Reyna In His Hole

March 5, 2018

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Reyna In His Hole

There is some slight possibility that defense attorneys in the Twin Peaks criminal cases will not have Abel Reyna to kick around much longer.

Reyna is the Waco politician who cruelly decided to ruin a couple of hundred lives after the Twin Peaks Mass Murder almost three years ago by arresting citizens for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He hit people who could ill afford it with draconian bails. One arrestee, who was disabled and had an annual salary of $10,000 a year was expected to pay a non-refundable $100,000 fee to a local bondsman to get out of jail. Reyna short circuited pending adoptions. He disgraced honorable, faithful and charitable men. He terrorized already traumatized and bewildered women. He got hard workers fired from their jobs. He stole people’s cars, trucks, motorcycles, guns and clothes. Even some of the people who were never charged ended being dumped by the side of some road in plastic jump suits. He broke hearts and he never had the decency to say he was sorry. He has lied about what he did ever since. He has blatantly obstructed the course of justice. Worse, he has bragged about it. Worse, he is running on it. Rather than apologize, he continues to slander his victims.

Tomorrow, he is up for reelection as district attorney – or commissar of justice – in the McLennan County, Texas Republican primary. His opponent is a fellow named Barry Johnson. Johnson is a son of Waco and the son of a man who started as a courthouse reporter and ended up a judge. And, if he beats Reyna tomorrow he may actually put a stop to Waco’s most recent national disgrace.


Maybe Reyna will be damned to the hole he has dug.

Saturday, the Waco Tribune-Herald – perhaps the line should be even the Tribune-Herald – ran an editorial that began: “Republicans who treasure integrity, transparency and accountability in the administration of justice in McLennan County should vote for Barry Johnson for district attorney in Tuesday’s Republican primary election. Of all our election recommendations in spring 2018, this one we advocate most fervently. We do so not only for the sake of daily justice but also the reputation of our county.”

There was yet another hearing in the case this morning before a visiting judge named Douglas Shaver. Clint Broden wanted the charges against his client Matt Clendennen dropped. Clendennen has literally become a poster boy for the biker menace Reyna invented to prove what a tough guy he is after, as he put it, “the battle of Twin Peaks.”

Clendennen is famous in Waco because he is also a local boy, he was unarmed at “the battle,” his lawyer is smart and aggressive, there is video evidence that he is completely innocent, and Reyna, or rather his team of propagandists – KC Strategies LLC of Austin – has included Clendennen’s picture in his campaign materials.

Shameful And Misleading

Shaver refused to dismiss the charges against Clendennen today but he did let the accused man testify. There have been statements in court filings that Reyna has been particularly hard on Clendennen out of malice, because he finds Broden to be an annoying adversary.

Clendennen testified that Reyna’s prosecution has cost him his marriage, his landscaping business and possibly his children. “It’s to the point now where my kids friends can’t come to my house because their parents think I’m a bad influence,” he told the judge.” Reyna has “ruined my image.”

“I find the whole idea shameful and misleading to the citizens of McLennan County,” Shaver lectured Reyna. “There is a gag order in this case and I can’t find a way to hold you in contempt for those ads, but if I could, I would and you’d be under arrest.”

Reyna thinks he is more charming than he is. When he tried to sweet talk the judge, Shaver shot back, “I’ve seen the ads, Mr. Reyna. I saw it this morning, and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Perhaps the most memorable thing about Waco, Texas is the sweet sound of church bells on Sunday morning. Tomorrow Waco can decide if those bells say something true about the place. Then maybe some apologies might be in order.


46 Responses to “Reyna In His Hole”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    TY david… I will use this often. “They are either ignorant or not, but the gov. SCHOOL brainwash they received early on in the “schools” which they themselves funded, and which they mandatorily attended, churned out a complacent, docile, subservient group of people with no real education and more importantly, no critical thinking ability.” PERFECT!

  2. RtC Says:

    @ Old & Jaded: I don’t gamble, but I bet AnalReyna does the same as the half nigger did. Leave a truck load of a mess for the next one to have to TRY to
    clean up.

    Respects to the REAL & Especially Rebel

  3. david Says:

    RE: The 40% of Waconians

    They either have no comprehension of the criminal acts of UnAbel, the pigs, the jailers and them fucking “judges” or, they comprehend the complete cluster fuck and are more than ready to have their corrupt elected and appointed office-holders railroad any and everybody else. They like sadism and gov. tyranny, and big gov.

    They are either ignorant or not, but the gov. SCHOOL brainwash they received early on in the “schools” which they themselves funded, and which they mandatorily attended, churned out a complacent, docile, subservient group of people with no real education and more importantly, no critical thinking ability.

    The monetary settlements and jury awards, both compensatory and punitive, which will be determined will educate them real quick and, might get them started thinking how badly their tyrants fucked up.

