you read the blog ‘Grits for Breakfast’, but every now and then, he posts about McLennan County and their screw-ups, so I keep an eye on it. Yesterday, he posted about the DA’s race, and Abel losing.

    There’s a comment posted by ‘Anonymous’ that reads thus:

    ‘Anonymous said…
    Reyna is angry, depressed, and moping around the office amid fears that Johnson will uncover unlawful actions which may leave him vulnerable to civil lawsuits once he leaves office. His paranoia is making it difficult to do our jobs. We’re seeing a side of him now that previously was concealed. And the looming threat of the federal investigation has worn him down to the point where he may be mentally unstable and prone to acting out. Stay tuned, more to come.’

    That sounds a little ominous, doesn’t it? Like maybe The Worm is going to wreak some havoc because he didn’t get his way. What do you guys think about this post?


  9. Dino Says:

    Suck it, Reyna!

  10. Dino Says:


  11. TX_Biker Says:

    @david, yes Waco has been played like they were during the branch davidian siege.
    Waco never learns from it’s mistakes.

  12. James W Crawford Says:


    A legitimate point but ironic given the context of the Twin Peaks massacre that was the result of LEOs inciting the Cossacks to violence. If they criticize me for merely predicting Reyna’s demiss, then they indict themselves.

    The fact remains that once the citizenry of Waco and McClenon County realize what the financial consequences of Reyna’s political grand standing will be, they are going to do more than just vote him out of office. Bikers will not have to do a damn thing.

  13. david Says:

    Have the corrupt, incompetent and lawless federal alphabet agencies been playing DisAbled, or the other way around?

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    Stevo, “If your day is done and you wanna ride on cocaine”. I thought song was about bikers, strippers and other assorted malcontents, now I find out it’s about Lawyers in cheap suits.

    JWC, WTF MAN? Why do you want to crap right in the middle of the floor like that? Now if something happens the LEOs can point here.

  15. Bill Says:

    I have been a lurker of this site for a long time and I have thought about commenting a few times.

    I think a widget countdown on the front page for Reyna’s last day would be an amazing idea. It’s not quite a countdown to him behind bars but it is a start.

    I am grateful for Rebel and his coverage of this and many issues.

    Respect to all that calls someone their brother and follows their oath.


  16. Stevo Says:


    Disabeled loves a couple of lines, just not of scripture…


  17. Not the 99 Says:

    There’s still the election. I doubt he stands a chance, but he said “When I walk out”.
    Do you think he’s really gonna just “quit”?
    Rats like him, don’t just go away. Not without some help.

  18. RtC Says:

    I wish somebody would poke that POS Anal so hard that that shit-eating smirk
    would be on the back of his head.

    Respects to the REAL & Especially Rebel

  19. rocco151 Says:


  20. Kenny Says:

    @badguy im telling u from fact. In fact he justafied it from a second part of a rico trial. That the planiff was not even part of or had reresentation. The point is our gov could careless about legal shit. In fact at the appeal he said he would put the brother to death if he could. Murders walked because they talked. Reyna gonna find out about feds real fast.

  21. James W Crawford Says:

    My prediction is that Reyna will commit suicide before his current term as DA is completed.
    The most probable method of suicide is that Reyna will suck on the muzzle of a shotgun until it ejaculates.
    It is probable that someone will assist Reyna in his suicide.
    It is almost certain that if Reyna is assisted in his suicide, it will not be a MC member who assists in that suicide.

    Reyna’s suicide will be motivated by a series of new lawsuits or modifications to existing lawsuits that seek many millions of dollars in compensation but offer the County a substantial discount in the event of a prompt settlement and Reyna’s death prior to the end of his term.

    Of course with terms likenthat to motivate the citizenry, the citizenry might have a puvlic lynching or may be even an old fashioned stoning.

  22. Bad Guy Says:

    @Kenny: a Judge setting aside a not guilty verdict? Not something you see everyday, know why? Because it’s ILLEGAL! A Judge can ONLY set aside a GUILTY verdict, not a Not-Guilty verdict. Please read this:

  23. Filburt Says:

    244 days to go…

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    Judge in the case blasted Reyna for using still photos of Twin Peaks in his campaign ads

  25. Kenny Says:

    Karma is a bitch. Before this is done im betting we see how the gov works with states to ruin a bikers life. One fails the other steps in or worse yet u get shafted by both. Their bringing wittnesses that testafy get away with myrder and u go down for slinging. Ive saw jurys find a man inocent. Only for the judge to set their ruling aside and send him off to prison!!!Now u got all these new guys wanting to be true 1%ers and they really have no one to teach them. Yes u can say u are but being a true 1%er is more about Honor and Loyslty then how good u are at breaking the law. Riding hours in the rain to bury a brother is not glorios. So this stooge of the feds is gonna see they eat their own….. To anyone who rides. We as a group are a powerfull lobby. Yes a four decade 1%er has realized war is useless. It only hurts clubs.U must stand your ground but dont try and take all of it. Cause your on camera! As a old brother told me in 82…What good are u to your club in jail! Now let this man Reyna find out what comes around goes around and those feds that lead him into this will now put him in the same spot he wanted to put thesepeople who where doing are right to assemble our right to wear whatever we want and our right to live as we see fit! Just dont become what u started out hating. ps Thanks Rebel for this news!!!

