Reyna Versus The Biker Gang Trope

February 20, 2018

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Reyna Versus The Biker Gang Trope

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna released a professionally produced, four minute 34 second, campaign video last Saturday that makes it clear that he is running against a fascinating idea – the “biker gang trope” – rather than a real person named Barry Johnson.

A trope, at least in postmodern literature, is a slogan that represents a larger concept that readers or viewers already know and that they will recognize immediately – like for example “biker gang.” Everybody knows what that means. Biker gang is a phrase that immediately brings to life recollections of impressions of Hollister, Altamont, the Manson Murders, the Nordic Biker War, the Brian Bosworth movie Stone Cold. George Christie’s Outlaw Chronicles, Gangland Undercover, and Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels. Arguably, literary tropes are a way out of what John Barth called “the literature of exhaustion.” They have no place in journalism but the biker gang trope is at the heart of most journalism about bikers. They are what a mass audience of uninformed people wants to think. They are a plague of social media. They are the basis for fake news. They are an easy news angle.

The biker gang trope has been exploited by everyone from Jay Dobyns, through CNN, Charles Falco, Kerrie Droban, Julian Sher and Kurt Sutter to the Waco Tribune-Herald’s editorialist Bill Whitaker. The trope frees biker experts from considering complicated questions like why and how the biker counterculture continues to exist 73 years after the end of World War II. Why has the counterculture spread to every continent except Antarctica? What is the biker counterculture’s relationship to evolving concepts of masculinity and social orthodoxy? And what is the counterculture’s – as opposed to the trope’s – relationship to the Jeffersonian concept of the American frontier and Hamilton’s opposing reflections on urbanization, immigration and industrialization? The trope argues that “biker gangs” are the brutal anarchy that civilization must keep in check at all costs – including the costs of fortune and freedom. Because the trope must be all there is to know as well as inarguably true, McLennan County had to spend more than $500,000 for security at the Carrizal trial last fall; because so many in Waco assumed the brutal Bandidos would try to storm the courthouse; as the biker gang in the Brian Bosworth film stormed a courthouse; as the McLennan County courthouse was stormed in 1916 and a convicted rapist named Jesse Washington was horrifically tortured to death.


In his recent video, Reyna describes his opponent as a tool of “the biker gangs” and the “biker lawyers.” His producer, which might as well have been the ATF, intercuts Reyna’s voice with CNN National Correspondent Ed Lavandera’s voice and additional television coverage of the Twin Peaks Mass Murder.

Lavandera becomes part of the campaign for Reyna when he describes “the chaos” and horror that unfolded as “gunshots start exploding.”

“They (the biker gangs) converged on this county to go to war with each other,” Reyna claims.

Reyna, who has viciously prosecuted 192, mostly innocent people either because he is a psychopath or because the FBI blackmailed him into doing it, tries to portray himself and his family as victims of the biker gang stereotype. He calls his primary opponent “the handpicked candidate of these biker gangs and their lawyers.”

Reyna cries – and he seems to genuinely feel sorry for himself – when he complains, “It’s tough to get out there and combat those that want to take advantage of the citizens of our county.”

“If you fight and you stand strong you’re gonna make yourself a target,” he explains even as he claims that his brave stand for civilization and against biker gangs has forced him to subject his family “to the risk and the danger” of the biker gang trope. He complains that for us – for all of us who think civilization is a good thing – he must “subject his family to daily security details,” “daily contingency plans that you have to have at home” and has compelled him to subject his four-year-old “to having a code word in the house.”

He doesn’t mention how much all this security against an entirely imaginary threat costs.

It remains to be seen whether Reyna will be reelected by running against the complex of myths summarized in the phrase “biker gang.” But so far it appears to be working for him.

Anyway, if he starts to slip he can always trot out his four-year-old again.


35 Responses to “Reyna Versus The Biker Gang Trope”

  1. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Agnarr, Not ignoring your relevent posts just busy with day to day crap.

