Waco Plot Point Two

February 16, 2018

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Waco Plot Point Two

The late screenwriting guru Syd Field thought that every proper, two hour movie had three acts and two plot points. The first plot point comes about 20 minutes into a film and ends act one. The second plot point pops up about an hour later and propels the story into act three. The real, tragic farce unraveling in Waco, Texas must eventually be a movie called Biker Brawl. Screenwriter and director Kurt Sutter will tell it like it was, as he always does.

Right now Biker Brawl is getting awfully close to plot point two.

Field was fond of telling dramatists to “pile on the complications” around plot point two. Here you go Syd.

Jake Carrizal will not be going back on trial April 2. Cody Ledbetter, represented by colorful Houston lawyer Paul Looney has the court date now. Carrizal’s current lawyer, Christopher W. Lewis of Dallas, asked Judge Matt Johnson for more time to prepare and Johnson gave it to him. Looney, who has been trying to get his client to trial for about 30 months jumped at the opportunity to get Ledbetter in court. Today Johnson gave him Carrizal’s date. For years, local District Attorney Abelino Reyna has been ducking Looney like Floyd Patterson ducked Sonny Liston so Looney and Ledbetter may yet have to wait.

And, in other movie news, when Biker Brawl is finally green lighted Looney will be portrayed by Wes Studi. Matt Johnson will be brought to life by Steve Buscemi. Kathy Bates will play Reyna. Stormy Daniels will show audiences assistant district attorney Amanda Dillon as few have ever seen her before and Paul Giamatti, in his creepiest role yet, will make children scream and women shudder as prosecutor Michael Jarrett. The Rock is said to be considering the role of Waco Tribune-Herald reporter Tommy Witherspoon.

More Complications

Several defense attorneys have been trying to trap the real life Reyna (who, admit it, does look like Kathy Bates with a buzz cut, if Kathy Bates went on an eating binge for about a year) has been doing everything he can to avoid testifying about allegations of his corruption and malice. Multiple defense lawyers are curious about the accusations. They hope to get them on the record and recently Reyna has dismissed the charges against some of the innocent people whose lives he has gone out of his way to ruin and recused his office from other cases, all to avoid testifying.

The theory was that the state of Texas would prosecute Reyna’s cases for him.

This week, the Texas Attorney General told Reyna, by way of local judge Ralph Strother (Christopher Walken), that since he broke it he can sweep up the pieces and glue them back together. “While your request refers only to the foregoing named case, you mention that you anticipate a number of additional recusals in the approximately 150 similar, related cases,” a state lawyer named Lisa Tanner wrote. “Quite simply, we currently have no qualified prosecutors whose caseload will allow them to take on a case of this magnitude.”

David Conrad Beyer, one of the attorneys drooling at the thought of Reyna on the stand, issued a release that said: “The political ambitions and opportunistic actions of Abel Reyna are going to bleed the coffers of the hardworking, taxpaying men and women of McLennan County. An attorney pro tem charges by the hour and there is no limit to those hours. It took Abel Reyna three years to dismiss and refuse twenty cases. This leaves one hundred and forty cases to go. It is now clear that Abel Reyna intended to write a multi-million dollar check that he expects the taxpayers of McLennan County to cash. How much longer are the taxpaying citizens of McLennan County going to pay for this man’s ambitions and incompetence? How much longer are innocent men and women going to languish under the shadow of prosecution?”

Reyna replied to Waco television station KCEN, “There are too many misleading and incorrect statements in Mr. Beyer’s comment to address them fully. His attempt at political smear tactics is nothing more than an effort to distract from the actions of his client on May 17, 2015. Our office is no longer prosecuting this case, and I look forward to testifying in the matter.”

Now Shoot Hero Out Of Cannon

Yesterday, defense attorney Gary D. Smart jumped on that “looking forward to testifying” statement. Smart announced that another ten defendants (named Jeremy King, Daniel Johnson, Robert Nichols, Raymond Hawes III, Seth Andrew Smith, Brian Logan, Ricky Wycough, Victor Pizana, Gregory Salazar and Clayton Reed) also wanted Reyna’s office disqualified. They also want to get the allegations against Reyna on the record. The statement said they had scheduled a motion hearing for March 1, which happens to be just five days before the Republican primary, Reyna is running against a challenger named Barry Johnson.

