Flatoff On Trial

March 6, 2018

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Flatoff On Trial

The police murder of Michael Funk as he fled Eagle Nation Cycles in Neenah, Wisconsin on December 5, 2015 is finally finding its resolution. An obviously troubled man named Brian T. Flatoff is on trial for murder and 13 other felonies. Flatoff is acting as his own lawyer.

The tale of Funk’s death is long, sordid and mad.

The short version is that Funk and the motorcycle shop’s owner Steven V. Erato operated a business in Neenah’s downtown. They were also the only white members of the mostly black Hell Lovers Motorcycle Club. The city of Neenah wanted to redevelop its center. Nobody wanted to see a score of black guys lounging on Harleys in the middle of the new and improved Neenah. That led to a punitive Swat raid on the shop in 2012. During the raid, a police officer named Craig Hoffer was videotaped planting marijuana in the shop. That led Funk, Errato and two other men to sue the city of Neenah and others for $50 million in December 2014.

Reasonable Force

Funk died after the apparently deranged Flatoff took over the cycle shop in an attempt to retrieve his motorcycle. He had sold his bike to his former friend Vance Dalton for $4,500. Flatoff needed the money for bail after his sixth drunken driving arrest. Dalton had left the bike to be serviced at Eagle Nation. Flatoff wanted the bike reassembled and given to him and he also wanted Dalton to come to the shop so he could kill him.

Swat officers, including Craig Hoffer, responded to the scene. In the confusion after a botched Swat assault on the shop, Funk managed to escape out the back door into an alley where he was killed without warning in a hail of gunfire fired by Hoffer, who had planted the marijuana, and another Swat officer named Robert Ross. Funk was shot twice while he was on the ground.

Six weeks after Funk’s murder the $50 million lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice by Federal District Judge William C. Griesbach. The Wisconsin Department of Justice investigated Funk’s death and determined that Hoffer and Ross had acted reasonably in fear for their lives.


In his opening statement yesterday Flatoff, who is defending himself while wearing a stun belt and who must remain seated at the attorney’s table, called the case against him a “fantasy” and promised to tell jurors “shocking truths.”

“The state can’t prove these charges on the evidence it had, so they edited it,” Flatoff said. “They lied and destroyed what they didn’t want you to see.”

Prosecutor Scott Ceman told the jury that if Flatoff had not taken over the motorcycle shop, “Michael Funk would not have been gunned down.”

Flatoff has subpoenaed 47 witnesses to testify on his behalf.


16 Responses to “Flatoff On Trial”

  1. GB_FXR Says:

    A Hollywood producer (David Starr) is making a docu-drama about this called “The 50 Million Dollar Bullet” Fox11 in Green Bay just reported it, probably put up onto their website later. Police say it contains a bunch of lies (go figure). I think some of the back story will tie it all together. All I could find so far is this….

  2. GB_FXR Says:

    Guilty on all counts. Trial continues Monday to determine Flatoff’s mental compintance Fucking shit show. Fuck Neenah PD

  3. rollinnorth Says:

    “‘Barbarism’: Texas judge ordered electric shocks to silence man on trial. Conviction thrown out.

    It has now thrown out Morris’s conviction on the grounds that the shocks ordered by State District Judge George Gallagher, and Morris’s subsequent removal from the courtroom, violated his constitutional rights. Since he was too scared to come back to the courtroom, the court held that the shocks effectively barred him from attending his own trial, in violation of the Constitution’s Sixth Amendment, which guarantees a defendant’s right to be present and confront witnesses during a trial.”



  4. Aanon Says:

    Who’s gonna make sure momma has a roast and a roof? Oh, oops, ya he coulda been the gunner, ya we’ve seen him before but we were in fear. This isn’t a fucking war. Mrs. Funk, on behalf of half assed decent men, I’m sorry. No excuse for this. I’d bet that an infinite amount of money couldn’t make it right.

  5. Jim Bob Says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear how that incident was going to end….about the way I hoped it wouldn’t. Absolutely fuckin depressing.

  6. Gordo Says:

    To shoot or protect??

    Shoot 1st???

    Sad story for the family

  7. Ben Says:

    Back in August 2, 2016, I predicted that “they will rationalize it, by pinning Funk’s murder on Flatoff. Yes, they will hold Flatoff responsible for Funk’s murder, as if Hoffer had nothing to do with it. They will say Flatoff set off the chain of events that led to Funk’s murder. He will be the fall guy, who takes the rap for Hoffer.” Unfortunately, it’s proving to be accurate.

  8. Dutchboy Says:

    Every nickel and dime cop shop in the country had it’s own SWAT unit these days. The fact that Hoffer was not stripped of his badge after getting caught planting evidence tells you everything you need to know about the honesty and integrity of the local PD.

    So did the big money boys get the shop? Has downtown been gentrified? Hope those that paid for this rape of Justice pay again some day.

  9. eddie Says:

    Corruption from the city water meter reader up to the President is so blatant, that they don’t even try to hide it anymore. They do what they want because they know we can’t do shit about it. The elitists have gained control of almost all levels of government.

  10. Old & Jaded Says:

    With tape of him planting weed, how the hell does Hoffer still have a job?
    If that wasn’t enough, he’s also on SWAT? What the hell? SWAT came about in El Lay in the 60’s as a result of cops and civilians being fired on during the Watts riots. The whole point was to have mature, highly skilled, highly trained people respond to properly handle crisis situations. I don’t think that shooting a hostage fleeing for his life or shooting people once they are down on the ground is part of the deal. What a miscarriage of justice for Mr. Funk’s family.

    On a completely different note – thanks Rebel for posting videos of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell singing. Watching and listening to Joe sing “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” really took me back. I realized that I didn’t really know all the words but in watching Joe sing – not sure he did either. Some great music back then…

  11. Aanon Says:

    You ain’t kidding.
    Not 99;
    Didn’t think he needed to kill anyone to get out. Power is not needing to use it or something like that. I’m sure some combat guys could give more insight.

  12. Not the 99 Says:

    If Funk had a gun, why didn’t he use it?

  13. Freebird Says:

    Give them another 10 years….. if it takes that long and each of us will be answering for the sins of our father.

  14. Paladin Says:

    Nobody wants to see a score of black guys lounging anywhere.


  15. Ronbo Says:

    I remember when I first read this in the news. My first thought was “Those Fuckers just murdered that guy”. Disgusting

  16. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC Sound familiar? “The city of Neenah wanted to redevelop its center. Nobody wanted to see a score of black guys lounging on Harleys in the middle of the new and improved Neenah. That led to a punitive Swat raid on the shop in 2012.”

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