Something Like Justice

February 8, 2018

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Something Like Justice

Nine hundred ninety-nine days after saving Waco from the biker hordes, corrupt McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna gnawed off one of his own toes today. He had no choice. It was the only way he could get himself out of a trap called the truth.

There was some possibility that Reyna might have been forced to a witness box today and compelled to exercise his constitutional right against self incrimination which, in and of itself, would have lent an whole other layer of absurdity to the concept of “criminal justice” in satire proof Waco.

Two lawyers named Brian Bouffard and David Conrad Beyer were threatening to put Reyna on the witness stand and ask him rude questions like: Did you take bribes to dismiss criminal charges; did you snort a line of cocaine off a bar in public; did you have cocaine delivered to your office; did you call your bookie three times from the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant immediately after “the worst biker brawl in history;” who were you betting on that day; when did you learn you were being investigated by the FBI; did you talk to an Assistant United States Attorney on May 17, 2015; who talked and who listened; when did you learn that Michael Jarrett was snitching on you; when did you learn Michael Jarrett was planning to enrich his personal fortune and enhance his reputation by writing a book about the Twin Peaks Mass Murder; did the Department of Justice blackmail you into arresting 177 mostly innocent people who had been at the Twin Peaks; what would the DOJ’s motive have been; what have you been promised; who told Patrick Swanton what to say; why did you intentionally hide exculpatory evidence in all the Twin Peaks cases; why have you been stalling for almost three years; what do you have to gain; what do you have to lose; why did you send Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon to observe trials of Bandidos in Laredo and Fort Worth; who paid for that; do you know when the Bandidos trial in San Antonio will probably end; what is the nexus between the federal Bandidos case and all the Twin Peaks cases?

It would have gone on from there. There could have been weeks of Reyna mumbling over and over: “On the advice of my attorney, I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds that my answer might tend to incriminate me.”

KWTX Report

Instead, last night television station KWTX ‘s John Carroll, who may be the only reporter in Waco with a cordial professional relationship with Reyna, quoted anonymous sources who said: “the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office will ask a state district judge to dismiss charges against 13 bikers indicted for engaging in organized crime and will drop charges against eight others who weren’t indicted.”

Carroll reported that the indicted defendants were Andrew Stroer; Marco DeJong; William Redding; Jorge Salinas; Michael Moore; Colter Bajovich; Boyce Rockett; Clifford Pearce; Narcisco Luna; Jose Valle; Diego Obledo; Mario Gonzalez; and James Rosas, The eight unidicted defendants whose prosecution Reyna has finally given up are Esther Weaver; Ryan Craft; Jonathan Lopez; Theron Rhoten; James Harris; Bonar Crump; Juan Garcia; and Drew King.

Salinas was represented by Brian Bouffard. Carroll also reported that Reyna “will file a motion seeking to be recused from prosecution of the case of Twin Peaks defendant Billy McCree, 41, of Seagoville, in whose trial he may be willing to testify.” McCree is represented by David Conrad Beyer. Consequently, there was no reason to hold today’s hearing so Reyna never had to take the Fifth over and over. Carroll’s report was misleading about Reyna’s possible willingness to testify at McCree’s trial whenever that may occur. Reyna will never testify.

Cynicism And Optimism

Reyna will continue to remain silent, whether he wins his next election or not. His fellow Mclennan County politicians will protect him. His fellow Texas politicians will protect him. The Department of Justice will continue to protect him. Abelino Reyna will never testify. Never. Whatever he is hiding will remain hidden. What do you think he is hiding? Do you think his victims have a right to know? Do you think, in a democracy, the people have a right to know?

Not everybody is that cynical.

Brian Bouffard, for example, sees the glass as half full. In his press release this morning he wrote: “Something like justice is now finally happening in McLennan County. Far too late, and at far too high a cost – in lives, money, and broken faith by our elected officials – but happening.”

One thousand days after Reyna and other local authorities deliberately sought out to obstruct justice in Waco, there remain 45 unresolved civil cases with at least 148 individual complainants in various state and federal courts throughout Texas. There remain 27 unresolved asset forfeiture cases. There remain 171 unresolved criminal cases. Only in Waco in McLennan County in Texas could that be seen as something like justice.


22 Responses to “Something Like Justice”

  1. rw Says:

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a rash of motions for recusal hearings in the last few days

  2. Gandalf Says:

    @ Dutchboy. Exactly… Had the Cossack/LE gang got away with this ALL TEXAS BIKERS would be fucked. The resulting real war with the biggest Club would have been Chaos. Skirmishes for years in every bar and event. Other Big Clubs marching in. The Fla chaos would be trivial compared to Texas. Gezzzz…. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING COSSACKS? Imagine how many truly innocent bystanders would have gotten hurt all across Texas.

  3. BD Says:

    Did anyone think the charges against the Cocksucks wouldn’t be dismissed?

  4. Mark Says:

    I didn’t say the emergency hearing needs to be with a Texas State Appeals court, likely in Dallas away from Waco.