  4. Agnarr Says:

    You are correct and I apologize sir. My fingers got ahead of the brain last night when going for size of pill needed for the dosage. (Insert evil grin)

    Yours and Rider1 thoughts are very astute on the matter of settlements for the victims of what this DA has done. The funds that will be needed to pay for the settlements either out-of-court of those awarded are going to overwhelm the coffers of McLennan County.

    I also live here in Texas and will end having to also pay for the actions committed by this DA. I will not be happy when I pay that much more at the tax office on the property I own.

    Or will the Texas Legislature get involved and decide on new taxes? I Doubt very much that the powers that be in charge of Texas’s Rainy Day Fund are going to agree to pay of these debts Unable has done. I think they will get involved. Since Austin is just ‘down the road’ from Waco, they will be able petition the membership of the Texas legislature real easily. And they will help Waco and McLennan County, but pass it off to a segment of the Texas populace.

    So, when that happens which part of Texas will it affect? Texas Homeowners? or Businesses in Texas? How about the populace of Texas that owns vehicles in Texas? They can be hit with a rate increase when they go and by annually and register their vehicles. Or will they decide to hit a smaller section of road users like ride Biker?

    The members of the Texas Legislature as well as the populace of Texas they all are basically ignorant of the facts about what REALLY has been going on in Waco since that fateful Sunday when the LEO’s went and mounted the camera’s up on those poles outside Twin Peaks.

    If the populace of Texas got hit with any new taxes over the abuses caused by Unable’s demand for 177 individual’s to be arrested and then violating their Civil Rights Back in May of 2015. They will complain about it and if it is a bond or one they can defeat at the ballot box they will. So you can be sure the legislature will keep any such funding away from the voting boxes here in Texas.

    I have been thinking about this and I would almost bet a case of my own home-brewed beer that to keep the majority of their constituents happy back in their districts; the cost to help cover the damage Rectum caused in Waco; will somehow come back on the bikers here in Texas.

    Respect to those that’s Earned it.


  5. Old & Jaded Says:

    @ Rider 1 – Amen and well said! I also suspect that more cases will be dismissed but there are a huge number of cases left requiring some sort of disposition. Will Reyna want to clean this mess up before he goes? Or, will he leave it so he can sit back and criticize Johnson’s handling of it? For those few cases that might merit prosecution, it will be interesting to see what plays out now. Will the defense attorneys continue further until Johnson takes office in the hope of a reasonable plea bargain – or will Reyna come to the table? I feel for those victimized and for the residents of Texas that will indeed pay in one way or another the huge costs of the mess known as Twin Peaks.

  6. RIDER 1 Says:

    My prediction is that Reyna will continue to try to dismiss cases. If there are any cases still open at the end of his term, the new DA will try to dismiss them as well so he can start with a clean house.

    I feel for the folks who got screwed and I am sure they would love nothing more than to get their lives back and some monetary compensation for their troubles.

    Laws were violated and rights were ignored. There were crimes committed and the guilty should be held accountable. I get a bad feeling that the system will try to drop the charges and pay the victims to be silent. In order to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again, I ask the victims to refuse to let this die and to continue to fight!

    The people of Texas should insist on a honest investigation into what really happened and who did what. Any public officials who committed crimes should be fired, jailed and have any future pensions used to help pay for the future settlements against the city and county. Alot of Texans think this crap happened in Waco and that it doesn’t affect them. As a resident of Texas, I fully expect to have to pay something for this somewhere down the road and yes, the true instigators of this terrible event will probably get paid.

    RIDER 1

  7. xplor Says:

    Today we see why Democracy always fails. It has taken over three years to remove a corrupt public servant. The damage he has done will cost the folks of Waco years to repair, to say nothing of the lives he has harmed.

    Article IV of the United States Constitution “guarantee[s] to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government”

    The best example of a republic today is in the 1% motor cycle clubs. You can be put out bad at any time and someone else can be elected to replace you.

  8. MtPockets Says:

    Obviously, it’s a good thing he lost.
    What’s next?
    He still has the better part of a year to fuck with whomever he chooses.
    Will he wait to push for the Twin Peaks trials or let the next guy try? Seems to me it’s been way the hell too long already, so waiting doesn’t seem like a viable option for him.
    And with his piss poor performance in the first trial, one would think he aint got much for any subsequent ones, either.

    Seems like he is out of solid options…

  9. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Agnar,

    Most .45 ACP loads are subsonic. They still make a horrible mess, especially hollow points.

    On more serious matters, it will be interesting to see how the new DA handles the horrible mess that Renya made. I suspect that there will be prompt and adroit negotiations to drop all criminal cases and pay out some serious but not horrific compensations to all of the arrestees ($250,000? $1 million?) in return for Waco and the County being indemnified. Unforetunately; the Cossacks who were eager pawns in this travesty will share in the payouts. The settlement might include a pledge to conduct a criminal investigation into Renya and assorted LEOs who incited the riot. There should be an understanding that the City and County would forefeit this indemnification if this investigation does not result in charges being brought against someone.

