Sealed Tennessee Mongols RICO Case

January 19, 2018

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Sealed Tennessee Mongols RICO Case

Twenty-four hours after the Department of Justice issued a press release headlined, “54-Count Federal Indictment Charges 12 Members And Associates Of Mongols Motorcycle Gang With Racketeering Conspiracy And Three Others With Various Federal Crimes Including Large Scale Drug Trafficking: Indictment Alleges Clarksville, Tenn. Mongols Chapter Engaged in Murder, Attempted Murders, Kidnapping, Extortion, Robbery, Drug Trafficking and Other Crimes,” the entire case, including the docket and filings in the case, remains sealed.

So far, this Mongols racketeering case exemplifies the law enforcement tactic of “prosecution by headline.” Frequently in high profile motorcycle club cases, prosecutors cynically control the news narrative so journalists are left with the choice of either reporting state controlled propaganda or reporting nothing at all. Three recent or continuing cases spring immediately to mind: An ongoing case against members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club in Las Vegas; a recent federal case brought against members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Sonoma County, California; and the Waco Twin Peaks case.

Nevertheless, The Aging Rebel has legally obtained a copy of the 53-page “superseding indictment” filed against 15 defendants in Nashville Division of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee. The indictment was filed January 10 and is the 119th filing in the case. The case number is “3:17-cr-00130.”

Fifteen Defendants

Twelve “members and associates of an organization engaged in, among other things, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, narcotics trafficking, robbery, extortion, money laundering, and witness tampering. At all relevant times, this organization, known as the Clarksville, Tennessee, Chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Gang.” Those defendants are identified as “James Wesley ”Slo-Mo” “Special” Frazier; Aelix “Goon” “Big O” “Big Offit” Santiago; Kyle Heade; Joel “Sleezy” “Spoon”Aldridge; James “Fester”Hines; Michael “Stix” Forrester, Jr.; Stephen “Lurch” Cole; Jamie “J-Roc”Hern; Robert “Bric” “Brichands”Humiston; Michael “Yea Yea” Myers; Michael Levi “Smurf,” “Blue” West; and Adrianna “Adrianna Miles” Frazier.

A defendant without a single colorful nickname, Derek Leighton Stanley, is accused of receiving “one quarter of a pound to one pound quantities of Methamphetamine” on “approximately 10-15 occasions” from lead defendant James Wesley Frazier “for distribution in Kentucky.”

According to the indictment, Frazier and Michael Levi West got the methamphet =amine from “T.C., a male co-conspirator member of the Mongols Harbor Chapter in California, now deceased, and brought it back to Tennessee for distribution in Tennessee and Kentucky.”

The indictment also alleges that defendants Timothy Grant and Dustin “D” McCracken “did combine, conspire, confederate, and agree with each other to unlawfully obstruct, delay, and affect commerce as that term is defined in Title 18, United States Code, Section 1951(b), and the movement of articles and commodities in such commerce, by robbery, as that term is defined in Title 18, United States Code, Section 1951(b), and to commit and threaten physical violence to other persons, in furtherance of a plan and purpose to commit such a robbery.”

Attention Kurt Sutter

According to the indictment, the Clarksville chapter was sponsored by the California Harbor chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and the Clarksville members were patched in at the Mongols National Run to Palm Springs in July 2016. The indictment states “members of the Clarksville Mongols paid proceeds from the drug trafficking to members of the Harbor Chapter.”

Members of the Clarksville chapter are specifically accused of:: Multiple small and mid-level drug deals; kidnapping and physically assaulting “Victim J.C., at a motel in Clarksville, Tennessee;” setting “fire to the Sin City Motorcycle Clubhouse in Clarksville, Tennessee” in May 2015; interrogating “Victim S.B. and another individual regarding stolen narcotics, firearms, and money;” kidnapping “Victim S.B” and “Victim J.E.C.;” taking “Victim S.B.’s Dodge Durango;” murdering “Victim S.B. in a wooded area behind the cemetery (n Bumpus Mills, Tennessee) by shooting Victim S.B. at least eight times, including once in the head and multiple times in the arms; telling “officers of the Clarksville Police Department” that the Mongols “own Tennessee;” pointing “ a firearm at” Victim T. S. and verbally threatening him; robbing “Victim J.M. and Victim C.G. at gunpoint in the parking lot of an apartment complex;” breaking “into Victim T.O.’s residence, pistol-whipping Victim T.O. in the head, and holding Victim T.O. at knife-point, while stealing Victim T.O.’s belongings;” “providing their personal identifying information and vehicle information, and” providing “their personal identifying information and vehicle information, and that of their girlfriends and wives, for the purpose of sending said information to Mongols Members located in California for a background check:” arranging “for a female individual to have sex with a group of Mongols Members from chapters outside Tennessee, at a hotel;” buying “approximately 80 to 90 pills containing Oxymorphone, a Schedule II controlled substance, in exchange for approximately $3,000 to $3,500;” kidnapping and holding “hostage Victim C.D. and Victim S.P. at gunpoint and interrogating Victim C.D. about the location of drug proceeds while they searched the residence for the drug proceeds;” threatening “a member of the Iron Rockets Motorcycle Club at a restaurant in Clarksville, Tennessee;” obtaining “approximately twenty-five pounds of Methamphetamine from T.C., a male co-conspirator member of the Mongols Harbor Chapter in California;” attending “a meeting to discuss starting a chapter of the Raiders Motorcycle Club in Clarksville, Tennessee. The Raiders is the official support club of the Mongols Motorcycle Gang.”