  5. Mark Says:

    A court filing with many of the lawyers involved with TP need to cosign such a filing on Civil Rights Violations by McLennan county DA, himself. A such a show down needs to happen ASAP. An emergency filing and date for the court to hear the evidcence would be the thing to do. Such a hearing could shift all the criminal on goings to Reyna personally. That would be in the best interest of the McLennan taxpayers who are going to get soaked for hundreds of millions of dollars in civil lawsuits. If Reyna refuses to show up, then the lawyers ask that their clients cases be thrown out.
    NOW! Is the time to turn up the heat on Reyna, he’s losing it and will undoubtedly do something very stupid.

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    Well we knew no Copsack would be held to account (except the ones shot by their LEO “protectors”). Toss in a few others as a smoke screen and there you go. Question for any CMC reading this. After you took over TX with LEOs help what did you see happening next? Think the man was your friend forever? Thing about “useful idiots”, after thier patron gets what he wants the next ones put against the wall and offered a blindfold is usually the now No Longer Useful Idiots. Even if Johnny Law didn’t burn you right away what would you have done when another REAL 1% club came to collect your cuts? Think you could stand against someone like the 81? How about the Green Nation? Either of the Black and Whites? Hell, you had to have LEOs in your rags before you had the balls to jump the Bandits you had outnumbered better than ten to one. The Marine Corps color team plays the long game. If someone offers you a bucket of warm spit take it, it’s a deal for you.

  7. Kenny Says:

    PS Rebel Thank u most people dont realize what peril the gov can bestow on u. Im proud to throw couple bucks your way i wish i could do more. U are a tree alone in a forest filled with trees.

  8. Kenny Says:

    Thanks for inpho Neuro. Remember George got popped for just speaking club stuff like thats not gonna happen! Im loyal to one club but respectful to any true 1%er club. I really feel that our way is past. Kids here storys try and do the same. Fact is we need to learn from eachother. Not use a gov hit job to take over a area. Ive saw us all not but 15 years ago be at a level where we had the peace word the respect word going down…….The guys that ride are the ones who should decide after all they are the front line targets,

  9. stlrzfan Says:

    I have been following this since day one. It is how I found this news site, within a day or two IIRC. I sincerely, whole-heartedly, and with every fiber of my being, hope you are wrong about Reyna never having to testify. Enemy of the Constitution indeed. But he will hide behind it. Bought your first book. Cannot wait for the second.

  10. Neuro Says:

    When I said rotten herring I meant the fish, not the guy from Dallas, sorry.

  11. Neuro Says:

    There is at least one Scimitar in there and a couple of Red and Gold supporters too. It’s tough to piece together who was with whom as an outsider.

  12. Hero Says:

    Wtf. I mean what The Fuck. Did anyone think this was going to be a different out come? Really? Of course the DA is not going to be a man, be honest and forth comming. He has an election on the horizon.


  13. Neuro Says:

    Thanks Rebel, it was basically a rhetorical question. Kenny, they appear to be a combo of Sacks,and some civilian clubs, such as that Juan Garcia, the City of Austin employee who was fired. They were some kind of tiny philanthropist club which helped disadvantaged kids I think. Rotten Herring and his buddies were another citizen small group which rode old shovels and I think rat bikes. I believe they were called the Loose Nuts or something like that. But, there are several Sacks in there. This is just from what I have read and tried to remember.

  14. gmn Says:

    I think you are wrong on him never testifying. It is going to happen in the civil cases at some point, in a deposition, without a doubt. And he will be under oath. Just may be a while.

  15. Freebird Says:

    If the feds can convict Pike and Portillo, the cases against the Bandits charged in Waco will continue.

    No doubt…. I hope I live long enough to see the final curtain go down on battlefield Waco. I only hope it’s a David and Goliath ending!

  16. Freebird Says:

    FBI investigation…. Yea right! If there really was….. someone in the FBI would be looking for a new career.

  17. Unaffiliated Observer Says:

    Nine hundred and ninety nine days.

    Son of a bitch.

    The silence from the mainstream press is deafening.

  18. Kenny Says:

    Where these people from other clubs or Cossacks? I already figured the Bandits wont be on this list. I mean hell u tried to killem WTF ya dam sure gonna try and givem life.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Neuro,

    The whole point of instigating the mass murder at the Twin Peaks was to create racketeering predicates for the federal case against Jeff Pike and John Portillo. That case hasn’t gone to trial yet and will not be completed, probably, until the third anniversary of the Twin Peaks. If the feds can convict Pike and Portillo, the cases against the Bandits charged in Waco will continue.


  20. Theseus Says:

    Today, in his 1:30 comments to the press in the McLennan County Courthouse, Brian Bouffard said “my client and I and all of us who served took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic. What better definition of a domestic enemy of our Constitution is there than Abel Reyna?”

  21. Neuro Says:

    Why are none of the people being let off, Bandits ?

  22. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Your right, we will never know.

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