    Viva Los Vagos

    Fuck the cowards at the Broward County S.O.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    @Mr.James Crawford, says “I wonder how a passing pack of Outlaw Motorcycle Club members would react to a school shooting in progress?”
    Sir, It would not even need to be a pack just a single well school’d patch and it would get handled without a trial or insanity plea. (

  3. Agnarr Says:


    You are correct; but unfortunately their seems to be a real downward spiraling curve from what the generation I (and probably you) grew up in; as well knowing how a Man stood, acted, and what was expected of him. To what the generation that is just getting started in life thinks what a man should stand, act, and have society expectations from them.

    I’m not saying that its totally over at this time, but damn we sure could use a John Wayne type or two for these kids now days to grow-up following instead of a Bruno Mars type persona of a guy; who basically is so afraid to get out and experience life outside of his self-erected glass cage like so many of these young men seem to be doing now day’s. That or they are getting into a whole other bad scene with some real heavy-shit type of drug use and it’s ruining their lives before they can ever live it.


  4. Agnarr Says:

    @ Rebel
    I understand, and as I said in my previous post it was what he had in his article. Plus, since you had not (as far as I could remember), ever claimed an affiliation to any MC club; thought it was something worth mentioning so you could set it straight if you so desired. Also; I still stand by my statement that is not my business on who you, or anyone else for that matter; decides to rides with or have as their brothers in arms.

    Respects as always to you Rebel and have a good evening.


  5. James W Crawford Says:

    Agnarr, AVAGOVFFV,

    During the mass shooting at Thurston High School in Springfield, the STUDENTS took the shooter down. They were the sons of loggers and farmers, so they knew how to be real men.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Agnarr,

    I am not a Bandido. I am not a member of any motorcycle club. I do not believe I could do what I do if I was. I have tried to correct various fatuous things Bill Whitaker of the Tribune-Herald has said. It is like talking to a pair of boots. I don’t try anymore,


  7. Agnarr Says:

    @James W Crawford $ AVAGOVFFV

    I think the answer to your question is just simply a Real, Honest Man with a Backbone. I personally believe that the two Coaches who died in the school shooting were most likely killed; while either protecting the students or shot in the process of trying to take that Punk Ass Kid down. Either way if this is how they died, then they died doing the right thing. They were most likely fathers and didn’t think twice about protecting and saving as many of those kids as they could.

    I also personally hope that the Sheriff and his four worthless belles of the débutantes ball all get the full measure of the Justice they deserve for being such CHICKEN-SHIT COWARDS. I mean why in the hell would any of them follow such an Ass-hat of an Order that directly ordered them ‘To NOT GO into the school building if they DID NOT have their Body Camera’s on their personage, with the Camera’s turned on, and Recording Visually and Audibly.’

    From what I have read so far I can only surmise that the majority of the deputies in the Sheriff’s Dept. on the day shift have not yet been scheduled mor been given the training on; or issued the new Body Camera’s. As they were forced to retire the dept.s previous camera’s last year due to a multitude of problems with the camera’s not recording properly, pr quit working altogether. Thus thee 4 deputies by the above given order’s were then turned into nothing but county paid, uniform-wearing, spectator’s. These LEO’s apparently according to the reports leaked so far didn’t even have the internal fortitude or minimum brain cells to even think about challenging this order; but just meekly followed it. I would say that they would now have to be called ‘witnesses’, only that would have required them to actually have left the safety of whatever ‘hidey-holes’ they found and actually done something related to Law Enforcement that could have potentially saved lives.

    Instead they waited for members of the local Police Dept to arrive; and then still stayed outside with their Heads up their asses apparently re-tasting last nights dinner. (Guess there is not going to be much in the form of any inter-agency aid from the police dept. to the sheriff’s dept. in the future after this massive failure.)

    But then to compound this modern keystone cop show; they then turned around and stopped all 1st Responders and EMT’s from entering the school – by some reports given by the 1st Responder’s they begged to go in and get wounded victims and drag them out, this has been now confirmed by written statements by several Paramedics and EMT’s who where on site. These Medical personal were made to sit around for almost an hour in length before they could enter the school building to help the victims. The reason given to the 1st Responder’s – was that the LEO’s didn’t know if the shooter was still in the building or not; and they were still refusing to let them into the school for over 25 minutes after the LEO’s knew that the shooter had already escaped from the LEO’s grasp at the school; and was now loose somewhere in the local area.

