Allan “Gut” Terk

February 15, 2018

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Allan “Gut” Terk

Allan “Gut” Terk a former Hells Angel, Merry Prankster, artist, graphic designer, psychedelic pioneer, drug addict, recluse, cowboy and minor 70s icon died January 18 of cancer at his home near Reno.

Terk was a Navy veteran who became a member of the Sacramento, Berdoo and Oakland charters of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He was mentioned by name in Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels and Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test; a book about the adventures of novelist Ken Kesey and his entourage as they rode around in a garishly painted bus named Further. Terk painted the buss. He created dozens of record album covers and posters for psychedelic era bands like the Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company. He owned a head shop named Joynt Ventures in San Francisco and he managed a band named Blue Cheer.

At the end of the sixties he turned his back on his friends, dropped out of sight and spent most of the next 20 years as a homeless drug addict.

In 1992 he became a cowboy on a ranch in Santa Clara, California. In 2002 he moved into a Recreational Vehicle in Antelope Valley, Nevada, about 230 miles east of Reno.

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

He is survived by his daughter Aura Winarick; his brothers Ray Terk and Bill Irvin; his sister Susan Irvin; and his granddaughter Ruby Yassen.

Allan “Gut” Terk was 78-years-old. He spent his life in the wind. At last he has found the calm.


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  1. Aanon Says:

    Ns, no qualms. Was gonna say punk ass dick riding factor, throwing a tantrum. Was trying to be vague. High 50s in mid cal.

  2. Jeff Calhoun Says:

    My respectful wishes to family and friends at the time of his passing. Art was his life, life was his art. Selah

  3. Paladin Says:

    @ sled tramp;


    Long May You Ride,


  4. sled tramp Says:

    I used to see Gut on the street back in Oakland when I was a kid.Good rep…..good guy.Further is parked in a field an hour away from me,gonna think about him now and again I guess.Gone are the days.
    This page once was a gathering place for patch holders and those of deep experience.I see it’s become a playground…..jest sayin’

  5. panamaa Says:

    Not Surprised,

    I’m somewhat “well read”, so to speak, of this site… This ain’t my first visit to the rodeo we call The Aging Rebel……

  6. Pork Shred Says:


  7. Paladin Says:

    I’ve never met Mr. Bushnell, but I do have a number of his books. Why? Because I was on two wheels in SoCal, during the mid ‘60’s and know and knew (some are now gone) a number of the people mentioned in Bushnell’s books. They are and were some of the best friends I have ever had. I thank Mr. Bushnell for his pictorial time capsules of the biker subculture in SoCal back in the day, as I do Paula Grimaldi-Reardon (Pulsating Paula), Danny Lyon (the Flask), Q-Ball and others for their contributions regarding the same subject matter on the East Coast.

    Major or minor icon? For me it’s a matter of perspective. Some might say that Rebel is a minor icon because he chooses to focus his work solely on a subculture that most of society cares little if anything about. Others might consider Rebel a major icon due to the light he continually shines on the endemic corruption within this Country’s judicial system and how that same judicial system has weaponized “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, using it against this Country’s citizenry on a daily basis.

    I’ve never met Mr. Terk, but I do know and admire his work. Whether Mr. Terk was a major or minor icon matters little. For better or for worse we chart our own course on life’s uncertain seas. What we leave in our wake is how we will be remembered. Mr. Terk will be remembered well.

    A note regarding Mr. Bushnell’s books: None of Mr. Bushnell’s books could have been possible without the cooperation of those that wanted their stories told. Mr. Bushnell as others have, chose to tell their stories through pictures. As has been said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”


  8. The Kraut Says:

    @Old&Jaded,needed to be said. Thank you too…also no need to call me ‘sir’
    (my parents were married) Respects nonetheless Kraut

  9. dogbreath Says:

    @stroker +1

  10. Old & Jaded Says:

    @ The Kraut – +1 Sir. You are absolutely right.

  11. What ever Says:

    I read the San Francisco Chronicles Obit for Terk. Has a very similar Cadence to The Aging Rebels. Allen “Gut” Terk seems like he led an admirable life, other then abandoning his teenage children. The only difference I ascertained from the two obituaries was the length, family abandonment and the plug for OutlawArchive.
    That Said, Terk and DougiePoo are former members. They and Bo whoever do not speak for the club. Of course they can speak about themselves and I’m sure as to their experience as Hells Angels. But logically, Hells Angels obviously don’t need an outside archivist. There has to be over a dozen active Hells Angels that have been active for 50 and even 60+ years.

  12. Neuro Says:

    Thanks man.

  13. Not Surprised Says:

    Neuro lol shit.

  14. Not Surprised Says:

    panamma, Rebel hates to ban anyone regardless. It’s a self policing site.Hopefully this guy for called out enough he stays away

  15. The Kraut Says:

    A mans obituary is NEVER the place to air dirty laundry and/or bringing up beefs over who fucked who and blah,blah… Take it elsewhere.

    Try and show some class…behave like you belong here.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  16. Dasein Says:

    What I don’t understand is why Mr. Terk would have ever even talked to this guy.

