Pagans! Shocking! True Crime!

January 27, 2018

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Pagans! Shocking! True Crime!

The strange and terrible saga of the Pagans and the pill doctors took an ironic twist Friday when endocrinologist James Kauffman was found dead in his cell in the Hudson County, New Jersey Jail.

Earlier this month, Kauffman and seven other people including Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, president of the Pagans Motorcycle Club’s Cape May Chapter, were charged with the clandestine distribution of Oxycontin and the murder of Kauffman’s wife April on May 10, 2012.

According to police, April Kauffman found out her husband was selling drugs into the black market and threatened to divorce him. Kauffman feared she would ruin his drug business if she did, so he asked Angello to find him an assassin. According to Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner, “As a result of April Kauffman’s desire to divorce James Kauffman, he was intent to have her killed, as opposed to losing his ‘financial empire,’ as he described it to several individuals.”

“James Kauffman stated he would sooner kill April than grant the divorce and lose ‘half his empire.’”

Hired Hitman

There was no urgency about killing the woman. According to numerous accounts, the divorce was somehow postponed while the search for a hit man continued “for months.” Eventually, Augello connected Kauffman with Francis Mulholland. Mulholland allegedley got $20,000 and Oxycontin for the murder. According to prosecutors, Kauffman left the house he was sharing with allegedly estranged wife unlocked so Mulholland could get in. Also according to police, Kauffman returned to check on his wife and discovered her body shortly after her murder. Mulholland is alleged to have been an acquaintance of Augello. There is no smoking gun. Mulholland died of a drug overdose in October 2013.

The South Jersey prescription drug distribution scheme was roughly contemporan- eous with a similar scheme in nearby Philadelphia involving Pagans and an osteopath named William J. “Doctor Bear” O’Brien III.

Kauffman was arrested and charged with brandishing a pistol at police when they searched his offices last summer during the service of a search warrant. At the time police said the search was unconnected to April Kauffman’s murder but James Kauffman was never granted bail.

Suddenly Pagans

Augello, his wife and five other people were arrested January 9 based “on numerous recorded conversations (made by a confidential informant) with Ferdinand Augello and other individuals who have admitted to the details of the ‘enterprise’ including prescription fraud and the murder of April Kauffman.” According to prosecutors, those recordings also indicated that Augello planned to have James Kauffman killed in jail. After the most recent arrests, Kauffman was moved to a jail at the other end of the state, presumably to keep him alive.

Police have refused to divulge details of Kauffman’s death other than to say that he strangled himself to death and that he left behind a six-page suicide note.

The suicide has transformed the case against Augello and his co-defendants into a national news story about “money greed drugs” as the New York Times put it this morning. The Washington Post described the sordid story as “true crime.” Everybody spelled “Pagans” correctly, Everybody called the club an “outlaw motorcycle gang.”

James Kauffman’s lawyer, Ed Jacobs, told Amy S. Rosenberg and Joseph A. Gambardello of the Philadelphia Inquirer, “It’s a sad end to a very unhappy story, I’m sure the events of the last five and a half yers have taken their toll on Jim. He’s been under enormous stress, the focus of the investigation one way or another. And all the searches and pre-trial detention. I think it all added up.”

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18 Responses to “Pagans! Shocking! True Crime!”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    @Gandalf, I too learned the term as a boy from some crusty scooter trash my mom hung out with. Legend has it the term came from the Pagans. Still a good motto to live by.

  2. troll Says:

    and taste better

  3. troll Says:

    @Nags fish are smarter than rats

  4. Jim Bob Says:

    *fail to realize, (sorry for the typo).

  5. Agnarr Says:

    @Nags My Grandfather would take me fishing to lake Casistas or Nancimentos in Cali back in the late 60 when I was old enough to hold a fishing pole and that was one of his favorite sayings. Years later I asked about it and found out he heard it when he did time as a younger lad doing something stupid he said to earn money to take care of my mother and Great-grandmother.

    Thank you Sir I had almost forgotten about that saying by him.

    Respect to all that have earned it.


  6. Jim Bob Says:

    @Nags- “Even fish could stay out of trouble if they’d just keep their fucking mouth shut”
    That’s a truth far too many realize

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @Hero and Neuro +1 dude could be alive and Yes Neuro… You are twisted. Keep on scratching Nickel.

  8. Neuro Says:

    I must be a twisted individual because I’d love to see something happen to the little bitch daughter next.

  9. Hero Says:

    Just had a thought, what if he’s not dead? Not unlike LEO to make something like that up to hide the guy. No reason to look for him if he’s 6 feet under. Then again he might have snapped and took the easy way.

  10. Nags Says:

    Even fish could stay out of trouble if they’d just keep their fucking mouths shut.

  11. Hero Says:

    Didn’t see that coming. Maybe its a good thing?

  12. FF Says:

    “The strange and terrible saga of the Pagans and the pill doctors took an ironic twist Friday when endocrinologist James Kauffman was found dead in his cell in the Hudson County, New Jersey Jail.”

    Robert Burns was right; The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    As a stupid 15 year old boy, many years ago… Rotten taught me those exact words, “Nunya, Argo” I still smile when I hear them used and can actually see them written on His cast. Thanks for that Rotten. Wish you well.
    @Dutchboy… +1

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    Reminds me of the old saying, “three can keep a secret if two are dead”. Let’s see, Dr may or may not have been backdooring some Hillbilly Heroin, Dr’s wife is killed in a home invasion gone bad, a bunch of Professional Rats start spinning yarns, LEOs decide to make a conspiracy out of Mrs Dr’s murder and hang it on a biker, who conveniently enough can’t defend himself because he’s dead too. The Pro Rats spin more yarns and make tapes that may, or may not, support the LEO line. Best advice for one and all, STFU. When asked ANYTHING “ARGO NUNYA”.

  15. Freeman Says:

    Pills, pussy, money, dont get’em mixed up.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    Well that’s that.

  17. John Cokos Says:

    Even the Mighty Kurt Sutter would be jealous of this plot ending….

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    And countdown to the media making it look like Kauffman;s suicide is really a murder by the Pagnas or someone contracted out by the Pagans in 3 – 2 – 1.

    It wouldn’t be a stretch to see why someone like Kauffman might decide to take their life because the thought of living in a 10 x 8 into his golden years wouldn’t be very appealing especially if they lived a better than normal lifestyle due to their income.

    Doing time effects people in a variety of ways and there is no such thing as easy time, some prisons are like a fucking zoo and you have to watch your back more inside than you may ever have did on the outside. One of the worst things about being inside is you have way too much time to think, and sometimes that can be a persons own worst enemy and if Kauffman was like that and knew he wasnt going to be getting out on bail despite trying (flight risk maybe) well could be he didnt wan’t to have a life like that.

    Fucked up no matter how you slice it

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