Other allegations include: Recruiting “individuals to become members of the prospective Clarksville Chapter of the Raiders Motorcycle Club;” driving around in a stolen car with guns and drugs; having a “Smash on Site” rule against members “of the Iron Order/Iron Rockets Motorcycle Club;” fighting “with members of the Iron Order/Iron Rockets at a bar in Clarksville, Tennessee;” assaulting “members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, knocking them unconscious and kicking them, thereby causing bodily injuries that required medical treatment;” ordering “a member of the Diablos Motorcycle Club to ‘remove his cut and never wear it again;’ shooting “at Victim M.F. multiple times for no reason other than Victim M.F. was wearing a vest that identified him as a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The bullets…struck Victim M.F. three times, causing him to be transported by life flight to Vanderbilt Medical Center for medical treatment;” and kidnapping “Victim S.P. from a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, and transported her to a residence in Oak Grove, Kentucky, where she was held against her will and interrogated about the death of T.C., a male coconspirator member of the Mongols Harbor Chapter in California, now deceased. During that time, Victim S.P. was physically assaulted and verbally threatened, causing her to fear for her life.”

Big Picture

This indictment comes at a bad time for the Mongols, which is fighting an ongoing RICO indictment, titled U.S. v. Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club, against the club as a whole.

According to the press release issued yesterday:

“‘Gangs that conspire to spread illegal drugs like methamphetamine and lethal opioids, extort legitimate businesses, and wage violence on our fellow Americans will be held accountable by the Department of Justice,’ said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. ‘Last year, we secured the convictions of more than 1,200 gang members, and, as this case makes clear, we are not slowing down. I want to thank the ATF and all of our incredible state, county, and local law enforcement partners who helped make today’s indictment possible, including the Clarksville and Owensboro Police Departments, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and four county sheriff’s offices. Today’s indictment is the next step in our efforts to dismantle gangs and stop the spread of deadly drugs and violent crime.’

“‘Attorney General Sessions has made it clear that prosecuting violent offenders and reducing violent crime is a top priority of the Department of Justice,’ said U.S. Attorney Don Cochran. ‘Today’s indictment and arrests have resulted in the removal of many dangerous individuals from neighborhoods in and around middle Tennessee and we intend to vigorously prosecute these individuals and hold them accountable for their actions. I commend the many law enforcement officers and prosecutors who have dedicated enormous amounts of time and effort in bringing these charges.’”

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30 Responses to “Sealed Tennessee Mongols RICO Case”

  1. Koala Says:


    The term gang was only used in the article when Rebel quotes the government. Rebel consistently refers to all MCs as clubs in the article, including the Mongols Motorycycle Club.

  2. Mffm13 Says:

    Mongols Motorcycle “Gang” yet in the article right beside it Sonny Barger is labeled as a “well known motorcycle enthusiast!” Smh even on here too!

  3. Stevo Says:

    What exactly is your point Torres? That you’re jealous of Lil’ Dave? He’s been a club member for 20 years and is a businessman, plenty of time to build a nice collection. You’re just a punk.


  4. Rollin 7's Says:

    @ Dickhead Torres

    it’s Mr. Goober to you sir.

  5. Docb Says:

    The bust was in the Clarksville TN area on the TN, KY State line. The US attorney
    Thanked both the Clarksville TN and Owensboro KY police departments. Owensboro KY is about 120 miles north of Clarksville on the Indiana Kentucky state line.
    Two completely separate “markets” in this part of the country. Stand by for more to come when they connect the rest of the dots.

  6. David Torres Says:

    @ Rollin 7s you just proved my point Goober.

  7. Vogel Says:

    That’s because the mongols are the easiest club to infiltrate just cholo yourself out and talk like you’re billy badass and boom you’re good

  8. Neuro Says:

    Gay Leno is a homo dwarf, just like the queer midget Johnny C.

  9. xplor Says:

    This is one time they should go after the cook.
    Purdue Pharma and other makers of OxyContin kill more americans a year than
    all the motorcycle riders that have ever lived.

  10. Jack Says:

    Mongols mc need to be prepared for what is coming next. Some how they are the most vulnerable club to be infiltrated by law enforcement. The amount of detailed information on the indictments only comes from someone on the inside. Nothing else has come out on the news in TN yet, therefore the TBI are let in the reality to sink a little bit until deals start to pop up. This is not good.

  11. Rollin 7s Says:

    @David Torres
    Yeah Fuck Stick and Jay Leno has how many?