  10. Theseus Says:

    40% of Waco supports a sadistic tyrant, 60% rejected the trash-talking toad.
    Roughly the same percentage as the jurors in Jake Carrizal’s trial, which precipitated the defeat of Abel Reyna, along with Rebel’s excellent reporting and commentary.

  11. RIDER 1 Says:

    He better start spending his pennies on his new career,yard boy!

    RIDER 1

  12. Mark Says:

    The results were a landslide against Reyna but still thousands of people voted for him, around 40% did. The good news is apparent, Reyna is done but Waco is on the hook. I believe that 40% number is going to be used in civil suits against the property owners in McLennan County to justify serious jury awards to remain in place. So be it.

  13. FF Says:

    It’s a blessing to witness a man fight the good fight, and win.

    Thank you, Rebel.

  14. david Says:

    Every one of UnAbel’s assistants are as guilty as he is, for every civil and constitutional rights violation count in every Title 42,sec.1983 lawsuit filed by every plaintiff, and need to be named defendants in the many already filed cases. If Jarrett, Dillion, etc.are not named yet, the civil complaints are Able to be amended. Every one of their asses assisted shit-head in the multiple protected rights violations, and CONSPIRED to deprive and deny plaintiffs protected rights.

    The plaintiffs need not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt as in a criminal case but merely show a preponderance of evidence, and there is a whole shit-load of evidence in all plaintiffs’ favor.

  15. Agnarr Says:

    Just checked and the count is done & 100% vote has been tallied in WACO!!!!!

    Renya has LOST folks!!!!

    Lost badly too 60 – 40%…

    So.. This sorry Bitch-Ass of a chimpanzee’s turd can now start looking over his shoulder for the day that is going to come for him in 2019. Watch – That is when Unable will have to finally answer under oath “those annoying questions”. Bet a six-pack that the new DA Johnson will have him called as a subpoenaed “hostile witness” to get to the bottom of the things he has been hiding.

    Then we all can sit back and watch him cry and piss all over himself as all of the civil trials begins.

    Damn I’m glad something went the right way finally for the families of all those wrongly accused by this sorry bitch and his low life mouth breathers working in his office that agree to do his bidding day in and say out.

    Now we just need to hope and pray that he doesn’t take the chicken shit way out before he goes down in flames. And as it was so gracefully worded here the other day that he chooses to not eat a super-sonicly injected .45 lead pill.

    Nite all

    Respects to those that deserve it.


  16. Txrambler Says:

    Reyna has conceded according to KWTX!!!

  17. Burgess Says:

    Unable lost his job

  18. Old & Jaded Says:

    As of 8:52pm, media reporting Johnson with 59% of the vote and Reyna with 41%.

    I think it’s time for a toddy to celebrate. Hopefully better times ahead for the many victims of Twin Peaks.

  19. Dr G Says:

    Early vote is Johnson ahead of Anal by 1300 but total votes Johnson is ahead by 1600 votes

  20. Gandalf Says:

    When Reyna loses… He has until January in Office. What will He do? Lash out? On Bikers AND Voters? Hmmmm???

  21. Mr. Mr. Says:

    So far, so good:

    From the

    District Attorney (R)
    Abel Reyna
    Barry Johnson

  22. Woodstock Says:

    Johnson is ahead of reyna by around 1300 votes.

  23. Old & Jaded Says:

    If I’m reading the McLennan County Election results correctly, as of this writing it looks like Reyna is losing to Johnson (58% to 41%).

    Here’s the link. After you open it, click on current election results on the left, then view the Republican results.

  24. Really square Says:

    I git tee shirts if neuroscience wants one, and maybe some stickers. But seriously the powers in charge will never be held accountable. Our system allows these guys to break the law to enforce the law therefore there is no law.

  25. Gandalf Says:

    I agree with Lurch and Neuro. Except for Neuro’s taste in women, I believe it’s a 1st.

  26. Neuro Says:

    Right Lurch, Matt C. is a minor player, maybe even unaware what was going down. He looks that way on the patio video, but he signed off to be in a mc, and parade around in colors trying” to be something he isn’t” as one poster says. He could just file his suits and work on that, but the crying to the press is ua. Everyone knows what can happen when you sign on, or don’t sign.
    Abel will most likely lose his election bid, and he belongs in jail for terrible abuses under color of authority, no doubt. But there is such a larger unaddressed story. Why did the Sacks and Reyna both conduct themselves as if they were completely above the law? Like that higher power, federal bacon had their back ? Who is the fed bacon behind this meltdown? Why didn’t at least a couple cops say hell no, we are not arresting a ton of innocent people ? No one said no. How can so many people go along with something so completely wrong ? Reyna is guilty and he is the fall guy. There are so many people above him, and below as well, who are all collectively just as guilty of his abuses as he is. There is a huge hidden story in there.