    As one of the responders stated; “Who knows how many of those poor souls that died could have been saved that day; if only the LEO Supervisor in Charge would have allowed us to go into the school and grab injured people so we could have pulled them outside of the building and start treating where it was safe to do so.”

    If these statements turns out to be true about the 1st Responders, and EMT’s being delayed so long thus denying the injured victim’s in the school to receive medical care; even after the shooter had already left the immediate area. Then God almighty himself, may not be able to stop the people in Florida from having the actual heads of the Sheriff, his four deputies, and any other Law Enforcement Supervisor responsible from stopping Individuals from actually performing their duties; may actually result in us the public seeing actual severed heads rolling down the nearest federal courthouse steps moments after the court-cases that you can expect to be filed in the near future are going to be tried in a federal courtroom.

    Now onto a side-note on the Twin Peaks Fiasco.

    There is a pretty scathing and in depth editorial written by Bill Whitaker the Opinion Editor of the Waco Tribune that does no favors to our favorite DA – Mr. Unable Renya. This article however, even takes a moment to mention several things including the host of this site: Rebel, as well as an article Rebel has posted here on his website, as well as a video by Popeye on his You-tube/ Radio show. Since they are taking the time to publish this editorial so close to the March Primary here in Texas it is saying a lot politically on how the paper is viewing Rectum.

    However, they state that Rebel is a member of the Bandido’s MC. I personally don’t remember Rebel ever saying what patch or membership he may or may not have in any MC. So, the paper may have a few incorrect facts, or maybe not. If they do, I imagine that we will hear Rebel setting the record straight in due course. Of course it should be said that who Rebel rides with is no one’s business but his own. Nor has this issue as far as I can tell, ever played a factor in how he reports on any story. But, here’s the link to the editorial if you are interested:

    Respect to those who’ve earned it.


  8. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    @Mr.James Crawford, says “I wonder how a passing pack of Outlaw Motorcycle Club members would react to a school shooting in progress?”

    Sir, It would not even need to be a pack just a single well school’d patch and it would get handled without a trial or insanity plea.

    That’s what think tank gurus and coolaid drinkers call a win win outcome.

    Fuck these cowardice badges.

    Viva Los Vagos

  9. James W Crawford Says:

    Just a link to a posting on another website pertaining to another event that illustrates the moral decay amongst Law Enforcement that enabled them to believe that orchestrating the Twin Peaks massacre was a good thing.

    Not only did the school resource officer who been assigned to that school ostensibly for student safety cower in the parking lot when he heard the shooting start, a total of four, Broward Coward Sheriffs Deputies cowered in the parking lot as the listened to the shooting continue.

    Essentially the same cowardice was evident at the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Clackamas County Town Center, Sandy Hook and Columbine. These unique incidents of dereliction of duty are symptomatic of the continuing decline in law enforcement effectiveness.

    I wonder how a passing pack of Outlaw Motorcycle Club members would react to a school shooting in progress?

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    The only “plotting of Criminal activity” was plotting to inform those on two wheels of thier rights and government plans to strip them of the same, at least on the bikers side.

    On the LEO side there was an obvious plot to commit multiple counts of first degree murder under the aegis of the badge.

  11. Theseus Says:

    @ Sohn – I don’t see Reyna doing a Jay Dobyns ” burning down the house”
    The more logical choice would be for Reyna to encourage his idiot chief felony prosecutor, Michael Jarrett, to repeat his toying with chambered weapons in his County office. Several years ago, when Jarrett shot out his office window, Reyna dismisssed the gunshots as an innocent mistake. Today, Reyna could easily argue in a campaign video that roving bands of crazed Waco bikers attacked his 1st Assistant. Reyna, on camera would shed more tears from his fearful face as he delivers a eulogy for his former assistant, who was crucial to the prosecution of the biker menace in Waco. Truth and Justice all wrapped into one pile.