  12. Mark Says:

    Looking at the inditements/warrants, it seems the cops are doing their normal BS when they don’t have much evidence to build a case on. Because they are really piling on the charges, same charges just worded different to slide them over to another code that is similar but has a different USC number. Racking up a million years if one goes to court but the deal is for 15 to 20. The one sticking point is, the murder beef has a body. Only means there was a body, how and why and so on has to be proved, takes more than a theory to prove. And more than some polished upstanding eye wittness, that all his life he saw has dad suck cock to get the money up to buy his mom off the street corner.
    RICO, I wonder if Lynch, Obama, Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Rice and a number of other are going to get racked up together with a RICO beef? Clearly, lawyers in government are unable to commit crimes, so justice is only for the little people. Like Waco proves over and over, again and again.

  13. Chris Says:

    I wonder if any of these guys will disappear like the mongol Josh Herbert involved in the murder in Riveraide did!? Charged with murder, held with no bail them gone into thin air!! Curious times we live in. The ones unfortunate enough not to be able to disappear have a long expense road ahead of them!! Wish them luck but they need much more then that in the New America .

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    @Paladin’s Daddy – Go back to your cock-sucking party with the rest of your urine odor/iron fucktards buddies. That’s the only sound you deserve to have anyone hear from your mouth, fucking pig.

  15. Badd Guye Says:

    Apparently, it ain’t sealed anymore…..

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    Rico the favourite of the feds to jumble any shit they can and make it look like something, much like what Dutchboy alluded with his condom reference.

    The Feds are going to keep coming and keep coming because we look so much better on those new conferences then those little 16 or 18 yr old gangbangers from the hood. I wonder how many millions the feds pissed on this one, but lets remember the FEDS track record with MC cases isn’t exactly one to be touting loud and proud about.

    @ Paladin’s Daddy Keep on trollin Dont think Paldin’s going to loose any sleep because your not liking what he has to say

  17. Aanon Says:

    Pretty shitty news…other than the uo happenings. See, they were right. Can’t hide.

  18. Hero Says:

    It seems so many of these cases are tied to the Iron Order or their Associates. I would think if you see one then go the other direction because its going to come back on your M.C. again and again. Its kind of like when your ex-wife shows up at a party you’re at with your new girlfriend. You just go ahead and take your girlfriend and leave so the party doesn’t get disrupted for Everyone by one crazy woman’s vindictive actions. Especially with this new ramped-up movement to take down any and all 1% motorcycle clubs.

    Thank you Rebel for posting this, I had a feeling there was more to the story than the biased news media Outlets were reporting.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin’s Daddy. LOL. Stop Fucking with Paladin… He might just be the least waste of oxygen on this Site…. Except for me Of course. ;) LOL

  20. Paladin Says:

    @ Paladin’s Daddy,

    Your post is pretty funny, being that it’s coming from a member of a group of butt pirates whose idea of a good time is to run around while being photographed in their underwear.


  21. Freebird Says:

    Sealed…. How many CI’s involved in this one?

  22. Dutchboy Says:

    RICO is kind of like a condom, the LEOs will try to stretch it over ANYTHING to do with Clubs. Lots of big claims in this docudrama, umm I mean “indictment”. Let’s see how much real evidence there is. Oh, and Paladin, don’t worry about dad, he’s been ragging since his sex change doctor put him-soon-to-be-her on estrogen shots.

  23. know more than you Says:

    What is wrong with 12 motorcycles?

    Don’t bring heat to your chapter, or your club. Especially if your club is already fighting the feds in as big of a fight as the Mongols are. Selfish and needless behavior by a few, that can cost so many, so much.

  24. Dutchboy Says:

    RICO is kind of like a condom, the LEOs will try to stretch it over ANYTHING to do with Clubs. Lots of big claims in this docudrama, umm I mean “indictment”. Let’s see how much real evidence there is.

  25. James W Crawford Says:

    I certainly wish that I could persuade the Feds to prosecute my tenants and their evil spawn who set up an unlicensed, unregulated snd therefore illegal marijunna grow in the barn that they rent from me along with a house. My efforts to evict them escalated to an incident where the tennant fired ashotgun loaded with slugs at my son, missing by only 10 feet at a hundred yards. Unfortunately; I got Judge Ladd Wiles, (aka “Amanda Marshal’s Cuckold,”) who decided that the fuckers could stay. The criminal trial has been postponed until May.

    It is becoming extremely tempting to handle this like an Outlaw Motocycle Club would.

  26. Texasbiker Says:

    sounds to me like the mongols were just cleaning up the neighborhood getting rid of the drug dealers and stuff .

  27. stroker Says:

    @ “Paladin’s daddy”:

    Paladin is a well respected commenter on this site, and I for one, cannot see how he got your panties in a bunch, unless your a member or supporter of the iron order??!!

  28. Paladin's Daddy Says:

    Paladin, stop wearing your mommas dresses. When you have something substantial to add to the post please feel free, until then you are wasting oxygen.

  29. Paladin Says:

    In his haste, U.S Attorney Don Cochran completely forgot to thank the Mongols MC for their community service in the policing of the butt pirates known as the iron order and iron rockets.


  30. David Torres Says:

    Lil Dave = Lil Doc. This Dave character has 12 Motorcycles? Really, 12?

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