“Of course, in the past, Reyna has attempted to avoid testifying or having his staff members testify in disqualification hearings and has went so far as to attempt to recuse Judge Strother and dismiss cases,” Smart wrote. “In another case he has recused his office rather than to face a hearing and special prosecutors will be appointed to that case at tax payer expense.”

Reyna, as his custom, only spoke to KCEN. “I see no reason to respond to the petty political smear efforts of Mr. Smart or any other Biker Gang Defense Lawyers,” he wrote the station. “I will say that each case will be reviewed consistent with my statement issued on February 8, 2018.”

Biker Brawl should be ready to start pre-production in about another 11 months.


34 Responses to “Waco Plot Point Two”

  1. Jonny Sumo Says:

    Made me laugh..big Walken fan too…thought about casting a movie based on Mr Dobyns tome….one of the main characters has to be that little guy, looks like a short stop..thought Danny DeVito could play him..Randy Quaid as Dobyns…cousin Eddie on a bike…

  2. Bradley Ward Says:

    Thanks, RLG. I donated $100.

  3. Mark Says:

    @ WJC

    Parkland FL, is a classic situation where the accused had the cops visit his home 30 plus time, made known threats of death and violence. His brother is locked up in the Funny Farm. And this guy was going around free as a bird. Someone from the top down ordered everyone to, Stand Down. Ain’t noting else explains it. Thanks for bring up Parkland, because you’re right, that situation fits right in with the MO of everything else thats sideways. But what do us little people know but 2+2 = 4.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    LOL ;)

  5. Gordo Says:

    Make a political contribution to Reyna and ya get a “get out of jail free card”??

    Justice for those that can afford it

  6. Neuro Says:

    Pretty Paula

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @Paula. Absolute proof Reyna drops cases for Political gain.

  8. Hero Says:

    Thanks for posting that link. It was a good read. The writing is on the wall in Waco. Everyone can see its going to be expensive.

  9. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    This is proof that the DA failed to review this case for what it was. He built these case’s on lie’s. The police need to be held accountable for their actions.

  10. Agnarr Says:

    Sorry to all, for the interruption folks:

    Thought I’d pass along to those interested there’s a fairly in-depth story on the Waco DA race in the Waco Tribune. They don’t mince no words on UnAble in the piece; which for them is a nice change. Anyway, here’s the link:


    @Rebel – I tried to send this info to you directly several times Saturday evening but somehow it wasn’t happening. If it’s like the rest of how things are going, lately the problem will be on my end of things.

    Now back to the regularly scheduled conversation.

  11. Freebird Says:

    Reyna and puddles have a lot in common….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydhE7wThDtI

  12. rollinnorth Says:

    FBI agents H. Paul Rico, John Morris and John Connolly were all played by their CI/target, James J. “Whitey” Bulger.


  13. Freebird Says:

    @ David

    Your going to have to catch me on a good day for that kind of optimism…. Or another option is they have dirt on him that makes the pay to play issue we are aware of pocket fuzz. Maybe he is into young boys?

  14. Hero Says:

    Katy Bates. Lmaorof. Best one yet!!!!!!!!

  15. rw Says:

    Change the name to Texaco. Make it the 51st state. NO need for a wall

  16. david Says:

    @ Freebird, with respect,

    Maybe the FBI agents “investigating” UnAbel are,and have been, playing him like a violin. (See: H.Paul Rico)

  17. Theseus Says:

    AbelReyna.com has a video of Reyna at some sort of campaign rally that you could not legally classify as deviant behavior….but damn….butt buddies?…….
    I think that’s the shit they do at I.O. functions.

  18. david Says:

    Where there’s dirt…….as in “Dirty Waco”.

    FBI agent H.Paul Rico, with awards from Hoover,played a “significant” role in the framing of four men for murder in ’68, and laughed about it.

    In’03, Rico was indicted for helping others plan an assassination. Died before trial.


  19. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC LOL You forgot to mention… because Trump is Guilty… ITS TRUMPS FAULT the FBI was too busy. LOL Trump and Reyna ARE GUILTY! I find it amusing listing to a guy defend 1 and chastise the other. Heck… There is way more proof Trump is Guilty than Reyna. Yet…..still…
    One side thinks a Wall will stop Mexicans… the other side thinks banning guns will stop the killing. Go Figure. It’s like a Prison Riot between Blacks and Mexicans. All ya can do is break out the popcorn. #asthe3ofuswatch

  20. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Mark,

    Citizens often get exactly the crimes that they deserve because they voted for incompetent lawenforcement, prosecutors and Judges.