  17. panamaa Says:

    My last word on this is as follows…

    Here is Robert “Bo” Bushnell running his mouth like a hungry cunt, and we have Rebel just letting it slide off his back like a cool breeze.. Class act….

  18. Neuro Says:

    Gut was light years cooler than any of youse can ever dream to be. Pres of Berdoo,North Sacto member, Oakland member, Merry Prankster…you could never measure up.

  19. Pork Shred Says:

    @OutlawArchive Your the one disputing Berdoo’s founding date, picking fights with Club Members online and shit talking Sonny, yet I’m obsessive. You’re a melon headed chickenshit streetwear kook selling other people’s history. That photo shoot with the bitch in the cave wearing a straight satans cut is a perfect example of how whack you are. I’m watching you, you little freak.

  20. Not Surprised Says:

    Outlaw I read an article in Gut yesterday that quoted you extensively. The author was far less kind about Gut being a junkie than was Rebel.pkeae go the duck away now?

  21. montucky37 Says:

    @Outlawarchive Ahh, no. I made $10 bucks off it. Keep dreaming about the value of your man worship book. Culture vulture to the worst degree. Nice purse!

  22. Gandalf Says:

    “Outlaw Archive is exactly the LA Douchebag you picture him to be. He’s akin to an Ambulance chasing Lawyer.” (Pork Shred)
    “Don’t go away mad Archive… just go away.”
    This guy obviously IS NO “OUTLAW”! “Those who tell do not know. Those who know do not tell” Heck, I “don’t know” either but I didn’t write a book. The word “Parasite” comes to mind.
    Nuff said.

  23. Sieg Says:

    A damn shame the man’s obit is vandalized by some flap-jawed cunt. Not my pick of teams, but never met the 81 that fought with his mouth, or countenanced someone doing that on their behalf.

    Hell, I was a drug-addict for many years, and I was a minor icon in the 70’s…at least my cat thought so.


  24. @OutlawArchive Says:

    Pork Shred you’re a loser. I just text’dd Dougie Poo’s som who said you’re full of shit. Obsessive stalker.

  25. Rook Says:

    I remember the band Blue Cheer .


  26. Pork Shred Says:

    OUTLAW ARCHIVE IS A FILTHY AMBULANCE CHASING CUNT. Google him: Robert Bo Bushnell Los Angeles. Cocksucker

  27. Pork Shred Says:

    Hi Bo! You blocked me on Instagram for criticizing your greedy nature. Dougie Poo’s son messaged me about my comments, we parted as friends. Outlaw Archive is exactly the LA Douchebag you picture him to be. He’s akin to an Ambulance chasing Lawyer. I posted his picture on Instagram (@PorkShred) if you want a gander. Know any lonely widows or terminally ill Legends he can get in touch with? He needs to keep “His” photo collection updated. His lastest crybaby rant about missing out on a eBay auction of photos was cringeworthy. 37 yo Robert Bo Bushnell Los Angeles CA….hypebeast cunt.

  28. @OutlawArchive Says:

    My only problem with Don Davis is that he chose one small paragraph to highlight his drug addiction. I feel his site is very biased. Some pagan died the other day and Rebel basically kissed his ass. Gut just should have received more of a praise. He was much more than a drug addict. I apologize for blowing up but it’s an emotional time.

  29. @OutlawArchive Says:

    montucky37 Let’s be real, you sold it the next day because you made $200-$250 profit off of a $45 book. Thanks though

  30. P-Body Says:

    Wow, I read both those books in High School ( emphasis on the High part ) and remember this character in both books. The loss of an interesting soul. Not fond of the BS bickering in the comments section of the story, we can do better.

    We have enough external BS to worry about, let’s honor the man and move on. RIP Gut.


  31. Not Surprised Says:

    Aanon, I know you did not direct your comment to me, but valid, still.

  32. Not Surprised Says:

    Aanon, point taken. I apologize for disrespecting the subject of this article.

  33. Not Surprised Says:

    Rebel doesn’t need me to defend him. I am personally insulted on behalf of this site.I read more than I comment. I don’t know this fucking guy and I don’t care about him. But I have said my piece. Respects to Gut.

  34. montucky37 Says:

    Funny that Outlaw archive has problems with everybody here as well as on Instagram. I read his book and promptly sold it the next day. It had some decent pics but seemed repetitive and tired to me. Careful, he prowls the streets of L.A…..what a joke. He wears a man purse.

  35. Aanon Says:

    If this is how you get your “followers” and make impressions, you shouldn’t be too proud. But I do guarantee that you made impressions here. Punk ass fucking move. Daddy shoulda raised you better. “In the streets”? Get fucking real. You realize you are disgracing that so called friendship with your words on an obit page right? Rest in peace to gut.

  36. New England Rider Says:

    Can we just settle down? Outlaw you shouldn’t have said the part about this site being trash. You’re out of line. Not Surprised your defending Rebel is admirable but have a tad bit of respect for Outlaw, his accomplishments and the friend he lost. People fly off the handle way too much nowadays. So tribal. We don’t need to go to DefCon 4 over stuff that at the end of the day isn’t pediatric surgery.

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

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