  12. Popeye Says:

    The whole thing reminds me of a gambler who is down but keeps throwing good money after bad in hopes of breaking even. reyna needs a 12 step program for doucebaggery

  13. Davr Says:

    Holy crap I better let my local COC know were all criminals! Such bullshit flows from that guys mouth, using fear to garner votes from his red neck constituents. Pathetic. So frikkin glad I escaped Texas in 1973.

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    We must never forget and we must shove it in John Q. Public’s face until we break through the brainwashing. The Twin Peaks Massacre was a LEO attack on a POLITICAL MEETING. COCs are very unpopular with the corrupt LEOs and Persecutors because nothing is more dangerous than a well informed adversary. Corrupt LEOs hate bikers and 1%ers especially because wolves don’t need shepards or sheep dogs. Bikers don’t need cops to feel safe and LEOs (at least the corrupt ones) will never forgive that.

  15. Sohn Says:

    Looks like Reyna is taking a page out of Jay Dobyns play book. Wouldn’t be surprised if he sets his own house on fire as well. “sometimes doing the right thing is hard” is a Freudian slip with this idiot.

  16. Mark Says:

    There is a whole different angle no one is thinking about. Why is Johnson not picking Reyna apart? Could Johnson be a plant to keep others from running against Reyna? If the taxpayers vote Reyna to stay on as the DA, then the folks of McLennan are going to be on the hook for more many in lawsuits than they could dream of. It will be seen as they were asking for it and deserve whatever they get. There is case history from the federal courts that make it so, a county can not file a bankruptcy to get out of jury awards.
    Here comes the kicker. If Johnson is a plant (which I honestly don’t know if he is or isn’t) to keep the heat off Reyna so no one will want to make it a 3 way race. It could be, because a private law firm will be needed to be hired to defend McLennan to represent McLennan in the legal fights. This is going to cost many, many millions in legal fees and some firm is going to clean out the folks bank accounts in McLennan County. Follow the money and see if Johnson or Johnson and company have a vested interest in such a scam.

  17. jicase Says:

    “They were meeting to engage in criminal activity”??? Does that make any sense at all? If they were plotting criminal activity, would hundreds park their motorcycles in front of a public restaurant in broad daylight? Such bullshit.

  18. Casper T Ghost Says:

    If you gather with people who believe like you, in Waco that’s a crime. And Waco considers right to assembly a capital offense. From early 1990’s thru now gathering in a group is a dangerous risk. Unless you’re a Baylor athlete- then Reyna will allow rape and sexual assault, the group that assembles will be Reyna and his cronies working backdoor deals to let off quietly so Waco isn’t known as the rapist university town. Reyna, just pissed on your face at a biker bar in Dallas. You’re famous in the toilet world… I assume that all pieces of shit enjoy a toilet. Hope your decline is slow and painful.

  19. Lisa Says:

    It is extremely hard sometimes to do the right thing.

  20. Old & Jaded Says:

    He’s, “Going to stand firm and fight” – unless of course that involves being under oath on the witness stand.

    What a load of crap. His opponent should be able to mop the floor with this nonsense. Does he have any other record to talk about other than the events of May 17, 2015?

  21. Paladin Says:

    Reyna says: “If you fight and you stand strong you’re gonna make yourself a target,” he explains even as he claims that his brave stand for civilization and against biker gangs has forced him to subject his family “to the risk and the danger” of the biker gang trope. He complains that for us – for all of us who think civilization is a good thing – he must “subject his family to daily security details,” “daily contingency plans that you have to have at home” and has compelled him to subject his four-year-old “to having a code word in the house.”

    If anyone ever wondered what a textbook case of grandiose narcissistic personality disorder looked like, this would be it in spades.


  22. Iron Rider Says:

    Wow… Desperation much? This is a clear sign that Anal Reyna knows full well he is going to be out of a job after the votes have been cast ( unless Johnson or Strothers in charge of overseeing the ballot box tally ) and this brilliant little infomercial to scare the people into voting for Reyna or Motorcycle gangs has to be one of the worst pieces of spin I have seen.

    Reyna is going to be out of a job because his ego thought sweeping up everyone from Twin Peaks was going to make him some rock star District Attorney and he was on his way to State AG or AG of the U.S.A, must have been quite the coke binge to think that Twin Peaks would play out the way Anal imagined in his head it would.