    From thr very beginning, the very preventable Twin Peaks massacre has entirely been the fault of LE who intentionally incited the violence. The obsession with conducting “sophisticated” undercover operations is a dangerous delusion that diverts police resources from real crimes.

    The school massacre in Parkland Florida is a great example. Police had been summoned to intervene with this creep many times and the FBI had been warned of his threat to commit a school shooting. Unfortunately; the FBI was to obsessed with fabricating the Trump – Russia collusion allegations to be bothered.

  21. Mark Says:

    @ JWC
    Want to bet that he takes a job back in DC or with a company that has a federal contract in another state far away from Texas and refuses to show up for civil court hearings? Why not, the sheriff refused to show up for court a number of times in the first Wako Biker trial. The citizens voted him in and it’s on them, tough love for them.

  22. James W Crawford Says:

    Trying to recall if a prosecutor or DA has ever been lynched by the citizenry whose community have been bankrupted because his malignant persecutions have gotten them sued.

  23. Freebird Says:

    The FBI Agent who is still investigating Reyna will have to be played by Gary Busey!

  24. Agnarr Says:

    Hey Gandalf

    Becareful guy we don’t want to give him any ideas; who knows what he may want to do after the primaries here in March.

    My youngest saw the video of him tonight after dinner and said “That he just looks crazy like hes got a Napoleon complex.” And you know after watching what he’s been doing for the past three years; I think I have to agree…

    Respects to all that deserve it.


  25. Gandalf Says:

    Lets look ahead. When Reyna loses the March Primary by 2 to 1. He will be a “Lame Duck” DA. Nothing to lose. He has Civil False Arrest cases pending and every move He makes until January will be in His self interest. What might He do with these cases?

  26. Theseus Says:

    Reyna is going to lose the March 6 primary by a 2-1 margin. Other prosecutors are taking note that an excellent way to lose your job is to do what Reyna attempted to do.

  27. Iron Rider Says:

    Please Rebel tell me you wrote that as a screen play and are shopping ti to studios, that is some funny shit. Of course Reyna would only go to the one station that has applied more chapstick to Reyna’s ass than any other, I have always said Law Enforcement loves media that is very friendly to them and allows them to put spin out as “exclusives”

    I dont see Reyna fairing any other defendant after the Carrizal trial, remember Carrizal was supposed to be a slam dunk and we all saw how well that went, like these defendants are going to be any better. Sooner or later Reyna will have to relent, the state has pretty much told Reyna he is on his own, that’s if he still has an job to go to after the election

  28. SharkRib Says:

    That video was just what I needed after a bad day! Thanks for all you do Rebel.

  29. RLG Says:


    “I’m running because the citizens of McLennan County deserve better. I feel the Twin Peaks case has been terribly mishandled by current District Attorney Abel Reyna and could expose McLennan County taxpayers to millions of dollars in liability – already over $500,000 in overtime pay for the Sheriffs Department during just the FIRST trial!”

    To make a financial contribution, you can use Pay Pal, or credit card, or make a check out to Barry Johnson Campaign and mail to P.O. Box 8490, Waco, TX 76714.

    There are no contribution limits. Contributions from Professional Corporation, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies are permitted.

    Corporate contributions are prohibited.


  30. Agnarr Says:

    Well actually I always thought that Mr. Rectal sorta looked like John Leguizamo in that crazy ass make-up from that old Spawn movie way back in the late 90’s; but without the clown make-up. However, this comparison is a real dis-service to the real John Leguizamo; who like Kathy Bates has turned in some real good performances in their respective careers. Which this DA of Waco cannot say the same.

    @ Badd Guye – As to what crap this guy is really hiding from besides all the facts thats been covered repeatedly here on Rebels site. Who knows? But the way he runs from the witness stand – It makes to wonder at times if he thinks has the actual files from the Roswell Incident as well as the JFK Assassination in his back pocket.

    Respect to all thats earned it.


  31. Curbside Says:

    “Kathy Bates will play Reyna.”

    That has to be the funniest shit I’ve read in a long time. Outstanding work, Rebel!

  32. Johnny Rotten Says:

    that vid of the news conferance…
    spot the fuck on


  33. Badd Guye Says:

    Just what is this MF’er hiding? (MF’er does NOT mean what you think!)

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