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February 8, 2018

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How Much – A Sidebar

Attorneys Clint Broden, Brian Bouffard and David Conrad Beyer held a 30 minute press conference in the rotunda of the McLennan County Courthouse early this afternoon.

They appeared with their clients Jorge Daniel Salinas and Billy Jason McRee. McRee, represented by Beyer, remains accused of being part of a criminal conspiracy that led to nine deaths and multiple injuries. All charges against Salinas have now been dropped. Abelino Reyna, the prosecutor tried to paint the dismissal pink. He is a bad artist with both words and paint. He wrote, “While probable cause for the defendant’s arrest and prosecution remains, based on continued investigation, the state is exercising its prosecutorial discretion in dismissing this matter in order to focus its efforts and resources on co-defendants with a higher level of culpability.”

Reyna has been trying to convict Salinas for almost three years. His snotty motion for dismissal implies that eventually, given an infinite number of paralegals with an infinite number of computers, he might be able to prove that Salinas did something criminal. It was just face saving boiler plate. Reyna dropped the charges against Salinas because he is covering something up: Maybe his own arrogance and stupidity; maybe the nexus between the federal investigation of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club that led to an ongoing RICO trial and the Twin Peaks tragedy.

The attorneys who spoke today seem to agree that the feds had nothing to do with it. Instead this unprecedented tragedy simply coalesced out of thin air, mere vapors, and Reyna saw a political opportunity that might lead him toe high office.

How Much

None of that changes the reality that Salinas was arrested without probable cause and falsely imprisoned for 40 days in execrable conditions. So the question naturally arose, now that his arrest is provably false, what he thinks might be fair compensation for his trouble. He didn’t know. Broden who is representing him in a civil suit, did not say.

The question lingers and the answer is in the ball bark of $8 million. Considering the cynicism with which he was treated, the notoriety of his case and the lasting effects of that notoriety he might be entitled to double that. In most lawsuits for false arrest and detention complainants and their lawyers split compensation of $2,500 to $5,000 per hour of illegal imprisonment. If you spend a night in jail because a cop doesn’t like you might eventually reach a judgment of $25.000.

But it makes a difference if an entire institution behaves egregiously. The benchmark for that is the judgment in a case titled Martinez v. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In that one, in 2006, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Martinez was entitled to $160,000 after spending 19 hours in custody which amounts to $8,421 per hour,

Waco, as it turns out, makes the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey look like a vacation in French Polynesia and Jorge Salinas should be entitled to additional exemplary damages because his imprisonment was the result of an abuse of power.


27 Responses to “How Much – A Sidebar”

  1. david Says:

    “In the Halls Of Justice, the only justice is in the halls.” – Lenny Bruce

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    Renya dropping charges on all of the Cossacks when the videos so thoroughly document that they were the uninvited aggrsssors who crashed the CCI meeting so then ambushed a much smaller group of Bandidos is a God send to all of the Bandidos defense attorneys. The police no longer have even a semblance of plausible deniability that they incited the riot to serve their purposes.

    Renya needs to start exercising with a Butt Expander so that he can survive prison with his rectum intact.

  3. Kenny Says:

    gmn let me school u. I once lived with a deputy clerk of courts. They had a volleyball party with public defenders and prosicuters staff ect. They hang toghether told me how to beat a dui and got drunker then u would believe. Then drove home leaving my yard a mess. So yes in court they sit on opposite sides. But if u dont think they give one guy a break cause he is this or that and burn the next useally black hispanic or poor man on the next case u dont have first hand knowlege…. lets leave it at that. c I respect oppinions of others. Because once long ago mine was wrong‍♂️.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    @David- Exactly
    @gmn- (aka “Fool”) What planet do you live on?
    @Paladin- “Ha Ha”
    @Painfully Weeping”- Yes, “I fear it is very near.”
    @Neuro- Yep
    @Dutchboy- “Ha Ha”
    @ Rebel… THANK YOU

    Reyna should have used that Letter from the Feds last year talking about not turning over evidence as His excuse to drop ALL cases… Then settled all the False arrest Lawsuits asap after dismissal. I’m sure lots of defendants would have taken a few hundred grand in pocket + dismissal. By now this whole thing might be wrapping up… at least the end in sight. Reyna could Have blamed the Feds and all the corruption/coke sniffing charges might not have come up. BUT NO…

    WTF REYNA- I know your fucking stupid but you need only see how Baylor is dealing with the Rape cases to see your example… “Don’t Mess With Texas” The Bandidos ARE Texas! Have been since before you were born. Texans LOVE their outlaws and Bandits. Because they are OUR “outlaws”. DICKHEAD!

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Did they just drop charges of a Cossack? (or support) Fucking Amazing how bold they can be. That was “the deal” all along, to let the Cossacks skate. “Why buy off the Witnesses when Defense Lawyers are cheaper.”
    Ya just gotta Love a Justice System the dishes out sentencing so bizarre that 20 guys steal a snickers bar in the same city, from the same store, in the same week, and with identical rap sheets… 1 gets dismissed… Another gets 20years… the rest somewhere in between. FTW… Live, Laugh, Love and let it fucking burn while you do it!

  6. Old & Jaded Says:


    +1 – had me laughing out loud.

    Now those would be some “town council” meetings finally worth attending.

  7. david Says:

    @gmn, Please provide what would BE, the exact opposite of the profit motive for repping clients.

    If Bouffard and Beyer are operating their professional for-profit law businesses as charitable operations, which probably ain’t true, then your lawyers actually care about their clients best interests,not money, position would hold some weight.