    Reyna will bankrupt the citizens of McLennan county, Waco and the state of Texas for years and years to come because of all the claim payouts from civil suits that will be filed.

    And I look forward to seeing Anal Reyna spending a lot of time in prison when things wrap up hopefully getting used to the Mexican brother hood who I am sure will be using Reyna for the bitch he is. Reyna losing the election and getting booted from office will be the first in a long list of things to start making shit right, the sooner the better

  23. Really square Says:

    The people that take advantage of citizens are not patch holders, they are badge wearers and office holders. I’ve never had anyone but people in authority do me wrong.

  24. Theseus Says:

    To: Mr. Reyna – “Life is hard, It’s a lot harder if your’re stupid.”
    This campaign video does looks very similar to Reyna’s prosecution strategy in Jake’s trial- dishonest and bizarre. Early voting started today.

  25. Filburt Says:

    Abelino Reyna

    A trope, at least in postmodern literature, is a slogan that represents a larger concept that readers or viewers already know and that they will recognize immediately – like for example “LE Jack-Booted Thugs.” Everybody knows what that means. LE Jack-Booted Thugs is a phrase that immediately brings to life recollections of impressions of LE Jack-Booted thugs attack on Ruby Ridge, Mt. Carmel and “No, Hell NO!” that brought thousands of Americans from across the country to the Bundy Ranch in April 2014.
    Someone told me long ago
    There’s a calm before the storm,
    I know
    It’s been comin for some time.

    When it’s over, so they say,
    It’ll rain a sunny day,
    I know
    Shinin down like water.

    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
    Comin down on a sunny day

    Yesterday, and days before,
    Sun is cold and rain is hard,
    I know
    Been that way for all my time.

    ‘Til forever, on it goes
    Through the circle, fast and slow,
    I know
    It can’t stop, I wonder.

  26. Freebird Says:

    I almost forgot….. the code word for those that need it is……. Broken Arrow

  27. Rook Says:

    He has to be smoking some bad weed or something ,
    His photo should be in the dictionary beside the word paranoid.
    And the words dip shit, retarded,ignorant fuck,cock sucker,
    well y’all get it

  28. topspin Says:

    Would the production of Reyna’s fictional account, which uses copyrighted material from news organizations and bloggers, and actual evidence from the trials he failed at prosecuting, be listed among his campaign costs?

  29. Freebird Says:


    This may very well be your most concentrated article yet. There is a shit load of off roads on this one. It would appear the ghost from May 15th 1916 are playing in the courthouse again. Some demons are harder to kill than others.

    Trope…… that’s the best the G-Men can come up with? I raise and call fucker… Ethos!!

  30. New England Rider Says:

    Holy hell, 99% of DA Reyna’s words are such utter bullshit!! From the term “biker gang” to the whole, “they were meeting to engage in criminal activity”! What a lying douche. So annoying.

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  31. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Thank you Rebel.
    The taxpayers having to pay for security for the DA & his family. For those of you who may have missed the DPS officers testimony in Jake’s trial who made it very clear that there was NO THREATS MADE BY ANY OF THESE AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    As any trained officer of the law knows how to recognize admission of guilt and that’s exactly what that DPS officer pointed out on the stand.

    If any of you was paying attention to what Swanton said, AS SOON AS THEY BANISHED WEAPONS WE QUICKLY MOVED IN, true that, they started shooting American Citizens. Then told the press that these people’s lives don’t matter because they are gang members. Much like those 22 children in the Branch Davidians was cult members and their lives don’t matter either.

  32. rw Says:

    That crackerhead couldn’t do the right thing with step by step instructions and a diagram.
    If his family needs protection I don’t think it’s because of bikers. Probably just paranoid over ALL the people he’s fucked over

  33. Hero Says:

    Campain slogan for Barry Johnson.
    Waco tax paying citizens. Look how much money Reyna cost you and look at how much reelection of this crook will cost you in the future. Its a dollars and cents campaign. Even Forest Gump knows that.

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