  27. Woodstock Says:

    Any word on how theelection is going?

  28. Lurch Says:

    Funny how Anal’s video has been deleted…..

  29. oldskewl Says:

    Judges and prosecutors have a loyalty to one another but they will not accept the same loyalty bikers (brothers), club members share in common. It’s a double standard, probably the most blatant.

  30. Lurch Says:

    I kind of agree with Neuro. BUT, Clendennen was part of a SUPPORT club for the nutsacks, as such he went where they told him. NOT HIS FAULT. If the nutsacks hadn’t showed up via the urging of the under cover LEOs and CI’s to start some crap, there wouldn’t have been any “Battle Of Twin Peaks” I half way feel sorry for the guy. ALL of the leadership of the nutsacks need to be found guilty of something, instigating a riot or something, The LEO’s need to be put on trial for murder, along with their ring leader, Anal Raina (yea I know I misspelled it).

  31. Neuro Says:

    I don’t have any tee shirts or stickers. I stand by what I said. Reyna had nothing to do with what happened at the restaurant. Your other side caused the whole thing and gave him an opportunity to do his thing. If they hadn’t shown up to attack, there would be no arrests, no story. He is a pile, but to blame him for what happened that day is ridiculous.

  32. Not the 99 Says:

    Seems that most times the ones stirring up shit about any club other than the one they bought the tee shirt from, are ones that dont know what its really about because they never did or erer will have ther sack thats needed to become a member of a real MC.
    We got em round here just like every place else. They put on the support gear and pretend they are something they are not.
    They also are keyboard commandos.

  33. JMacK Says:

    No Freedom. Just free-dumb.
    I hope Renya falls in that hole and breaks his fucking neck.


  34. Swamp Donkey Says:

    Kinda funny how people can put negative stuff on here about other clubs or individuals, but when a response is given that one person don’t like it’s deleted or removed. Not much different than Reyna people

  35. Old & Jaded Says:

    Regardless of affiliation, it sickens me that innocent people have lost their jobs, their families, their property, etc. Independent of the legal and procedural issues here, Reyna appears to lack a conscience, which makes him far more dangerous than anyone that was arrested. I am heartened to read the remarks published in the Waco Tribune-Herald and hope that voters take heed. I sense that Shaver gets it but only time will tell. Sympathies to all of the folks victimized in this cluster.

  36. Swamp Donkey Says:

    Neora, same could be said for you! I mean it’s obvious who’s team your waterboy for, and that’s cool, whatever, but as all on both sides have stated all along it’s not club vs. Club, it’s all vs. Anal Reyna. I bet if it was your head on the chopping block you would be doing the same thing, I mean he is fighting for his, what you gonna do, lay down and take it. Judging from your comment, I see yourcharachter as your better in everyone else, or who you hang with is better than any and everyone.

  37. Gandalf Says:

    ““There is a gag order in this case and I can’t find a way to hold you in contempt for those ads, but if I could, I would and you’d be under arrest.”
    OF COURSE HE CAN! A Judge orders a gag order and the DA takes out an advertisement. LOL… “Nothing to see here, move along.” ONLY IN WACO! These people make me sick.

  38. david Says:

    Shaver’s statement on the record translates as: You will not be found in contempt of court for your latest gag order violations, but you would, except for the fact we as attorney-club brothers have this unspoken agreement to protect one another at all times.

    The Waco Tribune publication, which formerly thought UnAbel could do no wrong, NOW is concerned about “justice” and more ridiculously, “the reputation” of their precious county? Where was the Tribune when it’s editors could have been concerned about lives of real people wrecked by their “Golden Boy” Reyna?

  39. Not the 99 Says:

    Bankers bond and or insure around when they make bad loans, and the bank has to close.
    They never get into any real trouble.
    This fukn ass hat Anal, won’t ever be held accountable for his heinous actions against the innocent lives he’s destroyed.
    Yeah, he might get voted out, but that’s about it. The worm will just go away, with a bunch of shit talking excuses as to why he’s not in that office any longer.

  40. TX_Biker Says:

    I will be voting tomorrow. Everyone needs to be heard loud and clear at the polls tomorrow.

  41. James W Crawford Says:

    Renya will still be on the hook for possible civil suits and certainly a witness in the lawsuits.

  42. Not the 99 Says:

    Can only pray for karma on this piece of crap.

  43. Neuro Says:

    Fuck that guy Clendennen. He was a member of the Scimitars, a support club to the Cossacks. He should not have joined if he was so concerned about image. Have your cake and eat it too ? Hell no. No sympathy for anyone on “the other side.”

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