    If ALL practicing attorneys were NOT members of the same legal “union”,AKA the BAR, then your persecutors and defense attorneys are not on the same side position, would hold some weight.

    Which “side” are you on? The people’s side, or the money interests’side?

  8. Dutchboy Says:

    Punitive damages is what’s needed. Make it so painful this sort of shit won’t happen again.

  9. Dutchboy Says:

    No, money can not bring back the dead, but if the city and county are bankrupted and the State sees a huge hole in it’s budget then the next time Uncle Sam comes knocking other cities/counties/states will be more “Love to help you feds but…”

  10. FF Says:

    No amount of money will bring back Mohawk or Candy man 1%. I hope that their loved ones can find closure soon.

  11. Neuro Says:

    Sorry man,fuck Jorge Salinas. He is not due one cent. He and his buddies forfeited ALL rights when they appeared at Twin Peaks. The Cossacks were responsible for it all, and the survivors are not due anything, not anything I will put in print.

  12. Austin Says:

    What’s going on with the Morgan and William English situation? Has their case in Dallas come up yet?

  13. Theseus Says:

    Re: Dutchboy
    At a recent re-election forum in Waco, Abel Reyna was questioned about his dubious prosecuting methods. He threw his hands up, and angrily said ” What am I supposed to do? – Just hand the keys of the city over to to the motorcycle gangs?”
    Damn straight thinking for once.

  14. Painfully Weeping Says:

    This is our justice system where individuals are rounded up the cattle and charged with capital offenses that forever alter their and their family’s lives. All whilst the real killers still walk the streets cloaked by a badge ever ready to destroy more lives. How in the hell is this justice?

    There is a storm coming on the horizon, and I fear it is very near.

  15. Gooch Says:

    W.A.C.O. = We ain’t coming out.
    Now stands for We are corrupt officials
    Even Will anyone ever be convicted. Branch Divdians went, recently Bundy wasnt
    Ruby ridge mitts Rebel On Gooch

  16. Agnarr Says:

    Dutchboy,you forgot one

    Everyone of age is required to be carrying a bottle after 5pm.

    Respects to those that earned it.

  17. Dutchboy Says:

    After reading the comments I had a sudden vision of Waco Texas, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMC. I can just see it, patrol cars in Red and Gold, city water supply providing hot and cold running mescal, and a tattooed and earring sporting mayor. The sign at the edge of town “Welcome to Waco, Watch for Bikers and have a Bitching Day!” Ahhh, it’s nice to dream.

  18. jay Says:


    whilst not poetic, still right on target…

    keep it between the ditches…

  19. Hero Says:

    Its going to be sometime before he sees a check. However this is a start in the right direction. Bankrupt Waco.

  20. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Meh,

    The bikers could theoretically seize Waco’s assets such as the water snd sewer systems, roads, city hall, fire stations, the jail and police stations. These assets could then be rented back to the City or sold to third parties who would rent them bsck to the City. Alternatively; the Twin Peaks bikers might simply destroy the seized infrastructure, transforming Waco into a Third World shithole.

  21. Meh Says:

    Are there any interesting precedents for damage awards exceeding the (collective) insurance coverage of a municipality?

    How might such damages be paid out? It would be a hilarious example to others if Waco had to issue bonds to pay damages. What a fine precedent that would be. Waco chose its so-called public servants. They act in its behalf.

    Double hilarity would be receiving a settlement then rolling some (not all, too risky) into bonds and enjoying the interest.

    What sayeth the lawyers here?

  22. James W Crawford Says:

    Thank you for the reminder of why I do NOT like Cindy Lauper. What a skank.

  23. Iron Rider Says:

    Reyna and his statement just goes to show what a fucking fantasy world he lives in, I dont care what resources Reyna had at his disposal, there was anything that was going to result in a conviction, so what try a case that is going to cost the taxpayers up the ass only to see an acquittal, yeah right.

    None of these folks should have been charged in the first place and the hell Reyna and Co has put them through for the last few years is going to cost Waco, McLennan County and the state of Texas a lot of money, there are going to be judgement coming out of their ears.

    Lets hope that many many many more dismissals are to come and everyone who gets dismissed sues Reyna and Co into oblivion because damn if they dont deserve to be compensated for the hell they have been through

  24. Old & Jaded Says:

    Nice to see some progress being made for at least some of the people that should never have been charged. I hope that ultimately they are all well compensated for the ongoing nightmare they and their families have experienced.

  25. Paladin Says:

    Due to financial loses, Waco just might become the very first 21st century ghost town. It’s spelled K-A-R-M-A and pronounced HA HA.


  26. gmn Says:

    David: That is good stuff. You have a lot to learn though, defense attorneys and prosecutors are not on the same side, and rarely would one ever be caught dead mutually agreeing to help the other. IN some ways, the diametrically opposed positions breeds hate and self righteousness. Both of which generally make a shitty job a fun one. Very few criminal defense attorneys are in it for the money. in fact, they are in it for almost the exact opposite. You should go back to your paranoid hole and eat the leftover cheese stuck in your beard dude.

  27. david Says:

    The federal persecutors against NOT guilty Pike and Portillon, are lying attorneys. Bouffard and Beyer are also attorney members of the same brotherhood of liars. They are able to “practice” in both state and federal courts.

    Because they want to remain in the “law” BUSINESS,charging their clients for “services”, they will NOT intentionally jeopardize their ability to “practice” “LAW” by mentioning anything they know about their federal persecutor brothers-in-lies in public, ever.

    The unspoken, mutual help agreements between ALL attorneys, defense and persecution, remain inviolate due to their mutually greedy asses.

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