  26. Mark Matis Says:

    Drudge had a link to Reyna’s loss yesterday. I sent him a link here so he can get the REST of the story, if he chooses. Not sure if he’s got the guts to face the fury of this country’s “finest”, however. He ignored Fast and Furious until well after the story was outed elsewhere.

  27. Mark Says:

    @ B3

    Yes, you are correct there is compelling proof that there really is such a thing as, karma. The big question is, where does it come from? Heaven, hell, both or from someplace else but karma is indeed real. Thanks for the reminder.

  28. Mark Says:

    Wait a second, hold on! All the TP cases were filed before the cases were rolling in San Antonio. Did the feds show the evidence to Reyna before Discovery was giving to any defense attorneys in San Antonio? Meaning Reyna knew about the evidence in the San Antonio cases before TP even happened. Which means Reyna has been stalling the TP cases because he’s working with the feds and waiting for confidential evidence to come out in the San Antonio federal trials. Clearly meaning the feds haven’t released all the discovery to the defense attorneys in those cases in San Antonio. Which means, the defense attorneys in all the TP cases are not receiving the legal discovery they are entitled to. Which is exactly what Reyna said in his press release as in Rebel’s story, this story.

  29. Dutchboy Says:

    Two lines of scripture came to me while I read this article, Rebel.

    “a roaring lion, going back and forth, seeking whom he may devour” & “woe to the Earth and sea, for the devil…is filled with fury, for he knows his time is short”

    Watch your ass people, the Clown is going to try a Hail Mary.

  30. Rojas Says:

    Well bless his heart.

    Got to wear shades.

  31. Dutchboy Says:

    “a roaring lion, going back and forth, seeking whom he may devour” &

  32. Iron Rider Says:

    I only have one word that fits the description of Reyna thinking he is still in command and control of the race for D.A. and will claim the position of D.A. back and that is “Delusional”

    The taxpayers know that the financial apocalypse is going to hit them when all these lawsuits start getting close to trial dates, and they will take the brunt of the financial hit because of Anal’s ego and his delusions that he would rocket to the top in his political ambitions to Texas Attorney General or the Head of the USDOJ.

    Honestly all Johnson needs to do to win is let Anal, be Anal because he’s fucked up everything to this point and is so deep in shit he isn’t going to get out.

  33. Stevo Says:

    Glad to hear Abel is now disabeled.


  34. Curbside Says:


    Fuck that guy.

  35. david Says:

    In shit-heads statement, only an attorney word-twister could twist the English word “money” into “your precious judicial resources”.

  36. Unaffiliated Observer Says:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    – Margaret Mead

  37. Old & Jaded Says:

    “I feel like chains have been released off me,” Reyna told KXXV-TV Tuesday, after conceding the race to Johnson. “I feel like a lot has been lifted off of my shoulders.”

    A lot has been lifted off of HIS shoulders?


  38. B3 Says:

    I am not an educated man, so, Is it Irony that, on March 6, 1966 the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was founded, and on March 6, 2018, 52 years later to the day, The DA who decided he would be the one to save all from the scourge of that club, lost his bid to be re-elected (for all intends and purposes) ? If it’s not irony, does that make it any less welcome?

  39. Gandalf Says:

    Dear Reyna,
    A year ago I told you to drop ALL cases because the Feds wouldn’t hand over Evidence… They even sent you a letter saying they had evidence and wouldn’t turn it over. You could have BLAMED THE FEDS! Then settle the Lawsuits as best you could. (still blaming the feds) You would have won that Election and this would have been almost over… BUT YOU DIDN’T! You fucking fool. Your too stupid to be a DA. Now you might end up in jail and/or be disgraced…. Which begs the Question, What do the Feds have on you not to make that no brainer decision?
    The Feds handed you your out a year ago. None of those other questions/hearings would have came up. The Lawyers would have stopped coming after you. It was such a gift and no brainer I even bet Rider 1 a dollar and lost. My God…

  40. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I was brave enough to get in their faces. What was I thinking? LOL still here, still alive.
    I finally found my lost horse.

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